David Janetzki, LNP Candidate for Toowoomba South


About Me

I’ve taken risks and worked hard my whole life. I left school at 15 and have worked a variety of different jobs, from pubs and clubs, abattoirs to carting cane. I’m now a qualified arborist and own a tree lopping business on Brisbane’s northside.

I want to be the voice for older people who face the prospect of Bill Shorten attacking their retirement incomes. I want to be the voice for renters, who will face significant increases in housing costs if Labor is allowed to destroy the negative gearing that supports investment. I want to be the voice of families who are finally seeing power prices easing and can’t afford for them to go up again under ‘Electricity Bill’.

I’ve got four children and I know that raising a family isn’t easy. Especially in making sure that we don’t spend more than we earn. That’s why I’m pleased the LNP has cut tax for all working Australians, meaning middle income earning families in our community will be more than $1,000 better off this year. It’ll be a huge help to families in Lilley, who will be able to use that tax relief on a new set of tyres, an extra repayment on their home, or even put towards a holiday.

We’ve come too far in cleaning up Labor’s mess in the last five years just to turn around and let them destroy all that hard work. That’s why I’m going to work hard to win Lilley and help keep Australia on the right track.

It’s time to put a worker in Canberra.


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