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3 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Deb Frecklington MP is on the money here.Labor's Jackie Trad failed to declare a $700,000 property in Woolloongabba that's set to benefit from Labor Government projects like Cross River Rail.

If Jackie Trad was a councillor, she could be booted out of office for four years.

Rules are rules and no one is above them – not even Jackie Trad.
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Deb Frecklington MP is on the money here.

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Come on she just forgot about it. It's just 700k, we have all forgotten we owned a 700k property. I believe her.. 😩

Donate it back to Qld. You have taken enough of our money

My motto: never vote labor

What is going to happen to her? NOTHING; if it was one of us we would be persecuted tortured and destroyed due to the greatest fines... life is unfair and this kind of politician should pay the price for her “ forgetfulness “...

Trad must have read Russ Hinzes Book. "How to Make Money from Politics." yajustgottalaugh

She's going to sell the house for what she paid for it. That's what the news said. I'd be interested as to who will be buying it. Friend, family, random outsider???

They all do it but this is another perfect example of mistrust and she of all people wants to feather her own nest and when it comes to those who want a job she stops them with her socialist ideas. She needs to be punted out of politics forever. Dishonest piece of worth. They say they are for the working people and how many in the Labor Party have got houses, investment properties etc.

A crook preparing for her retirement the only way Labor know.

Rules are made to be broken from politicians as we all know.

She's going to sell it for no profit now. Who cares? Putting it back when you get busted is not "all over nothing more to see". There's plenty of people who would love the opportunity to undo their transgression rather than face the legitimate consequences. It's not like the crime occurs when she takes the profit. The first crime occurred when she made the purchase based on privileged information, the second when she deliberately omitted mentioning it on her declaration of interests. They can't bluff their way out of this.

Typical labor there was Shorten with his anti 'rich' and anti 'top end of towners' campaign and he's worth well over $62.5million dollars!!! Albo is a inner city lefty multi millionaire that is just as removed from the working class that he too will be in opposition for a long time.

Juliar and shortone got off with it and so will she Par for the course and 30% still vote for them

Sooner she is voted out the better the state will be.

IT'S INSIDER TRADING ....Sack this corrupt lying snake.....After the years of being in political position how do you "forget" to report as per the rules.......treating the voting public with total contempt, AND STILL LAUGHING at your "mistake"!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

Yep we have a lot of those in Victoria very dodgy,Labor state government ,just governs for city folks country people get nothing,absolutely nothing ,

That’s a different house to the one we’re seeing on Channel 9 news

Qld Labor Govt at its finest, the sooner they are voted out the better.

She didn't "just" happen to buy a property, she bought it a month before announcing major developments for that area which automatically increases the price of that property. This is fraud and she must be sacked immediately and then charged with insider trading, She is nothing but a thief,

Property investment as recommended by Gordon Nuttal investments

You will never get back in. You will sell the house now. Well you snoozed you will loose way to late. Your gone.

I don't care what side of politics you're on, but forgetting to declare a 700k asset is horseshit. You didn't forget.

Jail is the only place for these sorts of crooks.They jailed a liberal lady years ago because she used her Gov card to buy some cosmetics,though she refunded the money later that day,when she got home

So shrewd location based real estate investing is a now a criminal offence is it? There's no scandal, Cross River Rail is hardly a state secret. If Trad's really in trouble here, maybe I should go to jail too. I've done the same thing. I bought my place few years back which is strategically located within walking distance of one of the new train stations along the Kippa Ring train line which was getting built at the time. That was just common sense and paying attention, hardly insider trading or doing a scam like a Fine Cotton ring-in race fix. "Corruption, lies, inside info" - grow up people. Go and hound clive palmer if you want to chase a real rip off merchant charlatan. If this piece of shrewd investing was done by a lib it would be celebrated. Admit it. Why aren't ALP types allowed to make wise investments and sound financial planning?

Oh dear BIG POT calling the kettle black again — Quit the lies and scaremongering—— Try putting decent policies out there, or is that too hard —-

What is enforced for local Government politicians needs to be enfocrced by State Government and Federal politicians no ifs or buts.

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You can't afford Labor. ... See MoreSee Less

You cant afford Labor.

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A good and accurate summary

Also, I payed more tax this year and will see less back in my return with these 'cuts.' Thanks for constantly shitting on low income earners. Dog eat dog Australia is what you're pushing and I want no part in it.

My motto: never vote labor.

Yes we know, that's why we voted you in to take the Reins!!👍

How about them investing millions of dollars in the Qld boat building industry for education but giving a contract for 4 new build MSQ work vessels to the NSW company that ballsed up the sinking of the Tobruk? Pretty sure as a Qld tax payer I’m not very happy with that considering the caliber of boat builders in the South East corner alone! Should be an inquiry into how the “local content” provisions in the tenders are qualified?.....

So true still thank the Good Lord everyday that the Libs won the election.

What Labor, they’ll be GONE soon, if they don’t change their outlook.

That's right

I second the motion.

They would. Never belive that as there too stupid. To belive the truth.

Who would want to vote for the labor with the likes of Di Natalie ,S H Young Greens ,K k Chris Bowen and Of course the activists and there Bull. no Thanks,common sense LNP for me

Every thing was getting deerer before the election and nothing has changed , woop woop you all voted for more of the same i didnt vote either parties in as I know that this is what you will get till you vote for change .

Labor is too busy covering for global warming demonstrators.

Couldn't agree more

How true

While this is true it is also the main reason people vote Lnp the lesser of 2 evils. The lnp needs to move more to the right stop bowing down to China and emulate the USA

mandatory jail/juvenile detention for theft of primary assets...…..does it need to take the death of innocent families/bystanders to stop this drug fuelled plague Deb?

Libs doubled national debt so whats the difference?

So true

That is for sure!

100% correct

Totally agree

sounds like the LNP - Liberal National Party

More scaremongering by Deb Freckles.... You have adopted the Trump-Style fear tactics ——

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2 weeks ago

LNP - Liberal National Party


Deb Frecklington MP
I am appalled that Labor’s gender politics was put ahead of keeping people safe in the workplace.

It is hard to imagine how these families would be feeling after hearing a committee designed to advise on mine safety was shutdown by the Palaszczuk government because it didn’t have enough women on it.

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s priorities are all wrong.
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Deb Frecklington MP

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No words. Wrong to put quotas on any field of work. Get the job because you are the best qualified

This is literally the first post from this page with I agree with, 'Unbelievable.'

The quicker we rid QLD of that wench the better off we will all be. The next election cannot come fast enough.

Gender gone mad. People get positions because they are qualified no other reason. So this was held up by Labor because they could not find qualified females. What a lot of sorry, 🤪And Labor is running our state. 🤣🤣🤣

The thing that scares me the most with this is how are they qualifying representatives is it by experience and common sense or by the bit of paper someone has from Uni or their current union membership. I am sure that there are multiple people both female and male that have the skills for these positions from mining work sites across Australia or maybe these people don't fit into the political agenda. I have dealt with and worked with multiple people both female and male from all parts of mining from surveyors, engineers etc that have had years of experience and most importantly common sense.

Once upon a time we had Mine Inspectors, Post Office Inspectors, School Inspectors all employed by Government and they arrived on-site without notice. Where are they ?

Crisis meetings? There'l be no comparison between this and the crisis meetings being held now in that place on the corner of George and Alice St.

"Unbelievable" so you're going to put a stop to this kind of discrimination or are you going to continue with your faux outrage?

Gender quotas reek of feminism This has nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with experience and expertise in the applicable industry. This is a major issue in our society in Australia today. I concede that women in the past have always had to qualify their qualifications more so than men, but for everyone's sake get over it girls, If you have it you will get it. Step up to the plate and stop whinging

Political mileage out of tragedy. Frecklington you utterly, utterly lack any sort of empathy. Shame on you!

Can't expect more from the Pro-Death Party....

Sue them.


And people are surprised and shocked? Get real peeps -- as long as the Pallytrad mob are in power, their priorities have nothing to do with ensuring safety in any area, but lots to do with sucking up.

Please at the Liberal National Party state conference, please support and vote for the ban face coverings like the burqa. the australian majority support banning the burka.

Oh no, Anastasia and Jackie are the same gender(maybe) which one of them should go? Gender balance for leader and deputy.

Listen to this rubbish... 6 months did not contribute to the accidents. Keep on with jailing of reporters so the government can do what the likes of Hitler did to keep it quiet...

Bring on an election...Qld can not afford these idiots stuffing up our great state anymore.

The ridiculous gender quota has cost lives. How much more damage can this dreadful government do to Queensland?

well i guess the new female police chief could through her hat in the ring .

All governments of the day should put the majority of the taxpayers' First

.gender quoters is it not more important to have experience

Labor government

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BREAKING 🚨: The Government’s tax relief plan has now passed the Parliament.

To see how you benefit:
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BREAKING 🚨: The Government’s tax relief plan has now passed the Parliament.

To see how you benefit:

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I get nothing out of this. Thanks for helping the people earning over 75K though, I'm sure it will 'trickle down.' *Sarcasm implied*

good ,so can we now starting helping our vets

No benefit, just more struggle. Very depressing

Thank goodness.

This won't stop the recession that's coming.. Money is becoming worthless .. $100 feels like $10 now.. No jobs, everyone is in debt, self serve machines taking jobs.. Government are out of touch and governed by big business and Big Harmaceuticals wanting more and more ...

I can eat tonight, thanks Scomo

Pip pip hooray!!!! what about the self funded retirees??? um Nothing hey! that's ok don't bother. What about reducing or removing the tax on fuel so every person gets a break!

That is great.

$500 for the average worker... You have solved the economic crisis, clowns and fools for the public believing their rubbish...

ensure our Food bowl and river systems!!!, they looked at it before and said too expensive but forgot the solar powered pumps stations!!

how about a solar pipeline from the Argle to the Murray darling to

IF ousted polititans can collect a pension for life and keep working in high payed jobs....SO SHOULD working class people on the pension...if they can....!!!!

best part is the tax restructure! no bloody bracket creep! You Beauteeee!

People on the dole and those on Govt handout that do not pay tax will not get it - you have to be a tax payer to be eligable.

What happened to the debt emergency?


And all the envy politics by Labor and Albo over the past weeks was worthwhile (NOT) and they finally caved...losers (again)🤣🤣🤣

Jessica Kay. Check how much you guys will get

p;eople just want see what there take home difference is

Let them turn attention to the homeless now and country hospitals.

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3 weeks ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

The Parliament has now been reopened and is getting on with the job of delivering for all Australians.

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
The Parliament has now been reopened and is getting on with the job of delivering for all Australians.

Our plan for all Australians to keep more of what they earn by cutting taxes passed the House of Representatives last night and will be dealt with by the Senate tomorrow.

This is the plan we asked the Australian people to support at the recent election and we are keeping faith with what the majority of the Australian people voted for.

The election result wasn’t about the Liberals or the Nationals or the Government. It was about backing in the aspirations of all Australians.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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The Integrity Bill should be rewritten to point at your government

No proof in the world that trickle down works but it seems this criminal gang government wont listen to facts or science They are willing to jeopardize ground water for coal and gas drilling will sell a river to the highest bidders and have no idea fore a sustainable biodiversity future they would rather turn their back for party donations and line their pockets

You wonder why people are abandoning private health cover in droves? Just one clue - all the natural therapies removed from the extras cover but the premiums remain the same. .....

So sad. Australia is a country that has distain for human variation. Our government should be working for all Australians not just those that "fit in the parameters ".

The quiet Australians would like a serious debate about a royal commission into where the tens of billions of dollars of gone into the indigenous communities of the Northern Territory ?? instead of appeasement to woke minority’s on this Uluru statement which is a big worry for Australia sort this out and fast!!! this seems to be breaking by the minute from what I’m hearing ‘And Peter Beattie and the NRL Are not helping they are just dividing Australia !!!😡 Like I said in most of my posts in the last 12 months since this woke garbage has gotten to the point of over extreme in this country !!!sport and politics don’t mix😡

give more help to our seniors.

'Keep more of what you earn so we can charge you more for what you need.'

add some to the pensions like the $75 you gave us but every pay would be a good start

I think it would be lovely if we did not refer to our Prime Minister as ScoMo. Certainly a new low.

Scott Morrison, it is about time you did something about animal cruelty. All activists are doing is showing where the cruelty is so something can be done about it. You are penalising the wrong people. You should be telling farmers who are doing the wrong thing to get their act together.

Government only working for rich disgusting

Stop channeling Turnbull, and be your own man, because so far I haven't noticed much difference. Remember a lot of us dissatisfied former Liberal voters, only returned because the alternative was disastrous. We may not stay, if you don't prove our choice was worth it.

No tax breaks for millionaires thanks .

Don't give our Taxes away. Pay debt & invest it wisely. You can't please everyone, if Rudd done the same this country would be better off.

Can we have a serious debate about the Uluru Statement please!

The other one plays jingle bells.

All? you tax us, then give it to corporations and tell the little guy to suck it up. You refuse to help those who live below the poverty line on Newstart or WORSE on student benefits. You say this is a Christian Nation and FORCE your Chaplains and RI classes on our youth... yet you say that allowing the OPPOSITION - that it the nation’s non-religious citizens (78 percent of the nation!) a voice is "persecution" to Christians... We are being are denied any real opportunity to publicly ask serious questions such as; “where is the balancing voice of reason – across all mainstream media – that seeks to challenge this current religious overreach; and which increasingly influences the political process?” Alarmingly, an opposing voice is the crucial element that’s missing from this one-sided campaign for religious freedom. Media outlets are mute and seem oblivious to the 78 per cent of citizens who have stated – in a 2016 Ipsos poll – that they want “religion to be removed from the business of government.”

Ha ha ScoMoses ... deliverying the 10 Commandments of Big Corporations ... your no Martin Luther King ...

Hail caeser


Good work, now we need a minimal level that we can get tax deductions too. Including business. Everyone pay there fair share of tax. Also can you finery look into what happened to out pension fund.

Good on you ScoMo and your team, Please consider this, IF or when the Government brings in a Religious Freedom law, the Islamist's will be protected because of his religious beliefs, he will be able to site these holy scriptures from the Koran, 2:191, 3:21, 4:34, 5:33, 8:12, 8:60, 8:65 9:5, 9:123, 22:19, 24:13, 47:4, 65:4, BUT,BUT, if the Government made a law to protect FREEDOM OF SPEECH, our multicultural Australians, would protected from his religious beliefs.

Rubbish. The LNP about delivering for the rich and the religious right. Starvation wages, attacks on welfare, attacks on Indigenous Australia, attacks on LGBT rights and the killing of asylum seekers in offshire detention ! A disgraceful agenda of hate!

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Today the 46th Parliament officially opened and joining it, 7 new LNP representatives from Queensland!

The Liberal National Party of Queensland will continue to be a strong voice for our state. Follow the new members of the LNP team to show your support:

Senator Paul Scarr
Senator Susan McDonald
Senator Gerard Rennick
Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville
Angie Bell MP - Member for Moncrieff
Julian Simmonds MP - Member for Ryan
Terry Young MP - Member for Longman
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Today the 46th Parliament officially opened and joining it, 7 new LNP representatives from Queensland!

The Liberal National Party of Queensland will continue to be a strong voice for our state. Follow the new members of the LNP team to show your support:

Senator Paul Scarr
Senator Susan McDonald
Senator Gerard Rennick
Phillip Thompson OAM MP - Fighting For Townsville
Angie Bell MP - Member for Moncrieff
Julian Simmonds MP - Member for Ryan
Terry Young MP - Member for Longman

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Only one thing to say - Time for the LNP to deliver in the North of Queensland. Forget anything else.

Congratulations to everyone 👍

So sad congratulation for wrecking our economy

Congrats all

Well done Queensland 👌👍

Well I watched some of the new GG's opening address and the Government's plans and policies for the next three years. To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed ! More renewables, more worshiping at the altar of climate change, in fact more of the same. You could be forgiven for thinking Turnbull was still in charge. The Liberals would do well to remember a lot of us only returned to vote for the Coalition because the prospect of a Labor Government was unthinkable. You are on notice.

A strong voice in being self righteous overindulgent rate increaseing, water and amenities sellout politicians. Or the Barnaby Joyce, staffer on the side trick or was that just another of the pollies lurks n purks.

Now to get rid of QLD Labor before they do too much more damage! Bring back Newman!

How exciting!!! A new era

Doesn't it mean greedy & so very much selfish policy from #Aus government / politicians who don't seem to feel any shame at all as they've kept increasing their own pay rise when they've ALREADY got HIGH pay rate and lots of things (including super high pay rate of pension ! when they're out) where as all these big amount of taxpayers' money might be better to instead distribute to others who have got low income to be ABLE TO AFFORD to spend and might be able to help in stimulate economy more?!?

WHEN are you as an opposition going to do something about STOPPING the financial wastage and injustices to the Queensland people? You continually inform us on what the LABOR people are ding to hurt us however YOU allow them get away with it regardless. IF and WHEN you are given the VOTE by Queenslanders, HOW are you going to FIX the current situation?


Liberal party step up and make it count because you are on notice. If you don’t do a good job the other crew will get up and wreck the place.


I wonder if any of them can speak the TRUTH lol

Come on liberals

keep your god out of parliament, we don't want the country run by blind faith, run it with intelligence and if you can muster some humanity that would be good too.

About time you slackers got back to work.

Arsewipe like thus need flushing down toilets.

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3 weeks ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Labor's new taxes will affect every Queenslander.

David Crisafulli - Broadwater MP
The waste tax will affect every Queenslander. Most disappointingly, almost 90 cents in each dollar goes back to the Palaszczuk Government instead of improving our environment.
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David Crisafulli - Broadwater MP

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How low will labor go

Why shouldn't industries and businesses which produce waste be charged the cost of handling/cleaning up after themselves? No free rides in my qld - no thank you

Victoria is the same...wherever Labor is we will always have severe labor pains. Thank you to their devoted and deluded voters. Not.

I hope people remember what the premier is doing to the state come election time

Big taxing, big spending, job killing government. Man did people get it wrong. ....and big hospital waiting lists to boot. Hope they enjoy Trad’s railway bridge.

Had to laugh at the relevant minister who said on tv news tonight, "I'ts not a tax, it's a levy. If you cut your your waste, you won't pay tax" I am Same thing I would say

David, stop the sign crap, challenge for the leadership before we lose to the labor party again.

Labor can't handle money....

Ok, you tell us the bad, how about tell us what LNP will do if they win the next state election. How will the LABOR debt get repaid under LNP. I want to know so I can support LNP.

Another bloody charge. This is just gov employees ensuring they have a job.

This is because they allowed NSW to dump in Qld. Labors problem. We all Pay $$. For their stuff up's again.

I think the LNP need to get pro active, your leader is not a household name and should be, your policies are not commonly known and should be. If LNP want to win the next election start getting stuck into the hard work. If an election was held tomorrow you would probably lose and the Australian people are crying out for change!

Getting a surplus for their next overindulged pay rise. I suppose.

Being riped off again by a LABOR GOVERNMENT! Of course every business will put their prices up to help cover this so WE pay again for Labors poor Government.😠😠

So David Crisafulli when you're Premier next year, will you delete this tax?

They just constantly reach into our pockets.... balance your budget without the constant money grabbing.

Gets even worse when you consider the federal LNP are driving down wages of many by removing penalty rates.

This is crazy please Deb stop this tax

Typical Labor with the Lunatic Greens Destroying Australia

Instead of criticising, what are you doing about waste? Where is it going? How are you dealing with it? This is why you couldn’t beat an egg in an election!!

Andrew Sumner

so what's new ?

Use guys run the country and U whinge to us, lol

He who lies last, lies elected.

Yep This is robbery off the people

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New and increased taxes starting today in Queensland. When Palaszczuk, Trad & Labor run out of money, they come after yours. ... See MoreSee Less

New and increased taxes starting today in Queensland. When Palaszczuk, Trad & Labor run out of money, they come after yours.

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now we have no local car industry you can drop the luxury car tax as there is no industry to protect!!!! Too many taxes in Australia!

Our debt going down the gurgler but that doesn't stop Labor hiring more public servants than we will ever need and stop giving themselves hefty pay rises for doing less work. I would like to see what the Govt. spends on wages and lurks and perks every year. I dare you Trad..

Meanwhile Plukaduck has racked up a fortune in overseas travel. Thank God she will be out soon.....and then the Libs will have to sort out the finances as per usual.

All the while increased public service, larger salaries and less incentives for investment, I can see an exodus to Australia, you cannot tax your way to prosperity.

I hope the idiots that voted for pluckaduck and her quackers are happy with her outcome of shutting down farms with the power to stop 🛑 the management of the vegetation to improve management of the properties for a sustainable future. Most of pluckaducks quackers would not know what end of a carrot to eat, let alone run a government.

How are people going to afford this. Massive increases and the average person is going to really suffer. Hey hang on before you mob get too cocky you NSW LNP State have already long done this and much more. So thank you very much for nothing. 👎

Need to check the facts, LNP has introduced these everywhere else.

Well Campbell Newman said the labor/green B .S. party is over and the bleeding hearts and do gooders couldn't handle it . So the pore little darling voted him out and look at what you have. Hands up who voted labor/green.

Oh boy! When is the next election so we can rid our State of this party?

It may as well be the same government as in NSW with the waste in spending going on and Payroll Taxes strangling businesses along with Land Taxes doubling to screw over property investors and drive up rents for tenants and small businesses. How is Berejiklian any different? We cant afford either government and their wasteful spending.

They hate rural areas and regional Qld . the people who feed a growing population.

Where do all the dollars go that are supposed to help the battlers? Nowhere to be seen. We just keep digging deeper to pay more and more taxes. Maybe a lot is paying the ever increasing public service? And the Ministers trips overseas?

Do something about this lot put a lot of pressure on them. We don't seem a lot from the LNP

My rego has gone up over $40 - NOT HAPPY!

Albo- if only you guys had fixed the medical aid systems when you were in power you could have got your hearing checked out. Clearly you have not listened.

IF the LNP wins QLD Election I hope GOD quickly come's back to earth to save us in QLD

As Pauline would say ... please explain ... got a link to the explanation rather than just a list ...

Labor and taxes. Or is it death and taxes, I can't remember? As Labor try to tax us to death! 🤔

Sadly in Qld it’s the same old story.....a Labor government probably re-elected by its hoards of faithful career welfare funded supporters.

What the hell are Labor thinking of their will never be in Government while they have taxes like this they want to implement. Keep up your bad ideas so that the Liberals can stay in power for a very long time.

Labor announced a policy's for the July 01/072019 which are.....? Lies and more broken promises for all Queenslander. It's been far too long .... Palaszczuk saga is overdue and need change next year election.

No State or Australia can afford LABOR POLICIES. Queensland next year the power is in your hands. VOTE THEM OUT. 😊

If true that's truly disgusting particularly with the current cost of living in Queensland.

Rego is free to age pensioners in NSW

They always do it, seems the tax payer has to continually prop up the coffers 👎

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Our plan provides immediate relief and fixes bracket creep. It will reward and encourage hard work and strengthen our economy. To see how you benefit:

Why would Labor block it?
... See MoreSee Less

Our plan provides immediate relief and fixes bracket creep. It will reward and encourage hard work and strengthen our economy. To see how you benefit:

Why would Labor block it?

Comment on Facebook

which is all well and good as long as you remove some of the other 125 taxes you take from us! 30% plus another ??% when ever we buy or do anything. buy a house pay tax , a car pay tax, sell a house pay tax, rego pay tax, water bill pay tax, land tax, wine tax, luxury car tax, fuel tax, local taxes and so on and so on!!! Get real its about the bigger picture..... we pay TOO much TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us a break manage the money better and stop taking and taking and taking !

It does not fix "bracket creep". Indexing all tax thresholds to CPI or average wage, or some such, is the only sensible way to do that. The proposed tax legislation merely does a "once off" increase to one tax threshold. Next year "bracket creep" will again be a problem.

Where is my tax cut you promise me, I would have it today. I never heard any other policy the LNP took to the election campaign on tax. Please put out your policies LNP so people can make an informative vote. You have no mandate for stages 2 and 3, I urge Labor to stand up and tackle the government on.

Great work. Now get it thru parliament

Because the third phase of your tax cuts are not in the next three years —— And, you are cutting OVERTIME PENALTY RATES, HOLIDAY ENTITLEMENT, SICK ENTITLEMENT etc etc of the lowest wage earners —- This is not what you were sprucing on your election campaign——

Well said, Harry!



Can we see reductions to GST. It was the liberal government that introduced GST. If you want to keep GST, you should reduce your huge pay and put it towards investing in projects and improving infrastructure. Because as far most of Australia is concerned, our tax money is only being used to fill your wallet. Nah nah nah, we want our money to be used responsibly. Which was the reason I was definitely the reason why I wasn’t support Labor or the Greens. I also have other problems you need to fix. Australia does not want to be controlled by the left so we expect the Liberals to listens to us. That’s the reason we got you in.

Well delete it or not but the Australia institute just proved what I suspected about this new plan

Because Labor want to kill aspiration for EVERYONE.

A joke. Only good for the rich. The lowest paid workers need a tax cut and that will help our struggling economy

Because it would appear you’re also attacking workers. Never done 12 h shifts. Never even been on site. Only hazards have to worry worst-case of getting electrocuted by a photographer. Never had to do compaction tests on a 613E Scraper circuit driving past in the wet. Wake up; a lot of the coal miners voted for the Coalition, time to take the Coal miners onside, while the opportunity presents.

I think they are confused. They are the Opposition so they think they have to say no every time.

The opposition just don’t get it. They say they have learnt then stall at passing it. This is why you, Labor are in opposition . Let the Liberal party pass what we elected them to do.

Bring them on. We voted for them and ALP lost the election.

Even that’s too much but anyway

Most only pay 34cents in the dollar so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer !!!!!

Not great at all. Don’t forget we pay GST too. Why is 30% to be lauded? Why not 15%? They way govts waste taxpayers’ funds is an affront to all taxpayers. If govts didn’t waste as hard and fast and as carelessly as they do, our tax rate could be halved. And you’re crowing about 30%.? Shame on you LNP. Get serious and stop playing games. There is still a bit too much Turnbull in this govt for my liking.

Bracket creeps....yet still NFI. What is the LNP...scomo vision.....crickets....tumbleweeds.....

About time hard work was rewarded

It’s quite apparent many of the comments maintain that the tax cuts are to little and just a vote grabbing tactic. It’s hard not to be critical of taxes and their distribution across the various sections of the community Personally I believe that we should go to a GST system only, that way it is a true user pays system which would apply to everyone including the companies. Then everyone pay the same. I am no economist but have a reasonable understanding of how the clock ticks I would certainly be happy to listen to their perspective on whether this would work or not But getting back to previous comments for those who sit back and criticise whether for or against the plans of the government’s tax changes please give a thought to all politicians and the hugely variable community expectations. There is no possible way they could keep people happy in maintaining a balance between the taxes they reap and the services provided. Services such as schools, Medicare, hospitals, the Armed Services, Customs, “all the government portfolios” need to be paid for by our taxes . The government can’t provide these without taxes I do agree a lot, a lot of money is wasted through poorly thought out plans for projects and there needs to be heads made accountable for the waste We could look a The US model that Trump uses and run the government like a business and either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences However there is still something thing everyone can do, either go and express your feelings to your local Polly or join your favourite political party and voice your opinions there. That way your voice will certainly be heard and not just for show on FB

Give us OUR money back you putrid thieves...How about YOU take a pay cut..... Give us OUR tax money back & tax the mining companies & big corporations in line with their profit.....!!!!! You are killing this country all for your own Personal Greed.... If Palmer hadn't have lied during the election YOU would not be able to steal from us now.... Because nobody really voted for you did they.... You only got Palmer's leftover votes & that is what got you over the line... Which is far more than you filthy rats deserve....!! And Sco Mole don't get too comfortable... You'll only be there till Rupert changes his mind.. Again..!

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Our plan reduces income tax for 10 million working Australians.
Why would Labor want to block tax relief?
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Our plan reduces income tax for 10 million working Australians.
Why would Labor want to block tax relief?

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Good on you Albo. LNP has broken their promise I should of had my tax cut today. They never took stages 2and 3 to the election. Keep them honest Albo we are backing you.

The fundamental difference in value between the two parties is there definition of fairness. Labor’s fairness is skewed towards Robin Hood mentality - rob the rich as they deserve it and all rich people or they call it “ top end of town” and serve the poor INDISCRIMINATELY!!! LNP definition of fairness or fair go is creating opportunities for all who wants to have a go. As a high end tax payer, I don’t mind to help those who are less fortunate in our society but those who CHOSE not to work but rely on tax payer to subsidise their life style to me is not worth the dollar! We expect everything free in this society as other people can pay for it! Top tax payer have done the share of paying repair levies instigated by Abbott, Now to be fair , it is time to receive tax cut. This is LNP’s fairness , give and take not Labor’s Left Wing ideology.

Some of our higher incomes now are fly ins and outs who miss family time and home is not the so called wealthy Labor it's hard working mums and dads..who are away trying to pay off mortgages...gosh and you don't want tax relief for Aussies you lost get over it.....!!!!!!!

Because they are giving low income workers a few crumbs and giving the whole loaf of bread to high income earners and big businesses

Because Of need to stand for something , but Really Labor stands for nothing .

They have become the NO party, no to everything. just flat out No. Bill Shorten did it ( and the success is he lost the election)… we are indeed the lucky country for now

from what i have found. they have agreed to the first 2 stages of the relief plan put forward. but have some concern that around 70% of the third and fourth goes to incomes of 200k plus. so i mean if you want to be seen as the better party, agree to split your bill into 2 part, pass the first part being stage 1 and 2 and then re-negotiate parts 3 and 4.

Because they haven’t learnt anything from the election they lost!

Tax cuts put money straight back into the pocket of the individual without hurting small business Which in turn goes back into the economy creating bigger income for small business thus creating more tax for the Australian government and more gst income for the state government while creating the need for more jobs Of course Labor doesn’t want to cut income tax They know how to manage an economy Run it into the ground and blame any one but themselves

Labor are acting like they won. I don't think they have put two and two together yet and are yet to realise that they lost the election. Might have to give the poor snowflakes time to come to terms with the idea.

Because they want too stay in Opposition for a few more terms. They lost a lot of Labor voters in Queensland & won't get them back. Dam shame that.

Cause they have no power except this Thanks to Australians for not putting them in charge

Because Labor have completely lost touch with the real people of Australia. They do not care about anyone except the people who live in the rich leafy streets in our major cities. They have completely lost touch with their base. They only care about keeping the Greens happy.

Labour are so far removed from working Australia its not funny, the recent election results demonstrated this. They are the allies of the socialist left who panders to the noisy minorities that seek to destroy western society and its core values to suit their own agenda.

Well Well...why am I not surprised. Labour will try and stop any good this Liberal Gov wants to do for us because they think this is how to win the next election...THINK AGAIN the next election Liberal will win so many seats your opinion and ability to block any benefit for us will be useless. Thank goodness for the Morrison Government. We thought Bill was not worthy but hey Albo is worse

Because this moral free government are giving crumbs to the working poor and billions to those on easy street.

Because they are LABOR. That says it all. What do they stand for? Wrecking our economy, as usual. Just hopeless and always have been. They try to fool every generation, but when that generation starts to see things clearly, they realise they’ve been had. I have witness their charade for over 50 years and it is always the same sad little story.

Because they are sooking over their amazing defeat at the election and if they had of won🤢 they would have expected their policies be adopted

because Labour is blocking the tax relief to the bigger businesses and so they should , but the Libs want all or nothing . Im not Labour but for once they are standing for something thats right

They aren't. Your boss is refusing to return in time to pass them for this year. They also don't agree with the third stage, so the first 2 aren't the problem.

Labor /Greens are Australia's " block every thing " US Democrats.

A lot of people that were out of work because of Adani being stopped were labor voters . Labor was too stupid & kept these people out of work . Creating a big back lash against them .

ALP is a Communist Party, NOT gthe original ALP that was originally formed, they dissrupt and divide, thats theiir agenda.

They just Hate anyone that Earns a Big wage ....and they will never change!!!

Labor thinks taxpayers get off lightly, theyre wanting to jack up taxes to make sure they still get paid big salaries as backbenchers in opposition, plus theyll block this tax cut out of spite..because we didnt vote for Bull Shitten..

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