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Sham “hospital” name-shame

16 November 2023

Labor put Queenslanders’ lives at risk to play politics

The LNP has always supported the so-called “satellite hospitals” as important additions to our ailing health system.

The LNP has repeatedly said they should not be named “hospitals”, because they’re not.

Queensland Health experts lobbied the Palaszczuk Labor Government to change the name because it was misleading.  

Whistle-blowers lifted the lid on just how political this decision was.

Today Queenslanders have learned lives have been put at risk because Labor arrogantly persisted in naming the centres “hospitals”.

This was always a political decision for Labor so they could knowingly mislead voters at the last election.

Queensland voters were blatantly misled about what they were actually getting in their communities.

Labor played politics when Queenslanders’ lives were at risk.

Labor cared more about how things looked than the lives of patients.

Even now, Labor is too arrogant to admit they have endangered lives.

They won’t listen and make a simple name change to protect lives.

They’d rather spend $1.3 million of taxpayers’ money to tell Queenslanders their so-called “hospitals” aren’t hospitals.

This money would be better spent by Labor changing the name rather than backing-in their life-threatening political decision.

Once again, Labor has shown its priorities are all wrong.

Labor is more focused on themselves than what’s best for Queenslanders.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future.