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Dialogue Issue 8

An initiative of the LNP’s Policy Standing Committee, Dialogue is an online publication designed to further enhance the discussion and development of policy ideas within the LNP.

Each issue of Dialogue will bring you views from members, community leaders and experts on how to tackle the big issues facing Queensland and the nation.

Members are welcome to contribute to the magazine, either directly or by suggesting issues you’d like to see examined by the Policy Standing Committee or a particular author.

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Policy Grab – Edition 7

Policy Grab aims to be a source for quality policy discussion between all LNP members and volunteer members of expert committees through the Policy Standing Committee – raising topics to share with friends and colleagues over coffee and inviting response.

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Dialogue Issue 6

Issue 6: A Northerly Change

Dialogue Issue 6 focuses on policy issues affecting the development of Northern Australia.

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Dialogue Issue 5

Issue 5: Whose ABC?

Dialogue Issue 5 features contributions from each Federal policy committee.

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Issue 4: The Federation Issue

Dialogue Issue 4 examines the important issue of Australia’s Federation.

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Issue 3: Taking care of business

Dialogue Issue 3 features ideas aimed at improving the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of small and family businesses.

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Issue 2: The Challenge of Knowledge

Dialogue Issue 2 features thought provoking articles on issues in the field of education.

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Issue 1: Dialogue Magazine

Dialogue Issue 1 discusses a breadth of policy issues confronting both Queensland and Australia.

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