The Right
Priorities for Queensland’s Future

Making our community safer

Easier access to health services

Saving you paying for Labor’s failures

Securing our housing foundations

Working harder for Queenslanders

A message from
the Leader of the LNP

Like many Queenslanders, my story starts with a migrant family.

In 1960 a man known as Frank took a leap of faith and left his homeland of Italy for North Queensland. He saw Queensland as a land of opportunity. A place where, with a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, he could build a home and provide for his family.

Over 60 years later, my family still believes Queensland is a land of opportunity. But they also see Queenslanders being held back by a dysfunctional government veering into a state of chaos and crisis.

Restoring Queensland’s opportunity is what drives me every day.

Opportunity is also what drives Queenslanders. That’s the message we’ve heard as we have travelled the State. Queenslanders see a collapsing health system, a lack of affordable housing options, a youth crime crisis and a government that has given up honestly working for them.

They are frustrated the current Government is no longer listening to Queenslanders’ priorities and the Government is focused on themselves rather than our State’s future.

Yet Queenslanders remain confident in the underlying fact we live in a state with unmatched resources, a great environment, and endless possibilities. They just want a government that will help Queensland reach its potential.

My job is to chart a new course for our State, restore confidence, and make Queensland the land of opportunity once more. My job is to focus on Queenslanders’ priorities.

An LNP Government will do this by providing stability and governing with integrity. We will provide better services for you. Most importantly, we will deliver on the promises we make.

Queenslanders have spoken and we have listened. This document presents the priorities Queenslanders have outlined to us and provides a blueprint for an LNP Government to lead the State forward.

I look forward to working with you to deliver the right priorities for Queensland’s future.

David Crisafulli MP
Leader of the LNP

Making your
community safer

Our priorities to make your community safer include:

  • Increasing the number of police on the beat through retention and attraction
  • Restoring consequences for action at the heart of the Youth Justice Act
  • Ensuring judges can impose sentences that reflect community expectations
  • Diverting young lives from crime by reforming Early Intervention programs
  • Fixing the broken Child Safety and Residential Care systems to prevent vulnerable kids heading down a path of crime …

Easier access
to health services

Our priorities to deliver easier access to health services include:

  • Driving-down ambulance ramping and healthcare waitlists
  • Empowering local decision-making in health
  • Providing more healthcare professionals through retention and attraction
  • Building hospitals on-time and on-budget
  • Improving hospital performance through real-time data
  • Delivering better access to health services in regional Queensland …
Easier access to health services
Cost of Living

Saving you paying
for Labor’s failures

Our priorities to save Queenslanders paying for Labor’s failures include:

  • Reducing Labor Government waste rather than hitting Queenslanders with higher taxes and fees
  • Delivering better services and infrastructure for every taxpayer dollar invested
  • Attracting economic investment into Queensland
  • Properly maintaining our power plants
  • Driving-down the cost-of-living by reducing the impact of crime on insurance premiums …

Securing our
Housing Foundations

Our priorities to secure our housing foundations include:

  • Improving housing affordability with more land supply
  • Helping Queenslanders realise their dream of owning their own home
  • Developing timely plans for the future of every Queensland region to identify what infrastructure and services are needed to accommodate our growth
  • Working closely with local governments to plan and deliver our regional plans and more housing for Queenslanders
  • Improving project management to deliver infrastructure on-time and on-budget …
Housing Foundations
Working harder for Queenslanders

Working harder
for Queenslanders

Our priorities for better government in Queensland include:

  • Investing in agricultural industries to develop new technology and new markets for regional Queensland
  • Ensuring energy transition is affordable, sustainable and beneficial for all Queenslanders
  • Supporting volunteers and community organisations to strengthen our communities
  • Supporting Social Enterprises to help our most vulnerable
  • Improving women’s economic security
  • Boosting student-to-teacher ratios in schools …

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Authorised by B. Riley, Liberal National Party of Queensland, 281 Sandgate Road, Albion QLD 4010