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Queensland economy shrinking under Labor

13 December 2023

Labor is focused on the wrong numbers
Queensland economy shrinking under Labor


The Treasurer has spent the last week counting factional numbers when his priority should have been managing the numbers that matter to Queenslanders.

Today’s budget update reveals that Labor’s debt, taxes and interest costs have never been higher.

In the 1,107 days since Cameron Dick’s first budget, he has now collected $66bn more from Queenslanders than what he originally forecast and Queenslanders have nothing but chaos and crisis to show for it.

Despite these revenue rivers of gold, household budgets have never been under more pressure and services have never been worse.

Queenslanders are facing the nation’s sharpest cost-of-living increases in the big bills on the kitchen table including insurance (15.9%), rents (9.5%) and health (7%).

Queensland’s growth per capita flatlined at 0% last year while every other state improved.

Queensland’s economy shrank last quarter while every other state grew. 

And the only thing Labor is talking about is themselves.

Labor is oblivious to the lived experience of struggling Queenslanders, the people sleeping in tents, the communities living in terror and the ill ramped at hospitals.

Queenslanders know that nothing will change until Queenslanders change the government.