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1 hour ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

We’re helping Australian businesses create new jobs and amazing opportunities for future generations. ... See MoreSee Less

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this was on Senator Humes page, the first piece of legislation we passed after the election was on drought relief and support - $5 billion to support farmers through drought now and in the future. We’ve also provided support in partnership with State Governments to heavily subsidise the cost of transporting feed and indeed water, and other similar practical assistance programs. -Team Hume

And why wouldn’t we give this money to the farmers suffering from the drought.

Plenty of other uses for the money to be spent elsewhere, and not just farmers either...

20,000 new jobs!! Smart!

Pity you are not as interested in helping Aussie farmers

And our FARMERS go BROKE and STARVE. Look after the Planet we live on

Do the basics first, water, reliable affordable power before this BS

Per the norm, our federal government still has it’s priorities radically wrong. We would be far better off if this money was used to assist our farmers, and own Aussie citizens.

How about spending 100 % of that on new dams and power stations get real there are more urgent issues today

Libs need to launch some dams and water infrastructure.... Shape up Australia or we will all have to ship out and it is on the Government and State Governments heads..

Yep more of my money wasted thx cunts

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Calling all Palaszczuk Labor Ministers!

Dodgy Jackie's secret investment property is on the market!

Perfect development opportunity for a Labor Minister looking to make a quick buck off a taxpayer-funded infrastructure project.

And Palaszczuk won’t even make you declare your interest!

Priced to sell with flexible terms, so get in quick!
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Calling all Palaszczuk Labor Ministers!

Dodgy Jackies secret investment property is on the market!

Perfect development opportunity for a Labor Minister looking to make a quick buck off a taxpayer-funded infrastructure project. 

And Palaszczuk won’t even make you declare your interest!

Priced to sell with flexible terms, so get in quick!

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Please, whoever wrote this, put the "ly" on the end of "quick". Don't fall into the same bad grammar habits as the government members.

will consider cash if it is done quietly, prefer colour paper bags.


All their preaching is just a smokescreen for their lust for power n rackets. When joh did it he ran a tight ship but now it's parasitical. They will run it half arsed and u pay

Don t forget there 💩💩💩💩💩 doesn't t stink ! Well think again ! the Whole party smells like a sewerage works

$50 bucks says Jackie's shell company buys it this space.

All cash offers considered!

You’re wrong this time Meg. 😂

Brown paper bag!

You missed one - “don’t tell the Mrs”

And the couldn’t care less mob will vote this useless lot in again.😡

they stupid not fair

Damage is done. Hey Leanne Linard MP

hope you get stuck with it



Teflon tradd

I don't like her

Cannot but feel positive and accomplished when I see these hate pages sponsored by the failed corrupt Qld LNP who just can’t get it right with their cyber bullying and Trolling 🤣😂😅🤣 Sadly Deb Freckles provides no new answers to our current economic disaster or climate strategies or projected infrastructure but she does something no other failed LNP politician does and that’s providing you all with funds to run hundreds of hate pages sprouting rubbish about nothing for nobody , and goodonya because it makes us feel entitled to endure the best is yet to come as we remember what Deb Freckles did with our communities with Campbell Newman beside her 😀🤬😀😂🤣

LABOR/GREENS it's not going to get better under UN agenda 2030 Sustainable Development during the past 27 years the agents of the insidious UN have slithered into all our consecutive Governments and Councils , Sustainable Development lie, is to stop development, stop dams , stop farming , stop dairy farming prevent people from developing their land and move people of the land into cities, yes,mega cities of very dense populations , already to be approved by the infected Councils , don't believe me, doesn't matter that you don't , it's still happening now. Rosa has been fighting for us for years, Google ; Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed

Should be donated to me

Who is going to do the check on the purchasers possible link to the Trads


She should be in jail, "NOW", why don't Pollies get charged for criminal acts, answer, because they are Pollies, F/ING bull shit.

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Thanks to the Liberal National Government's strong economic management, the Budget is back in balance for the first time in eleven years. And this year, the Budget will return to surplus.
A strong economy with more jobs and a balanced budget means we can invest in even more roads, rail and dams, improve hospitals and schools with record funding, and deliver lower taxes for working Australians.
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I would bet If the Labor Party had won the election they would have continued on their merry way putting us deeper and deeper into debt

As I recall that 19bil deficit was the labor “rolled gold guarantee” surplus.

Well please start investing in DAMS and highly efficient coal powered energy sources - nothing seems to be happening....

5% Unemployed and 8% under employed and interest rates at all time low trying to stimulate economy. U don't give to hoots about our kids.

Thanks to the NDIS —-

Pay ya bills

Labor couldn't run a country out house..

A surplus means nothing for the country, all it means is you're not spending money. Learn from John Howard, who essentially bankrupted the economic state of the country by striving for a surplus. IF YOU WANT A SURPLUS, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT HOW THE ECONOMY WORKS. IT'S LITERALLY A BAD THING! One in six Australian children live in poverty and rely on food banks every week. (Poverty in Australia 2018 report by the Australian Council of Social Services and University of NSW) As the country gets richer the people get poorer, wake up. A surplus causes millions of issues and I'm yet to see any potential benefits.


The LNP is in government only because it is the lesser of two evils. I have heard no suggestion of conserving water with dams or guaranteeing reliable affordable electricity or addressing education issues or our military strength or the sell off of our country or being able to deport aliens and the list goes on. Minorities and issues that have little effect on Australia are their focus. Australia needs a true conservative party and a strong leader. Dutton should be PM.

fanastic Lying. Only thing you mob of Libs are good at

Fat G up Mackenzie Coates

Never let idiots like Labor near your wallet.

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After a decade of deficits, the Budget is back in balance for the first time in 11 years. A strong economy with more jobs and a balanced budget means we can invest in even more roads, rail and dams, improve hospitals and schools with record funding, and deliver lower taxes for working Australians. ... See MoreSee Less

After a decade of deficits, the Budget is back in balance for the first time in 11 years. A strong economy with more jobs and a balanced budget means we can invest in even more roads, rail and dams, improve hospitals and schools with record funding, and deliver lower taxes for working Australians.

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Plus it s time you Did more for our Farmers who are the Backbone of our once Great Country !

Yep you probably did and at the expense of Senior Pensioners, DSP Recipients and Newstart recipients! God I hope you lot are very proud of yourselves! Absolutely useless! 😢😢😢

That’s all well and good however thousands are homeless and tens of thousands are on the brink. Would be nice to see something done about it

Sorry Ken.I think most of the followers missed the point of balancing the books.Best wishes to the socialists.

Ok get to work and start the Bradfield Scheme. Pay fuel for farmers to clean out dams. Utilise the military equipment and manpower to rebuild roads and fences and other infrastructure damaged by nature.

and the Pensioners, Veterans, Unemployed, Farmers??? 🤬🤬🤬

At the expense of NDIS

Marvellous to hear. MAKE DAMS and DROUGHT PROOFING first PRIORITY

Love you liberals, best news in my birthday, God bless you and give you wisdom

Yes we need water dams first in the right places so farmers can farm

Great Build some dams Build some water ways. Use the money smartly. Don’t piss it up against the wall. Don’t give yourselves a pay rise. We the people paid for getting you there by working hard Paying taxes And accepting your cutting. Water Hospitals And the homeless need the money now.

Good work

Yep and 95% is from the NDIS great work Josh. Couldn't run a milk bar.

Bring trains and better transport back to Northern NSW.

Well done Josh and team!

Now we need to keep labor out or deficit will become the norm again.

How far in debt is Australia now ?, if you stop throwing money away to every body and country you feel like, the debt would look much better, and if you slowed down on all the Pollie "BENEFITS" we may be in credit ???

Dams that's good, will the States allow, not the Labor/Green States for sure...and the promised power prices ….?

More investment in dams it reads. Please show any investment in dams in the last two decades.

The current outdated neo-keynesian economic strategy will ensure Australia slips down a slope into disaster. The RBA must start raising interest rates to reduce our debt exposure and the government has to start to cut spending by reducing the size of the public service and all the associated waste. After doing so they need to reduce taxes in order to allow businesses of all sizes to flourish. Australia collectively has the highest taxes in the world and this is why no international businesses want to set up their head office here. The majority of taxes are paid by individuals, as in a Communist country. The federal government must force the states to abolish their extremely destructive taxes such as Payroll Tax, Land Tax and Stamp Duty. These taxes drive up the cost of living and force businesses into bankruptcy. Once all of this is implemented the government should look at further infrastructure investment to stimulate jobs growth.

You mean it doesn’t tilt towards our lurk n purk, moneysucking, wage indexed, lifetime indulged, behind kissed politicians. I FIND THAT HARD TO BELIEVE

What about Australia's Sovereign Debt, is that still in the billions??

It's near impossible to get on the NDIS, it's a disgrace.

Then build the dams and coal fired power stations and no more talk. WE WANT ACTION !!!

700million in debt is not balanced a 6th year of budget deficit is not balanced. Ripping 4.6billion from Disability support also doesn't balance shit. you can't claim to balance a budget if your still driving our debt up, you cant call it balanced because "700million of new debt is less that 710million."

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Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor are so consumed by their own scandals that they're neglecting vital public services like our hospitals.

Labor's latest health debacle is leaving hospital suppliers unpaid, while some hospitals are resorting to credit cards to purchase basic supplies.

It's not good enough. Labor's got to go.
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Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor are so consumed by their own scandals that theyre neglecting vital public services like our hospitals.

Labors latest health debacle is leaving hospital suppliers unpaid, while some hospitals are resorting to credit cards to purchase basic supplies.

Its not good enough. Labors got to go.

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I have a dream, that one day, our politicians will again be for the people. Was the last time that happened was when your local council was an honorary position.

The staff at our hospitals are amazing.

With Steven Miles in charge we should feel confident of nothing much happening. Maybe that's why nothing much has happened. But we did rename the Lady Cilento Hospital after the rigorous poll. Good stuff Steven.

Keep digging Deb. Let’s get this state healthy.

I can’t believe the stupidity of this Labour Government its Premier and her Deputy. They seem to side step all responsibility. It is said that you get the government you deserve, who ever wrote that twaddle.

The sad thing is I am not surprised.

Amateurs, rank amateurs ... Labor just make it up as they go.. what a joke.. next theyll be issuing IOU s till pay day..

Never ever trust a Labor gubbermint with your money.

Can we add Lady Cilento’s name back somewhere

Good By Labour next election

They are a complete disgrace. They would not get a sweepers job in industry

For the people ...still dreaming...

They’ll still win

Tick Tock

Sack state governments for not sticking to their budgets and ignoring essential services

They need to be Kicked out ASAP

Qld labor should be thrown out of office...they cant run a chook raffle and are taking the state backwards....who's going to fix their mess...guess who...

This is a thorough shameful disgrace.

Get rid of them

Labor is a waste of space.

Get rid of this bitch and Labor..

What else can we expect from the leftists... they are hypocrites hopeless idiots liars they just care about themselves

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Today the Treasurer announced the Budget is back in the black for the first time in 11 years.

A strong economy and a balanced budget mean we can deliver the things Australians rely on – schools and hospitals, cheaper medicines, better and safer roads, and drought and natural disaster support for Regional Australia.
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Today the Treasurer announced the Budget is back in the black for the first time in 11 years.

A strong economy and a balanced budget mean we can deliver the things Australians rely on – schools and hospitals, cheaper medicines, better and safer roads, and drought and natural disaster support for Regional Australia.

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That’s really nice Mr Treasurer. Now that you have the budget back in the black at our expense, you can give the aged who are trying to survive on a “below the poverty line” pittance, a bit of a hand.

A wonderful result for the Liberal/National Party. Back to a balanced budget, good employment figures and much lower taxes. Congratulations on the effort on our behalf.

5%Unemployed 8% working enough to get the equivalent to the dole .Great job

That’s great. Maybe now they can spend some much needed money

Give it back to the workers and aged. Stop giving to overseas and get out of the UN all together.

That's literally the opposite of what a balanced budget means. Taxing more than you spend means less money for schools, hospitals etc

Spend something on water and power infrastructure - the "quiet Australians" are getting very restless.

Is this for the good debt and the bad debt they were bumbling on about last year

But all your departments are struggling because you have stopped spending. What about the $580 billion debt we still have?

I don’t care about the balance or surplus. This whole budget thing is a furphy. Use the money fairly.

Now farmers should be given $$$ (not a loan, which they’ll ever be able to pay off as most are so far in debt trying to survive), pensions should be increased so older Australians who have worked all their life in poorly paying jobs, can at least afford to pay necessary bills etc

Great stuff....just enough time to save up and buy votes before the next election !!

Now they can help out our farmers.

I am imagining if labor had come up with the same result and how the LNP would condemn them on how they came up with that result. 🤔🤔🤔

This is disgraceful——a ‘surplus’ st the expense of the aged, those with disabilities, the workers and the unemployed!

Now they can help the farmers and the people who have no water but they won’t they will spin some bullshit like they aways do

Any plans to legalise hydrocarbon refrigerant conversions on fridges and air conditioners in QLD?

Which probably means youse will give more of it to syphon into leaders of small nations bank accounts who are extracting as much wealth from their own population before being dethroned. Instead of feeding housing and clothing the locals.

Great work . I applaud the treasurer . Wayne Swan , Eat your heart out ..

Stole money from people with disabilities to get this. Punished pensioners as well. Big corporates still not paying their share and you all got your pay rises still didn’t you? What a joke.

Hurrah ,I bet they will build dams now. Just watch the Nationals put the screws into the libs

Good.Now don't let the Labor Party get back in and spoil all of your good work.

Yes we are slowly on the road back

No one believes you. What about that NDIS money?

Imagine how much faster it would be if we ditched Paris and eliminated renewables subsidies...

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Labor will drive up the cost of living even further... ... See MoreSee Less

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So typical Labor....

More taxes from Labor again. They won't learned a lesson after their defeat in the last election.

Yada Yada Yada, how long before Australia goes into receivership and wich bank holds the mortgage.

ARE THE PARIS TARGETS an accountable venture considering the amount of damage being caused to industry vs the income being generated by the advocates akin to the HALAL tax scam.

He needs to be able to buy the latest designer glasses somehow, why not do it by bending the taxpayers over even further?

Here we go again, Carbon price.'s another tax.

God almighty how much of this shit do we need to here

Yeah more tax will fix the environment, clearly

Go for it, you will be in opposition for ever 🤪🤪🤪

To hell with the Paris targets. Get out of the un.

It seems everything Labor wants to do revolves around taxes.

Hey punnet head do what Trump did got out of Paris agreement ??

I’m embarrassed that this clown represents the Hunter.

A sensible, measured approach to climate change is needed. Without the LNP deniers and the Greens’ fanaticism——

Well goodbye Labor ,nobody will be voting for you anytime soon ,you still have your taxes ,still have climate change agenda that will cost us.

Whats new

stupid Labor and Joel your seat will be gone next election, you learnt nothing

Forget the carbon tax for all of Australia 😡

Who is the stupid fool? The people voted against the climate change hoax.

Jump out of the Paris accord, look who's making money out of that !!!!

Aw, Labor when will you ever learn? well the science is in on that they will never ever learn as they are incapable of learning and earning respect. Talk about trying to ride a dead horse in the cup, it's always going to be a non starter. Oh well those who repeat things that always go wrong and expect a different outcome are doomed to always fail. Carbon tax is a long dead and rotting croc carcass that lost it's bite a long time ago..

I bet every person commenting on here doesn't even know what the carbon tax was, or who it effected and are probably climate deniers.

Deluded, China demanding more money as they are developing, yet have possibly the biggest defence expenditure in the world and account for 30% of the worlds C02.yet Australia who accounts for 3% has to pay ?

Carbon price? doesn't he mean the Green tax?. It would be like asking for a moon tax. The share ignorance of the left amazes me their science is an oxymoron 1. CO2 don't not contribute to global climate change, if anything it is a stabilising affect to climate. I many countries where CO2 reduction has been cut they have wiped out yup to 30% of their vegetation that has a major affect on weather in those regions. They refuse to acknowledge the whole CO2 agenda is a drive to cause food shortages globally. Now this is easily provable. If people look up the agenda of the NWO & one world government. It is not about science but political agendas. The aim is turn the entire global population into beneficiaries and the NWO the benefactor you need food they tell you how to live, how high you jump then if you behave like a good citizen they will provide food and accommodation. It's the classic communist principal. How can I prove this look up al the profiles of those who promote global climate change virtually students of. socialism. You can add this mob in quite comfortably Louis Blanc, Henri de Saint-Simon, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Karl Marx, George Soros. Also investigate those who been key members of the illuminati the Rothschilds and these include the freemasons it has infiltrated our governments at all levels the who concept is rampant, some of them claim to be conservatives to mask their intent the Bush family is one that I saw very prominently when I was investigating this evil that wants to control us I don't use the word evil lightly. If you knew the intent of their hearts, things like population reduction schemes, you would just how evil this things has become and it's getting worse. the trouble is the vast masses put it in the too hard basket in an effort not to confront reality. there is no climate change at best it could be called climate interference by the very one who claim they trying to fix, it any idiot who understands, he water cycle describes how water evaporates from the surface of the earth, rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into rain or snow in clouds, and falls again to the surface as precipitation. know you need CO2 to keep vegetation alive and as long as vegetation thrives it draws rain clouds and the cycle continues. However there is one other factor that can interfere and that is man's sin. Like in everything there is a spiritual factor. When nations pass ungodly laws they break covenant with God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 then if my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. Eliminate the spiritual problem you pretty much take control over the natural problem. This country is on it's knees to the god of this word (Satan) right know which why see so much drought and other disasters. But the communist thinkers are compounding the problem.

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Tonight we moved a motion calling on Annastacia Palaszczuk to immediately sack Jackie Trad from Cabinet.

Every Labor and Greens Member of Parliament voted to keep dodgy Jackie in the job, which shows integrity means nothing to Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor-Green Government.
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Tonight we moved a motion calling on Annastacia Palaszczuk to immediately sack Jackie Trad from Cabinet.
Every Labor and Greens Member of Parliament voted to keep dodgy Jackie in the job, which shows integrity means nothing to Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor-Green Government.

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Good old Labor Qld government ! Nothing to see here. Well Queenslanders the majority of you must have voted for this dreadful government.

Or (fun thought) the majority of Members of Parliament represent the beliefs and thoughts of their constituents! I guess they could take a personal stance, but that might be inappropriate as a representative ...

Obviously there is no seriousness within the Labor party of Qld and the Greens and they think they are untouchable, they are treating this as a joke and think the voters will forget about this mess in 12 months time, I think not, Palaszczuk, Trad and Greens just remember some of us voted you in and a lot of us can vote you out, don't you worry about that.

It’s a bit much you talking about integrity. The LNP are the antithesis of integrity.

Of course they did.....Dodgy Bros Inc. To the people who voted for these clowns, please don't be fooled again come October 2020. Remember how 'Mirror' (I'll look into it!) and her inept mob tried to keep jobs from Central Queenslanders, sat on their hands for 8 years and did nothing, whose Deputy Premier tried to benefit from her position of power and who should have been sacked but wasn't (and who STILL hasn't sold the questionable property at the original purchase price of $700K as promised). Remember how the Labor party took Qld from the richest state to 2nd poorest in the country, then make your vote count and show these clowns the door. 😟😢🙄😏

Time to vote Labor out. Been in far too long. They sold most of Qld assets anyway

I'm not sexist and I support that the best person for the job should hold that position, but this party has changed my mind. I will never vote for a Party with a female leader. Every female ALP leader has been a total failure.

What an amazing woman, absolutely no conscience.

Corruption stems from this kind of solidarity..the lessons of the past have not been heeded.. systematic arrogance, lies and disregards for the people theyre supposed to serve.. bring on an election now.

Was it hardly a surprise that Labor and Greens voted together to keep Trad?

Previous government as worse. People have short memories. How about none of the above.

The vote that counts comes next year when there's an election. The people are not likely to forget.

Well looks like two little piggy’s the trough or our pockets qld think about this 💤💤snooze and lose💤💤🖕🏿🖕🏿

They Will both be outed at the Next Election in Queensland

All the same UN puppets In Victoria ALL voted for a wage rise all of them lol I'm so glad they can agree on something

They had to Deb to keep their big pay packets and massive lurks that go with it its a simple case you scratch my back and I will scratch yours .forget about that strange word called justice

This is the same mob putting up our cost of living so out of touch

Yeah well lnp better win the next election because Qld is almost at a standstill with these incompetent, self absorbed people running the show

These two are the laughing stock of Australian politics. Trad should be charged with a theft related offence. A disgrace.

Well your neighbours or someone close voted these clowns in, blame the people, their responsible....

Is this a surprise to anyone. The Greens seem to run Labor now. They have forgotten why and how they came into being.

You cannot seriously say Labor and Integrity in the same sentence...

You know government is the most legal criminal organisation in any country

Surprise surprise. Not interested in a better Queensland. Just themselves and their mates

Even God Will not save them next election. They are the worst government since captain cook arrived .

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Labor's Transport Minister Mark Bailey has been caught LYING about their rego hit on Queenslanders.

Annastacia Palaszczuk should show some leadership and tell Queenslanders the truth about how much her government is jacking up their rego.
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We need a formal investigation into these continual QLD Labor rorts...enough is enough

I would like to see the financials of the $$$ management made public so we can see where our funds are being distributed... where is the state management financial plan and rather than being over governed how about we create a state plan that can't be impacted by any political party and have a business/financial management team hired with serious kpi's for effective wealth management and budget spending... got to be better than this. We might actually get ahead as a state and families and businesses.

Pure and utter incompetent efffffffffffwitism abounds. State elections NOW..!

Labor rotten to the core.They have to go

The people will speak next state election, just like they did at the federal election.

Keep digging. We need to get this state healthy.

Typical Labour Party always screwing with the people that voted 🗳 them into power and all citizens! It’s simply not good enough, but what do you expect from the Labour Party as they require $$$$$$💵💵💵💵💵

Power prices went up 43% under the LNP & Campbell Newman in only 3 years. LNP can’t be trusted on cost of living, asset sales, the economy or jobs. It’s cut, sack & sell - LNP DNA. Never changed

If this is true Queenslanders need to know why and how can the Government justify it 😠

The Liberal party has been in Qld for just 1 term in last 22 years So Who has stuffed Qld?

What would you expect from this excuse for a man. He would be an expert at it.

I’m a 76 year old member of the Liberal party, I am getting tired of all these nasty adds. Please try and object with come class.

I don't support Labor. In fact I can't wait until this government is gone. But really?? Car registration has gone up a little, not much more than CPI. Hasn't the cost of building roads gone up? Haven't wages gone up? Weren't registration fees held steady for a few years? Let's be fair here and rational and stop bleating for the sake of bleating.

Just further identifies and confirms that this QLD Premier has absolutely no control or leadership over this ambiguous gaggle of geese! TRAD, GRACE, BAILEY, & HEALTH & SPORTS

It's the only way with labor taxes and more taxes it's they can pay for their ever increasing public servants I wonder why.

The Labor Party will always screw over the people with increased taxes. Why should anyone be surprised at the tax hike???😡😡

In the 1970's Queensland had the lowest utility prices including rego and third party insurance in Australia. Half of VIC flocked here and now look what we've got taxes taxes and more taxes

A Liar ! Premier Material !

Because they are broke that is what you get with Labour.

The cost is ridiculous, just shy of $800 a year for a 4 cyl micro vehicle isnt equitable its pathetic considering the state of the roads.

With all politicians. I believe what we would prefer is for them to tell it how it is and what needs to be done to fix things. This dodging and weaving to see who approves and lies told bewilders me. Stand up and say what you plan to do. Then we will know what politicians stand for. And don’t promise unless you stand behind your word. Just my thoughts.

Good old "Email Bailey" ,what a dipstick we have here.

I remember in Vic, when Vicroads boasted how now the rego stickers were abolished, how it would save money. They just didn't say for whom. Certainly not the owners, who's rego went up! It's not just the Labor Party, it's the bureaucracy under them. The question is, if/when the party change happens, will we and those in QLD get a reduction? My guess is no.. The best we can realistically get, is a temporary halt to price rises, like every other expense, before the inevitable cost progression resumes. Regardless of who is in power, all costs will rise. The only real difference is, costs under Labor go up faster and higher.

Jacking up the rego and Stamp Duty- buy a Motorhome or other and anything over $100,000 Stamp Duty is at 5.5% f*#k Labour

Queenland is drowning in debt

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4 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Given Annastacia Palaszczuk won’t do the right thing and discipline dodgy Jackie Trad, today the LNP have moved this motion in the Parliament to be debated tonight.

Labor’s backbench now have a chance to do the right thing and sack Jackie Trad. If they don’t, they are all as weak as Annastacia Palaszczuk’s leadership on integrity.
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Good luck hope it passes

Good luck..go go go !!

Remember that Labor are not really expected to uphold any standards of behaviour. All part of their "whatever it takes" mentality....

Have the Governor look into the Constitution about ALP's activities.

Sell the house, Jacqui Trad —-

Chuck them all out

Do you ever report of LNP crooked dealings or are youse a do as I say and not do as I do party.

I see a Liberal NSW LNP minister has stepped aside while his corrupt propert dealings are investaged. Only the LNP would make a property developer a minister. The LNP like to throw stones while living in a glass house. Great lurk. Know the light rail route then buy up aa much as possible before it becomes public knowlege so as to cash in.

People going judge labor at next election they have enough of this self serving who don't listen don't hear what people saying

What’s happening for the farmers, Stuff the city people. Look after the farmers, it’s critical and we are doing FA. Stop the bitching , she’s a joke we know. Announcing some new dams would be a good start. Fuk ‘Cross river Rail’

All labor and green and even some liberals are so corrupt that we the p should be taking them Ll to the high court for justice. Labor in every state has sacked all the conservatives when they get in and put their own or unions in place for life . Thats why we can't sack the judges ho are for t j e criminals, as are the police.

I'd be quite happy if this invasive vermin, The Black Throated Trodon, were proactively removed..

This will be shut down by this mongrel mob faster than you can sit down

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