Securing Australia’s Borders

Securing Australia’s Borders

The Morrison Government will not compromise on strong border protection.

After the last Labor government dismantled Australia’s effective border security policies:

  • Over 50,000 people arrived on over 800 boats.
  • There were 1,200 deaths at sea (that we know of).
  • Over 8,000 children were in detention.
  • 17 detention centres needed to open.
  • Labor’s border failures caused a cost blow out of $16 billion.

Our effective policies, first enacted by Scott Morrison as Immigration Minister, include:

  • Offshore processing;
  • Temporary Protection Visas (which deny people smugglers a product to sell);
  • Boat turnbacks when it is safe to do so.

Since this Government was elected, it has returned over 800 people from 34 boats and disrupted another 80 attempted ventures.

Each of these policies are necessary, to protect our borders and deny people smugglers a product to sell.

Stopping the boats has enabled the Government to close 19 detention centres and remove all children from detention.

Because we restored integrity to our immigration system, we could increase Australia’s generous refugee and humanitarian program from 13,750 refugees in 2013-14 to 18,750 in 2018-19.

Recently, Labor voted to undermine offshore processing. Labor also opposed Temporary Protection Visas.

This sends a dangerous signal to people smugglers, who are ready to exploit any weakness. It shows Labor can’t be trusted on border security.


We have increased the Minister’s power to cancel visas for non-citizens convicted of a serious crime. This has resulted in a 12-fold increase in visa cancellations.

Since December 2014, the Government has cancelled the visas of nearly 4,400 dangerous criminals, and refused visas for another 1,843.

Last year alone, over 800 criminals had their visas cancelled, including: 13 for murder; 7 for manslaughter; 34 rapists and sex offenders; 53 for domestic violence; 56 for armed robbery; 100 child sex offenders; and 125 for assault.


We have passed legislation to revoke citizenship of any dual-national who engages in terrorism. This includes foreign fighters who seek to return here.


The Australian Border Force has seized over 12 tonnes of illicit drugs and precursors at the border since July 2018.

We are working with other governments to stop drugs at their source.

For example, we established Taskforce Blaze – the first ever task force of its kind between agencies in Australia and China – which has seized nearly 20 tonnes of drugs and precursors, including 7.8 tonnes of methamphetamine.

We have sent drug offenders packing. After strengthening the Migration Act in 2014, we have cancelled 682 visas for drug offences.

Information current as at April 2019