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In an emergency when minutes matter, more than 85,000 hours of paramedics' time has been wasted outside hospitals in the first half of this year.

Labor can't be trusted to heal the health crisis.
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In an emergency when minutes matter, more than 85,000 hours of paramedics time has been wasted outside hospitals in the first half of this year.

Labor cant be trusted to heal the health crisis.

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Don’t Expect Anything else from Queensland Labor they are a disgrace time for them to be voted out

No fixing it..

Don’t expect anything else from qld labor.

How about State and National goverments and opposition address the issue of GPs not being subsidised adequately to bulk bill ! People go to hospitals for minor issues because they cant afford a GP visit. Any wonder theres ramping πŸ€”. All goverments need to stop the Drama of ramping and fix the real issue.

The waits were longer under Liberal.

Well, the ‘keeping Queenslanders safe’ message/lie conned enough people to return Labor at the last election ... why wouldn’t it happen again?

LNP/Labor. Two wings of the same bird.

Oh yeah because going back to to the Campbell Newman party worked so well last time

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🦁🐎🦁🐎Even a Cowboys fan can get excited about this…

It’s going to be a big week, Queensland!
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Wow what a game....

Hope So !!!!!! You can do It

πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‰ πŸˆπŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

with a little luck neither will win....

Gail Thorne

Its good to be a Queenslander.

The Gold Coast Titans NRLW have also made the GF.

How good is this?

Come on girls tomorrow you can make it 3.

Must be either in the water we drink or the beautiful climate.

What a great feeling with State of Origin, Brisbane Lions 🦁 and the Broncos πŸ΄πŸŽπŸ΄πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎπŸΎ

Politics and sport don't mix learn that quickly david or you will stay in opposition for a lot longer


Do you think information on paid for commercial & social media is valid? Or do you think information on not for profit media outlets and social media is valid because it's less corrupted by monetary and corporate interestes ...?

I don’t know if i am right but the last time the Broncos & the Lions won they went on to win the Grand Finals

The Brisbane Roar also made the Australia cup final. Lets not forget them as well.

Why is it Left up to one person to pull down a school that 10000`s been too just for her gain and Wage ?

Imagine lord Anastasia at both games saying to the country look at me look at me look how great I am Especially next to that crook chairman dan

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Photos from David Crisafulli MP's post ... See MoreSee Less

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certainly icu's were full when the roll outs happened. Inconvenient truth ignored by Labor and Labor lite.

Liberals getting rewards for fucking Australia. Former prime minister Tony Abbott has been nominated to the board of directors of Fox Corporation, a day after Rupert Murdoch announced he was stepping down and his son Lachlan Murdoch would become the sole chairman. Fox Corporation announced Abbott’s nomination in a statement released on Friday (US time), saying he would be considered by shareholders at the annual meeting later this year. Technology executive Margaret “Peggy” Johnson has also been nominated.

Having gained full command of the ship, Dutton has unleashed Peak Dutton™ on the Australian public in the hope the peak Dutton strategy overcomes his measurable weaknesses as an alternative prime minister in the way that Peak Abbott™ ultimately overcame that candidate’s weakness. The strategy is simple: make people angry. Make them boil. Make them so blisteringly angry with the incumbents that they forget they don’t like you. This worked for Abbott. Dutton wants it to work for him too. Wreckers can absolutely win the biggest prize in politics. Donald Trump did. Abbott did before him. But recent history also tells us the wreckers tend to struggle once they reach the summit, when the contest in government is about winning the future rather than conjuring up faux enemies to vanquish as you circle the drain.

Type 31 Arrow-head ×90 Just _____, it Has to be done 😏

We promised some big news for Bundy - and here it is.

Today we’re proud to announce Bree Watson as our LNP Candidate for Bundaberg.

Bree is born and bred in this great city.

She’s been the CEO of Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers and now she wants to continue the fight for her community.

Bundaberg deserves someone who listens and Bree will do just that while fighting for the issues that matter like better healthcare, reducing crime and tackling the Queensland Housing and Cost of Living Crisis.

We’re so proud to have Bree on our team.
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Congratulations Bree!

Really ?

Good on you Bree.Bundaberg has long last got a life long born and bred local like you .I am sure you will do them proud in that beautiful community !

The LNP want to Govern Australia try this .

I am An Admin on Qld State Elections 2024 and No Vote..and a Member of Libs

Is that true first Nation people don't have to Vote in this referendum

Nothing wrong with Bree. However she has to represent a party without policies, vision or ideas.

Funny name for a bloke.

Which one is Bree???

This is not big news This is tax payers wasting money

Good luck Bree! Because you've joined the most morally deficient, backward, nasty party in Australiia (bar One Nation.) 10 points for guts.

This is WHY the LNP Is Done For!!!!! You think for ONE SECOND that we JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE's will EVER Vote for ANY ONE of YOU AGAIN!!! Talk about "Lost the Way".....

Australian's are being told. on the News That Australia ,is the Country hit the most by Scammers. Thousands are Loosing their life savings . But the Biggest Scammer ever to be Hit Australian's ,was their very Own LNP Government. With it's Robo Debt Scam . Stealing over $2 billion over 5 years from it's own people.

Is it a man or Woman or both?

Liberal’s back

Good choice.

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Show Labor the door in '24! ... See MoreSee Less

Show Labor the door in 24!

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Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Australian Labor Party They can't admit there's a crisis. If they did they would have to DO SOMETHING about it. Which they won't!! Easy way to fix that problem! Show them the door in 24πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽβŒοΈ

This Labor lot have been in far too long. They are stale and have run out of sensibility. But DST MUST be seriously considered for a modern new Queensland.

Have to go how long is long enough well passed their used by date and what happens then you bin it.


I cannot for once think that the LNP will adopt the US media narrative and so arrogantly ignore the fact that the government is doing it tough in combating the youth crime , and think that they ( LNP ) got the solution ! Does the LNP have a solution ? If they do then put it up so the public can see and vote for it,

Get rid of them

It’s time that the little thugs start picking on them and see how quick action would be taken

Ha wait n see what will happen if the Vòice gets in you think its bad now .

They haven't created any opportunities for Queensland's.only for themselves Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price so colonisation had no negative impacts???

Obviously their homes and cars have been damaged by the little thugs.

How does this lazy mob of ALP bludgers remember to breath!

Its time to go............Labor!

They won't do a thing that will benefit us, but they'll spend 30 million dollars on a cassowary overpass.

Grace grace is known as Dis-Grace

Please desist from sending me text messages re The Voice. Thank you. Rosemary

Wake up these pair; wake up Qld.

Heads up! Qld labor is blocking people who do not follow their narrative!

Time to go Labor enough is enough you have lost my vote

Scaring people about crime so you can get elected using a tuff-on-crime platform is an old OLD OOOOLD manipulation of the public going back hundreds of years. How about you come up with something to offer that the people want instead of these tired old tricks.

Labor have not got a clue.

The worst part is, we are paying these mongrels huge saleries that they can stuff up things and bullshit about it.

Labor talking about themselves

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If Labor won't admit there's a problem, how will it ever be fixed? ... See MoreSee Less

If Labor wont admit theres a problem, how will it ever be fixed?

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Come to our region. Ask the people if there are problems at home or if it's just the media. Ask the elderly being targeted in the street or the people having their homes invaded or car stolen. 🀬

Love of self is blind

She must go

Get rid of the thing


To the Australian people in Queensland and Victoria and New south Wales Says IAM that Iam Amen and amen πŸ™

It is a pity they don't have a dose of it themselves

Not a word from our MP in Daisy Hill ... crickets! Meanwhile, we have blokes driving around the streets with balaclavas on ... during the day!

So they haven't had the car stolen yet just give them time.

Don Brown has never had any idea about community - always blinkered.

Haven't they hot a committee together chaired by an independent parlimentarian, and members of the public to come up with non political intent to come up with solution.

Heads like tennis balls nothing inside and hairy outside. The arrogance is amazing. Must be Campbell Newman's fault.

We are up against an arrogant political party that has such a terrible ideology that they are sub consciously bound to run away from problems and bound to denial that there is a problem in the fist place. It's just Labor doing what labor does, again, and again and again. Ignorance of the problem they created is not a defense. Near time to pull Labors magic red carpet out from under them and flick them out the door.

Time for Labor to go

What a mob of f Witt’s

Still thing this Brittany Lauga MP

Don Brown should be sacked

What planet are they from?

time to hold darkness responsible. Cast them out.

Queen bitch thinks she is untouchable

Gee are they for real πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Arrogant and way past her used by date as Premier....and its all about optics with this mob..

If you lived with real people and not locked up in buildings you would see there is a problem. It is not safe anymore and its time AP woke up and did her job as she was voted in to do. (not by me I might hastily add).

Who ever voted this stupid woman in “Hang your head in shame”

Really tell that to the people who have experienced break ins and stolen vehicles. Having to pay to get all the locks changed etc and not being able to sleep properly for fear it might happen again.

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No matter who wins Labor's leadership games, it's Queenslanders who will lose.

We will still be stuck with
β€’ the youth crime crisis;
β€’ sky-rocketing power prices, and
β€’ record levels of ambulance ramping.

The only way to deliver real change and better outcomes for Queensland is to support David Crisafulli and his united LNP team.

Show Labor the door in '24.
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Get rid of the lot of em

Qld Labor Party's 'file of stuff ups of gigantic proportions' has just grown $30m larger thanks to this clanger.... so much for the much vaunted World's First Cassowary Passover ..... oh my God.... who in their right minds believes that Cassowaries gonna go " oh hey Joe , don't cross the road here man , you might get whacked by one of them noisey big assed shiny things running up and down those black stoney tracks . I know a spot 20 klm down the road... it's gotta overpass dude ... let's go " ... I mean come on . I'm all for conserving all animals but geez , $ 30 million dollars to achieve what ... some crazy plan put to it for funding by a mob that survives on gov. funding , Terrain who send a lot of monies for very limited successes. Here's the link to it , dig in to it ... $30 million dollars ... plus ... in today economy when Qldslanders are doing it tough?? ....

More adds like that keep the pressure on these labor fools

Unfortunately the uninspiring opposition is just that and that’s why ALP will win again as they have done in the past If the LNP wants to win they need to come out with some inspiring policies now

love it πŸ˜‚

That won’t be happening while the intelligent people are leaving as prospective candidates. I’m afraid Morrison is a DUNCE, AN UNINTELLIGENT BULLY! A terrible LIAR, A GOOD MATE FOR TONY ABBOTT, THE MAD MONK. While Peter Dutton follows the same line, you can say Goodbye to the LNP federally.


Best ad for yrs.. great to see

Oh that’s a beauty

There's one missing there

Great add, love it!

Great advert!πŸ€£πŸ˜…

what is the point of any of it ?? in government no one does anything ( look at Queensland ) nor does the opposition. I sure dont want that trained monkey in power ( crisafulli) but We cant afford Labour, they are leaving us in debt that will never be paid off. What sort of political party sacrifices the needs of the people for the sake of sport?? ( Olympics )

Still too many of Campbell Newman's henchmen in the current LNP. A lot of Queenslanders have good memories. When they all go you might have a chance.

They can’t change,replace with who choice of look at me the show pony ,dr giggles or sit down and shut up milt.

Good Advice there. I love to see a change of Government of heart. Good commercial. Hope this will help with on going troubles with the Youth Crime.

What a bunch of idiots ,they all need to go 😑

Haha living in your head rent free, ya fkheadsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Stop sending your unwanted messages to people's phones.

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On this day 10 years ago the Abbott Government was elected. Queensland class of '13 members include Michelle Landry, Luke Howarth and Keith Pitt. ... See MoreSee Less

On this day 10 years ago the Abbott Government was elected. Queensland class of 13 members include Michelle Landry, Luke Howarth and Keith Pitt.

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So, been 10mins since I went to the toilet , so frikken what…

What a stunning victory then we handed our great victory to a wealthy dope and look what happened

And its all been turning to shit since especially since 2019

What a great pity we don't have Tony leading this country.

Until he was shafted by that bastard Turnbull!

We need him more than ever

10 years since the NBN design was gutted to save a few million, leaving us behind the rest of the world.

He was everyones’ favourite amusing village idiot… Go knight a prince ! ( In the sycophantic hope of your own knighthood hey Sir Tony..)πŸ€‘πŸ’―πŸ˜†

And it’s sooooo good this out of touch πŸ’©stain is gone.

Worst PM in history. What a loser. MorriScum next loser

This man was a danger to women and progress in general.

IS YOUTH CRIME IN NORTH QLD TRICKLE DOWN FROM VOTER CORRUPTION TOLERANCE AT 3 LEVELS OF GOVT & COVERED UP BY POLITICIANS, ABC, NFF, NEWSCORP & PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSION If Brisbane people lived in Cairns & Mareeba there would have been successful Class Actions against Councils & the Qld Govt years ago ,not having a NACC is not an excuse for ignoring your Council not purchasing Water Allocation for $400 to $750 per ML which has a replacement value of +++$10,000 per ML & then not wanting to know who traded the $400 water & who now owns the water in the regional Tinaroo Dam & then accepting that your Council requests & receives Water Infrastructure Grants for additional supply which have yielded zero supply. To say that FNQ people are bubble dwellers is partly true but there needs to be a closer look at the reporting of News Corp & what the ABC has failed to report & why the Productivity Commission says it is not in the Public Interest to know who owns the water in Tinaroo Dam & the role of the NFF as Cairns Council advisors in WSAG Water Security Advisory Group & why Bob Katter MP & Warren Entsch MP are mute on the matter. With Tinaroo Dam allocated to an incredible high 220,000ML of 438,000ML capacity to then ignore that the Govt is allowing secret releases above the 220,000ML for the Barron River Hydro Corp to then dump in the ocean is breath taking. That both major political parties ignore this indicates a overdue switch to independent candidates.

And every year I celebrate the dates that he was a) ousted as PM and b) not re-elected in his seat

Today I unsubscribed from your email list , because... all you do is keep sending me emails asking for money money money (who has money anyway, the overpaid politicians have taken it all) and then also keep complaining about the 'other' political parties. You do not send me YOUR ideas and remedies or plans for the future and how you will 'fix' it. If I recall when you were in power you did just as bad or worst, have you forgotten your past history > I haven't <

If the Liberals & National parties wish to regain government, they need to dump the NET ZERO policy. And the idiotic drongo leadership who adopted new zero.

Well we all know how that worked out for Abbott! The start of the decline from PM to getting the boot in Warringah.

How did I get a top fan badge from these clowns. No chance, you idiots. You are really grasping at straws if you think I am a supporter of Dutton and his playing with people's lives for crass political opportunism. The one above is a private citizen and has no part to play at all.

Wish you were still their. Turnbull has a lot to answer for.

N look at us know What happened

Roman Catholic flog

Seems like 50 years ago

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Wasted decade and two of the worst (Abbott and Morrison) Prime Ministers in history. If this is all you have to celebrate, don't be surprised or complain when you will remain in Opposition.

Better than the crap airbus we have now.

thank god he is gone

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Thank you to Fiona Hammond for 15 years service to the people of Marchant Ward with Brisbane City Council. πŸ™

Fiona has never faltered standing up for her residents and together we have been able to make Marchant Ward even better, including:

πŸ› Delivering a miniature theme park in Bradbury Park
πŸ—οΈ Removing the Geebung Open Level Crossing
πŸš— Upgrading Murphy and Ellison road
πŸ‘ Providing enduring support for local community groups

Good luck for the next exciting chapter, Councillor Fiona Hammond!
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Never faltered? You’re flogging a Brisbane Racing Cub Horse there 😊 Stafford Community Hub not Race Club

Kerri-Anne Dooley is a registered nurse, clinician and fearless advocate for her community.

As a long-time Redcliffe local, Kerri-Anne runs a business and has raised her family of four children here.

She has extensive experience working in health, disability support and palliative care providing in-home care to patients across the region.

Kerri-Anne is a familiar face for Redcliffe residents as a life-long community champion.

I know how hard she will work every day and we welcome her to our team as the LNP Candidate for Redcliffe.
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Good luck

When are you going to name the candidate for Barron River so we can get rid do nothing Crawford.

Fantastic to have you represent as an LNP candidate for Redcliffe Kerri -Anne ! You are no doubt the "Heart Beat" of community care,concerns and responsibilities! Welcome aboard, QLD needs more of you β£πŸ‡­πŸ‡²πŸ™πŸ‡­πŸ‡²πŸ™

Go Girl!!!

She has had 5 goes at becoming member for Redcliffe. 🀷‍♂️ is there no-one else in Redcliffe?

God knows she’s tried enough times over the years, but surely this time the voters will give Dath the boot considering this woman is mainly responsible for are current crime crisis AND the health crisis! An abject failure in both jobs, just like her corrupt boss!

Finally a candidate that is focused on the job rather than the voice. You have my vote.

The existing Members for Redcliffe, Pumicestone and Caboolture would be amongst the hardest working MP's in the present Government. You would need people somewhat out of the box to challenge them.

There is a long way to go Kerri-Ann, but the lead up is suggesting that there could be a handy swing away from the government. Keep an eye on the colour of the water going under the bridge.

Yes, show labour the door.... But what to replace them with, A moronig bunch of no-hopers. Been in opposition so long, they have no mind of their own. Poor fellow my country.

Ha ha LNP.

You better fix up this treaty and giving away our state or you might be in strife on election day. Labor will be out but people might just go for the minor parties that have the right idea. Fix your game quick and start putting it around. Now look at this rubbish +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is absolute bullshit and when we knock over the voice there needs to be a commission look into all this rubbish. If they cannot prove by something factual or written that they were there and are the official Custodians, (not owners as they were all nomadic) then this crap has to be stopped. They are trying to seize land everywhere and no proper studies are going into it. They must prove they used it and they must do this at their expense. Failure to do so and its kicked into touch. Remember this was all vacant land until we planted the flag. These lying dreamtimers are trying to get anything they can especially when the land is now valued at millions of dollars or has rich minerals in it. They opened our eyes and ears with this bullshit voice so now let's use the laws to fix these fools. The time for them getting everything for nothing without proper investigation has to cease. Thank you you lying little mumbler for starting this rubbish on your voice. It has certainly opened all our eyes and its time to fix things up. Prime realestate in on Sydney's North Shore has been subject to an Aboriginal Land Claim, which was first made in 2009.

Another great candidate in the field early. Landslide in 2024.

So glad she decided to run again, Labor is on the nose and the incumbent is incompetent

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