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Posted by LNP - Liberal National Party on Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Bill Shorten Weakens Our Borders

Today the Prime Minister toured some of the areas most affected by flooding in north-west Queensland. He flew into Cloncurry last night and met with locals at the bowls club before listening to graziers and small business owners this morning. The Prime Minister reiterated the fact that disaster relief was his number 1 priority. You can watch his statement here.

This week we saw a glimpse of what would happen to our strong borders if Bill Shorten was elected Prime Minister. It’s clear as day that Labor have not learnt a thing, even after their time in Government when 50,000 arrivals reached our shores, 1,200 people tragically lost their lives at sea and 8,000 children were put into detention. Compare that with the Liberal National Government’s track record. The boats have stopped, no lives have been lost at sea, every child has been taken out of detention and billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been saved in the process. Our tough approach on border security is more humane than any alternative ideas. Our policies put people smugglers out of business and doesn’t put people’s lives at risk.

Labor with the Greens and crossbenchers have begun to weaken our borders. We’ve seen this all before and we know how the story ends. It’s our duty as members of the LNP to promote our great achievements in Government. Thank you to all who have been working hard to promote our achievements by getting involved with your local campaign. If you would like to help your local MP or candidate, you can do so by filling out this form.

David Hutchinson
LNP Acting President

Deb’s Queensland Report


This summer of fires and floods has been brutal for the bush…

I travelled to Julia Creek, Richmond and Cloncurry with Lachie Millar this week to meet with locals as the floods continue to take their toll. Graziers in the northwest of the state are facing significant damage to property and devastating stock losses of 50 to 60 per cent. With Prime Minister Scott Morrison, I listened to incredible stories from extraordinary Queenslanders working to save their livestock and livelihoods. The message was clear: they need understanding and support from banks and government in their time of need. That’s why I am pushing for a dedicated disaster recovery coordinator to oversee the short and long term recovery effort in northwest Queensland. A shattered cattle industry will require specific expertise to bounce back. The recovery will test us, and take years. I urge everyone to look out for each other and we’ll get through this.

The first week of Parliament for the year showed loud and clear what my LNP team stands for. We introduced laws to deliver the toughest sentences in Australia for those who kill children through violence or neglect. We fought for a Parliamentary Inquiry into last year’s devastating bushfires to ensure we emerge more prepared for the future. And we held the Palalsczcuk Labor Government to account on the role SunWater played in the management of Ross River Dam in Townsville.

The safety of Queenslanders should be the first priority of government and we set the standard in Parliament this week. I want to thank my Shadow Attorney-General David Janetzki for his work in introducing the LNP’s Mason Jett Lee Laws. The heartbreaking story of little Mason exposed serious flaws in both the child safety system and the judicial system. The LNP’s new laws will honour Mason while protecting other Queensland kids from harm. Our laws are in stark contrast with Labor’s weak legislation, which is nothing more a tricky legal fix that will fail child victims. These laws send a clear message on the value the LNP has on keeping Queenslanders safe. The Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee will now look at our laws and report back in April.

Our Parliamentary Inquiry into last year’s bushfire disaster was about ensuring our communities in regional Queensland are safe. It’s only the LNP that has a plan to protect the future of regional Queensland. Many of these bushfires started in national parks and spread to neighbouring properties. There are serious concerns around staffing levels in our national parks and fuel loads. What we needed was a review into what has been going wrong in our national parks. We called for bipartisan support for a Parliamentary Inquiry, but Annastacia Palaszczuk played politics and shut down the inquiry.

The LNP will continue to fight and ensure landholders and communities in regional Queensland are heard.

Deb Frecklington

LNP Leader


Callide’s Beautiful Trees and Wildlife lost. Thanks to the GREEN HYPOCRITES. Please show your protesting children and Kerryn Phelps.

Posted by Colin Boyce MP - Member for Callide on Sunday, 2 December 2018

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