Queensland families will have brighter, more secure futures for their children with the LNP’s plan to build the new schools and hundreds of new classrooms our growing state needs.

Premier Campbell Newman said Queensland children were our most valuable resource, and investment in their education was vital to building a strong future for the State.

“Queensland continues to grow strongly, and with that growth comes a need to provide schools and classrooms so our children get the best possible education,” Mr Newman said.

“If the LNP Government is re-elected, we will set aside $1 billion through our Strong Choices plan which will enable the construction of up to 22 new schools across Queensland.

“The locations of these schools will be determined with the advice and assistance of the Queensland Schools Planning Commission (QSPC) and the Department of Education.

“We will be announcing the first of the new schools to be built before the election.

“As well as providing investment in new schools, the fund will also be used to build or upgrade hundreds of classrooms at existing schools across Queensland.

“Queenslanders can have certainty these school projects are fully funded through our Strong Choices plan.”

Mr Newman said the QSPC identified a need for 48 new schools by 2021 and a further 59 schools by 2031.

“Labor had no plan to accommodate for this growth, instead leaving our schools in a state of terrible disrepair which meant kids weren’t being given the learning environment they needed to succeed,” he said.

“We immediately moved to fix Labor’s school maintenance backlog, providing $300 million over three years to school P&Cs to fix peeling paint, rusty downpipes and cracked footpaths.

“We’re also building 11 new schools in rapidly expanding areas to make sure students don’t experience over-crowding, with the first of these schools open for term one this year.”

Mr Newman said education in Queensland had gone from strength to strength under the LNP and it was crucial that this progress wasn’t thrown off course.

“Only through the Newman LNP Government’s strong economic management can we afford to plan, fund and deliver the schools we need to revitalise frontline services for families.”

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