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4 hours ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

REVEALED: $400 million has been cut from Queensland Health over the past three years by the Palaszczuk Labor Government. Queenslanders deserve better. ... See MoreSee Less

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These are the figures that were obtained by a question on notice to Health Minister Yvette D'Ath πŸ‘‡

Palaszczuk’s 400 million was for the olympics. She has never keep us safe its all about her and not the people of Queensland

And Labor has the audacity to keep bringing up the Newman cuts. Unbelievable!

She (ALP) can’t blame everytime on Campbell Newman ,she’s been power too long & every time she blames someone else , never taking responsibility.

Now you know why she has made such unrealistic and draconian measures re border closures, as I have said constantly, it is not to protect the people it is to try and coverup the complete failure of our health system as a result of a mismanagement and poor foresight, which has already, before Covid 19, caused unacceptable ramping at most if not all Public hospitals in the state not to mention staffing problems!!

That is why she is trying to shift blame to Federal. It is her own incompetence and using the money for other things.

I bet the cost cutting didn't affect the union payments!

X River rail and the bloody Olympic games she won that no other nation wanted so of course you can understand the reason in not opening borders. Our health system will crash

She’s unreal and our health staff r pushed to the brink SHE NEEDS TO GO NEXT ELECTION SHE DOES NOT HELP QLDERS LIKE SHE MAKES OUT

Yes they would rather employ more bureaucrats. I don’t now how true this is but I heard there is now 30,000 more than when they came to power.

That’s one reason why she has CUT our State off from the rest of the Country 🀬 Seriously, there was a chance to vote her out.

400 million dollars to line anna's media and the olympics

Any wonder services have been cut .

Labor and greens has f Qld

Fair go,people,she has to pay 30 media consultants,who really aren't cutting it.πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Money wasted on image doctors and script writers. Whilst ramp queues grow she appoints herself as Minister for the Olympics...

That's not any surprise our healthcare is worst in history

Surprise surprise!! She never had a clue when she first got elected and she know a lot less now. Very sad for Qld.

C'mon, fair go, she needs the money for all the really vital infrastructure like footbal stadiums, sporting events, hosting interstate teams and the holy grail, the olympics. Who needs healthy people when she can have sport on tap.

Hopeless do nothing Labor the SEQ government

Yeah but, how else are they going to pay for the thousands of idle Public Servants they’ve hired.

Typical of this government. The state is broke so the only way is to cut back and then blame everyone else!!

I keep saying they have no money.

Completely false

What a disgusting piece of works this Premier has turned out to be!!

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All politics. No plan. ... See MoreSee Less

All politics. No plan.

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It’s interesting reading some of the comments here. This current Government has had to endure exceptional problems. That’s fact. Did they handle them perfectly. No. However if Labor was there it would be an unmitigated disaster. And that’s fact. One does not have to like someone to recognise good governance. I don’t particularly like Peter Dutton, but there’s no denying he is doing a great job, especially given the China problem. Can you imagine the disaster there if Labor was in power. And we won’t talk about boat people. The record is there.

Total danger to Australia.

If he is the best the ALP can put up then we are doomed if stupid people vote him in .

Never had a real job Never owned his own business employing people A lot like Anastasia Palazchuck

Each way Albo is obsolete & a waste of space!🀯

Both Labor greens and LNP are a.l as bad as each other ,we need to dump them all at the next election and give Pauline Hanson or Craig Kelly United Australian party ago they have to be a big improvement to the rotten main parties

Cannot string 2 words together let alone a sentence

Australia's Joe Biden.

What crap. He was Deputy Prime Minister and held the Infrastructure portfolio (among others). If the LNP doesn’t regard Infrastructure as a significant economic portfolio, that says a lot for their lack of interest in delivering the investment we will need as a state and nation moving forward.

Not a professional in any way.

Stands for China over Australia.

I would think he stands for Integrity at this point in time . Sort of a hope , to purge the built up smell of corruption that permeates from Canberra ATM .

Absolutely, Coalition definately has the big guns! Look at Deputy PM Barnarby Joyce! He used to be an accountantπŸ’ͺ He’s going to work his magic on that deficit… any day now πŸ™ Wouldn’t knock Morrison’s tourism credentials either, some of those certificates are harder than you think to attainπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

And hopefully he will NEVER be Prime Minister of Australia or God help us

It's an each way bet with Albo.

What a load of hog wash, Albo is a descent bloke who I’d trust over the current mob that are in

Imagine if he was hired in a normal job, he be saked with in a week as completely incompetent.

He’ll be the next Captain of the country if you don’t stop the mandates! He will hold all the keys & all the cards..... from being exactly what you have said.....quiet! For goodness sake wake up LNP 😞

He stands for disaster

No one sits on a fence better than him and loves both sides of it.

I certainly prefer him to our jargon happy, using advertising speak with no substance - can do democracy ??? Seriously

Knows nothing. Says too much.

He is a labor left isn’t he? He stands for communism.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrelπŸ₯΄ yay TonyπŸ˜‚

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Labor doesn't like you knowing how they spend your money. Just imagine how much more Palaszczuk will get away with if each way Albo has his hands on the federal budget.... ... See MoreSee Less

Labor doesnt like you knowing how they spend your money. Just imagine how much more Palaszczuk will get away with if each way Albo has his hands on the federal budget....

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It looks like an Olympic waste of mon ey and a stuff up. Change the state government to improve the situation.

If she gets in spending mode it will all go on something we dont need in Queensland. Remember all the money she spent on getting the Olympics and the farcical party/ barbeque she held when she came back from Tokyo the second time . Then we found out that it was a forgone conclusion that Queensland would get the Olympic Games, as no other country in the world wanted it, or the expense that goes with it, so there never was any competition. I hope for all of the Brisbane residents, first and foremost, that the cost to stage these games does not blow out too much, as whatever she spends, don't forget she is just big noting herself in the world arena and Brisbane and indeed the whole of Queensland will be paying for the expense for many years.

With Albanese as leader the next federal election is in the bag for the LNP thank god. We don’t need labor and their high spending which we always have to take years to pay back the mountain of money they spend. .

I don't think she is capable on doing the maths on this huge spend, as lets face it she's not that bright.

She has to be accountable. The time to do it is NOW

Should be illegal for it not to be made transparent to the general public.After all it is not her money

She should be sacked there is more important things to spend that money on .It is all about Brisbane with her and stuff the rest of Qld.

Nothing but smoke & mirrors, just like every Qld financial blow-out...😑

Fingers crossed 🀞 that Albanese does not win the next election. People should think before they vote look what happen in the U.S.

all spending of taxpayer funds should be transparent no matter what

The most opaque premier we have ever had! Can’t trust her!

Even if the ALP tried hard they could not possibly waste more taxpayers money than the LNP.

So rich coming from LNP. Love it

Puddle duck wants to do lots of sweet heart deals with the unions in secret with federal money. None of us are going to let it happen. Push for transparency

Transparency ? Labor ? This is a satirical piece surely

Why is Albernose in the Picture he is only opposition leader until he is deposed by Shorten LOL.

Did this nasty piece of work borrow the money from Communist China because Queensland’s bankrupt

Where did she get the knowledge to handle this much cash ????

How the Palachook can nominate herself to the State committee is beyond belief. This alone is corruption. How could you trust her to manage expenditure for the games facilities and infrastructure.

At least they wouldn't let covid in like the LNP has done twice in NSW. FIRST CASES OFF A BOAT and new strain off a plane

The state is already suffering losses, how can that woman have no conscience and spend huge amounts on olympics that have never made a profit in the past. 😑😑

We do not need any Olympics. We need a better health system, better roads, better education and mainly our township needs top urgent drinking water.

None of the Labor or Liberal, national parties are doing a good job ,we have hopeless Premiers who are so power struck, they are destroying the country and a very weak Prime minister who either let's them or secretly wants this terrible outcome ,, with this experimental therapy program blind to the hundreds of deaths from it and the thousands injured ,both parties leave many questions to be answered ,

It will be a total f…up & the cost to taxpayers will be an enormous big secret.

Yea right - the most corrupt government ever is complaining about opposition spending... at least they had the moral standing to ban property developers from standing. I can't wait for the Federal ICAC to tear you mob apart. Even if it takes years, I want to see every last LNP criminal charged and prosecuted. Happy for corrupt Labor members to go as well, but I don't think there will be much left of the LNP given so many of you have been draining the coffers and setting yourselves up as tycoons. But have a nice day anyway.

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Queenslanders trapped interstate deserved better than the confusion caused by the Palaszczuk Labor Government. ... See MoreSee Less

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Anastasia is all politics. Every decision made , it is about politics and keeping pressure on upcoming Federal Election ,trying to cause as much damage to the Liberal Party. Instead of this she should have both her eyes on the failings of its own government, regarding health, hospitals, crime, schools, water etc etc.

All Queenslanders deserve better than the crap and lies this Labor government spews out constantly!!

QLD also want a better opposition than this wimpy mob

If QLD'S are trapped interstate, it begs the question,' What were they doing there in the first place ????' I thought that the borders have been closed for about 12 months. If not completely closed, mostly closed.

Doesn't that "No, no, no, no, no" sound and look like her teacher, Juliar Gillard.

what a pair how did they get in

She needs to have a transfusion of some common sense and empathy.

They are hopeless.

Disgusting childish comment; this hopeless Labor Govt must go in 3years election time.

She is very smug.

Bunch of muppets

Is that the best you have... 3 apologies in a confused situation (what that was we do not know) and a question about hypocrisy to the premier that we did not hear the answer to, and no mention of the continually political statements against all Labor States from Federal Minsters (Plural), especially QLD. This says more about the current pathetic opposition in QLD, than it does about the QLD Government.

Closing the nonexistent state borders is nothing but unconstitutional, acting against the Australian Constitution and therefore, according to S44ii, treason.

A politician is politics? Who knew

How about we see this amazing document that detail the lnps anti corruption stance ,,,in parliament today...NO...LEAVE IS NOT GRANTED. what a corrupt government we have ..a disgrace

"Pathetic opposition" sums it up who's the leader again lol

Tell us how gay labor cheated with george soros voting dominion machines

What a disgusting woman. No heart ,no brains ,no compassion. Suck it up Queensland you voted her in.

This Qld Government wants to grow up. They are a bunch of idiots. They want to rule the roost.

Tell about how gay labor poison the tap water make out good for u serious

Cut the btch’s pay fully until she fixes the issue. She’ll get off her lazy ass and do something then!!

Qld all need better

Wicked woman


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Deb Frecklington has been fighting for these jobs for a long time. Today the Palaszczuk Labor Government failed those Queenslanders. ... See MoreSee Less

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Whilst the Labor party rely on the Greens for Preferences and the unions for funding they will never be able to manage and produce a strong economic system that benefits all Queenslanders . They are counterproductive to each other . Hence the trail of debt , unemployment , small business failure and bankruptcy that litters Queensland.

Sadly our ALP Government does NOT care they only worry about the Union Mates, Film Stars and Footballers not ordinary Queenslanders.

Well I think it's about time we as a community should do whatever we can to stop this person who calls herself a leader of Queensland to reply to your question

Who are the goats voting them in ? Must love crime as well

we will get better once the piloshit government are gone

Anti-coal policies is part of the Greens DNA and from obscurity the Greens call the shots. The Green alliance is costing the workers that Labor should be looking after.

The Libs and Nats really have to do much better than they have been doing. Dont know how anyone could vote for the current Lab/Green rabble who have no idea how to govern let alone how to perform financially. BUT you Q'landers did vote this incompetent lot in!!!

People don’t understand how much closing a mine hurts other families it’s a long line ,from local shops,Drs,chemists ,butchers green grossers, kids sporting clubs adult sports,and then you have the miners family . And yes my hubby was an underground coal miner for 24 years. And just how much tax have these people paid over the years “ A LOT”

Same way as they killed the proposed tourist development in Kuranda .It would have created employment and training in hospitality and tourism and they were cunning and didn't stop it application but indirectly did by making the goal posts too hard.They wanted the new project to rebuild a new range road.So of course they shouldn't have replace clapped out of date roads But the government are full of BS about creating jobs.They really didn't want it built on environmental grounds but it was to built on an old cattle farm

Labor not the workers party, workers are on their own.

Yep .no.longer the workers party .

Yes the Labor government should make sure there’s enough coal in the ground for multinational mining companies to dig up. Actually wasn’t it ScoMo who took the coal from the mine to Parliament House? However good on the LNP to blame the ALP again.

Don't be mad because they lost their jobs in the coal mad that the governments have not done anything to promote alternative renewable energy industry jobs instead!

Just Listen to Anzac in Acland, that tells the true story, Deb promised before the Newman election she would fight for the Town, as so as they got in the Mining company was her best friend.

The Premier is in her Glasshouse

. Stick with the hospital debacle that affects every Queenslander . That’s where the votes are .

Isn’t this the mine that have not been able to explain why they illegally mined outside the approved footprint? It would be helpful to get the whole context and content of the story.

Palaszczuk made a deal with broadcaster Alan Jones never to approve the next stage of acland Newman refused to do a deal with Jones so Jones campaigned against Newman hence Palaszczuk scrapped in and never looked back i always thought Alan was a liberal not sure now feel very sorry for the workers

That's just typical of the labor government and yet they still get to govern our state. How people can't see what's going on FGS.

Please - stop caring about lost jobs when liberal party mandates have cost hundreds of thousands either their jobs or their bodilyautonomy.

she keeps getting voted back in!! she feeds the electorate bullshit & they believe her therefore they get the government they deserve. I just feel so sorry for the ones who voted to get her out.

Labor will always failed it’s citizens

Probably should look for a sustainable industry..?

How is it her fault if a mine runs out of coal. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

But the mine ran out off coal. I don't think anyone is to be blame for that & the workers knew their time in the mine was limited.

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The Morrison Government has announced a $22.4M commitment to establish a Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission. The Commission will support the Government in providing policy leadership, developing and fostering relationships across the sector and ensuing greater cooperation between the Commonwealth, states and territories. ... See MoreSee Less

The Morrison Government has announced a $22.4M commitment to establish a Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission. The Commission will support the Government in providing policy leadership, developing and fostering relationships across the sector and ensuing greater cooperation between the Commonwealth, states and territories.

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Will that be placed on the shelf beside the fire disaster fund! Lies and more lies.

Ahh $22 million for the lawyers. Great work.🀬

Is this an internal Libs commission? Or is it for everyone? Either way, much needed!

It states domestic violence,sexual violence I would take that as female and males,all walks of life,elderly abuse needs to be included as well,

just another vote catcher,nothing will change

Is there a link where we can see more details please?

I don’t see any males in this picture

the word to take most notice of is "announced". So much announcing then forgetting.

For All Australians???

Won't fix a thing . Only top up corrupt courts.

Yet the LNP protects their rapey ministers. Mixed messages. I’m confused.

Where is the ICAC? This is great and all but Federal ICAC was an election promise. Get to work doing what you said you would!


Porter, Lamming, Reynolds etc etc etc.

$22M over 5 years and not 1 cent to those who need it. Federal ICAC NOW!!!

and yet Joyce lamming porter tudge arre all still in parliament and lets not forget higgins

Just a bullshit announcement

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David , you should of come out earlier and said something. Hopefully you weren’t asleep at the wheel. Anna was wrong , and needed to be called out. The people of Qld need you to step up , and provide an alternative ASAP

This fellow needs to come out and show what the LABOUR IS ALL ABOUT more often

The State Govt needs to be accountable, thanks D.C .

David Crisafulli mp, do you support a ICAC bieng introduced into Parliment? Or are you another corrupt liberal trying to save his own lizard ass....

Get louder for goodness sake.

What would you expect from Union Labour govt πŸ˜žπŸ‘ŽπŸΏ

That's wrong. Why isn't Medicare paying? Come on LNP. Step up after all Medicare is not a state responsibility.

Stop complaining Queensland. You voted her in. Suck it up.

All sorted out. Like the rest of Australia, not a problem. Now for a Federal ICAC?

“ And from the Federal government as well of course”. There, fixed it for you

The Fed Gov couldn't organise a p&£s up in a brewery.

So they used a scumo tactic. How about scumo admits his lies and your parties corruption. A retrospective ICAC is coming and many of you will be in the firing line. Taylor in particular.

You have lost control. Allow the lesbians and gays equal rights without religious discrimination. You don’t understand what discrimination is and we don’t want a government that allows discrimination

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7 days ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

I'm speaking from the remote community of Lockhart River in Far North Queensland.

It is critical we protect our First Nations people as a priority.
... See MoreSee Less

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Labor has f. Qld open the Borders now Covid will be here for years so get over it

Well who has given the law the job of jabbing Indigenous people whilst they are being held down against their will. Your fearless leader needs to grow a set and pull these premiers into line.

Well team judas you need to hear this fella

When push comes to shove who has the more shove, China or Australia?

And Penny Wong has got it right. Your provoking of a major superpower/China has put Australia in the most dangerous position since World War 2. Please stop immediately and practise some diplomacy, in a style similar to Joe Biden.

The man who never sleeps!!! Well done David

Kept LNP in Australia 😊

Sorry. Watcjing the tele. Good luck men and women, first person to turn the solomon island shit into mileage.... Needs to remeber families are hurting, so everyone gwt it done. No mileage for anyone. And no fuckups by anyone. Stay safe.

An lnp "person" pretending to care about anyone other than mining company executives is unbelievable.

What about the elder at Cherberg that died after his vaccine!

You have no right to force vaccinations on anybody! Leave the indigenous alone! I thought it was a free choice!

Hiding behind religion to enable you to discriminate against homosexuality. You are disgraceful

I see Campbell Newman has joined up with Clive Palmer and Craig …. now we need Riccardo Rossi and Rod Cullerton to make a Super Conservative Party …maybe One Nation in there too.. only way to beat the NWO Liberal and Labor Globalists..

What a smug, insufferable right-wing hypocrite the disreputable, one-eyed fool, James McGrath, is! My God, NO MENTION about the relentlessly deplorable, ongoing character-assassinating right-wing bias spewed out by EVERY form of LNP/MURDOCH/IPA-manipulated media in the country! Not ONE mention about the appalling lies, venomous attacks and blatant far-right prejudice displayed in the Daily Terrorgraph and other forms of media owned by the internationally discredited, lying, self-serving sociopath, Rupert Murdoch and his up-close-and-undemocratic relationship with the worst, most corrupt, inhumane and arrogant governments (the Abbott/Morrison regimes) this nation has EVER seen in our history (with exception of the despicable little war criminal, John Howard)! Not a word how this awful fascist regime are now parachuting right-wing sycophants (like Ita Buttrose and David Speers) into influential seats on the Board and into panel shows on OUR ABC in order to manipulate everything Australians hear and see on OUR taxpayer-owned media. Let me point out to McGrath that the ABC DOES NOT - AND WILL NEVER - BELONG TO HIM NOR ANY OTHER POMPOUS, SELF-SERVING ARROGANT POLITICAL PARASITE IN THE LNP !!!! The ABC belongs to US, the Australian taxpayer, and is has every reason to justifiably express anger and contempt against the self-righteous deplorable fascists in the LNP who are now using OUR taxes to threaten to defund OUR taxpayer-funded station UNLESS, of course, they "toe the LNP line". The LNP have a long, deplorable history of trying to muzzle free speech and to control and manipulate media and to prevent disclosure of their increasing level of corruption, misogyny and callous inhumanity! The ABC is doing nothing but expressing the justifiable rage, disillusionment and concern 99.9% of Australians have for the way the despicable, self-serving grubs in the LNP are mismanaging our nation, tearing apart our democracy, vilifying the most vulnerable people in our society, the ongoing waste of millions of taxpayer dollars in failed schemes, the non-stop rorting of funds resulting in some of their members becoming multi-millionaires (like Peter Dutton with a dodgy personal fortune of more than $300 million) and character-assassinating anyone and everyone who understandably speak out against them! The LNP is overflowing with skirt-lifting misogynists (like the notorious not-so-Christian Porter), cowardly non-achieving political parasites, relentlessly unapologetic pathological LIARS (like Abbott, Morrison and just about every member of the nauseating LNP) and totally corrupt, callously inhumane stone-cold xenophobic psychopaths (like Dutton). There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING good one can find to say about the LNP - they truly are the BOTTOM OF A VERY DEEP BARREL; sinking like a stone in their own depravity! The ONLY thing that motivates the stone cold sociopaths in the LNP is GREED and their relentless thirst for a level of autocratic power that borders on fascism! This pompous, insufferably arrogant, non-achieving political parasite, James McGrath, is no exception spewing out just the type of toxic, deplorable threats we have grown to expect from the WORST regime in our history!

Lol I notice no one is watching

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Congratulations Congratulation who has been elected as the new Speaker of the House by the House of Representatives today. We wish you all the best in the role and thank outgoing Speaker Congratula for his service. ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations Andrew Wallace who has been elected as the new Speaker of the House by the House of Representatives today. We wish you all the best in the role and thank outgoing Speaker Tony Smith for his service.

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Great job Andrew I look forward to working with you as your deputy over the coming period.

Congratulations Andrew.

Congratulations brother!

Congrats Awful job. So much anger from the Opposition.

Congratulations Andrew. Tony has been a great Speaker.

Pleased to see the end of Tony Smith

Congratulations well deserved

question time has been an embarrassment for years i reluctantly watched it today. sorry the new speaker his completely out of his depth.

Congratulations Andrew. All the best from your Sunshine Coast Electorate.

Congratulations Andrew, you have worked hard and deserve the appointment.

Congratulations Andrew

Congratulations AndrewπŸ‘

George and I send our Congratulations to You Andrew,well deserved.πŸ™πŸ™

Congratulations Andrew.

will do a fine job !! Congratulations

Congratulations Andrew.

Well done Andrew! You so deserve this role!

Congratulations you shall do a good job.

Congratulations Andrew

Congratulations Sir

Congratulations Andrew.

Hopefully he is as successful as our last speaker’ πŸ™

Congratulations Andrew πŸ‘

Congratulation Andrew, a big job !

Congratulations Andrew.

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