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Queenslanders expect better. You deserve better. ... See MoreSee Less

Queenslanders expect better. You deserve better.

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Too busy fudging numbers to change the names of hospitals rather than equipping them

The Qld Govt has had years to get the health system in good working order. This chaos has very little to do with COVID, which the Feds have compensated them for anyway.

There comes a time when our state government should spend money on building more hospitals from city to regional, not on giving millions to NRL,afl n celebrities or even Olympics , which is not important currently. Our current priorities should have been vaccinations and opening up so we can visit our loved ones and support our small businesses and economy.

Labor and Young has f. Qld. Open the Borders now Covid will be here for years so get over it jobs jobs

Terrible premier as bad as Dan Andrews 😑😑😑😑

Only reason why she wont give a date to open borders is the hospital system in QLD is so stuffed from years of being under funded. it can not handle the covid cases. vote her out at next election !!!!

It is what labor are best at- hiring more staff, and getting poorer service. Speak to people in the hospitals- the more staff put on, everyone just does less: the nett result is a worse outcome, and much higher costs.

to worried about keeping their jobs. And of course paying for the Olympic Games. The dead heads will keep blaming Canberra

That photo is of the three people destroying QLD...we need to be rid of them.

This is where it all fell a part exposed .How quickly the media forgets 1.2 BILLION $ 1st Feb 2013 LOST Pay Debacle. quote "Commissioner Chesterman explained the purpose of the inquiry was "to determine why such large amounts of money have been lost to the public, whether anything might be recovered; and why such distress was inflicted on the Queensland Health workforce ." end quote ......I would not trust any politician or public servant with one additional cent of funding when these are the outcomes and no one held accountable they just shuffled the public service deck chairs .

These Three keep making fool's of themselves

But we have had the AFL and NRL grand finales and spent 9 million dollars getting a football game played in Townsville plus we have spent millions on getting the Olympic Games!!!! QLD should know by now sport is more important than people..

Check Hervey Bay hospital 3rd floor is not fitted out and they spend millions building a quarantine accommodation where is the priority 😑😑😑

But Queensland hospitals are for Queenslanders, right? They voted for this uncaring piece of work

She has more staff and public servants than the rest of Australia, what do they do?

This is what happens when you waste money on proping up your base public servants.

Three of the most Nefarious People in Queensland. Darth Vader, Miles from Nowhere and Queen Pallishit.

It’s apparent in all states LNP and ALP governed. QLD isn’t an isolated issue. I don’t vote for any of the 3 majors and haven’t for several years. People have short memories. It’s the same vicious cycle, LNP then ALP then repeat. We are over the blame game. The people have zero confidence in the Government as a whole. LNP tell me what you can do not what the other guy can’t do!

Overpaid, with lack common decency and empathy. Sad indeed!

Let's get rid of the 3 stooges

She's been robbing hospital money for years to pay for her Olympic bid and tunnels.

They're working for themselves and not for the people of Queensland

They should rename them the 3 stooges they have similar intent

labour lite mandates are repulsive.

i would dearly love to hear anyone from government explain WHY unvaccinated people are excluded from places when vaccinated people are not? do unvaccinated cause injury to the vaccinated ones? it seems to me unvaccinated people out and about in the general community are a threat only unto themselves? am i wrong?

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3 days ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: I am speaking from outside Gold Coast University Hospital with Shadow Minister for Public Works Tim Mander and Member for Bonney Sam O’Connor. ... See MoreSee Less

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Don't blame covid....hospitals have gone down hill without covid cases

If we don’t have beds full of COVID patients then we have a problem if beds are already full.

This government is more interested in getting sporting events in the state.

Pallachook has lost the plot..clearly the underfunding of QLD Health is rife under a Labour Government

Can someone please explain to me how the Palaszczuk government continually gets voted in? Everyone I talk to says no, no way did they vote ALP🀷🏻‍♀️ No doubt the LNP had to take time to read the documents they’ve received.

Labor always reaches a use by date when they have spent all of their accessible funding. "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."

Help us in Townsville , from being robbed bashed attacked by kids who slash you with a knife in car parks to hijack our cars . Protect our Ambos from attacks when they go to a gang fight thank you πŸ™

D C you mentioned changes to ED changes. That's fine, I think there is an issue at the discharge end of the health care process.

Labor has had 7 years to upgrade hospitals yet nothing meaningful has be acheive. We have had Covid for 18 months yet ramping has hot worse....

The LNP divided Australia and they will regret it . Yes we are blaming the worst leader in history. Scott Morrison

Labor has f. Qld

But now I have to go to the G26 ….Charlie has got me a good seat in the Stands

Is this guy boring or what, same dribble different place. What state in the country has the perfect no wait hospital solution. Remember this is our money he supposedly spending… Is this the only thing he can find. Again boring

The Queensland Labor Government continue to blame Covid but we have near to no cases here and the problem was there well before Covid. God help us if Covid comes to Queensland, they will be treating Patients on stretchers in car parks. If you need an operation just forget about it if the worst happens. This government is more interested in Sports and under river rail than sick people. The Federal Government substantially increased the amount of money Queensland get for Hospitals but they only spent half the increase on Hospitals. I suppose the remainder went on the rail line and public servants polishing chairs with their rear end.

If the ALP has had 7 years to improve and it isn’t happening, then give this guy the same time to do what he is saying. He speaks about issues that reflect me as a normal, average Queenslander. He is listening to Queenslanders and is not slinging mud, but is basing his argument on facts and data.

Rod schoettler is so boring he has no friends and lives no where. Labor troll. FB you are responsible to remove these fake people

There’s a health crisis?

How are you going to fix our hospitals when Morrison has sold us out to net 0 our hospitals won't be able to run with no power

Pallachook needs to go..shes condescending and arrogant


A doctor from the AMA explained that diverting such a large number of skilled nursing staff to the vaccine rollout was contributing to the problem. Then consider a small % of the millions of vaccinated people experience an adverse reaction requiring care of some sort (even a small % of a few million is a lot of people) and another small % go in to get checked because they think they might be experiencing an adverse reaction that ends up being nothing serious... I’ve heard from doctors who have said this wasn’t as bad before the rollout started.


It's the same in W.A.

Needs a stronger leader

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Fantastic news πŸ’™BREAKING: Lenny is coming home!!

His dad just sent me this photo.

They’re about to board a flight back to QLD.

Another win for people power!!
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Fantastic news πŸ’™

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Great news BUT WHY DID IT TAKE THE MEDIA TO WAKE UP THE sad for all who have been left behind

She's got to go people!

If you are a QLDer stuck in NSW it seems like the only way to get home is to get on TV then she will wave you in !!

Welcome home young man πŸ’•

What a shame that Lenny and his Dad had to go to the Media before they were allowed to quarantine in their own home in their own STATE!!

So happy should have happened a lot sooner. Think you have had enough stress without being locked out of your own home. Good luck with your beautiful boy ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

So happy for them. It’s so bad that we are the state of no compassion because of the 4 making decisions. All Queenslanders should be allowed back to the state they call home. We need to know if we can plan to see our mum, dad, sisters, brothers, and all the rest of our family who are not in Queensland. Not seeing family is horrible.

Goodness! I am disappointed in the lack of acknowledgement of your, not only good work but the empathy you both have shown. You know that people are Quick to criticize but oh! So slow to compliment. Take a humble bow.

Yay!!! Well done to the Today Show and Greg Hunt for instigating this. Love to Lenny and his family!!!

Wonderful news. Thank you David.

Wonderful news.Time for a change.

Great news.

Well done. That’s awesome.

Yay! Great news πŸ™πŸ™

Wonderful news!!!

Wonderful news!!

Great news! πŸ™

Happy landing Lenny!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Great news!!

So happy for them

That is wonderful at last sanity prevails

Fantastic news all the best x

Fantastic news . Get well βœˆοΈπŸ‘

Great news pitty this labor govt with no heart grow up and set a opening date now

Beautiful newsπŸ™

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Photos from David Crisafulli MP's post ... See MoreSee Less

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Disgusting the way the Chook and next Qld governer treat their fellow Australians who are not sport aligned, and I am not a Queenslander.


This is not right, I’m sure everyone in Queensland is upset n not happy with Anna and her looney CHO , enough is enough. Where does this women gets an bad idea like this . Enough dividing Australian against Australian, vote ALP out in every elections

The chook and her amateur sidekicks should get out of the way. Look what they are doing to people and the QLD economy.

Dad should have chosen football as a career. He would have been granted immediate exemption for himself and his whole family.

It's just a pity that someone in Pallyshacks family wasnt affected with a similar situation. The outcome would be a lot different then ! And she is going to make her Chief Medical Officer the next Governor of Queensland ? ......UNBELIEVABLE ,

They disgust me.

This makes me so angry!!! Let them come home 🀞

This Qld govt disgusts me!!!!

This disgusting decision by this health Qld They need sacking I’ve had a gut full of seeing people crying because of these cruel heartless politicians

I am totally, wholeheartedly , disgusted with the Qld government , listening to heartfelt stories on Ben Fordham show this morning made me feel so very sad indeed, enough is enough !

Don’t know what they are trying to prove. Poor little guy!

The premier and her so called government are pathetic

Hitler must be so happy !The Premier ,is still carrying his communist wishes on .

Maybe they should say he's a football player would be let straight in.

Qld Health need to bring them HOME immediately, this is disgusting and not acceptable!

Everyone is getting vaccinated to get back to so called normal but not the politicians now try and explain that to a six year old?

Disgusting. Dr Young and Palaszczuk are heartless despots

But there are SELFISH people that believe it is ok to bring family members in Qld somehow because they arr not coping with the lock down in Victoria. Go figure how some people get exemptions and genuine people who are Queenslanders Can't

Unfortunately many Queenslander are aware of just how incompete this government are but at the same time there are too many who have become so frightened of all the scare mongering over covid that they believed anna and her company of clowns that she was "Saving" them and so she will continue to rule over us with the intention of keeping us captive to her deluded aspirations.

Bloody Qld AGAIN!! Absolutely no compassion, Karma is a bitch and I hope she bites hard and fast!

The Premier does not have children so why should she care about others children - sack her and her medical staff now.



More blatant discrimination from Anastasia Potato Head.

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More than 31 million vaccine doses have been administered across the country. 62% of Australians aged 16+ are fully vaccinated. Keep it up Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ’‰ ... See MoreSee Less

More than 31 million vaccine doses have been administered across the country. 62% of Australians aged 16+ are fully vaccinated. Keep it up Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ’‰

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It’s amazing how many people believe the gov propaganda

How many of those doses have been forced into people’s arms!

Nothing to say, LNP, on the infringements on human rights? I don’t know anyone who’s had covid, not even third-hand, but I do know at least two family members who’ve had to accept this provisionally-approved vaccine in order to keep food in their mouths, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads - wasn’t any choice on their parts, just plain old blackmail on yours and in most cases your state leaders in opposition. Go figure. Do you and Labor tango on the weekends together, too? Why aren’t you fighting for the right to choose? For a party with a founding principle based on civil liberties, you’re a disgrace to your name.

Continue on with the fear and discrimination.

According to the vaccination tracker, the fully dosed figure is 63.4% of people over 16 as of Monday arvo.

Didn't know there were that many people in Aust. 15000000 full doses and that's 63 percent..????

Have a chat with Qld premier..she doesn’t give a shit what u say …she recons she is the boss

What's there to like about the appalling, smirking, smug arrogant sociopath, Morrison? He's every bit as corrupt, horrendous and self-serving as the loathsome pathological liar, Phoney Abbott. In fact, I challenge ANYONE to name ONE SINGLE PERSON on the cabinet of the LNP who is NOT a despicable, callously inhumane, totally corrupt, self-serving political parasite - they are the WORST, most regressive, extreme-right-wing, misogynistic, non-achieving cartel of undemocratic fascists EVER!

That’s lot of guinea pigs

They are all asleep they need to wake up before it’s to late

Bloody bulshit Australia

Why, vaccinated or not you can still catch, spread, get sick or even die from this scamdamic. How does anyone think this can help?

Such a pity that they're all for the original strain and not for Delta. The vaccinated are walking around with a government generated false sense of security. The science and the numbers are both on display, you just have to look. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine need to be urgently released to the people, it is criminal of our governments to stop it.

This experimental therapy they are inflicting on humans and now our children it's killed well over four hundred deaths and injured thousands more when Ivermectin tablet or Hydradroxachloraquin can cure this virus completely as it has done in other countries successfully but it's dosnt make Billionaires out of the Pharmaceutical companies and OTHERS we want the truth stop the lies

Michael HAj

More snake oil. Bloody he'll.

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These reforms will benefit around 250,000 families by an average of $2,200 per year, helping parents get back to work for our post-COVID economy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ ... See MoreSee Less

These reforms will benefit around 250,000 families by an average of $2,200 per year, helping parents get back to work for our post-COVID economy πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Health Crisis Town Hall Hervey Bay ... See MoreSee Less

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Good for the people to try and shine a light on what is going on at Hervey Bay Hospital things need to change NOW

too may Labor bureaucrats… no surprises here… it is their model for pretty much everything - hopefully more investigation will open a can of worms and we’re talking ‘Costco can’ here, she should be quaking in her hard hat

Really, a "bitch" session will always bring out negativity. Where are the positives on positive circumstances or solutions?

The QLD LABOR Government isn`t listening about the Health system CRISIS so someone else HAS.Go David.

And the labor party try to spin it They should fix the issues that they have created what Will it take a death

Joseph Wee

Bean counters in charge of Hospitals is a backward step' Go back to the training hospitals of yesterday and let medical people run the hospitals with community business people on the Hospital Board.

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Queenslanders deserve better. ... See MoreSee Less

Queenslanders deserve better.

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I'm so sick of our Premier blaming the Feds and PM for everything.

Perfectly healthy double vaccinated and still they can't get across the border! Maybe wearing a footy shirt would help.

Agree 100%. Qld labor never takes responsibility for anything just passes the buck

Some one should take her power away she is a crul person with no compassion liars and puts everyone in us under the bus. Only things of money and sport. You could put the money to better my use . Can't stand her and Yvette

Just to confirm, you are angry that she is protecting her state's citizens instead of doing a NSW and letting the virus run rampart and consume the economy?

It's about the LNP went on the attack. If you don't want to live under a Socialist, totalitarian regime, you'd better start to fight.

She doesn't care, she gets paid. The people that I feel sorry for are the small business owners & the Travel industry. If she keeps going she will have the State on its knees!

The sooner she’s gone the better off Queensland will be 🀬

This comment section is real boomer hours. Maybe if scomo had actually spent sometime in the past almost 2 years building a quarantine facility in every state and ACTUALLY making a plan we wouldn't be in this mess.

Megalomaniac she’s got the power but hey she alone is keeping you safe numnuts

This premier needs to be hounded on this issue - barring people from returning to their own homes is barbaric and an abuse of their human rights. Please stop letting her get away with this mess.

Hey wait she just made herself Olympic minister get your priorities right more important issues here people home and businesses opening now

Abolish borders, we don't need useless over paid Premiers. Already have local councils to deal with local matters Use the savings to pay down a little of the 1,000 year debt

It would be nice to hear one of their morning press releases where they are not blaming someone else. It is about time they take responsibility for the running of their own state. As Anastasia has quoted no one tells her what to do. Then please get on with your job. Nice to see she is happy with her new appointment of ambassador to the Olympic Games. Which she appointed to herself. πŸ˜‚

If she cannot arrange and allow people to come home - how is she going to organise the Olympic Games? Self-appointed the "Olympics Minister". Does she get a pay rise too??

OMG this bird cant do anything right now made herself minster for the games , well i suppose she only does TV interviews and beauty parlors so should be able to fit extra work in .

Queenslanders deserve better? And the LNP will "give them better"? What like the Newman government? They were so good that they squandered the biggest majority in the history of Queensland in one term. Yeah they were great! πŸ˜‚

Queenslanders stuck outside Queensland is a problem, but Australians stuck outside of Australia is not a problem at all. Hypocrite much?

Please open the border so we can be with our families living interstate. Vaccination is being promoted by the State Government as the way forward. Why then can't our fully vaccinated south-east Sydney family come home to Qld. We are fully vaccinated and so are all of our extended family, and all but two of our friends.

This state voted this lot in on a promise to keep you all safe, they never sort to mention we'll send business all broke. Mean while all the over supply public servants are still being paid to solve no problems or provide the services they are employed for. We are stuck with them all for years yet.

Sorry, people who left their homes to travel, in such precarious times with borders opening & closing, surely that's a risk they should take responsibility for themselves. Those who sold everything, sent things off then complain because of border restrictions, their responsibility also.

Borders were open before a lib state government screwed the pooch.

She is the worst state Premier Queensland has ever had and heartless self centre Dictator

If they are vaxxed, let them back. I know an anti vaxxer who now lives in another state and holds her Qld rego and licence. I hope people like her can't get in. Do what SA do and test on day 1, 5 and 13.

Awful human

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Queensland is now 50% fully vaccinated πŸ’‰πŸ‘πŸΌ ... See MoreSee Less

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Needs to be mandatory or cop a fine. Bring out the Covid vacc passport, no vacc then denied travel and entry to venues. Wife and I had our vaccs why not the rest? Majority rules over minority of anti vaccers. Get the jab and stop the spread.

Yes thank you ….To the States and Territories that are working day and night to administer the vaccine that is still being given to one LNP state faster than the rest of Australia. We can see the figures and Scott Morrison is taking care of NSW (LNP ) first

Still seriously lagging behind the Nation.

That would be no thanks to Jeanette Young?

Getting there slowly

Where's the 12-15 year olds aren't they important enoughπŸ™„

So true and so well said, Mike Carlton .... this inept, vacuous, dangerously undemocratic, smirking, arrogant hypocrite and Hillsong Cultist has proven himself to be every bit as bad, corrupt and non-achieving as that mumbling, incoherent, useless misogynist, Phoney Abbott .....

Proving that 50% of the population are lemmings!

Well if scumo actually did his job we would of had enough vaccines ages ago

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Getting Queenslanders home ... See MoreSee Less

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Trouble is David, it will come down to the Sth East corner again. Will we be able to get off an International flight, then skip across to domestic to fly the next leg to a country town to home quarantine?

Maybe when (?) Pinkenba is functional the whole intrastate / international travel situation will be better placed. Covid is coming and will make life for Queenslanders uncomfortable.

Please, please, please petition for home quarantine. The majority of people will always do the right thing. Why are the majority being punished for the sins of a few?

Scott Morrison 12 months ago . coal is harmless. Today ….. Honey pack our bags for the G26 because Charlie said I have to go BAN COAL

A photo saves a THOUSAND words! Clearly the ONLY place Beetroot Barnyard feels "at ease" is propping up a bar stool and guzzling countless litres of taxpayer-funded beer!

David are you saying that the LNP agree with the introduction of the home quarantine phone app currently being trialed?

How does Tony Abbott get to go to Thailand as a private citizen when you lot can’t bring Australian people home ?. Too sets of rules here and we are getting tired of it .

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