Opportunities for Young Australians

Issue 09

Opportunities for Young Australians


Our guaranteed funding commitment invests an additional $37 billion in schools over the next decade (to 2029).

This increases average funding per student by 62% over a decade.

To see what long term funding is being provided to your local school, go to: www.education.gov.au/school-funding-estimator


We are ensuring that our record funding commitment gets better results for Australian students, parents and teachers.

We have delivered needs based funding for the first time in Australia.

We are backing the full implementation of NAPLAN to ensure parents and teachers get transparency on student progress. We are giving Year 1 students access to phonics testing to ensure no student is left behind.

We are improving teacher quality by testing trainee teachers to ensure they are in the top 30% for literacy and numeracy and we are refocussing the Australian Curriculum on the basics.

We have also secured the agreement of every state and territory to work with us to improve results for all students.


We are backing parents who choose to educate their children at Catholic or independent schools. This includes a new $1.2 billion Choice and Affordability fund.

In total, an extra $4.5 billion of funding will be available to non-government schools over the next decade.


We have committed to the National Schools Chaplaincy program on a permanent basis, with a new anti-bullying focus.

This means school chaplains can continue to provide pastoral care, run programs like breakfast clubs and co-ordinate volunteer activities for around 3,000 school communities.


The Government’s new Skilling Australians Fund will create more apprenticeships over the next 4 years.

Over the next five years a further 80,000 apprentices will be created in occupations with skills shortages, through incentive payments for employers and apprentices.

When Bill Shorten was the minister for employment, there was a decline of 110,000 apprentices (or 22%) in just one year (2012-13).


Over 100,000 young people (aged 15-24) got a job in 2017-18 – the largest number in a financial year on record.

We are committed to reducing youth unemployment and help young people find jobs.

Our Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire) program helps 17-24 year old job seekers move from welfare to work.

The program has already helped more than 43,000 young people into jobs.


We are providing a record $17.7 billion to universities and working with them to ensure this leads to better outcomes for students.

We have provided over $400 million in support for rural and regional students to go to university, and helped over 170,000 students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

We are also ensuring that all publicly funded university research is in the public interest.

Taxpayer support for universities should always provide a return for taxpayers – both students and their families, and the broader community, who benefit from the world class research undertaken in Australian universities.

Information current as at April 2019