Why our border security policy is so important

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share why I care so much about border protection. I’d really encourage you to watch this video to the end.

Posted by Scott Morrison (ScoMo) on Thursday, 21 February 2019

Fighting for what’s Right

With the election less than 100 days away, the threat of Bill Shorten winning and taking Australia on a dangerous course that risks tearing the economic prosperity and social fabric of our country apart.

It is up to each of us to honestly assess what we are prepared to do to stop Bill Shorten and his radical left wing agenda.

Queensland’s economic success is built on the back of the mining sector. Labor’s opposition to new mines puts that at risk and the jobs it creates throughout our state.

The boats have been stopped, and so have the deaths at sea. And children are no longer in detention. But Labor’s weakness on border security and pandering to left wing activists will mean open borders again.

Retirees who have worked hard all their lives and are providing for their own retirement will be punished by Labor with higher taxes – which many can ill afford.

Too much is at stake.

What will you do to help us win this election? More than ever we need all of our members and supporters to actively participate in the campaign. With your time, your experience and expertise and yes with your money. The costs of campaigning continues to grow. We don’t have the support of the unions like Labor. We are supported by family and small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

Thank you in advance for putting your shoulder to the wheel. Australia’s future requires it.

David Hutchinson
LNP Acting President

Deb’s Queensland Report

The enormity of the flooding disaster in North West Queensland is overwhelming. As I said last week – the recovery will test us and take years. Take a look.

Despite the devastation of the past few weeks, it was heartwarming to see so many locals come together and be there for one another during my visit to Julia Creek, Richmond and Cloncurry last week. The locals in these communities have true grit and I’m impressed with their ability to roll their sleeves up and start the recovery so swiftly. As politicians, we must support flood-affected communities as they rebuild. I’ve been pushing for a dedicated disaster recovery coordinator to oversee the unique challenges the region will face, in the short and long term. The pain and devastation will take years to repair. After losing half an estimated million head of stock, the shattered cattle industry will require specific expertise to bounce back.

It was shocking to hear this week that Annastacia Palaszczuk allowed convicted serial rapist and paedophile Robert John Fardon to live in public housing just 100 metres away from a child care centre. The Palaszczuk Labor Government need to explain why they let this happen. It is threatening community safety and the public deserves answers. An LNP Government would have seen this serial sex offender GPS-tracked until the day he dies. We must never lose track of these monsters. Labor must urgently pass our laws to keep the community safe. The sentencing in the Mason Jett Lee case this week is a textbook example of why we need mandatory sentencing for those who kill innocent and defenceless children.

The LNP’s Mason Jett Lee Bill is the toughest in the country – with mandatory 15 year sentencing for those convicted of the new child homicide offence. We are calling on the Attorney-General to appeal the sentence on the grounds it was manifestly inadequate and does not meet community expectations. It’s time for Labor to release the report into how the Child Safety system failed young Mason to ensure no more children fall through the gap.

This week I also met small business owner Peter Maniatis at his fruit shop in Graceville. Superior Fruit is a small business success story.  It has been built from the ground up by the Maniatis family to become a Brisbane institution. However, like many small businesses, they are experiencing pressure with sky high electricity prices and excessive red tape. Queensland businesses deserve affordable and reliable energy. My LNP team and I back small businesses to grow, invest and succeed. My plan for Queensland’s small businesses will deliver more jobs, cheaper electricity, 20% less red tape and no new taxes.

I’m looking forward to another week of Parliament next week and holding the Palaszczuk Labor Government to account.

Deb Frecklington

LNP Leader