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2 hours ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Update on coronavirus response - more support to keep Australians in jobs ... See MoreSee Less

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Great man,we are lucky Labor IS NOT in Power

I think you a doing an amazing job Sir. It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is I believe this man needs our respect, this is a 24/7 job at the best of times but in this climate it would be nearly impossible to judge what is the right & wrong thing to do. You have my respect Mr Prime Minister & I wish you continued good health & Thankyou for being a Leader.

Please don’t forget about the landlord who still has rates , water, body Corp etc to pay when the Tennant is getting 6 months off. How is it judged who is working or just working the system. If the landlord is out of work how are we expected to support someone in a house if ours with nothing coming in. We should not have to support other people as well.

Awesome Leadership! We are SO blessed in Australia with a Liberal Government. Thank you Scott and your team. Keep well and stay strong. God bless.

I have the greatest admiration for this man, he is constantly trying to help everyone. I was very unsure in the beginning of his time as P M but he has gone way above any expectations.

Great communication Prime Minister ... great job you and your teams are doing ... don't be too slow though in locking down Australia if need be in the near future ... sooner rather than later would be better and us Aussies will understand!!!!!

We are lucky to have a dedicated PM who is prepared to do whatever it takes to help everyone and make sure that we get through this major problem and then pick up where we were and achieve even greater results as time goes by.

Thank God Labor is not in .Well Done. Great Job trying to help Australians in this terrible time

I’m sorry, did I just hear that reporter say $1500 might not be enough to help with rent?! If you’re paying $750 a week rent then you would be on a massive income to start with!

I can’t even imagine how our government are coping with all this. Well done PM & your party.πŸ‘

They were quick to remove negative comments great to see socialism working for you liberals

Thank God for the LNP and Scotty.

Keep on doing the great job you are doing, even against all the odds.

Well done everyone involved in assisting Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Thank god for ScoMo & a Liberal government!!!

Feeling for the government right now!

The tide has changed. Well done Scomo

Here goes they “moratorium “ on rents etc. what does that actually mean ?

After this buy only Australia Made

Uniquely Australian .... Aussie, Aussie. Aussie Oi!, Oi, Oi!!!!

I hope it"s to say Palachook and the Trador have resigned 😊

Well done to all involved!!

This man is earning his pay

Will this virus be with us like the flu each year?

Very generous support.

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24 hours ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Latest coronavirus update following National Cabinet. ... See MoreSee Less

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So grateful to have you as our Prime Minister at this very difficult time! We need you to look after yourself and your family too!😘

Well done Prime Minster. You and the state premiers are working very hard and Australia is fortunate to have you. running a country in a global pandemic It is a very difficult job.

Prime Minister Morrison you are a great leader showing leadership and bringing all premiers together and the experts. We are better off than other countries with you at the helm. Look after yourself as you look after us.

And Australians aren’t Intersted in what the labor party has to say. They aren’t running the country.

Typical of Government idea that the landlord...not the largely at threat here..

Please be clearer on what the banks are doing to assist landlords with a mortgage because a freeze on repayment s only is not going to cut ! Freeze the interest as well or we will all be homeless !!!!

Why are all public servants (politicians too) not chipping in - Any Public Servant getting over 1.5 times the average wages should have wages reduced by 33% for the duration - to help the country avoid bankruptcy....

Where’s the safest place on the planet right now? HOME.

You have stuffed the real Australian people

Landlords and tenants will support you, stop the unfair foreign investors for the next six months

The banks just want to defer the payments, but the interest still accrues, poor Landlords are sandwiched in the middle, giving to the tenant but stiffed by the banks

This is the time to get to know your neighbors and se if anyone needs help especially if they are elderly

Stop all interest in loans , home loans , how many times have the federal government thrown our money behind them!! It’s time to give back !!

Thank you PM & Leaders for everything you are doing. Praying for you to keep up your strength through this all.

Good work prime minister, go home have sleep. You look like you need it!

When the ecinomy starts up again lets start it with Made In Australia!" The party that does this will get the most votes at next election.

Give our Politicians a go they are working tirelessly to keep us safe 😊😊

What happens for a single mother of three who is a childcare worker that’s lost half her income?

If tenants don’t have to pay rent, landlords should also have interest frozen on their mortgages.

You are THE MAN Scomo, thanks for the great job you are doing.

I spent the weekend cooking meals and leave it at door of people who isolated and the elderly in my area.


Freeze all interest!! People’s biggest fear is financial!!!

People are NOT LISTENING and taking this serious. That’s why all the restrictions are getting tighter and tighter

The Australian government should recieve shares in all companies who receive bailouts from the taxpayer.

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Earlier this afternoon, Patrick Condren called Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner to concede.

Congratulations Lord Mayor and Team Schrinner. Brisbane has been kept in safe hands.

The Lord Mayor and the Civic Cabinet are getting back to work, with a focus on preparing the City for the challenges that lay ahead.

Thank you Brisbane for your confidence and support. We won't let you down.
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Earlier this afternoon, Patrick Condren called Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner to concede.

Congratulations Lord Mayor and Team Schrinner. Brisbane has been kept in safe hands.

The Lord Mayor and the Civic Cabinet are getting back to work, with a focus on preparing the City for the challenges that lay ahead.

Thank you Brisbane for your confidence and support. We wont let you down.

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There is a god after all πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Good news

Congratulations againπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

More like Patrick Condren is CONCEDED, bloody lier

Congrats Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Yeah πŸ‘

Who cares this was the most ridiculous voting when you were suppose to stay home. Why could they not wait until this virus was over

Dreadful way to win. How many people will pay for your success.

Congratulations well done

Well, sense and sensibility prevails even under trying circumstances. Thankfully not the ex channel 7 know it all. I live on the Gold Coast and I’m still happy. We got our right man too. Good luck to you all. We want steady steering under these conditions.

Congrats, but state labor will pay for forcing the election today in the middle of this crisis..hopefully the people who attended won't end paying with something worse than QLD state labor..

Great News

πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽ‰Congrats !!


Not a Brisbaneite, but that is very good news!!!

Such good news, last thing we needed at this time was a change.

Great. Congratulations

Congratulations and well done to all of Team Schrinner! So pleased and happy for you all but knew you could do it. Best wishes to you all. πŸ™‚


Well done Adrian. Now for the chook.

Congratulations. Great to see common sense prevail yet again!

Congratulations Adrian

yes yes yes Congratulations

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1 day ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Update on the coronavirus response. ... See MoreSee Less

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Anyone with symptoms should be tested, not just those who have been in contact with someone who has it there could be loads of people who have it but will never know

He is absolutely awesome during these yards time. Well done Mr Morrison πŸ‘πŸ™

We dont need more words and platitudes....we need wages guarantees and the supply chain sorted so supermarket shelves that are not empty by 10 am. Unless you do this everything else is piss in fhe wind.

Thank you Mr Morrison, we’re praying for you and your family... Australia is blessed πŸ™Œ

They buy our homes up we can't do that back there. And the students stay and take jobs away from our own children

Thank all that voted for lnp ad labor is not in power, great job Mr Morrison

Nothing is coming up

Legend leadership

absolutely! those in the front line are the heroes in this. <3

Do not give any to the Red Cross they have stock piled many millions for the next disaster well that is NOW

Hopelik was ons nie so lank soos Suid Afrika vir hul president moes wag nie πŸ˜„

I would really like to see a blueprint / timeline of what the Labor Party would have done in this crisis had they been in power.

What are you going to say about Paulines Idea about cutting politicians wages Now.

Good day thx for thy advice gb always Mr Pm.

Could you supply more funding for mental health through the Primary Health Networks - PHN's for community treatment?

Menzies is rolling in his grave

Greg’s tie is always crooked! LOL πŸ˜‚

Convincing the GP you need a test is the hard bit

Does this redefine what 'a decades worth of work' actually is?

Good work!

Time to employ a new techie.

Same speech 7days in a row no mention of cruise ships unloading passengers

Big breath everyoneπŸ‘πŸ»

What do the new zealanders get no support

I give up keeps getting interrupted

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Although there are a lot of votes still to be reported, our scrutineers are confirming I've been returned as Lord Mayor.

But there will be no celebrations tonight, there will be no celebrations tomorrow. This is a time to get on with the job.

My priority is to continue steering the City through this crisis and planning not only for Council's operations, but also how the City will grow and prosper in recovery.
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Although there are a lot of votes still to be reported, our scrutineers are confirming Ive been returned as Lord Mayor.

But there will be no celebrations tonight, there will be no celebrations tomorrow. This is a time to get on with the job.

My priority is to continue steering the City through this crisis and planning not only for Councils operations, but also how the City will grow and prosper in recovery.

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Good result. Well done! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Thank God for that. We avoided the mighty CON. Well done and congratulations.

Well done

Onya Mate and thanks for making the parking free in town, it is a massive load off for those of us who still have to work in there, not to have to risk the virus on public transport. πŸ‘

Yes Congratulations

Since when has council members been labor and liberal cause they kept that quiet 😑

Well done!

You should have postponed the election. Selfish wankers the lot of you.

Thank God for that

Caisey Erwin Keehn thank god

Well done Brisbane --- 007


Thankyou Brisbane😊 The alternative would have been a nightmare!!

Disgraceful that this election even went on

Bigger things to worry about then this right now.

Get rid of drag queen story time in our libraries. It has no place jn a public domain and certainly not with our children Between the candidates available I couldnt decide between doing. A donkey vote or giving you another go.

Now there's a surprise and how did I know that! Congratulations Lord Mayor Schrinner so happy and proud of you and all your team. Well done and best wishes to you all.

Anthony, Clem Jones was a Labor Lord Mayor ... so at least that long in Brisbane.

Great stuff

Anthony Beck it said on the ballet paper ya peanut.

Well done Brisbane voters!

has Sri gone yet?

Anthony Beck OMG! I haven't worked in Council for 25 years, but before that - 25 years, and there has ALWAYS been both LABOR and LIBERAL Councillors for as long as I can remember. Where the hell have you been all that time to not know that?

Congratulations .Wonderful news.


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Only Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner stands up for Brisbane residents.

Patrick Condren wants them fined.

Don't risk Condren.
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What s piss weak set up LNP your doing your self no just is a t all

Absolutely disgusted there were no sanitiser for hands today at the booth! Every person touching the pencils yet not once wiped over either before or after use! Thanks very much for aiding in the spread of this pandemic! 🀬

Wayne Pitt lol so you defend labor response.

Alicia Chalmers should have brought your own, a little common sense is all that is required, no more, no less.

Wayne Pitt your the pits Wayne πŸ˜‚


Common sense thought it would have been provided like every where else, especially considering it was compulsory.

Alicia Chalmers Take your own not a Fucken charity

Alicia Chalmers why in the world would you have not taken your own pencil?

Absolute disgrace this went ahead

Alicia Chalmers it was widely advised on social media and in the press to bring your own writing equipment with you, surely you have your own pen/pencil/ hand sanitizer you carry in your handbag, if not your part of the problem. As I said COMMON SENSE IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED IN THIS VERY UNCERTAIN TIME.

Phillip Caldwell not everyone has access to those outlets to have known! And I know I certainly didn’t see, read or hear anything about having to have our own. It should have been supplied!

Wayne Pitt no what is piss weak is YOUR labor premier not cancelling the vote till after the pandemic. She going to take responsibility if someone innocent contracts or even worst dies because she defied all health warnings all directives and let it proceed. Piss poor piss weak

Alicia Chalmers you were advised to take your own pencil!!

Alicia Chalmers,and you've not listened to the radio or watched television or read a newspaper for a few weeks honest, you just wanted something to whinge about, sounds like you still need your nanny..🀣

Graham Chambers no I wasn’t.

Robin Morris actually no I haven’t! Some of us still work! 🀣

Read this, the Govt & ECQ couldn't even protect their staff!! ....

Wayne Pitt NSW Liberal Govt postponed their elections. This is what Paddleduck.& Trad did....

Alicia Chalmers ,working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no radio on in the car, didn't watch television when home, nobody you worked with or conversed with mentioned it, and you didn't believe you should keep yourself safe, preferring to leave it to someone else to look after you.....where is the island you live and work on all by yourself 🀣your story is more unbelievable by the second 🀣 can't you just admit that YOU are responsible for YOURSELF, nobody else is, and you chose to ignore the advice that everyone in QLD bar you was aware of??

Robin Morris piss off with your keyboard warrior bullying tactics! No one at the polling booth had their own pencil, no one I’ve asked about it today had heard about it. And no I have more important things to do and catch up on then to watch tv, in the small amount of time I have left after working 12 hr shifts 6 days a week! radio is not aloud in my place of work as to not drown out two way radios. And the 10 minutes I drive in my car twice a day played music, not announcements to bring your own bloody pen! Is it really that much to expect the government to supply hand sanitizers? Even if I had my own and my own pencil, many didn’t which completely defeated the distance rule, spreading the virus! Yes I saw many elderly using their pencils, one after another! This isn’t about me and what I’ve missed whilst working, it’s about the safety of everyone using the booths today!

so, when did the fine for not voting tripple? and who's idea was it? it used to be, and should be, a token fine just so "compulsory" is clear, but i hear it was $133? that's ridiculous! and in the current situation, that's bloody dangerous! That's the sort of fine you get for endangering other people by driving way over the speed limit, but today it was the fine for NOT endangering other people? they should have just automatically issued postal votes to everyone on the roll.

Alicia Chalmers ,not bullying, just calling out b.s. It was your choice, and everyone else's to not bring their own.

Robin Morris that’s your view, doesn’t make you right no matter how much you bellow!

the labor maggots are gone after this shot

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The Premier hasn't been seen in Currumbin today. Hang on wait... look who's turned up. πŸ€”

She said it was safe so take the chance to tell her how you feel at the ballot box today. Don't forget to bring your own pen.
... See MoreSee Less

The Premier hasnt been seen in Currumbin today. Hang on wait... look whos turned up. πŸ€”

She said it was safe so take the chance to tell her how you feel at the ballot box today. Dont forget to bring your own pen.

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She stole from the tax payers and much more damaging facts than a boarder she is paid bribes from China

She can’t manage any crises she can’t even speak a proper sentence... must go urgently

She couldn't manage an out door dunny

People are scared of what is happening and this is how she treats them! Making them vote and fining them if they don’t!

Come on. Stop politicizing local government. I dont care what your politics are The lg elections should h a ve been postponed. But then you might not have been able to get into local gov?

And she can’t even say any of the words right.

Get rid of her

Anna couldnt organize a root in a brothel with a fistful of 50s..

Come on we are in crisis people. STOP commenting on how she speaks. I don't even like this post. Ever since I voted for the first time I have always voted LNP. I am now 71. This has turned my stomach. I feel ashamed for you Deb

Can we vote via the phone or something? Why people in self isolation denied the right to vote?

Geoff Phillips Currumbin is a State Govt by election!!

You don’t win people’s votes by putting others down or abusing them. I vote One Nation whenever I can. Pauline speKs the truth without bullying or discrediting anyone . I cannot stand Palaszczuk but this is just shameful and you should all hang your heads

John Barnes I can't stand her...but your comment is so nasty. Please delete it.

I wonder where the real leader is? Looks like she's throwing the puppet to the dogs...

Dawn Barber Pauline does put people down...constantly!

Nick Dorogavtsev there is a phone in line to vote, but it is too hard to get thru.

Lynette May Rogers well let’s agree to disagree

What the hell, I am an LNP voter or should I say was, this crap has to stop,you are not doing yourself any favours LNP by doing these childish things

John, you really think that other spiteful wretch is a better option?

Dawn Barber it’s only the truth. Anastasia can’t handle a chook raffle. Anastasia is always putting people down but protecting the criminality of her own party. Pauline is always putting someone down also. Anastasia bungles everything she touches. Maybe that’s why she is not helping out her state now . You mustn’t follow politics very much.

Vote Qld Labor out !

Our invisible Premier? Hats off big time to Gladys Berejiklian!!!


She gone next election Time to get behind Deb

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Today, we're asking for your support to keep Brisbane in safe hands.

Vote 1 Adrian Schrinner for Lord Mayor and for your local LNP candidate.
... See MoreSee Less

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Politics > than health

Thank you for jeopardising public health for your election.

Nick Dorogavtsev Adrian Schrinner does not control when we vote. Have a chat about it to your state member and AP. It’s all in their control.

Joel W. McCarron read my above post. Blame AP & JT.

Who are you thanking the qld premier has said it has to go ahead

Nick Dorogavtsev the in person voting for this election is controlled and enforced by the State Government run by Anastasia and Jacki. It is the ALP State Government who could have relaxed the enforcement but they specifically chose not to. The Lord Mayor has NO control over it.

Joel W. McCarron the in person voting for this election is controlled and enforced by the State Government run by Anastasia and Jacki. It is the ALP State Government who could have relaxed the enforcement but they specifically chose not to. The Lord Mayor has NO control over it.

Nick Dorogavtsev are you for real 😳 Get educated you muppet, it’s the ALP state government that ruled this election to go ahead. The same ALP state government which will sure as my arse points to the ground postpone the State Election scheduled for October. Watch the double standards when that happens.

What a joke hope they get kicked out self centre individuals

Nick Dorogavtsev it’s a State controlled election blame Alphabet Fantasia and cohorts

Adrian Schrinner you got your own way and got the public out to vote instead of boycotting the election. Hope the mass gatherings for this election was well worth it.

Nick Dorogavtsev he didn't the government of qld did grow a brain

Exactly - vote the guy who gave himself an extra 100k for those little extras you can't cover on your half a million salary. No need for dockets - we trust you brother! Wake up people - they're all just as bad as each other. I'd hate for his halo to slip

I find it amusing in these times of abject bizarre - you all kneel for Trump because he's a's his immense background working out so far?? Lift your skull cap and empty the shit out and look up the word hypocrite........

Nicholas Hunt you will find that it was the state govt that enforces council elections not the councils

Good luck πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Nick Dorogavtsev don’t blame local governments. Blame the State Government they have the power to postpone these elections but they didn’t because they want to see if they will win the 2 by elections today. That way they will decide if the state government elections should go ahead October or next year

Abel Stewart you can blame who you like.

State government dilbury

Nicholas Hunt but it is the state government that enforces council elections... that means it was up to Anastasia Pileofshit... does that make sense?

Tegan Ascott all politicians federally, states and local governments are to blame for holding an election that has mass gatherings and put lives in danger, when the prime minister said to stay at home. Take some responsibility from all parties and the government's that are in power for allowing the election to happen. When are these governments going to work with eachother instead of blaming eachother. To come up with one clear, concise message to the Australian public to contain this virus.

Janelle Miller pallachuck strikes again

Nick Dorogavtsev ... get on board with the facts. The BCC does NOT control the scheduling of elections. It is the State Government that controls ECQ.

Tomorrow you will see the people don't give a rat's about your election. People are dying and you clowns expect voters to roll the dice on their health. No bloody wonder nobody has any respect for politicians.

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Patrick Condren can't be trusted.

Don't risk him.
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Patrick Condren lies again! What do you mean - again??? His life is one big lie after another! This idiot couldn't lie straight in bed!!!!

Sports rorts....

I trust he thinks it's appropriate for a "free" country to force me vote, just as Labor Lite LNP do. It's too bad Smudge the Cat isn't running for Lord Mayor.

not again // STILL//

Schrinner is a fucking puppet.

Another Union backed Labor man who will become a Anastasia puppet.

Can’t trust a man who will stop the Rorts yeah!

I am 75 yrs old I have lung infection and an immune system that attacks my whole body. Medical opinion is that I do not leave my house and that I do not mix at all with family and friends because if I get this virus for me it will be terminal. Yesterday my daughter got married I was not permitted to attend her wedding nor to even see her during the day. Your party should have stopped this election then last evening there was a person from the electoral commission say that fines will apply if people do not vote. This is absolutely disgusting. I have had three phone calls this morning from the liberal mayor encouraging a vote. How about the mayor phoning me in person and explaining to my why I should leave the safety of my house and vote at the expense of my life.

He's the one that has caught the LNP out. Good onya Pat.

Carol Ramsden yep.

What with Liberal Cronyism? I've already voted and I dint' vote for you guys, I still remember hard times under the Stewardship of Old Joh and Campbell Newman under the LNP, No Thank You, Newman Stuffed Up King George Square, it's now a Grey Barren Walk On By Square, and when it comes to the really hot days, it's nothing more than a bloody Grey Hot Box.

Liberals are the biggest Liars

No mayor could be trusted

Darryl Brittain there is home phone votes you can do

Can’t trust your party either. Why is voting even going ahead?

Brett Pignat do you think labour is any better

I don’t trust any politician why is this shit in my news feed🀬🀬

Pauline Oshannessy how

Pauline Oshannessy didn't talk about labour all I said was liberals was shit

Jeff Dole couldn't catch a cold

No vote for me #sick of political

Darryl Brittain ...Thats what she wants. it is a fact that people over 70 vote conservative. Conspiracy theory??? You bet. Holding this election make no sense. Machiavellian Politics at its at all costs

Y would you vote labor to council look what t Hay have done to qld

Russell Morrison yes there is no care for us it’s all about them

Who is this Condom bloke? Never heard of her.

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Only Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has the experience to run Australia’s largest council, with a $3.1 billion budget.

Only Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and the LNP team have the experience and leadership to keep Brisbane safe, moving and functioning.

In these uncertain times, don't risk Patrick Condren, and Vote 1 Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, and 1 for your local LNP candidate.
... See MoreSee Less

Only Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has the experience to run Australia’s largest council, with a $3.1 billion budget.

Only Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner and the LNP team have the experience and leadership to keep Brisbane safe, moving and functioning.
In these uncertain times, dont risk Patrick Condren, and Vote 1 Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner, and 1 for your local LNP candidate.

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1.5 apart wtf

You are not a journalist are you mate? I can't vote for a journalist. lol

This election should had been delayed. It’s pathetic and dangerous for the election to go ahead. I voted early luckily had to come out of self isolation to do it. Go team Adrian. Next stop booting the labor state government to the scrap heap.

Postal votes returned Thursday as soon as we got them, good luck.

Greg Watt do you know when the photo was taken?

Disgusting you didn’t push for delay

Good luck election win mayor old need changes gov

Joel W. McCarron it’s not their decision. It is a state decision.

The FACT that Scott Morrison is a lazy, non-achieving POLITICAL PARASITE and is unfairly sucking up an ungodly and undeserved $650,069 PER ANNUM taxpayer-funded salary - which equates to more than $12,500 per WEEK or a whopping $2,500 PER DAY - is INFURIATING! This useless, self-serving, do-nothing elitist smirking GRUB has now gone AWOL for five months safe and sound in the knowledge that HIS obscene salary will not be affected whilst he sits on his fat, pretentious arse whilst so many citizens of this country are being stood down without pay and/or sacked from their jobs, frightened, wondering where their next meal is coming from with a long, uncertain future ahead of them! Scott Morrison has only ONE priority = that is Scott Morrison! Scott Morrison is ALL ABOUT SCOTT MORRISON !! The selfish, callously inhumane MorriScum has a job for life doing NOTHING, achieving NOTHING and not caring about another person except for HIMSELF and his grasping family! Sloth Morrison is a mad, bad and very dangerous bible-thumping hypocritical member of a pentecostal CULT that is a haven for greedy, self-serving narcissists. Scott MorriScum is PROOF that everything - absolutely EVERYTHING - this vile, self-serving, misogynistic, xenophobic, regressive government touches, says or does turns to SHIT in record time!

After hearing Andrew Laming telling someone who has asthma that he just is one of the many who don’t want to vote I will def be voting for you LNP. How dare you. He just said on national tv that we are being hysterical. I have tried since Wed to telephone vote and can’t wait to get through and vote labour- you and your party are a disgrace. He just shamed people who can’t get through the phones and pay rent. You self entitled pige

Tracey Walker could have done a postal vote

Good to know after more what we should have done

It’s sad when politics gets into council elections both major parties should stay out of it ,councils should not be politically aligned

I don’t see social distancing in the photo

Tracey Walker yep NSW changed theirs from this year to next

When was the photo taken?

Paul Tunney supposed to be representing social distancing as Scott Morrison the LNP leader said to do. The photo should be taken down or time stamped. The photo is not time stamped so it is probably from today.

I understand that. have you seen a campaign against it?

Go Team Schrinner you got my vote!!!!

Tracey Walker our premier would not change it

For less time than it takes to boil the kettle "YOU" could've ordered a postal vote so stop your whinging whinging whinging !

The shimmer youth.......who are like robots with coreflute for hands. So tired of people barracking for political parties......winter sports been cancelled. Ffs

who organised that meeting??? where is the social distancing???? IDIOTS!!

Fred Brunjes It is sad and should be illegal. Most councils rooted anyway now because they all brain dead leftists

Has anyone got the online web sight address for voting ,phone voting is flat out ,

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