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Alarming new numbers show fewer new homes built in Queensland

23 January 2024

The longer Labor is in government, the worse the Queensland Housing Crisis becomes


Alarming new ABS data has exposed the Queensland Housing Crisis is set to get worse, after the number of new homes has plummeted again in the past year.

The number of new homes built fell to just 32,411 across Queensland in the last year, a 6% drop on the previous year and an 18% drop under the Labor Government.

The number failed to meet Labor’s own target for South East Queensland, falling well-short of what was required across the State.

It is also staggeringly short of the 49,000 new home target Labor agreed to at National Cabinet, amounting to just two-thirds of the commitment.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jarrod Bleijie said the falling numbers were an outcome of Labor’s long-term failure to plan.

“Queensland needs more new homes, not less, to ease the housing crisis, by planning where and how new homes will be built,” Mr Bleijie said.

“The longer Labor is in government the worse the Queensland Housing Crisis becomes, and Queenslanders are paying a high price, whether they’re renting or buying.

“It is unfathomable the number of new homes has fallen by a fifth under Labor.

“Queensland has experienced the biggest falls in the last year alone.

“Amidst the chaos and crisis, Labor has not only miserably failed their own target, it’s clear they simply have no plan to deliver the new homes we desperately need.

“Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future, including securing our housing foundations.

“The LNP has put solutions on the table to ease the Queensland Housing Crisis including prioritising infrastructure partnerships with local government to unlock more land for housing, unleashing the community housing sector and setting KPIs and delivering social housing projects on-time and on-budget.”

Shadow Housing Minister Tim Mander said Queenslanders struggling to find a home were paying the price for Labor’s chaos and crisis.

“The Queensland Housing Crisis just keeps getting worse under Labor,” Mr Mander said.

“They’ve constantly failed to meet their targets and now rents in Queensland are rising because Labor hasn’t delivered enough housing options.

“Labor care more about making announcements but they never actually deliver.“


Dwelling Completions by State and Territory
12 months to… NSW VIC QLD SA WA TAS NT ACT Total
September 2015 48,035 56,943 39,377 11,329 30,367 2,647 2,157 4,628 195,483
September 2022 44,619 56,578 34,639 10,570 13,632 3,068 581 5,045 168,732
September 2023 49,160 56,053 32,411 10,505 16,172 3,024 670 5,180 173,175
Annual % Change 10% -1% -6% -1% 19% -1% 15% 3% 3%
% Change Since 2015 2% -2% -18% -7% -47% 14% -69% 12% -11%

Source: Building Activity, Australia, September 2023 | Australian Bureau of Statistics (