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Genderbread in schools
The Genderbread program was banned in NSW schools. It's disgusting and should not be taught to Queensland students.
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Genderbread in schools

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Oh my god I am so disgusted but not surprised about the negative comments on here. So how many of you actually understand what you are enraged over? When you work with LGBTI communuty all of the time you see the effects that comments like the ones on this post has on people. You simply have no understanding about sexuality and gender identity. You have no understanding of the mental health effects that your comments have on people. You may think it's 'pc crap' or 'the world has gone mad' but for once can you stop thinking about how you feel?? Put yourself in the position of a young person struggling with their sexuality or gender identity? This is what this is about. Another person's life. What would you say to your child if they were questioning or struggling? Would you ignore it, try to educate yourself and help them or go to their funeral a few years later with big regrets because they have committed suicide? The LNP cannot on one hand say they support the LGBTI community then come up with this fear based propaganda.

They are small minority who would like this, it is time the Government worked for the majority of the taxpayers.

A Yes vote in the SSM postal survey also meant a Yes to implementing safe schools. My source? Lyle Shelton, Tony Abbott, Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi. They constantly told us this was the case. Surely they weren't conflating two completely separate issues for political gain. Perish the thought.

More gender marxist cancer from the communist ALP!

This country has gone stupid, or is it only the Labor party?

They want to break down the family unit ....Watch for more child suicides because they won't know who they are!

This gender nonsense has no place in the classroom

Absolutely insane. Why are we pandering to leftist minority groups🤬

If kids weren't confused about their sexuality before this, they certainly would be after.

It absolutely should be banned ...imcompetent people in a position to brain wash young impressionable students . I have contacted my LNP State MP to express my concerns and I am sure those of many other adults .

Grace Grace - Education Minister, this is not inclusive and supportive program for the children who will be confused by the 'Genderbread Person' or who feel uncomfortable and disturbed at being asked such personal and intimate questions - therefore it is not inclusive at all! How would you feel if you went to a compulsory event (as school is) such as Parliament, and someone with power over you (such as in this instance school teachers) asked you to explain your personal sexual and identity preferences in such a intimate way?? I would think that the person asking you these questions would be on sexual harassment charges, and yet you think this is not bullying our vulnerable children? We may have had a debate in this country about marriage equality, but this is not about marriage - this is about CHILDREN! People of Australia, stand up and say NO!! Enough is enough.

READING and WRITING first, might be a good outcome. I’d really like to know how many of our incredible teachers would really want to teach this in the first place.

How disturbing ! Thank goodness my kids are through the system !

Keep fighting the good fight LNP. It is inspiring young Australians like myself!

Typical labor party... always pleasing the minorities at the expense of the majorities... god help us if they win federally...

Graceless Grace is an evil social engineer and should be banned from being near our children. There is no place for the misfits in the labor party and the greens to be with or near our children

Clutching at straws. How about fixing up the education system by getting back to the basics.

I live in one of Australia's most conservative electorates and thankfully this hate material is not represntive of the majority of people where I live. Sadly though the hate material written here is not being addressed by the party leaders, so one can only therefor draw the conclusion that they are supportive of such views. Hence the reason why this party are in opposition.

Getting this straight. We don’t teach children what Truth is? Holy crap, this Nazi party wants to condition children to living the LNP lies. 1 term in 20 years eh? This party of evil can stay right where they are, OUT!

You clowns are a joke. You've got no real policies so you bully queer and trans kids. Absolutely pathetic. Enjoy being in opposition for a very long time.

Grace grace what does marriage equality have to do with LGBT gender fluid ideology being taught in Mitchelton high school or in any school. I thought the same sex marriage vote was about love is love. The people didnt give permission with that vote to teach the LGBT gender bender ideology not based on any scientific fact in schools. That vote was a Trojan horse.

If the weirdos want their own kids taught this perverted crap then do it at home and leave the normal ones out of it.

Do the LNP support LGBTI young people? Your latest string of posts would suggest otherwise

just stop your scurrilous claims against us transgender folk poste haste.... I am Transgender and are extremely disappointed that you are taking this line....

Why does the LNP hate LGBTI kids? It's a voluntary program. The LNP should hang their heads in shame.

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We can't sit by while the radical left imposes their twisted views on kids' gender, trying to change our society. ... See MoreSee Less

We cant sit by while the radical left imposes their twisted views on kids gender, trying to change our society.

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Its pretty straightforward. Your child has a penis, it's a male. A vagina, its a female. As such, their birth certificate records this. Once old enough to talk and think for themselves, they can make any necessary amendments.

It’s amazing at all the comments of people that have, zero first-hand experience, zero analytical thinking, zero compassion, zero empathy. I look at your profiles, I bet others do as well. Then I realise that they’re all baby boomers, you’re all old. Not too much longer, maybe a decade or two you will be no more and we can move on and we can treat children with love respect. In the same way we no longer force left-handed children to be right-handed any more, because we now know how barbaric that is. We will keep moving forward without you. The funny thing is, you all seem to get your nickers in a twist around children and gender, things that have no impact on you. The things that you should be worried about, like nursing home staffing levels, elder abuse , these things will affect you and sooner then you realise , this you’re silent on. But that’s okay because the age care industry donates a lot of money to the liberal party to ensure regulation is kept to a minimum in order to maximise profits, then post stuff like this to keep you distracted while the raking in the cash.

No such thing as 'Non-Binary! Gender is all about Chromosomes! Two X's you are Female, XY, you are Male! Gender has nothing to do with Sexuality.

I’m right wing and I do vote Liberal and I believe in science. Babies can be born Intersexual. It is a fact and it is nature.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Children are literally killing themselves because of how society is treating them, and you lot are here fighting a popularist culture war. There’s a reason the LNP only lasted one term in the last 20 years and this is it. Why don’t you actually focus on providing an alternative government and stop worrying yourselves about what people call themselves. Absolutely shameful.

Perhaps we should introduce another category to drivers licences too. As well as “male” and “female” we should include “leftard” to indicate those with a lower level of intelligence and common sense to the rest of us...

Here's a wild idea, stop trying to fight a 'culture war' and instead focus on offering a better alternative government. Oh, and the local LNP candidate for my area at the last state election thought fluoride was evil, maybe a basic science test should be applied?

We are either male or female and even Labor or the ratbag Greens can’t change that.

Do you know that there are children who are born physically intersex? Even if you can’t differentiate between sex and gender, this is a fact that even the scaremongers at the LNP cannot deny. Imagine if the LNP had to come up with something other than prejudice and contrived hysteria to win votes. They’d have nothing to campaign on because the LNP exist for one reason, and that is to make the ultra rich wealthier at the expense of the rest of us.

Please explain how opposing this fits into your own party philosophy. “- Freedom of citizens to choose their own way of living subject to the rights of others, the laws of the land and the protection of private property” Seems like the LNP spends a horrible amount of time and energy trying to control people’s lives than their own ‘ethos’ indicates it should. Hypocrisy...just saying.

Honestly the fact that any person with a basic level of intelligence can agree that it is the best interest of the child to not define the child as male or female just goes to show how limited intelligence can be. it's our responsibility as parents to protect our children we all agree with this, i cannot see how creating confusion at such a early stage can do any good for a child who has to fit into a normal society. now whats normal well i can tell you all until we breed without the opposite sex and create a warped alternative society, then normal is what nature has given ( male & female). We can all play games with nature but the honest reality is that there are only three sexes male ,female and confused , but i am not sure in this agruement whether the child is confused at birth or the parents are. However if someone put an argument that being undecided could bring some better tax subsidies to parents then there is a sound commercial decision to leave it undecided, now thats intelligence.

Make provisions for the few to change their birth certificate to gender neutral when they have turned 18. For the other 99.9999% male or female as denoted by birth will be fine.

Non-binary is a gender identity, so can someone tell me how the Liberal party imagines doctors might ask a newborn infant how it identifies its gender? This is some fear-mongering illogicality and if you can't spot the problem with it then I guess the LNP can count on your vote come election time.

The Qld discussion paper being referred to is related to people who self-identify as another gender or even a non-gender- not the registration at birth of children who will still be identified as either male or female. It is about whether people should be allowed to have the gender changed on their birth certificate to reflect how they identify themselves. Other states have already gone through the discussion process with a couple of states adopting the changes and others rejecting the changes. The Federal Department of Human Services already allows gender self-identification in their records. Not sure how I stand on this one - probably a few issues to be considered.

Are you still insisting on voting for this backward party Shell...ANY party is better than these arsehats

This is not a matter for government. Focus on falling home ownership, industrial productivity and North Korea. Your job is to make Australia better for all Australians, not worse for a few so you can win some votes.

Intersex is a natural biological reality. Uncommon certainly but still with births every single year. Anyone who doesn't know this doesn't know enough to have a valid opinion, anyone who does know this inarguable absolute biological medical and scientific fact cannot honestly oppose having biological fact reflected in official documents.

The LNP in all states has completely lost their sh**. Earlier today they’re saying they want to introduce a bill to bring back gay conversation torture, now this, btw which isn’t even an ALP issue at the moment, and certainly not for for babies, they made it up.Haha. The 1950’s are coming back to a vengeance!

Not all people are born male or female. Intersex people make up 1.7% of the population, which makes being intersex about as common as having red hair (1%-2%).

why can't they say any of the three options? you're making this out to be a forced third option whereas it is an introduction of a possible third option that can be provided if needed by medical professionals. what a witch hunt, haha...

what about intersex people? also do you think this stuff plays on the minds of most Queenslanders to the extent that it informs their vote? "Oh gee, let me sit and have a think about penises and vaginas, and then decide how i am going to vote". Just a thought but i reckon not. I also reckon the weirdo in HQ who thought this was a great idea should have their computer cache of interwebs thoroughly checked.

Straight out of the Cambridge Analytical play book. An emotional issue with emotional wording to divide the community. Trump would be proud of your efforts. No substantive policies to help with mental disorders, no policies regarding issues that ARE effecting the community. You will stay in opposition for a very long time unless start doing the hard yards and not soft options.

@LNP suffering from relevance deficiency syndrome. Can't articulate their own policies and positions on the things that really matter, so use the bulk purchased Liberal handbook of blaming Labor for everything or attacking people who don't fit their White, Anglo, Straight, Non-union, Climate Denying stereotype

Obviously a government that has nothing to offer but create chaos, confusion, identity crisis, identity politics, more division, bureau crazy, for their power and control. How should we refer to Anna Pilbisack, a she, he, ze, it??? Imagine when we need to describe, report, a missing person etc??? What a total utter disgrace. Truly sad, a tragedy to see our leader becoming so retrograde beyond the unimaginable. A case of destruction of ourselves, our identity, values, of society, traditional, family, community values. This is pure assassination of who we are as people, so that a selective elitist, power hungry group of people can control us by messing with our heads, thoughts, beliefs.

For Gods sake the bloody government should run the state and make important decisions. They have not got the brains to make any decisions, all they do is start another inquiry because they have not got a clue, how many advisers have they got now ??? so they come up with bloody stupid ideas to keep them selves busy.

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Closing Ceremony Disgrace
Labor Premiers, Peter Beattie and Annastacia Palaszczuk made the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony all about their own self indulgent egos and not about the athletes. It was a disgrace.
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Closing Ceremony Disgrace

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This was a once in a lifetime event. Why didn't channel 7 start their news earlier, and play that stupid prerecorded cooking show at a different time?

Didn’t Beatie get paid $300,000 for this job, can he give it back?

Just watched Kate Jones, Qld Minister for the Commonwealth Games on Fox News. She hardly drew breath stating how wonderful the games were and what a big success the whole thing was. Everything went beautifully according to her and Peter Beattie is a treasure! May now have to hold a tick a tape parade to acknowledge Kurt Fearnley and all athletes! Two billion dollars and they couldn’t get it right! She said they didn’t know the athletes were not going to be shown, when they were ushered into the ground in the dark! And she is the Labor Minister for the games! Wow, how bad is that!

What a shame our athletes weren't shown in the closing ceremony and so much Indigenous history was shown.I am not against showing this but they had enough shown in the opening ceremony and why were all the opening and closing ceremonies given to an American company instead of an Australian company.I'm sure they could have done just as good a job as they didn't get it right anyway

Not really very surprised, Labour made it about them and not the games or athletes. Just another fine example of an out-of-touch government and ex government officials. Made Australia and Qld look like an absolute joke.

I watched a fantastic sporting advent over 11 days. I attended a number of events and enjoyed them immensely. Australia won the event and our Gold Coast looked amazing. All I read about is people annoyed at politicians and tv stations. They disappoint me on a daily basis. Let’s focus on the vast positives we witnessed.

Beattie is so up himself now he is playing the scapegoat how long will it take people to realise it’s what he has always done

Seems to me the mistake was made when Beattie was given the job. He was always apologising about things he buggered up. The Smart State number plates, the ambulance tax on your power bill. The list goes on. It doesn’t really surprise me that he buggered this up too.

What else should you expect, particularly with an American in charge. The Commonwealth was forgotten in both the opening and closing ceremonies.

How about we stop the blame game and praise the athletes for their achievements. Yes they stuffed up. But hey Queensland won 85 medals. That so incredible

I don't know why he ,Beatie was given the job. He broke Qld .As they call him a media tart. Its always about him.

Didn't realize the Lord Mayor of Birmingham was a Qld Labor person... or the head of the CGF. LNP - playing politics because there is nothing else to do....

Totally agree with these two. As a champion swimmer Jo had every right to be furious. So glad that she the initiative to speak out.

Watched some of the closing ceremony awful. It was a paid for music concert, and a bad one. What is it with pc. That all girl group sang" we are sisters"....what has that got to do with all the hard work both male and female athletes put in.. Oh so only the females were strong..horrible.

Once Beattie was give the Chairman's job, the games became all about Beattie and getting himself in the media. He is doimg the same with the NRL Commission. Beattie can definitely talk the talk but he has shown consistently he does not have the practical intelligence to walk the walk. It is a shame that politicians become the puppets of thier factional Union leaders and give roles based on factional allegiances rather than ability to complete the task.

He was a disgusting waste of money. An embarrassment to our athletes, their honour and the present Premier is not happy with the organizers and she has only got to look at her former colleague for his disastrous ability to run the Games and who is going to be running the National Rugby League..OMG.

At the end of the day the inescapable fact is that the Games were a party we couldn’t afford to throw and the embarrassing fact is that we apparently used our best and brightest to organise and oversee this unaffordable party and they turned out to be Beattie, Jones and the Polishchick...... we the unwilling led by the unqualified.

So true mum...felt like i was watching Australian Idol. The Veronicas were terrible and skanky idea who the other amateur singers were! The stupid poems and long speeches were boring...switched channels...disgusting

When you put Queensland’s largest ever Media Tart in charge of an event like this you’d have to be kidding yourself that he would not make himself front and centre for as long as he possibly could. Why have any focus on the athletes when you can watch Beattie crap on telling us how good he is. Now watch him work his magic for the NRL.

I guess we just had to have an American company running the opening and closing ceremonies because we are not smart enough. I would have done it for nothing

Fairs fair... 7 knew what was happening but chose to show a cooking show instead of the event. Beattie also took the blame on the chin and did not pass the buck. Leave politics out of sport please!!!

I fell asleep watching it, some of it was great other parts boring and they left out the most important people, shame as the athletes was what the games was all about

Why are we encouraged to forgive cricketers but bag all of the people who truely thought they were making the right decision for the games? Congratulations to our athletes and our competitors we are so proud of you all.

Doubt the lnp would have done anything different as it was all left in the hands of the organising committee. Instead of beattie we probably would have had santo.

Totally agree with Johanna Griggs she said it beautifully it was a disgrace and slap in face for all athletes very sad ending to a great comm games

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Public Service continues to grow
The Queensland public service continues to grow, yet services aren't getting better.
Under Labor ambulance ramping is back, crime is rampant and we don't have enough train drivers.
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Public Service continues to grow

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Anything to fudge the unemployment figures Anna. It’s like Groundhog Day labor floods the public service wonder if that’s got to do with the union membership numbers, liberals come in clean it out and get crucified for doing it. And again labor gets in and it’s the start all over again. Wonder why we are in debt the worst state debt.

socialist governments do this always, grow the government and cripple themselves with inefficiency, if Government had to make a profit or get the sack , well thats just a pipe dream isn't it

Can anyone please list the Turnbull Governments 5 major achievements. TIA

and this is why we need to educate the people on preferential voting next time,,So many ignorant voters out there didn't realise their "second" choice would have such an impact and look what happened we got this useless gov't for 3 years..

It’s called buying lifelong Labor voters. They’ll vote Labor forever to keep their lifelong public sector “job”.

Ridiculous. That’s how they create jobs. Put more people on to do nothing.

I could tell you a story or 2 about a particularly useless section!! People being paid over $100k a year to drink coffee.

So very easy just to pad out the public service than to provide "real" jobs but that is what this government is all about taking the "easy way out" with very few real decisions made.

And it takes up to 12 weeks to get your Patient Travel money.What are these public servants doing.I think nothing.

And to add to the story, people from refugee base are given priority for employment. I was told this from a person in QldRail Human Resources.

Yep! False sense of economy to up immigration and then public services to cover said immigration influx. The average tax-payer is no better off with service times then 5 years ago!!!

Comments about boosting the public service but not creating real jobs, public service is police,nurses,school teachers,ambulance,fire fighters,train drivers,in fact any one paid by the government. These are real jobs. And remember the Newman LNP government sacked thousands of these public servants while in office.

ha ha who voted them back in . when cambell newmen came to power , he said the party is over and the bleeding hearts and do gooders could not handle a few home truths . hopefully qld will wake up to what this goverment is doing to qld .[ destroying it .] I have friends who work in the public service and they will tell your 80% off the people who work with them you wouldnt give them a drink of water on a hot day . sitting around doing nothing .

You lost two elections in a row. Give. It. A. Rest. There is a reason why you lost.

Are these 'jobs' necessary jobs or are they just to lower unemployment numbers?

Of course the LNP are perfect when in opposition but the last time in government under Newman they were a total bloody train wreck.

Under the LNP hospitals were understaffed, public servants all lost their jobs and Qld lost valuable, experience people to help deliver services.

Labor Losers!

What a disaster.

We need a change of government sooner than later. Money is being wasted.

dog whistling again LNP. you really are a hateful party.

Who the hell is Deb Frekligton???

What do you expect? It’s Labor!!


Labor are thieves!

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The Federal Coalition Government and State LNP Team are committed to building roads to get Queenslanders home safer and sooner. The only thing the Labor Roads Minister, Mark Bailey has done is complain. ... See MoreSee Less

The Federal Coalition Government and State LNP Team are committed to building roads to get Queenslanders home safer and sooner. The only thing the Labor Roads Minister, Mark Bailey has done is complain.

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Now, if Malcolm Turnbull was a smart man or even remotely concerned about his 30th negative Newspoll result this week then he would have flamboyantly flown up to QLD in the middle of the Games and said 'We're here to give the whole $2 billion, we're going to scale back our big company tax cuts to $63 billion and give that $2 billion to the M1, let's get this done'. Now, given there is a Federal election coming soon that would have really won some votes and what is the point of the big business tax cuts, supposedly to create jobs, if the workers can't get to work or their goods can't get around because of the ridiculous bottleneck that is the M1? No, our Malcolm just comes up here, gives a half-assed promise that he'll probably never have to deliver on and blame Labor for everything else, so effectively doing nothing, all hot air. What a disappointment Turnbull has been, such a tosser.

Personally can't stand a bar of this man! Makes my skin crawl.

So typical of the useless bunch that palacechook leads, who the hell voted them in?

Oh but you want to slug the taxpayers 3 billion to pay for Jackie tran sorry labor’s cross river rail. The M1 is more important but not in Jackie’s electorate.

That cover highlights the problem with what our politics has become. A childish slanging popularity contest. Both sides need to grow up.

Bailey should be under investigation for fraud

Take the money back from Qld and give it to the Princes Highway from Nowra South to Batemans Bay.

I am sure that by the time Brisbane voters realise the current Brisbane state government is crummy and vote then out, the rest of the country will vote in another labor federal government and the QLD LNP will find it can't get any money out of the new federal government and so, QLD will remain out of step again.

Mark Bailey is a typical Labor whinger. Everyone else has to pay for everything because they have swelled the public service numbers so high there is no money for anything else. Scumbags!

And the fight goes on- year after bloody year and we the taxpayers suffer

The dunce, Roads Minister Bailey is dumb, stupid and inept.

So the m1 will get even more lanes and the Bruce hyway still remains at 2 each way . pathetic !!!!!!

If it not enough spend it the highway to the Sunshine Coast where it is needed and yes he is a cry baby

What a waste of space.!!!

Awwggggghhhh.. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Diddums.

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We're committed to busting congestion and getting you home sooner. The Queensland Labor Government will continue to do nothing. Like always. ... See MoreSee Less

Were committed to busting congestion and getting you home sooner. The Queensland Labor Government will continue to do nothing. Like always.

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Labour built the M1 when you lot said it couldnt be done.

Thankfully the LNP is delivering it after years of my campaigning for it ... along with Bert VanManen MP and other colleagues. it's a great day!!!

Yep regional Qld misses out again. As long as the votes are captured in the city and SE corner who gives a ^*#% about the rest of Queensland. Start listening to us or don't we count.

When.........? So sick, and tired of " parking " on it regularly... Effffffffffffffffing developer effffffffffffwitism mentality on both sides for far too long.

More and bigger roads do not reduce congestion. Fact! Only providing incentives to travel differently and providing that is the only way to reduce congestion. Investing in designated separate bike lanes, more frequent and cheaper or free public transport will do that. When will you invest in that??

How about something north of Gympie?

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Today the Coalition Government committed $1 billion to fix the M1 - Queensland's busiest road.
Can you think of a single thing Labor have done to ease congestion? 🤔

Deb Frecklington MP
Today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull put $1 billion on the table to fix the M1 - Queensland's busiest road.

But instead of doing the right thing and matching the funding, all Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and Queensland Labor did was play politics.

Drivers are sick of political point-scoring and just want action.

I am determined to bust congestion but need your help to convince Labor to fix our roads across the state, so please sign my petition -
... See MoreSee Less

Deb Frecklington MP

Comment on Facebook

What he means is that the Australian taxpayer will pay up to 1billion dollars but only the same amount as the Queensland taxpayer will rise towards 1 billion dollars. so if Queensland can only afford $300 million he will give $300 million. Anyone with half a brain can see that Queensland cannot come anywhere near that magical figure, even scumbag Turnbull.

Wasn't Malcolm the Magnificent saying that he ran a Cabinet Collegiate style government on 30 Up Monday. Where's the discussion? Where's the Infrastructure Minister? Where's the money coming from?

I thought our rego pays for road maintenance and new roads where is all that money going ?

This qld government doe absolutely nothing for Queenslanders at all have to get rid of them

Buying votes again Turnbull.

If they had built the eastern corridor decades ago this would not have been needed anyway

Everyone knows Queensland is a great holiday destination and even better place to live however our infrastructure and roads are disgraceful. Just go for a drive on any state hwy pot holes no area to pull up safely if car breaks down Sunshine Coast Between Maroochydore and Noosa is one lane. Very frustrating at least brisbane to Gold Coast is at least 3-4 lanes

1. Please resurface & build overtaking lanes on the D'Aguilar Hwy between Kilcoy & Woodford. It's a frustrating & suspension-testing essential piece of infrastructure! 2. Also, the missing eastern corridor must be built. It's a crazy trek to travel between the north side & Ipswich! 😜

Typical labor, oppose everything the opposition proposes even if it is a great idea.

Paul Keating put money into rail. Can't say the same for you lot... 🤔

Feel so sory for the Muppets that support them labour comos

Come on Deb leave them alone we what they haven't done during their terms .

Labor would just take a Laxet and hope the constipation eases .

What about the other tracks around QLD,

Like pissing a into the wind,

How much did labour put into the comm gamed.

A vote for labor is a vote for chaos.

The CFMEU sucks!

They said that 2 years ago. Old news

Labour are full of it

Palashit will blame Turnbull

Get lost

One Nation 👍

Chris Belford lol

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Labor's now jacking up your water bills...
Not content with charging you extra for power, petrol and rego - Labor is now jacking up your water bills.
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Labor's now jacking up your water bills...

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What's the LNP plan to deliver the necessary upgrades to water infrastructure without increasing cost to residents?

Paying for the crimes of Peter Beattie, Anna Bligh and Henry Pallachet. Remember Woolfdene Dam! New Labor is no different!

Yes why does anyone vote for these losers? This especially hurts retirees!

Labor Party......stands up for the Workers. WHAT A JOKE Labor doesn't card less about the Workers.

How can people say Labor is for the working man??? Only to take as much as they can of their money.

The saying “ Carefull what you wish for” has never been truer then today... I may have mentioned this very saying to more then one Labor/Green voter before the last election.😎

Socialism. Why can’t when in government you restore the upper house as voted for in 1917(?) and get rid of the socialistic red tape. Make the previous accountable? Things will certainly change quick smart (Campbell?)

Doesn't matter who your voting for they all rip us off one way or another

Totally sick of her Adolf ways and kicking people in the guts

Michelle Nel

ALL AUSTRALIANS need to stand up & fight for a FAIRER GO !! Get rid of all these political FAT CATS & CEOS. They're ALL parasites. Theyre CRIPPLING OUR COUNTRY & f..... the little old worker over all the time. 👎👎😠😠😠😠

Well somebody keeps voting for these idiots.

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