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Labor's small business taxes
Bill Shorten is bad news for the millions of people who are employed by small business.
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Labor's small business taxes

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Bill Shorten is bad news for the Liberal Party and it's Federal Council, which just voted to sell off the ABC!

Bill shorten is bad news for everyone. A real little grub

Labor is also bad news for businesses that have a company structure as owners will not be able to get franking credits they have paid via their company refunded if they have a low income. Company owners on distributed grossed up incomes of around $ 50,000 currently pay $4657 tax but will pay $12,000 in tax under Labors plan or $7343 more tax on their share of their company earnings. Labor's franking plan is bonkers

LNP is bad news for Australia. Labor Party is no better. It's time for new parties with new ideas and a new vision for all Australians

Surely the voters wont let him be PM

Bill Shortonbrains is bad news for all humans

The ABC is not being sold off or privatised?

Bill Shorten is bad news period.

I would hope the LNP Members will take note of these basic Facts. Recently Labor has had their worse few weeks with the citizenship debacle, while the LNP had a reasonably Positive response to the Budget… BUT, the Polls still showed Labor 4 Points ahead. Labor has the most unpopular Leader, and yet Labor is still 4 Points ahead. At my age I have seen numerous Elections, and one thing is very clear, Labor ALWAYS has the most effective Election Campaigns. The LNP is heading headlong toward a Major Defeat, or at the very best, another hung Parliament. …. You have lost a huge amount of your Traditional Conservative Voter base …. Change your Leadership Team before it all ends in Tears !!

If any man knows about pies it's Bill the Pieman.

Bad News for Self Employed Truckies too . Will put in all sorts of obstructions for The None Union Workers .

Labor is bad news for everyone. Shorten is a union hack.

A vote for labor is a vote for chaos.

He is a grub

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Deb's Plan for Queensland
This week, LNP Leader Deb Frecklington MP outlined her vision for our state.

Read the plan at:
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Deb's Plan for Queensland

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You had better back off about these renewables and build More Coal Power Stations other wise your worse than Labor 👎😪

if she doesn't believe coal is part of her vision for Qld, she wont be in office very long

I would suspect that, with her attitude towards renewables, that she'll never make office!!!!!!

Blurgh, she is gross

Labor will weaken our borders.
If Labor gets in, so will more illegal arrivals.
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Labor will weaken our borders.

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Of course they will let them come in, they are the future Labor voters.

AND messing up the "Last remaining Relative Family Visa". My son in South Africa has been waiting 10 years!! To balance the books at decent future immigrants expense. Labour 😤

Aren’t we all boat people?

If anyone with a normal brain function thinks the Turnbull government has stop the boats

What do you mean "could"? It will happen again under labor, only worse. They will swamp the country to get votes. Little do they realise when musl**s take over they will run the country not labor. Their heads will roll also.

Labor=Shorten Unionist Party based on communistic ideals that we all know don't work. People never learn from the past.

A vote for labor is a vote for chaos.

Cannot afford the liberal party either the give all our money to foreign countries.

A vote fof labor, liberal, greens and national is chaos, they don't care about the people or Australia

They will flood back in.

No way. No more people praying on the streets and disruption.

More Liberal propaganda designed to frighten people into voting for them.

No more than what yous let in anyways

How soon we choose to forget.

Maybe. As opposed to if the Libs get in and it’s guaranteed to be bad for all Australians

M 60

Don't vote labour or liberal again..

Not much jobs to go around


Talk sense


Refugees are NOT illegal arrivals. We are signatories to the Geneva Convention that says it is legal to seek refuge when fleeing war. The LNP are behaving disgustingly and illegally in circulating this post.

Let's not vote for either party, that might sort the thieving pricks out.

Isaac Fitzsimon

Labor will allow a tsunami of illegal to invade Australia , illegals make good Labor voters !

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3 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Vandalising the property of those who protect us is absolutely disgusting behaviour. They've put a vehicle out of service while it needs to get cleaned. These thugs should hang their heads in shame. We can't afford to be soft on crimes like this.Where has the respect gone?

What a kick in the guts for our officers who care for the community.

Staff at our Woodridge station south of Brisbane arrived at work this morning to find one of our new twin stretcher units vandalised, covered in graffiti. This valuable resource will now be off the road,unable to respond.
The perpetrators of this senseless act should remember it may be them or a loved one that may need our urgent care.

If anyone has any information please private message us or contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.
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Vandalising the property of those who protect us is absolutely disgusting behaviour. Theyve put a vehicle out of service while it needs to get cleaned. These thugs should hang their heads in shame. We cant afford to be soft on crimes like this.

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This is society today. A total lack of discipline often as a result of family breakdown, no discipline or values taught in our schools and Marxist brainwashing by the Left. Sad. Values missing.

Ok so a very valuable asset has been vandalized, question... where was this vehicle parked stored...was there any surveillance equipment in the vicinity to protect it or other security monitoring systems considering these vehicles are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the equipment in them...surely it wasn't left in a back yard car park somewhere unattended either by humans or some security protection??

I hope they will get found.Hard work for a year, then into the Army for 4 years. Maybe then they have respeckt for other peoples property.

I hope the graffiti artists are caught. They should be made to clean up their mess, preferably with a tooth brush & a cake of soap. They should be put into chains & shackled to the ambulance until it's back to the original condition. excuse for this behaviour....oh I suppose there will be weak excuses when the culprits are caught......

I'm so angry ! how do adolescents have such little respect for what they have done ? I hope when they are found they're made to clean the Ambulance until their hands are red n raw. Then make them watch actual footage of a first response . Show them what they have destroyed .

I think there are a lot of parents who don’t parent strong enough anymore. Kids are growing up to have no respect because they were taught none. Kids are also growing up not caring about themselves or others because there are no consequences for the bad attitude and bad behavior. They are out of control because they weren’t given the boundaries and care and support and punishment growing up. Parents need to be accountable for raising their children to be kind caring compassionate well mannered thoughtful people who contribute and are helpful for themselves and others and their community. It’s not easy, it’s bloody tough but if you have children then it’s your duty and responsibility to do the right thing for your children.

Beyond disgusting! I am very much in favour of reinstating national service, no discipline at home, our future is of great concern.

If they nab the So and So’s make them pay for a professional to cleanup their mess and if they are underage make the parents pay double for not being responsible knowing where the kids are sick of this ! Underage kids stealing and wrecking cars committing robberies it’s crazy out there !

Lowlifes, no other word for this. What do you achieve when you vandalise something that is there to serve the common good of all society? No doubt if the culprits are caught we will hear that they have a sad story of their own life that led to them making such stupid choices.

Well one can hope these grubs are caught and made clean this very important vehicle with their hands. Although these. Idiots probably wouldn't have the brains to hold a cleaning cloth in their hands. 😡😡😡😡

Easy go back to the way it was when you paid a fee to use the service because the clown that did this probably cant afford the user pay system .So when they are dying in the gutter and need an ambulance they might just leave them there.Karma.

Actually it would be ironic if one of these toerags needed an ambulance urgently and there were none available.

We don't teach respect of property or people in school. A society of lawbreakers and soft judicial system.

The respect that we had has gone since the cause and effect ability of a parent/ peer figure has been taken away from them. The old clip behind the ear to a youngster when they did wrong was enough to steer kids to know if I do wrong there are consensuses. Anyway we are at fault by allowing them to go this way with going soft with all social left agenders in our society.

When will the Politicians do the necessary with the form of punishment. Learn from the Singaporeans - this would never happen there. Bring in Public caning. This may be interpreted to being barbaric by some but these people are happy for idiots to roam our streets.

Yes agree and the punishment should be increased due to the sort of vehicle they have damaged, plus a couple of hundred community servcie hours removing graffiti throughout their own area

How can anyone expect to be shown respect Phil when you see stories like the one about SASR submitted by case of the inmates running the prison.

This is atrocious. I hope the grubs are found and spend time behind bars for this. Disgusting 🤬😡 Name and shame even if they re kids

Disgusting behaviour by an individual, however it would be a good idea to have the ambulance locked in a closed garage\shed, most people these days take a risk parking cars in the street or in the open as it seems their is always a prowler around to steal or vandalise a car, truck or take them on a joy ride, a lot to do with the scourge of drugs in society.

Very sad state of affairs Who raised these people to vandalise like this . I am really sick of the lack of respect or regard in this world today .

Respect went out the window with the Left’s political correctness / failure to apply discipline where required / attack on the ‘traditional’ family values / and the media’s promotion of minority groups ever expanding social engineering. Our country has allowed this shift to occur. Wake up Australia

Who ever did this i hope that they will never need a help from paramedics or police,this is a despicable act that cannot be tolerate 😠😠😠😠😠😠

Sorry small phone big fingers they should put a sensor on the unit that sences paint and gives out a heavy electric shock that would stuff them up its pathetic.

Thy should be found ,made clean uptheir disgusting mess , I know what thy need to get after ,but I suppose thy will be tapped on the hand with a wet lettuce leaf . So send them out to sweep the footpaths with a. Broom each day for 12 months .

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One. Million. More. Jobs.

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These are smoke and mirror numbers. Most are part time only, even if called full time. You can have full-time part-timers, and that is quite legal.

What a load of bs!

most part time

what b/s

The numbers are from the ABS same measure as Labor use. So those who don't believe tough its a fact.

What are you doing about the casualisation of jobs. One 3 hour shot a week is not a job it's an insult. Don't tell me that's one of the jobs you count.

ahem, I have been out of work since March, living off a redundancy payment, cant get a new job and 54 years old.Hows that working for me???????

Or were got rid off between 40 and 60 years old by their employers and put straight on the pension by centrelink so the governments figures look good.

And most people are well aware that statistics can be made to prove anything you want them to.

Why is Turnball receiving a pay rise, When we hospitality workers have lost our penalty rates? Politicians who fall asleep, who are over the alcahol limit or play on their phones while at work, should be sacked! We would be!! We the people have had enough of your crap! My name is DAVID & we are coming after Goliath!

Maybe so but I bet they are all part-time.

No full time jobs mostly casual

They must of counted menzies the dog

Abdul Obeid

Anthony Cutri

Are you sure they are Aussies. not overseas worker's?

So much immigration. Such good economic benefits.

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5 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Watch LNP Leader Deb Frecklington MP deliver her Queensland Budget reply.

Deb Frecklington MP
Deb Frecklington - State Leader of the Opposition - Budget Reply Speech
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Deb Frecklington MP

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Your energy policy is sheer lunacy! who do the growing number of people who dont belive in the fraud of man made climate change vote for? Politicians and greens activist have the destroyed our once cheap, competitive coal fired electricity industry. Please rethink this policy before you destroy the once great LNP!

well done Deb

When GetUp! supports your energy policy especially when you are in the LNP you have the wrong policy. Japan is building 45 HELE power stations, Indonesia 134, India numerous, Pakistan is building them, all over Asia governments are building coal fired power. How is bringing our emissions to 0 going to do anything for the environment with all of their emissions?

If you suppprt renewables you are dead in the water

Never vote for the LNP. Dumbest energy policy I’ve ever heard. Without coal Qld will lose thousands of jobs. You are a disaster Frecklington

Deb and Get Up agree !!! 🤬

Can you come to Victoria?

Love you Deb.

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Labor = higher taxes & more debt.
LNP = lower taxes & paying down debt.
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Labor = higher taxes & more debt.
LNP = lower taxes & paying down debt.

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Labor are now fast running out of our money. 😡😡 And we have little more to give!! 😢

Why would anyone vote for these pair of Drongos, they failed domestic housekeeping.

Is there a difference between ALP or LNP?

Perfect storm is coming. Reduced mining royalties and an increase in interest rates. Thanks Fantasia and Triad and your Union buddies. Need an LNP govt now to make the unpopular decisions required to right the ship

Oh do come along.... How much has the current Liberal Party government racked up in the last 2 years! Neither of you care a thing about thrift. You are about lining your own pockets and those of your mates. It's time for new parties with new ideas and a new vision for all Australians

You have an unexpected windfall from the proceeds of coal. Wouldn't it have been prudent to pay down some of the debt. Keep some for infrastructure projects would be okay. Put a freeze ob recruiting public servants (not emergency services, health and education). It is basic commonsense.

Amazing that Labor governments never look at the cost side of the equation. Bloated public service an obvious starting point (again) to save $$'s

Spend spend spend then what. The hole will be that deep we will never get out of it. Not in my lifetime at any rate. What happened to spend some save some. Labor wants nothing to do with coal and will see people out of work shutting places down but they will spend it without a second thought. Yes Trad is baying for top job. With state labor spending all our money plus and if labor got into federal and spend spend spend then you can visualise the mess we will be in.

Why is anyone surprised? This is the labor way and these two, along with their union masters are determined to bring our once great State to it's knees but it will all be Campbell's fault!!

For those two 2+2 would be a brain strain never mind working out the interest on their massive debt!

I agree with the debt crisis facing Queensland and Queenslanders due to the reckless mismanagement of the Unions controlled feminist Queensland Labor Party. The mass recruitment of PS has NOT improved public services or public administration, and patient care provided by the now blotted Queensland Health is a manipulated disgrace! However, the new form of the LNP is becoming no better with their reckless and blindly following the financially irresponsible renewable energy targets. It is sad that the Liberal Party under the current dysfunctional PM Turnbull has turned the Liberal Party into no more than a Labor Light Party. Ms Trad is only in the parliament due to the appalling mismanagement of the LNP in Queensland where the LNP gave Trad her seat with the LNP preferences in the last election. Wake up LNP in Queensland!

Build a coal-fired plant and you will get votes. Don't build it and the independents will get the votes instead

The current Premier hasn’t got to much between the ears. Labour always create debt then blame the others when they are in opposition. If you vote labour you can only blame yourselves.😀

I am concerned to hear that Frecklington has joined the anti-coal mob. That's what we expect from Labor. The question for conservatives is who to vote for now? Higher electricity prices now with both Paluszchuk and Frecklington . . . not much choice!

So by those numbers the debt increase over the next five years is not infrastructure spending but rather accumulated interest? ( borrowing to pay interest). Wonder what they'll get at cash converters for Ergon?

Borrow borrow borrow, increase our debt! How will our kids pay it back!

This budget is built on huge mining royalties combined with record low interest rates; hence the surplus. If the first goes down and the second goes up we will be in a complete mess.

Campbell Newman got the punt for taking steps to sort the problem. A large swathe of voters live on tomorrows money with interest free credit, zippay, afterpay, oxipay, cash converters, credit card etc, so why would they expect their labour pollies to do any different. Complete fail.

Take a look at Victoria under Cain and Kirner for debt

Couple of rocket scientists there.Tradd is only interested in one thing,Paladuk's job.

How much do these pair of clowns get paid? They couldn't run a fish and chip shop 😠

Can anyone name one time when the Libs building something (NBN, Campbell's tunnels etc) didn't prove their bumbling incompetence.

Send the to jail. All the debt to there wealthy union super funds.

I would love to know how much we are paying in interest on all of this debt as that could of been used to do so much for the state at no cost.

They just keep doing it.Ask yourself Jackie Trad treasurer.😭

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6 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Caboolture is an area with a serious need for a new drug rehab facility. Trevor Ruthenberg today announced with Health Minister Greg Hunt MP funding to help people struggling with drugs and to keep our community safe.

Trevor Ruthenberg - LNP for Longman
Ice and other drug addiction is a major problem for our area. That’s why I fought for and secured $11.1 million from the Federal Government for a NEW 20 bed rehab facility in Caboolture.
The LNP is delivering better health care for our region. That’s a fact. Don’t get caught by Bill Shorten and Labor’s lies on health.
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Trevor Ruthenberg - LNP for Longman

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The death penalty should be reconsidered for major drug dealers.

I thought Farmers needed help in Country areas why is it going to Drug addicts ?

Interesting timing for this. What about the other areas suffering this scourge. Politics.

I like the idea that all drug suppliers get life in prison. This is heavily discounted if they provide information that convicts their supplier. And so on. This would soon reduce the drug problem. I would like to see the statistics that show what percentage of crimes are drug related or committed by people under the influence of drugs including driving offences. I would guess the the percentage would be greater than 50%.

But Caboolture only gets the new facility if the Liberals win Longman right?I believe the term you’re looking for is “Pork Barrelling”

This program is one of the highest of needs being provided in the area of Caboolture . By addressing the cause ; the problem and the social and community harms are reduced and controlled . The LNP MP's are addressing the real issues affecting Queensland.

The success rate of #liveslivedwell I would really like to know? What is the financial breakdown on this amount? #GregHunt

Have you read “Beautiful Boy”. It’s worth a read - there is no easy solution.

Good news

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Can you think of one thing Labor's done?
The only thing Labor's Susan Lamb has delivered for Longman is an expensive by-election. Take the quiz...
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Can you think of one thing Labor's done?

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2 years of nothing, apart from whinging and lying! Longman residents deserve better! #bigtrev

It says very little about the 43% of Australians that routinely vote Labor. I'm often intimidated by the notion that nearly every second person I lay an eyeball on is completely gullible.

A vote for labor is a vote for chaos but the LNP really need to lift their game, this one degree of separation from labor is not good enough, they are better than that.

You wouldn't let a five year old child manage their piggy bank the way Labor manages our money.

And the two by- elections that had to be held for the LNP seats of Barnaby Joyce's and Bennelong didn't cost anything, And when the LNP are in trouble they pull out the boat policy trick Just a load of rubbish from a Government in peril of losing the next election on a boat that's sinking rapidly

couldn't fix her citizenship issues because of being estranged from her mother, yet soon as she stepped down, the issue was fixed in a week without needing paperwork from her mother. Amazing.

labor has done SFA for the good of Australia & the Australian People may God protect us from shorten & his Gang.🤔🇦🇺️🇦🇺️

Telling lies about hostipal funding cuts. Spending $200,000+ on expenses

When will Longman learn?

I didn't realise there was so many gullible LNP voters


I want to know why Israel’s Right of Return 1950, has not been considered when determining who may be in beach of s44, I don’t believe it is anti Semitic to be pro constitutional... Also by uk law it is illegal for Queen Elizebeth to be the monarch of Australia, therefore every MP and senators who have pledged allegiance to this foreign power should put themselves in front of the high court for a determination.

We can say the same thing about labor liberal and now the greens all they do is raise their pays , showboat , blame the last mob , they all got loopholes

Im not a labour supporter but what has the liberals done under Malcolm Turnbull oh that would be nothing or at best same as labour would do would not feed any of them

Your dreaming Turnbulls got chronisum down pat 17 billion to his mates in banking and trying to break the unions so they can turn back the clock to the days when workers had no rights and exploited by their employers.

No Never seen the lady at any events, really I don,t know of anything she has done for the area.

A bright new dawning with nothing new, all stays the same promises promises no matter who you vote for.

Yes Gilda there's too many Pommies in Parliament !

One person to blame thats Ms Lamb

They can’t be this gullible, can they?


Yes right we have to pay for Wayet Roy for the rest of his life he’s only 26 yrs old work for 8yrs on it until u die not bad for some . Greedy pigs 🐖 I want to vomit

let the sledging begin.


She's a great liar

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