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National Miscarriage Awareness Day ... See MoreSee Less

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I cannot see why everything these days has to be bigger than Ben Hur and put out in the public domain for self justification. Today when we can leave full term babies to die after a late term abortion, without a second thought, I will never understand why there is the double standard with all this fuss over a miscarriage. Abortion and miscarriage are the same thing. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

Been through two of these circumstances some time ago and can't really see where two days of leave will assist. Most people just suck it up and get on with life.

My mum had three miscarriages after me we had 8 kids in our family but she never told all of australia or needed time away get over your self's the word is turning into a bunch of sook's and wingers some things need to be kept to your own family

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Hey lnp, what are YOU going to do about that Darwin port thingy!??? What, it's owns by CHINA! Who leased to them? Gee who could that be? I bet any money YOU LNP would sell YOUR grand mothers to the Chinese if there was a buck in it! Oh & what about the Newcastle port on nsw?

We should learn how to vote from them.

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Getting drug & alcohol effected persons dropped off at a psychiatric emergency facility rather than a hospital will allow the hospitals to become a safe & functioning facility. This would ease the burden also on first responders & police & prevent ramping.

We know the WHO is in China’s pocket, so they’ll screw us over again yet.

Hey lnp federal, what's happening to YOUR women voters? Just wait till the women stop cleaning, washing & ironing your clothes! And then there's the meals & getting the food! Worse still no sex! Gee LNP federal, YOU have us right where YOU us! YOU lot are SCREWED! Good luck YOU'RE sure as HELL (satan) are going to need it!

25 years today. Yet it still seems like only yesterday our hearts were shattered on that terrible Sunday.

28 April 1996. Port Arthur.

35 innocent people taken from us. 23 more wounded in that heinous and cowardly act.

To call to mind the names of those who died is heart-breaking.

Victims as young as 3 and as old as 72.

Among them โ€œa lovely, devoted coupleโ€.

โ€œThe happiest girls in the worldโ€.

An โ€œadored Nannaโ€.

A โ€œhumble manโ€ who โ€œsimply wanted to serve.โ€

And a woman who โ€œbrought joy and warmth to all who knew her.โ€

Today we remember and send our love to all those who still bear the scars of that terrible day. The families and friends of those who died; the injured, the survivors, the first responders and all those who witnessed and were impacted by the unspeakable horror of that day.

We remember the incredible bravery and selflessness as well - the family members who sought to shield and protect others.

We pay tribute to the strength, resilience and courage of the local Tasmanian community and to all those who could never forget but still found a way to heal.

We look to the light that was found from the darkness of that day. Light like the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, which Walter Mikac named for his two daughters he lost that day, and which is dedicated to keeping children safe from violence and bullying.

We also give thanks for the courageous response to this terrible event by former Prime Minister John Howard and former Deputy Prime Minister, the late Tim Fischer, supported by then Leader of the Opposition Kim Beazley, who put in place some of the strongest gun laws in the world today, that have served to keep Australians safe.

May Walter, and all the families of the victims taken from us that day, be comforted and renewed on this day.
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A terrible event that I remember well. You are correct, courage shown by the then political leaders to make actual change to make Australia a safer place based on their beliefs rather than what they thought would be popular. Something we don't see so often anymore. I am saddened that people think there is some sort of cover up despite there being no evidence of anything other than a seriously mentally ill man going on a rampage. It is terrifying to read the reports of what happened that day.

Such a tragedy! What did that creep prove? Nothing!!


Witnesses were never interviewed Scott Morrison (ScoMo) The shooting began inside the cafe. Second shooter on the hill opposite the cafe. Bryant drove up after shooting began. These are words provide by a person who was in the cafe, when the shooting began.

And still no coronial inquest.

allow citizens to protect themselves

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The Qld government is too interested on wasting money they dont have on the olympic games than spending it in areas it is needed

Keep international borders shut

Hey is it true that scumo is telling everyone that GOD spoke to HIM! Gee, lnp YOU bloody lot are seriously DELUSIONAL! YOU lot are not working on all pistons!

Same problems in South Australia and Tasmania and Western Australia and no doubt New South Wales. Using general hospital emergency departments for psychiatric admissions is the dumb garbage that only a social worker could dream up. I bet the latter is the real reason that there are many staff bashings in E.D.s. and increased suicides in the community.

Oh yes but we can have the Olympic Games ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

So when this party was in, it was worse. What are you going to do about it. ?. Deleting the waiting list doesn’t magically the problem go away…


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Thank you.

Kellyโ€™s family know they are not alone.
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Dianna Kuhl are you and Peter serious. Two sides to a story, OMG but one side of the story takes the other side of the story out in the back yard and uses flames and sets the one side of the story on fire and kills them. I hope I am never on a jury with you two. But you are both entitled to your opinion, I will be sure never to have an argument with you two, you may take me outside and set me on fire, because I do not agree with you

Thank you Sam O’Connor for being a caring, empathetic person.

Wow Peter Smith this comment is not called for. Who killed who

we did this for Hannah and her children unfortunately nothing changes๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฅ€

Dreadful loss..โš˜

Can we have guns for self defence yet.

RIP beautiful girl. โคโคโคโค

Too bad she wasn't allowed to defend herself and required government to "protect" her



Don't jump to conclusions without learning of her husband's pain. It takes two to tango, she may have done her evil bit too.

Oh so sad

Bless her.

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ANZAC Day 2021 ... See MoreSee Less

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Brien Timu. Have some RESPECT.

Well said

Well said Thank you

Just what the alleged lnp criminals want! Any marketing tactic will be used! "Let US forget" all those that died from ROBODEBT, indigenous mothers and fathers that died in police custody, those loved ones that died, from COVID19, in federally funded age in VIC!

Lest we forget Rip all Angel hero eye eye sir ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ‘

So glad you are on-board Peter with the Armed Forces.


Lest we forget.

So so true, Peter, well said. You should be our PM. Scomo is chicken livered, he hasn't got enough guts to push his navel out the weak Bastard

Peter ... keep up the good work.

Brine Timu what is funny about my comment

THE ONLY PROJECT THE WORLD NEEDS ONLY NEEDING FUNDING FOR WAGES!!!! LETS GET IT DONE AUSTRALIA!!! #australianpipelinesprojectwateronly sustainable development breaking Australian economy records Australia must .stop foreign abns . stop foreign ownership major Australian infrastructure project thousands of workers needed to the Pm of Australia and states our water supply is in crisis and action is required now! as this can greatly reduce unemployment numbers and also provide a sound future for crops and livestock whilst expanding to areas once we're unable to produce more from our lands, this is a major infrastructure program that will go over a long period of time and will be built by Australian owned companies along with Australian people to gain financial benefit and future prosperity this is a no brainer. act on this now.!! My name is (Edward cruckshank) and I am here today to explain my plans to you, and hope you really take note at how my projects can / will fix a lot of problems we face today! my projects will need all states and All states need to agree, all states. Australia wide. as will all countries! worldwide projects were life is the winner. food water job and a home is what makes a good life and if you have a family plus the above then it turns into a beautiful life. and should count yourself real lucky I want to pay it forward with your help. Dot points. Ocean, pipelines, desalination plants,pumps solar etc multiple times multiple states multiple country's These are all achievable and cost afective How we / I would go about doing it. Firstly we make channels in all states Australia wide from the ocean, in All states we also have settling dams, we than close it of, once full, we let the water sit for a week or so to help the seperating of salt. We then have pipelines attached to said dams all stretching out to the most dryest parts and rivers of Australia. Along these said pipelines we also build small scale desalination plants every 100 KMs so as we push the water it will pass through moltable stations, gives moltable chances we than also attache solar farms and wind turbines to help the running of plants. We than also attache the pumps in areas were the landscape is normally to hard for water to flow in return helping the water to flow all the while using the landscape to our advantage. By achieveing this we create jobs , communitys and farms were once no one could live. The economy will triple with in the first year of water access once all states back it and all states start. Implemented once only . Regards Edward cruckshank please call 0477235491 . . #majoraustralianinfrastructureproject.

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Richard Saunders: An Anzac story ... See MoreSee Less

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Keep international borders shut

"Richard, please explain...". Where's Pauline? hahahahaha

Thanks Richard!

Salute to this hero......

Enrol???...he wasn't going to school....its Enlist, he was going to war.

I'm sure this is what this guy was fighting for all those years ago. Thanks LNP for selling us to China!

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Awesome work Dutton ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Liberal winning me back after many disappointing years. Great to see

the nationalistic drum is beating just ahead of a Federal election...

I would not be going to Chine if I was in Business, they are more than likely to Kidnap someone just for this to get back at us, they are a joke, they put massive Tariffs on us for no reason and then they expect us to roll over when they speak, they think they are ever ones masters.

They were stupid enough to enter a contract with an Australian authority who had no legal right to enter such a contract. They did this to circumvent the authority that DID have the right to enter into such a contract. Now they think they can threaten us with retaliation. Logically they should retaliate against the Victorian Govt. the Chinese regime is too smart by half.

Now piss the buggers off out of Port Darwin and take that back Pete. ๐Ÿค“

But the Govt is allowing the New World Order to take place

that is the most sensible thing chrome dome has said in years.

So are we going to encourage a rearming of the populous so we don’t have to surrender?

The sale of the Port of Darwin ring a bell....(cough).....(cough)!

And every time they increase tariffs take something else back first one should be no foreign ownership of australian lands. or assets allow leaseing but .not ownership

How about saying no to the Chinese when it came to Darwin ports and the fire sale of Australian land and assets to them.

I think you need to take over the reins Peter, Morrison has got Albo's each way disease and all he is doing is confusing the Greens, they won't know who to preference.

Now overturn the QLD Governments decision to give them a 100 year lease to the islands off QLD in the Whitsundays .

The Liberal Party needs to be made up of all Peter Duttons. Get rid of the left wing snow flakes that have infiltrated your ranks.

That's the Aussie Spirit we commemorate on the 26th. Indeed Lest We Forget.

Also will disagree because he can and has no brains Labour would sell our souls to China if he thought he could get away with it Good on Peter Dutton looking after Australia interests

Trump tried that. Seems the Russians didn't back him last time. (sarcasm) Expect the same tame stream media will do the same here, since we seem to follow the global left lead.

This Belt road cancellation of contract was done ages ago (8 months ago or so ) because I remember Andrews commenting on it at one of his Covid update daily briefings. Why is it being rehashed or dramatised now?

But what are we doing to reduce our dependence upon cheap Chinese imports and manufacture our own goods?

So glad we are starting to stand up to China, they seem to think they can do as they like and we just accept I hope we can find other outlets for our farmers, seafood and wine industries tell China we don't need them

Rescind the lease on the Port of Darwin next

The sooner we are no longer reliant on China the better. I feel sorry for the Chinese people, they will suffer but their government are devious.

Plenty of native bats causing a problem in my neighbourhood. We could export them to China?

Labor won’t agree ,,but we have to take a stand against Chinas bullying

Could the LNP stop unnecessarily provoking China? Some measures are of course needed, but this government has taken relations to an all time low. Diplomacy is needed now. Perhaps Kevin Rudd could give some advice, he does understand their culture.

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Questions to the Premier ... See MoreSee Less

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Shame on the State Government and the Judges and Magistrates who give these dangerous people Bail! Perhaps the judges who give them Bail should be charged with accessory to murder!

She will never do anything.

Why did Scott Morrison use an RAAF Jet to attend a Religious Conference. It now appears Scott Morrison took a RAAF jet to open a Pentecostal conference on Tuesday where he delivered a speech saying Australia needs the Church. The question many people are asking is, didn’t Bronwyn Bishop lose her job for hiring a helicopter to attend a Liberal party function? It begs the question why is a RAAF VIP Jet so suddenly available after Kristina Keneally took commercial flight to Christmas Island because no government aircraft were available. So how come Scott Morrison can do this with impunity and the Mainstream Media doesn't report it . Why is Scott Morrison being protected? If this was a Labor Prime Minister the Media led by the Newscorp Newspapers and SKY-TV News would be demanding resignations and investigations. But because it's Scott Morrison and he is protected species . Talk about self entitlement. It is a blatant misuse of taxpayers money. Where the majority Australia's do not support the aims and ideology of the Australian Christian Churches and their sometimes extreme beliefs. It’s because of Morrison’s Pentecostalism that we got the milkshakevideo. These days in Australian politics there is one rule for Scott Morrison and a rule for the rest of us . Scott Morrison comes across as a self entitled greedy man who doesn't give a bugger about anyone else as long as he gets his own way. The Daily Times and Twitter

The people need to wake up and vote her out why is she still in

How about you all come up with a solution instead of your pathetic point scoring. It’s the reason why we have labour you aren’t any opposition at all. This is a community problem not a political one. How about you all get to work and by that I mean all politicians both sides of the fence together, surely with the so called intelligence you all have it can be a quick fix to change a couple of laws and start taking DV seriously

Like Trump ScoMo is in tune with the bottom run of his Redneck supporters

The false allegation DVOS are triggering genunie DV after the fact. Cut out the false accusations first. Fix the family court where all this ends up as government turns Dads into criminals to make millions off a flawed family law system. Stop The War On Dads


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