The LNP’s Economic Recovery Agency

Economic Recovery Agency

The Liberal National Party team wants a secure economic future for you and your family.

A future where Queensland’s best days are ahead of us.

Unfortunately, we are in the midst of the worst recession in almost a century, but the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed to provide an economic plan for recovery.

It’s telling that Annastacia Palaszczuk was the last Premier to announce an economic stimulus package but the first and only Premier to cancel her State Budget.

No Budget means Labor is flying blind through the biggest economic crisis in almost a century.

Prior to COVID, Queensland had the nation’s highest unemployment, most bankruptcies and lowest business confidence.

Because Labor can’t manage the economy, Queensland has more than 234,000 people unemployed – a record number.

The LNP has an ambitious plan to stimulate the economy, create a decade of secure jobs and drag Queensland out of this recession.

Our vision is to make Queensland the economic powerhouse of Australia once again, the best place to get a job, get ahead and raise a family.

The LNP’s economic plan will get Queensland Working again.

Our plan for a stronger economy and secure jobs is based on four foundations:
• investing for growth
• unleashing Queensland industry
• supercharging the regions
• securing our children’s future

Our economic plan includes policies such as investing in new road infrastructure to stimulate the economy, building the drought-busting New Bradfield Scheme, building the Second M1, building dams to improve water and food security and a no new tax guarantee to support private sector investment.

Only the LNP has a vision for Queensland’s future.

That vision is to make Queensland the economic powerhouse of Australia once again the best place to get a job, get ahead, and raise a family.

With your support, together we can get Queensland working again.

An LNP Government will create an Economic Recovery Agency headed, by a new Coordinator-General to get Queensland working again.

The Economic Recovery Agency will report to the Premier and its first 100 day action plan will be to coordinate:
• Delivering the New Bradfield scheme
• Establishing the Queensland Dam Company to progress the Nullinga Dam, Urannah Dam, Rookwood Weir, Burdekin Falls Dam upgrade and Emu Swamp Dam
• Fixing Paradise Dam utilising international expert advice
• An immediate audit of stalled major projects and fast-tracking approvals across all government agencies
• Issuing the tender documents for the LNP’s $1 billion South-East Queensland
congestion-busting infrastructure stimulus package
• Fast-tracking approvals for the Second M1
• Delivering 4 new ICE rehab centres
• Promoting Queensland as the low-tax state for investment because of the LNP’s no new taxes policy
• Implementing Queensland Investment Partnerships to secure $1 billion of private sector investment
• Reducing water prices for SunWater irrigators by almost 20 per cent
• Establishing our Industry Skills Council to ensure vocational training is meeting skills shortages
• Fast-tracking air-conditioning in every state school classroom to support local tradie jobs
• Supercharging the North-West Minerals Province If this was a flood or a cyclone a reconstruction authority would have taken charge. The economic impacts of this recession are more far-reaching and apply to the whole state, which is why a coordinated response to economic recovery is needed to get Queensland working again.

The Coordinator-General designation gives the head of the Economic Recovery Agency the legislative teeth to fast-track approvals and infrastructure projects that are needed to unlock investment and stimulate the economy. This is a dedicated reconstruction agency that will be established to secure Queensland’s economic recovery. The existing Coordinator-General will be fully occupied fast-tracking approvals for major projects.

The Economic Recovery Agency will provide progress reports to Cabinet and the Government will regularly update the Parliament on the progress of the economic recovery.

Delivering the New Bradfield Scheme

To drought-proof Queensland and plan for the future, an LNP Government will partner with CSIRO to deliver a $20 million plan to make the New Bradfield Scheme a reality. The New Bradfield Scheme is a visionary project that will deliver water security, transform our regional economies, boost renewable hydroelectric power, reduce carbon emissions from new vegetation growth and limit nutrient run-off into the Great Barrier Reef.

Establishing the Queensland Dam Company

To progress new dams and dam upgrades the LNP will set up the Queensland Dam Company, based in Townsville, to immediately begin works on securing the water that Queensland needs. The Queensland Dam Company will provide an investment vehicle for the Federal Government to fund dams in Queensland and be our version of the Snowy Hydro Authority. An investment in water security is an investment in Queensland jobs.

Fixing Paradise Dam

An LNP Government will work with international experts such as Dr Paul Rizzo to fix Paradise Dam. We know that water creates jobs. Jobs and job security are needed now more than ever and fixing Paradise Dam is about securing the economic future of the Wide Bay Burnett region and ensuring we can be more self-reliant with our food supply.

$1 billion South-East Queensland Congestion Program

The LNP’s $1 billion congestion-busting program will build new road and rail projects and fast-track construction to stimulate the economy and drag us out of recession. Construction of the LNP’s new infrastructure program will directly employ 3100 workers but will also result in thousands of secure flow-on jobs across the south-east. Procurement will be fast-tracked and preference will be given to Queensland contractors, because now is the time to help our own first.

New ICE rehabilitation treatment centres

The LNP has a comprehensive plan to tackle the ICE epidemic by building four new rehabilitation centres across the state, with more detox facilities to help families struggling with addiction and get them the help they need to stay clean. Our focus is on more treatment, more prevention and more rehabilitation.

No new taxes guarantee

Queensland used to have the reputation as a low-taxing state, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, where if people had a go and backed themselves, they could make a decent living and get ahead in life. We want Queensland to be the state of opportunity once more and that’s why an LNP Government will  guarantee no new taxes if we are elected at the next state election. We are putting up the signs that Queensland is open for business once again and we are unashamed about our approach to growing the economy.

Reducing water prices for SunWater irrigators

Water prices paid by farmers will be slashed by almost 20% as part of the LNP’s plan to supercharge the regions and unleash industry through new dams and water infrastructure. We want Queensland to be Australia’s food bowl and cheaper water costs will be a catalyst for that. The LNP will implement recommendations from the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) to reduce water costs by transitioning SunWater to a regulated asset-based (RAB) approach for financing asset renewals.

Industry Skills Council

We will give employers a seat at the table by creating a Queensland Industry Skills Council. The council will also include training and employee representatives and report straight to the Training Minister. It will also work with regional skills boards that report on local training needs that lead to jobs.

Air-conditioning every state school classroom

The LNP has led the campaign to air-condition every state school in Queensland because we know that cool kids are smart kids. We want to end the education divide in Queensland to not only improve education outcomes for our kids but create more jobs for local tradies as part of the school upgrades.

North-West Minerals Province

An LNP Government will take the shackles off the North-West Minerals Province. This will help Queensland to capitalise on the growing demand for battery technology and create new industries, providing jobs and job security for regional Queensland. The LNP will commit $8 million to minerals exploration and we will cut crippling electricity costs. An energy audit
will look at how we can bring down bills for industry and encourage more investment that creates jobs.