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What’s on Labor’s Infrastructure Chopping Block?

6 November 2023

Labor’s Charade Won’t Help Queenslanders

Only the LNP is standing up for Queensland’s fair share

As Queenslanders remain in the dark about Labor’s proposed 90-day infrastructure review, State and Federal Labor have fabricated a fake fight in an underhanded bid to dupe Queenslanders.

Deputy Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Jarrod Bleijie said the reality was this chaotic Palaszczuk Labor Government had not fought or stood up for Queensland once throughout this entire process.

“It’s been 181 days since the proposed 90-day review was announced and now Cameron Dick expects Queenslanders to believe he hasn’t been in on the whole thing?” Mr Bleijie said.

“The Labor Government has sat silently during this entire process because they were in on the whole plan and are trying to manufacture a fake fight at the 11th hour, after waving the white flag throughout.

“The office addresses for Labor Treasurer Chalmers and Labor Treasurer Dick’s are 2a and 2b in the same Logan shopping centre.

“They are literally side by side.

“There is no one who believes this entire fake fight hasn’t been concocted by the two Labor Treasurers.

“One day Cameron Dick is whispering through the walls to his Labor mate about their plans and the next day he wants us to believe he’s suddenly standing for Queensland after saying absolutely nothing for 181 days?

“There are more than $14 billion worth of infrastructure projects on Labor’s chopping block and it’s Queenslanders who are set to pay the price for Labor’s failures.

“This is the price Queenslanders are paying for Labor’s chaos and crisis.

“Whether it’s the Sunshine Coast Direct Passenger Line, the Mooloolah River Interchange, or Beams Road Level Crossing, the projects now under threat are crucial to the State’s growth.

“Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s future which is why when Labor didn’t, the record will show only the LNP stood up for Queensland.”