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ON THIS DAY 5 WEEKS AGO: the emergency ward at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital hit 191% capacity triggering a code yellow.

At one point there were 160 people in Brisbane waiting for an ambulance that had been waiting several hours.

Labor continues to fail the people of Queensland.
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ON THIS DAY 5 WEEKS AGO: the emergency ward at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital hit 191% capacity triggering a code yellow.

At one point there were 160 people in Brisbane waiting for an ambulance that had been waiting several hours.

Labor continues to fail the people of Queensland.

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Although I hate violence that head in he middle is one I would like to give a knuckle sandwich too, the other two I wouldn’t as I would never hit a woman.

Australia's Church Leaders Silent on Tamil Family - Why ? ( Eric Remarque, Mike Carlton, Paul Bongiorno, The National Times -11/6/2021 at 12.15pm) All through this scandal regarding the Morrison Governments abject cruelty of imprisoning the Tamil on the Christmas Island. Australia's mainstream Church leaders have been remarkably silent. Where are Australia's Catholic Bishops ? Where are Australia's Anglican Bishops? Or for that matter where is Brian Houston, isn't he a religious man too. Their silence is deafening and says everything about why these institutional “Christian” leaders have no credibility. It would appear Australia's Church Leaders are too busy speaking out about the rights of the unborn to worry about the rights of the living, especially children born in Australia being so cruelly treated by a callous Federal Government led by Scott Morrison. So Scott Morrison, how can you say you are doing 'Gods Work' but you have nothing to say when these people who are being so cruelly imprisoned ? Now is the time for all of Australia's religious leaders to come out together and speak up for the vulnerable and suffering innocents among us. The “Biloela family” needs you to intervene. Anthony Colin Fisher OP, Kanishka Raffel and Brian Houston Australia is waiting for you, the men of God to do the right thing. 1. Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher 2. Anglian Archbishop Kanishka - seen here with Scott and Jenny Morrison 3. Hillsong Leader Brian Houston

Hopelessly out of control

Bit like the ramping at Hobart hosp which is a Liberal state !!!!!!!! Wankers.

Here's a solution! Have you heard of lnp federal. They're your counterparts! Rather than whinge & blame everyone under sun, how about you, lnp qld suggest giving financial support to labor qld to fix the hospitals! "Oh no we can't do labor qld are repulsive low lives who don't deserve to be in power." If this keeps up lnp, people will not vote for you! Example look at what happened in the last WA state elections libs 2 SEATS, nats 4 SEATS, LABOR 53 SEATS. You lot were decimated. Have youu heard of the olive branch?

Labor pack of idiots and that young


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Breach of Bail Petition ... See MoreSee Less

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Take them to a couple of Broncos games and tell them they will have to go to every game if they commit another offence.

Well done.


About time. Unless there are consequences there is no deterrent.

Why is the Minister for Youth so silent on this?

What was the response?


Yes. Thanks.

Well done.

Why isn't it already an offense?

The CHOOK couldn't care less. According to the ones who voted for her,(I'll save you). 🤬


Glad the speaker thinks it’s funny

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Annastasia Palaszczuk and Cameron Dick promised Queenslanders a $1 billion ‘Housing Investment Fund’…but when you take a closer look at the budget…there is NOTHING!

Where is the money in this budget to pay for the billions of dollars of promises?
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Annastasia Palaszczuk and Cameron Dick promised Queenslanders a $1 billion ‘Housing Investment Fund’…but when you take a closer look at the budget…there is NOTHING!

Where is the money in this budget to pay for the billions of dollars of promises?

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This government knows that the people who vote for them aren’t interested in honesty or facts! They will blindly vote for them if they keep spinning them bullshit!

It's all in the promise... Lie to the voters, then make them jump through so many hoops to get the money, they keep failing to 'qualify', then they give up. Then they don't have to have any money actually there. After all, it's not the government's fault no one could qualify for the grant.

When have the LNP ever funded social housing........?

How did this mob ever get a second term??? NO THIRD TERM.

That’s the trouble with Socialism.... you eventually run out of opther people’s money...

Seriously, while I have not voted Labor since Bob left, however i will always call out a cheap shot when I see one and this is just a cheap shot of the highest order. Where do you people think the covid funding came from...the tooth fairy! Stop your political bs

More Labor Lies.

Didn't her offsider start a housing investment fund..

Christopher Rhodes what about her promise

I keep saying you fools who voted them back in .

but the unions and the pansy press will say that it is all Joh's fault that they have no money,

A few more islands signed over to them.

Typical, Labor.

All her promises have never come to fruition, but people still believe her.


Just like the millions in fire levy funds promised but never delivered. Maybe LNP shouldn't throw stones. All as bad as each other when it comes to bs!

Labour always does the same build up to an election lies lies lies promises promises promises but you never get anything except excuses.. and usually the excuse will be something to do with the federal government

just shows again a total LACK of management.

Typical useless idiots

Another broken promise :'(

same old story from these

Typical of ALP, fudge the figures and make it look like they are winning. They love to live in Disney land and never in real world.

haven't you heard of the bank of CHINA.????

Please follow our Facebook page. Very active page

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22 hours ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

LNP Leader David Crisafulli MP had some strong words to say at the end of his Budget Reply Speech in Parliament earlier today 👏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less

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Wendy MeBears AndCritters

again and again a total lack of management.

You’re such a jokester David Crisafulli MP


Anna team so hopeless

Don't ever let that pack of useless grubs off the hook David, please continue highlighting their incompetence, lies and deceit.

I find it incomprehensible that there are people who vote labor after many years of incompetence but they will, next election, many because they were raised in a household that knew no better. Labor is for losers

When you watch on as contraversal AG's accused of rape are kept on the front bench, Think (Get Rid of These dopes in 2022) When you read how young women are raped in parliament house and other LNP people jerk off on desks Think( These Bastards have to go in 2022).😡😤😡

From the Green Shirts....

Have a look at our debt levels. Thanks, LNP.

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Annastasia Palaszczuk and Cameron Dick promised Queenslanders a $2 billion ‘Hospitals Investment Fund’…but when you take a closer look at the budget…there is NOTHING!

Where is the money in this budget to pay for the billions of dollars of promises?
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Annastasia Palaszczuk and Cameron Dick promised Queenslanders a $2 billion ‘Hospitals Investment Fund’…but when you take a closer look at the budget…there is NOTHING!

Where is the money in this budget to pay for the billions of dollars of promises?

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GULP - the Greens and Unions Labor Party, totally dishonest and, like all GULP governments, will onlu ever send us broke.

Labor has never been good with maths, planning or integrity.

Well Qld voted them like Andrews need to be more careful what you work for.

Labor state the Budget will have $105 million surplus in 4 years. Have they forgotten about the $130 billion they owe now, when will that be paid down. Never.

The Deep Stat e Cabal haven't got anymore funds to hand out to our Socialist Govts. Brace yourselves. There's a 'Whole World' of hurt prepared.

What did you expect and all under the cover of COVID - you were and all States being conned

Labor’s mismanagement but Labor in Queensland is protecting our lives from those other Australians not considered clean. Or is it Labor’s method of control?

So, the Qld voting public got rid of Newman due to the way he treated Health and now its time to do the same to the current ratbag as Rudd would say.

What abut tge satellite hospitals they promised during the election.

Well done O'rourke and dropping the ball on Browne Park..Absolute grubb!!

When you take a closer look at Annastasia there is nothing, it really doesn’t have to be that close either☺️

There are never any funds available when you have a screwed leftie govt…🤦‍♀️

trust Labor but what more could you expect from the party?

She has been promising this every year since labour got in. Someone gave her another 4years last election of her promising for nothing to happen.

Typical Labor? All promises but no delivery.

Larissa Waters Eighteen women have been killed by violence in 2021. The Senate has again passed my motion calling on the government to recognise violence against women as a national security crisis, fully fund domestic violence services and coordinate a national approach to combating coercive control. And yet this government continues to underfund frontline services, providing only one quarter of the funding the sector needs in May’s budget. Women’s lives are at risk, PM. We need action. #enoughisenough

So they stole $2Billion from hospitals..

Smoke and mirrors these inept mob

Labor is very good in destroying everything!

When Cameron Dick(HD) opens his mouth it’s a good bet he is telling porkies, that is true of most pollies but like his boss lady he gets a stupid supercilious grin on his dial.

So what about the hospital promised for Bribie? Typical LNP not telling the full truth again. Noting changed with you lot…very disappointing

That's typically of the labor government, very sad state of affairs 🤮

Did one expect more 👎🏿

This woman could not lie straight in bed.


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Today I’ll be giving my Budget Reply Speech.

I'll be delivering it on behalf of all Queenslanders across our great state.

You can watch it live here on my Facebook page at 11.15am.

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David Crisafulli MP seems Mark Bailey MP has lots of time to troll Facebook. He tried to call Michael Hart MP a liar on his post. Michael shot him down! 😂😂

Good. How about having farcical flawed koala habitat mapping removed from my backyard Crestmead Industrial Estate. This mapping has destroyed my retirement fund. Holding back jobs and small business. Of absolutely no benefit to koalas. No koalas exist here. Labor Bureaucracy gone mad.

UNBELIEVABLE! These disgusting, misogynistic, criminally corrupt parasites in the LNP have PROVEN that they regard themselves and the appalling miscreants - even rapists - in their midst, are ABOVE the laws that they impose on the rest of us! The LNP have become UNTOUCHABLE which means that their depravity, self-entitlement; diabolical, escalating corruption and hypocrisy can only get WORSE and WORSE! Now we even have right-wing-extremists like One Nation and Jacqui Lambie DISGRACEFULLY backing them! It is beyond belief! This is a regime that is now shutting down democratic debate, suing people for using free speech to voice their concerns about the escalating corruption/depravity of this psychopathic government (eg the reprehensible action the LNP have taken against "friendly jordies") - the LNP are now on a downhill slope MUZZLING FREE SPEECH and tearing down EVERYTHING Australians value. Beyond ANY measure, this is the WORST, most dangerous government on record run by a totally depraved, pentecostal CULTIST who is a non-achieving, absolutely corrupt, draconian dictator with a God complex who is an evil, smirking, diabolical bible-thumping hypocrite! The LNP have reached the very dangerous stage where they are getting more emboldened in the knowledge and smug certainty that they can do WHATEVER they like and get away with it! This nation has been reduced to the point where we are being governed by an evil, self-serving pack of misogynistic, callously inhumane criminals who now believe that they can do WHATEVER they like, WHENEVER they like with impunity! It is evident that the LNP now have the Judiciary in their pockets and are currently so obscenely entitled, that they are on a steep downhill spiral where they will rush through horrendous programs that will destroy, vandalise and defund EVERYTHING Australians (and unions) have fought so hard to achieve! There can be no doubt that the LNP (and their twisted, biased and dangerous alliance with Murdoch and the IPA) are DESPERATE to defund, infiltrate, manipulate, sell-off and privatise everything taxpayers value including federal funding to our children's State education, Medicare, our ABC, pensions and any type of welfare! DON'T LET THIS GOVERNMENT GET AWAY WITH THEIR APPALLING LEVEL OF CRIMINALITY! FFS, kick these depraved monsters to the kerb at the next federal election - they are BEYOND EVIL!

This is where the LNP are getting their policy ideas.

Anybody who stupidly believes that the LNP represent ANYONE who is NOT part of the greedy billionaires in the Top 1%, are about as dumb as a box of bricks! Wake up.

When gormless supporters of the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance keep voting for this catastrophic, totally depraved and fascist regime, THIS is what you are supporting ....

It was a great Budget Reply Speech 👏👏

Morrison - openly supporting the dangerous, pathologically deluded conspiracy theorists in the appalling Qanon - a lunatic organisation that has been outlawed by the FBI in America! WOW, Morrison - a smug, power-obsessed, smirking member of a misogynistic, prosperity-based CULT - is, beyond any doubt, the WORST, most inhumane and dangerous PM in our history. Wake up! Have a long, hard look at the endless level of corruption already committed by this horrific regime - gormless supporters of these fascists are are either Murdoch-misinformed or you just don't care HOW bad they become !!!! Shame on you!

Your still full of bulshit just like you were in townsville

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2 days ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

The Treasurer made nearly $6 billion in announcements yesterday that can’t be delivered in this term of Parliament.

If it’s not in the budget, it doesn’t exist.
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Thats politics for wait and see how many get sucked in. Btw...I asked my local lnp member to advise when the widely publicised Bruce highway to Cains was answer. I then asked Terry Young, my federal lnp member and he said on an as needed basis. Sadly both sides have slogans aimed at the gullible and they often work. Sad thing is lnp would have got my vote if not for this so it forced me to vote for a minor

Yada, Yada, Yada, how much drivel, con a politician drivel when a polititian only drivel’s dribble.

What an ARRESTing video!

Wendy MeBears AndCritters

More Labor Lies. It’s in their DNA.

No money attached? Then it is not a budget, It is a "WISH LIST". But that's common amongst Labor Treasurers.

The Palaszcuk Government has the overwhelming support of the Queensland population. The LNP needs to clean up their game, get rid of the deadwood, lunatics, upskirters, troll politicians, misogynists, conspiracy theorists, climate change deniers and those rorting the system to become a viable alternative.

Labour has no $$$. Very soon they’ll be coming after ours.

More. Lies from Labor

Labor only know debt spending and Taxes

Labor have no $$$$$$$$$$$MONEY

Labor where never very good at counting ya know ?

unemotional autocratic speaking is another language

They are a mob of liars

David you are losing your way. I can see the disengagement by the lack of likes and comments on your posts. You need to take action and rid yourself of the Party HQ advice. You deserve to be Premier but you would be best engaging Professional PR and Marketing agents to get a clear and concise roadway to victory. For too long this HQ have called the shots. I want you to win but the average person on the street sees a resurging economy and house price growth as evidence things are good. Crime is the key. Unlock that door with a solution, get cheaper power, and invest in our Tourism is perhaps the road to travel?

Poor David tilting at windmills again.

Frank. No shit. Qld. Is freaking broke. And will remain like that while labour are in control

It’s the New thing Politicians do promise this and that but not for 4 years

Smoke and mirrors haven’t done any of the last promises

Another wanker

Got anymore journalists you want arrest you dogs

This is the LNP party platform.

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Federal Labor tried to tax our houses, our cars and our retirement. Now Queensland Labor wants to tax our bins, by only guaranteeing the advance waste levy payments to councils for one more year.

This will see Brisbane households all pay an additional $88 on their rates bill next year.

And in typical Labor fashion it's a broken promise, they're doing exactly what they said they wouldn't.

You can't trust Labor and you can't afford them!
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Well, the public voted them in. Labour has never been good for this country.

Try norfolk island. Their proposed new waste management fee is an increase of over 250 percent for tourist accommodation providers. Bureaucracy gone made. When will the penny drop and they realise it's our money they are wasting.

I can actually understand and sympathise with the Chook on this one. Despite community awareness, recycling and generally doint the right thing, the Queensland public have had to put up with far more garbage coming their way over the past six years of labour government than they have ever had to put up with before. The endless that comes out of the Chook’s mouth each day just seems to accumulate, sadly.

She most certainly is not doing anything for the people of Queensland the only money she spends it's on the sports people and to think we have another 4 years .of this state government there will be no help for the needy people. Pensioners.

Well people of Queensland when we go back to the polls you will have the chance the vote this useless government out don’t vote for them whether it be state or federal

Only problem she’s holding the bin instead of in it

I’m shocked that services cost money. I would have thought he LNP would understand capitalism.

All they know how to do is charge us for their mistakes.

You get what you vote for..she conned the lot of you.

Ratbag Labor... incompetant government without a clue on proper fiscal management.

I wish we could put this rubbish premier and Labor government in the bin?

Typical Thieving Labor - Do nothing and tax everyone cover up their financial mismanagement 🤯

The bin is exactly the same size as Anna. Now, I've got an idea.

She’s wheelie bin scrapping the bottom of the barrel now.

Good to see the great south eastern corner might have to pay their own way for a change.

Julian Simmonds MP You get another chance in 3yrs 7mths Doubt whether You LIBS could have done any better

Queensland labour introducing a “labour budget” - go as far into debt as possible!!!!!

Serves Queensland right for voting for them

Typical Labor, taxes go up services go down!

She’s a has bin.

So glad I’m not a Queenslander

And who voted for this Muppet and her muppeteers!!

Thats all labor knows, tax, taxes, increase taxes, bring in new taxes, the IQ of a gnat.

She is a big spender and now she is recouping the money she’s wasted. Slicing the public service would be better.

Look - a matching pair!

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More exports equals more jobs and a stronger economy 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🤝 ... See MoreSee Less

More exports equals more jobs and a stronger economy 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🤝

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For those that were too young our main produce market after the 2nd W.W. went to Britain, only the best quality foods went there, I don't know why quite possibly the EU market was responsible. I posted when Britain was removing itself from EU that it presented the opportunity to get them back to the trading previously enjoyed with Australia. Why do these ratbags in the Government sit on their hands until its imperative that they need to do something, then break an arm patting themselves on the back

Now let's get moving on the virus and take it out of the various States hands. It's a nightmare.

Better than a Chinese trade deal I hope

Show China that Australia can do without them. Good job Scott Morrison.

Just don't allow any of their beef to be included please!!!

That's good but we should dump the French submarine building fiasco.

Fantastic PM, so good to be trading with a non Communist country..

More exports? I didn’t realise we were exporting to the UK for the first time 😂

A good idea. We need to move away from China.

Well done !!! A great move for our primary producers after suffering from China's dirty dealings

Thank you PM your trip has been fruitful. Congratulations.

Thank you for doing a great job as usual ,Australia can depend on you and all Liberals

Joker at his grandest, major cost to Australians not a win.

I bet you won’t hear about this on channel 2

Our PM is doing a great job, thank you SCOTT MORRISON

Well done ScoMo - however when you get home, you need to straighten out some members of your cabinet about following the laws of Australia regarding phoney refugees!!!

So....what does the AFP has to say about Tim Stewart and Q Anon? Has anyone told them yet??

What rubbish! We can't manufacture anything china does it all! Seriously!

Me too better quality would be great.

Hope we get some good quality goods.

Meat exports do mean more jobs but the profits are heading to Beijing

And what of the Luxury Car Tax?

Katter breaks down how thoroughly unimpressive this FTA really is

Great work ScoMo only a Liberal PM could successfully negotiate a deal like this with the UK.

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Come on Labor. Do the right thing and help close this security loophole. ... See MoreSee Less

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What is wrong with Labor? Possibly pandering to the treacherous Greens to keep their support. Answer. Big win for the Coalition next election to either gain Senate majority or at least provide for passing the legislation in a joint sitting.

it's always labors fault.and this type of talk worries me especially as iam a coalition government voter.

I have worked at Sydney Airport as a sub contractor & I had to have a security check & sit an exam prior to being granted a security pass. The agencies that performed the checks were AFP, ASIO, I would have thought this would process would have checked all levels of concern but as usual there are loop holes. All these rules & regulations are perused by legal people prior to implementation so there shouldn’t be loopholes

to busy policing people with no masks who pose no risk.

Labor the Unions and the crooks are part of the criminal organisation, on the wharfs

maybe a pollies should also have to pass security test as they are selling Aust, of to foriegn countries all the time.

Pensioner and the homeless are asking you for help. Nothing but promises,

labor protects criminals, they watered down the Nats drug laws, the watered down, the Nats Bikie laws, they appear to protecting of criminals, lets see how they go on this one.

Put the whole bill up so all can read it and see the fine print

Fat chance of that happening as they are probably protected specimens of the labor party, unionists.

Labor again making incorrect decision s support Government

Try getting Allan Joyce to stop sacking Qantas workers and hiring scab labour. We need a permanent work force not contactors.

Get some undercover personnel into these places leave it up to the AFP to handle it not keep blaming or expecting Government to pass useless acts. Sit down! or stand up with some decent statements to end the drug trade.

Labor will not pass this legislation whether good or bad. They are so spiteful. The Coalition will have to find a way around it to get our wharfs and Airport security safe…buggar Labor . They are as useless as t*ts on a bull!

For heavens sake, Labor - this is about SECURITY!!

They can’t because the ALP is predominantly criminal/thugs from the unions which own it!

Tell me, could you idiots win without a coalition with the Nats?

Labor/Greens love Criminals especially ethnic ones - more the better they preach

if anyone sees keith pitt, tell him to go fuck himself … we will continue to seek the complete dismantling of the coal industry in this country and the re-training of workers in the renewable energy industry, including the re-establishment of a “solar panel manufacturing” industry industry!

Privatisation. Scott Morrison (ScoMo) you do know, the airport now use hired labour forces, instead of staff? Qantas has done the same, and now their air planes are not being serviced properly.

Hey come on lnp federal, fix up MEDICARE, F-35's, Colins subs, ROBODEBT, VACCINE rollout! alleged sexual assaults in PARLIAMENT HOUSE, ScoMo's involvement in Qanon! Start funding the state's & territories so infrastructure can get started!

Common Labor prove you put Australia above unions

Too many labor criminal connections through cfmeu, awu

Yep we don’t want criminals working in these positions ,letting drugs and up to mischief of the wrong kind

Well there ya go

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