#LIVE NOW: Election night address

Posted by Scott Morrison (ScoMo) on Saturday, 18 May 2019

QLD re-elects Morrison LNP Government


Dear members,

Last Saturday, our collective hard work and dedication helped deliver Scott Morrison and Michael McCormack a historic win for the Coalition.

Queensland was once again the battleground state and the LNP once again defied the naysayers to deliver the best results in the country for the Coalition.

We held all of our incumbent seats, won Herbert and Longman, and achieved significant swings in many Labor seats. As I write this message, we currently have an excellent chance of sending Gerard Rennick to Canberra as the LNP’s 3rd Senator from this election and whatever the result in Lilley, Brad Carswell and his team have ensured that Wayne Swan’s former seat is now one of the most marginal in the country.

I spent the final days of the campaign in Townsville with Phil Thompson and his team on pre-poll, booth setup and election day. Watching the results come in with Phil was extremely exciting and I know that he is ready to deliver for his community. In Longman, I know that Terry Young worked every day to gain the trust and support of his electorate and he will be a true champion for his area.

These two campaigns were extremely hard fought and special thanks must go to the Casie Scott (Herbert) and Beth Harris (Longman) for their campaign management and the sage counsel they provided to Phil and Terry. It is always the efforts of our volunteers who underpin all of our successes and the efforts of these two ladies was exceptional. 

We’re also welcoming Angie Bell in Moncrieff and Julian Simmonds in Ryan. Their teams should be immensely proud of the local campaigns that they ran.

Senators-elect, Paul Scarr, Susan McDonald, and we hope, Gerard Rennick, will be joining them and our continuing MPs and Senators as members of the LNP’s Team Queensland.

Our 2019 Senate team, Paul Scarr, Susan McDonald, Gerard Rennick, Ian MacDonald, Amanda Camm and Nicole Tobin have worked very hard to earn the support of Queensland voters. They’ve been campaigning for the LNP across the state since being pre-selected last year and the Senate Team’s strategic funding of critical campaign resources has paid dividends with a 3% lift in our Senate primary vote to-date whilst Labor’s vote collapsed.

Every campaign is a team effort and the LNP has the best campaign team in the country. A special thanks must go to our State Campaign Director, Lincoln Folo, and the team he led. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time in and around the campaign team and the esprit de corps was evident every day. The hours put in and the time away from family and loved ones would have been trying for all but their collective professionalism and dedication to our cause came to the fore.  We owe our campaign team an immense debt of gratitude.

They were well supported by the Campaign Committee that included Michael O’Dwyer, Vice Presidents Cam O’Neil and Cynthia Hardy, Stuart Fraser, Mal Cole, Peter Dutton, Matt Canavan, James McGrath, Deb Frecklington, Brodie Thompson and James Martin. This group gave their time willingly whilst juggling the many responsibilities that they all have both inside the party and out.

I would like to also thank and acknowledge the efforts of State Director, Michael O’Dwyer, State Secretary, Angela Awabdy, and the entire HQ team who work year round to serve the party. Everybody in HQ stepped up and took on extra responsibilities during the campaign, going above and beyond the call of duty.

I make a special acknowledgement of those candidates who stood in difficult seats and positions – Olivia Roberts (Griffith), Clinton Pattison (Rankin), Frank Beveridge (Kennedy), Angela Owen (Moreton), Russell Bauer (Oxley), Rob Shearman (Blair) and our senate team, with Senator Ian MacDonald, Amanda Camm and Nicole Tobin. We thank you and wish you all the best.

Finally, thank you to our dedicated members. As the Prime Minister said on Saturday night; “How good is Queensland?” We live in the best state in the best country in the world and this historic victory is ours to share. Whether you made a financial contribution, manned pre-poll for three weeks, helped install sign sites, represented us on election day or campaigned every weekend, your help made a real difference to our campaign.

We said this election was critical for Australia – and it was. I want you to be as proud as I am of what we have achieved. We have stopped Labor’s $387 billion in higher taxes that would have hurt families, retirees and small businesses. We have told Australians that want to have a go and get ahead that we’re with them – not against them. And in Queensland we have protected the resources sector that creates so many jobs and so much of the wealth for our state.

We should be justifiably proud of our Party. Eleven years ago the LNP was formed to create a new and positive culture, build a cohesive and singular team and to present a united front to the people of Queensland. The LNP has never been stronger than it is today and this has been proven by our outstanding election result.

I’m sure you all celebrated late into the night on Saturday. For the Morrison Government and our LNP team, it’s back to work, building our economy and securing your future.

Thank you again.

David Hutchinson
LNP President

Deb’s Queensland Report

It has been a momentous week for the Liberal National Party – and a disastrous one for Labor.
I want to thank the blue army of LNP staff and volunteers who played their part in convincing Queenslanders to send Bill Shorten packing.
Of course, two people played big roles in our win.
Firstly, Scott Morrison. He ran a brilliant campaign that spoke to voters everywhere.
Secondly, Annastacia Palaszczuk. She has run a job-destroying government that has angered voters across Queensland.
The Prime Minister made history on election night, defying the polls and pundits who completely failed to spot the anti-Labor backlash here in Queensland.

The outcome has left Queensland Labor bitterly divided.
Old Labor pollies came out of the woodwork to savage the pro-Green, anti-mining agenda driven by the party’s left faction.
Annastacia Palaszczuk knew she had to do something, so she jumped on a plane to Mackay, pulled on a hard-hat and then … called a meeting of public servants in Brisbane.
What a weak and pathetic response.

Queenslanders are crying out for resources jobs, but Labor still doesn’t get the message.
I spent much of the week in Townsville, Mackay and Rocky, and I promise you that the LNP gets it.
The state team is in lock-step with new MPs like Phil Thompson in Herbert, who know that hard-working Queenslanders want more mining jobs and want them now.

It’s time to see shovels in the ground in the Galilee Basin.
I back Queensland mining 100%.
It employs hundreds of thousands of people in this state and pours billions into our Treasury every year.   
That’s why yesterday in Mackay I guaranteed a future LNP Government will not raise mining royalties and called on Treasurer Jackie Trad to the do the same in her Budget.
We won’t introduce new taxes. We won’t hike royalties.
Increasing royalties will slowly kill our mines and the livelihoods of everyone who depends on them.
We’re adding to the pressure that Jackie Trad is already feeling.
Labor is anti-jobs, anti-mining and anti-regions – so who knows which way Trad will jump?
Whatever decision Labor makes on Adani and in their Budget, the Liberal National Party is ready to take them on.
Queensland voters are clearly sick of the Palaszczuk Labor Government.
Labor has taken them for granted – which I’ll never do.
I’ll work day and night until October 31, 2020 to win their trust and kick out the arrogant, incompetent and out-of-touch Palaszczuk Labor Government.

Deb Frecklington
LNP Leader