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Labor’s lies and Wrong Priorities cost Queenslanders

14 November 2023

  • Labor cuts to critical infrastructure
  • Labor wastes $400K of taxpayer money on secret polling
  • Labor’s frontline health staff cuts

Queenslanders have been given an alarming insight into the wrong priorities of the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

It has become abundantly clear Labor is no longer focused on the issues that matter to Queenslanders.

Labor’s priorities are extensive infrastructure cuts, secret taxpayer-funded polling and covert cuts to frontline health staff.

It’s the wrong priorities for Queensland.

Labor’s sole focus is their political preservation, not what’s in Queensland’s best interest.

They’ve stopped listening to Queenslanders and are no longer governing for Queensland.

At a time when our State is facing a youth crime crisis, a cost-of-living crisis, a housing crisis and health crisis, Labor is entirely consumed by their own chaos and crisis.

Instead of prioritising easier access to health services, Labor is trying to underhandedly cut frontline health workers.

Instead of prioritising the infrastructure we need for our growing population, Labor is cutting infrastructure projects across our State.

Instead of prioritising driving-down cost-of-living, Labor is wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars with secret polling designed to help the Premier keep her job.

Instead of prioritising the road, rail and hospital infrastructure to protect our way of life for the future, Labor is cutting critical infrastructure needed for our growing population.

Queenslanders want their government to prioritise working in the best interest of the State, not working on their re-election.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future, including:

  • Making our community safer
  • Easier Access to health services
  • Saving you paying for Labor’s failures
  • Securing our housing foundations
  • Working harder for Queenslanders

The LNP has been listening to Queenslanders and we’re focused on the issues that matter to them.

Queenslanders deserve better than Labor’s chaos and crisis.