Our Values

These values provide an objective and timeless foundation for the Constitution.
They complement statements around Party policy as pronounced from time to time, belief and philosophy and underpin these as the primary filter for Party decisions and behaviour.

  • Freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of association as the building blocks of a robust and fair society.
  • The family as the indispensable forum where children are raised and nurtured, and the foundation of resilient communities and a cohesive society.
  • Government with a sustainable level of debt, which does not impose an unfair burden on future generations.
  • The worth and dignity of every individual, the priority of helping the marginalised, and public and personal integrity, in underpinning a society in which people of different beliefs and cultures live in peace and harmony with each other, contributing to the common good, respecting others and taking seriously their obligations as citizens of Australia.
  • Smaller government with its emphasis on facilitating the potential of people, catalysing their intuition to do good and encouraging rather than stifling initiative. This helps shape a community open to new ideas, supporting innovators and risk takers and valuing entrepreneurs – economic and social as fundamental to a vibrant and prosperous community.
  • The right to private property and the right to be rewarded for effort, recognising that in any exchange freely undertaken, both parties will benefit. The encouragement and facilitation of wealth flows through to people enjoying the highest possible standards of living, health and education and a society which provides opportunity for all and support for those in need.
  • A sustainable environment balancing the need to be productive while preserving our natural assets to be enjoyed by future generations.