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Labor’s Kings of Cuts must explain charade

17 November 2023

Catherine King has let the cat out of the bag on Labor’s Cuts collusion.

Labor’s razor gang was a joint mission all along.

We learned Cameron Dick, Steven Miles and Mark Bailey had been in on Labor’s cuts plan for months.

Labor’s Kings of Cuts must explain why they failed to fight for Queensland for more than 180 days.

Queensland Labor did nothing until the ink was dry on Labor’s Cuts plan.

What’s worse, Mark Bailey used Labor’s Cuts to hide a multi-billion-dollar Bailey Budget Blowout. 

It was all part of the charade.

Queensland needs a government to fight for them, not one that’s complicit in Labor’s Cuts.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future including delivering the infrastructure needed to protect Queensland’s way of life.