LNP Women

Get involved and help secure the future for Queensland and Australia

LNP Women recognise that participation by women in the political process is vitally important to the interests of our state, our nation and future generations of Australians. That is why our charter is to actively encourage more women to become politically engaged and to ensure the LNP effectively reflects the issues of concern to women.

How actively you decide to participate is entirely up to you, but there are numerous ways you can make a real difference:

  • Take the first step – join the LNP Women. Every female member of the LNP  is automatically entitled to become a member of the LNPW at no extra cost
  • Attend Branch meetings
  • Participate in political education and training days
  • Stand for an executive position within your Branch
  • Help formulate policy and express your ideas at regular seminars
  • Become a delegate to the LNP Women’s convention
  • Put your name forward and nominate for political office

A Party proudly based on merit

One of the great values of the LNP is that all positions, whether organisational or parliamentary, are elected on merit. Unlike the Labor Party that has specific quotas for electing women, the LNP believes in choosing the best person for the job, regardless of gender. And that means every female member of the LNP has both the right and opportunity to put their name forward for any executive or parliamentary position within the party. More importantly, these are not just platitudes – the LNP and its predecessor conservative parties have a proud history of political “firsts” for women:

(in alphabetical order)

  • First female Lord Mayor of Brisbane – Sallyanne Atkinson
  • First female Cabinet Minister in Queensland – Yvonne Chapman
  • First female Member in the Queensland Parliament – Irene Longman
  • First female to represent Queensland in the Federal parliament – Dame Annabelle Rankin
  • First female Treasurer in the Queensland Parliament – Joan Sheldon
  • First female Parliamentary Leader in Queensland – Joan Sheldon
  • First female Speaker in Queensland – Fiona Simpson
  • First female Parliamentary Secretary in Queensland – Naomi Wilson
  • First female President of the Local Government Association of Queensland – Cr Margaret de Wit

A place where your ideas can be heard and shared

The most important aspect of any organisation is to have a balance of views. And that is where members of the LNP Women possess a great strength. As strong minded, independent females, as professional women, as business owners, as mothers and as retirees, we all have experience, values and ideas to contribute to the political process. So if you have something to say, the LNP Women is the best place to begin your political journey.

Membership: LNP Women

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