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We're focused on sustainable population growth in Australia.
Bill Shorten and Labor have the wrong priorities.
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Were focused on sustainable population growth in Australia.
Bill Shorten and Labor have the wrong priorities.

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Shorten makes my skin crawl ., he is a a deceiving conniving manipulator , distrustful and corruot as hell !

It's always the case, the Labor govt puts us into red, then the Liberal govt back to green. Spend, spend, spend until the next govt fixes it up for them. When are the voters ever going to learn? Stick with the libs or choose Conservatives, I'd say.

Liberals need to start being loud about what labor’s plans are and show Australia what will happen again . Labor seem to be selling their lies everywhere. History is going to repeat itself again , just as the libs get us back in the green again . They will spend the lot , up our tax’s and destroy the money earning sectors that keep the economy strong . Watch the building trade suffer first .

Scomo is the right person for the leadership of our country into the future, infrastructure, hospitals better roads etc is needed before we can grow the community the UN is not our friend, does not have a heart for the benefit of Australia

Useless, lying, untrustworthy, creepy Shorten.

Well done to the Liberal govt. Always sensible. Always can be relied upon to see us through.

Bill Shorten MP has always given me the creepy crawly's when ever I see him

Scariest 4 words in the english language "PRIME MINISTER BILL SHORTEN"

Scomo you are doing a fantastic job. God help us if Shorten comes in

I know him from 15yrs ago, he was crooked then as well.

The one in the right has never had any idea he is not a leader and God help Australia if he should take the place of one!

Scott Morrison if he is going to have any chance of winning, needs to get us out of the UN, Paris climate, and start being loud and clear as to what Labor will do to our borders, taxes etc etc. That is the only way he will win back my vote.

Shorten couldnt run a barn dance

On this picture, I am definitely supporting the LEFT! But ONLY because The Coalition, Liberal Leader #ScottMorrison is on the Left side! PLEASE KEEP #ScottMorrison as #PrimeMinisterOfAustralia ❤️🇦🇺❤️

Why don't you go further and stop giving any money to the UN? All they seem to do is pass resolutions condemning peaceful democracies and use my tax money to do it. UNEXIT.

Why dont the liberals have advertising . labour are all over the place. the liberals need to start being vocal if they want any chance to win this election. Start advertising for goodness sake.

ScoMo over BS any day. However, ScoMo’s inability to move the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem was a weak moment in his prime ministership. Still he’s ahead on preferred prime minister due to BS out of touch UN policies.

I will vote for the guy who looks after war vets the pensioners and the elderly before anyone else.

I’m not in the marketing game... but this is a very poor effort!!! I’ve got a banner that says I’m buying lotto tickets.. but it means bugger all of there is no detail!! Policy people. Policy!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

It’s time to introduce a system similar to jury service to get real people running this country.

It's all an auction of stolen goods anyway...!

enjoy a last ever lib party about to join democratics in history

If shitty shorten gets in Australia is sunk

Libs must improve their communication if they want to win public support. Economically the year has been a success. Amongst other things it should be shouted from the rooftops.

And fed police are already and have been doing potatoes with border forces for many years now since Kevin 07 and prior

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We're fixing Labor's mess and getting Australia's economy back on track. ... See MoreSee Less

Were fixing Labors mess and getting Australias economy back on track.

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Some people have very short memories about labor. Do hope that never get back into power. If they do we are doomed

Will be the same old cycle, LNP claws back the deficit in time for Labor to destroy it all over again

Lost my job when Labor was last in office. In fact, in our household either my husband or I have lost a job whenever Labor is in government. Says a lot of them, doesn't it.

People can't see the good that this Gov.has done,and They will vote Labour in and there will be Death taxes,carbon tax boats will come again.and we will be on our knees again.

2008-2009 was such a huge swing. To go from almost 20 billion surplus to rock bottom once Labor came along.

Will laugh when Labor get in negative gearing ends,boats return and carbon tax 2.0 returns and the Labor lovers will be calling for bills head on a platter and Albanese Rudds him

And Labor had the mining boom revenue and they still could not make a surplus. Always spend spend spend with Labor. Remember Pink Batts, BERS and 900 handouts to all and sunder. You have gotta laugh.

What's new. For 46 years now Labor stuffs it up and the Liberals/Nationals are left to fix it up! Goes back to the Whitlam disaster days. Remember the Kehmlani Loans Affair! And all the affairs since. Remember Hawke saying in 1991 "there will be no child living in poverty . . . ". The kids of 1991 are in the 18 - 34 year old group of today and are Shorten's biggest support. Maybe they should speak to their parents?

A job well done however I feel that the most of our handout dependant citizens in Australia do not rate this as an achievement sadly

Labor inherited a recession. Steered us successfully through it and was blocked by you from doing anything on climate change. You have had 6yrs to do something about it n have completely bungled it. Household debt is a mess.

Get out there and sell it, your on a winner.


It’s great news but unfortunately you have less than zero chance of retaining government at the next election. Therefore we will have 2 terms of a Shorten lead union run federal government. Their fiscal folly will see this country broke for a generation. And who’s fault is it? I would say Abbott & his gang of misfits & Barnaby Joyce. If the MP’s are incapable of selecting a suitable parliamentary leader they are not deserving of my vote.

Dan Cox -- You can wake up now. You are only dreaming. 😂😂😂😂

Can we see more funding into renewable energy ? I know a few think it's a hoax, though I am of the age bracket that this will cost billions in my lifetime and my children, the science is clear and earth scientists even scientists in fossil fuel industries agree it's a real threat, I'd like to see more from the liberals on this instead of saying nothing and boosting the deniers conformational bias from phony numbers and disinformation.

Couldn't you use that surplus money to pay off debts? Long term, paying less interest is vastly better.

please fix the internet or soon there will be no ecconomy left!!!

Under our constitution which is still valid unless change by referendum... states that we can never be in debt because we can make our own money and we have all the resources and skill to build anything in Australia

Economic and Fiscal Outlook its an outlook doesn’t guarantee anything

Something labor will never do.

This is good news and good work. Shame about the Israeli affair which is a total, terrible, and totally avoidable embarrassment.

The last 3 bars haven’t happened yet

*At the expense of Australians that can least afford it. SHAME

Depends what you mean by mess 🙂

Wage rise? Cost of living? Public debt? What is the benefit of a surplus if housing affordability is at an all time low, and the surplus is at the cost of education, healthcare, the environment, utilities, etc...

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Backing Queensland's Bait Prawn Industry
🐟🐟 We're protecting Moreton Bay prawn stocks and supporting jobs in the Queensland bait prawn industry as they recover from the white spot outbreak.
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Backing Queensland's Bait Prawn Industry

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Stop the importation of prawns into this country Australia will just have to rely on seasonal variations like we did before .The price of bowing to the demands of the large corporations to import is not worth wiping out our world class produce .

Cass Ln cameo by Bretto in there


It's not about banning the imports into Australia, its about you n is supporting Australian companies and buying local, your the one at the register paying for the product, do some research!

What about reports that there have been fresh imported prawns that are infected

The imports are part of trade agreements which are a necessary evil . We have the power and Choice . DONT BUY IMPORTS if you don’t want them. As a community we must walk our talk, we must also understand whatever government is power has a responsibility to negotiate trade agreements in a international capacity.

The sooner you lot of COALition DINOSAURS are voted out of power the better for Australia !!

I am just repeating what was reported in the newspaper I imagine if it was incorrect there would have been an outcry

Politics really covers everything Benjamin Nance.

Isaac meets the PM

Dave McLoughlin

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Bill Shorten's 12 Days of Christmas!
Bill Shorten's 12 Days of Christmas - presents Australia can't afford.
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Bill Shorten's 12 Days of Christmas!

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Haters gonna hate but don't you think this is just pathetic adult bullying LNP. I think both major parties have plenty of shortcomings but c'mon this is just sad and piss-poor. Bah humbug to you all!


😂 wow the LNP must be pretty resigned to the fact they are going to lose the federal election. You guys are making it so easy.

Classic. How anyone with a brain would vote for this clown

That's two days more than the LNP plan to sit in Parliament. You'd almost think they were afraid to turn up.

Why split Jerusalem? Did the PM seek advice from the Party first?

If you guys spent less time flinging poop at the other parties like this and actually governing, imagine how much could have potentially been achieved for the good of your constituents? Really scraping the barrel here.

Sums it up perfectly- just love it- the LNP need more of this the people of Australia should never forget what a labor government does to the country

Did y'all cheap out on a video editor and go straight for the Snapchat filter?

Bloody brilliantly done, pity it’s true.

Any chance of another video explaining how this is meant to eventuate? Seems rather 'Trumpish': catch phrases without any fact checking.

This is the reason why Bull Shortarse needs to consult the dictionary to define the words...HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRICAL and HYPOCRACY.

LNP shitposting, relinquish your control of the main account

And that’s only 12 days. There’s plenty more bad news ahead. Vote LaborGreens LAST preference everytime

Love propaganda. Makes me laugh. Thank you.

Brilliant satire... How long before the left tries to ban it!

Kiro Grace Edward I don’t think it matters what side of politics you’re on, this is great marketing.

Classic. Very clever. Hopefully, this clip will be unearthed during tghe election period come May. Populace have very short pun intended.

Harrison Thompson I personally was a fan of the big tax on poor retirees being the first day of Christmas. Watching that old bloke crack 13 times over certainly wasn't gaush at all.

He is going to end up with all proud self supporting retirees on pensions. How is that going to help Australia. As children we were taught to save to take of ourselves!!!

No policies or vision for this country, just grubby childish antics of a party in chaos

Don't know how people can vote for them. Very well done.

Funny Possibly true. You think so I think so. 😩😩😩😩

Sad but true, surprised they didn't have, people sex confusions.

Lil Willy Short-on length is a FAR QUIT

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Bill Shorten and Labor's policies will restart the people smuggling trade. Last time there were over 50,000 arrivals in 800 illegal boats causing a budget blowout of $16 billion. ... See MoreSee Less

Bill Shorten and Labors policies will restart the people smuggling trade. Last time there were over 50,000 arrivals in 800 illegal boats causing a budget blowout of $16 billion.

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Please tell us something we didn't already know. Of course the Labor/ union movement have no intention of stopping the queue jumpers. More voters for Labor...

Shifty Shorten buying votes .

Liar Bill has NO CLUE

Can we swap 10,000 Labor/Green supporters??

Bill should be in the asylum.

Look up Liar in the Dictionary and there's a picture of Bill Shorten! 🤔

Bill the tosser at it again his ego will be the end of him

Shorten will be knifed within a year to 18 months and Plebawankerbitch will be PM

Don't be dumb and vote for labour!

Bill thinks he can keep border security as it is when he wins. He will not be able to control the Greens and the lefties in his party. Bill will be controlled by his own party and owned by the unions. Silly Billy.

Well he won't be a proud man if things go horribly wrong will he?. On his conscience and he will be judged.

Votes are what it’s about not Australia

Disgusting; Shorten will probably change his mind next week.

Just buying votes labor and greens .a cocktail for disaster .distroy Australia. Go on many dont care. anyways.

Shorten reckons he’s got this election won and he’s just counting on buying himself a further 10,000 votes for the next election.

& a few more will die on the way over. What cost a life Bill?

This will get the boats ready chaos will reign again

10k how yo vote labor cards at taxpayers expense

Plus all those that die trying to get here 1500 approx last time but they do t care

The cost too Australia is on going because every event or gathering is subjected to terror threats, which did not exist until hoards of Middle Eastern islemich boat ppl arrived. Welcomed by the ALP during there tenure in power. Lord help us if stupidity vote put them back. Typical of the younger generation thinking they are getting something for nothing!!!!! All they will get is, facing mecca 5 times a day or having their head chopped off!!! 😢😢

You would have to be dumb to vote Labor!!!!

are 10,000 people working now or are they bludging & getting everything for free while our sitizans have to wait in ques to see specialists doctors/hospitals?

Yep. Eternally grateful Labor voters. Thanks uncle Bill for the dole and the free tv...oh and how many votes do you want?

Open the flood gates Labor is on it's way!


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Last time under Labor there were over 50,000 arrivals in 800 illegal boats causing a budget blowout of $16 billion.

Under Labor, it would happen again.
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Last time under Labor there were over 50,000 arrivals in 800 illegal boats causing a budget blowout of $16 billion. 

Under Labor, it would happen again.

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Labor had better be prepared for a yellow-vest revolution ...

if treating refugees like human beings starts up people smuggling i see it as a small price to pay for my humanity

Please don't vote Labor our country of Australia will be over run !!

Labor has lost the plot even worse than the LNP and that is with its act together, god knows what insanity they will come up with when they get in.

Just can’t trust them

100% correct; keep up the good work.

Is this another scare campaign

More votes for the Labor Party?????? - you have to be joking

Mr Dutton Why not fly two Australian doctors on a surprise visit to Nauru to shut down the debate. Simple

This is the one big issue that the LNP need to hammer home before the election to have any hope. This and spiralling power prices will ensure that Shorten only gets one term.

That’s what it will be !

Where do they land? I want to set up a coffee stand truck.


It will be worse this time round

Boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats boats

That's FOUR posts since December started which are pretty much nothing except a meme about asylum seekers and boat people flooding Australia if Labor takes office. Your dog-whistle is getting shriller with every passing day. Do you honestly think anyone other than your hard base is buying it? Do you really believe you're going to convince the moderates that an armada of nebulous bad guys, the 'bad hombres' Trump conjures up for his radical base, are coming for their homes and livelihoods? When those everyday Australians have seen their homes and livelihoods decline over the last five years not at the hands of boat people but at the hands of LNP policy and economics? As to budget blowouts, the LNP has added $160 billion to Australia's net debt since it took power in September 2013. Sure, Labor added $215 billion between 2007 and 2013 but there was that 'little bump in the road' called the Global Financial Crisis to consider. So on the whole you guys can hardly 'call the kettle black'.

We know but it's too late, Labor has convinced the majority they aren't the devil again.

This is nothing but a complete LIE , there is no such thing about 50,000 illegal arrivals in australia , and you run australia.

The Libs are now going to underwrite a COAL fired power station Morrison recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .Putting Australian lives at risk in Indonesia,..How anyone could vote for the LNP is beyond me ..The COALition are a bunch of idiots .cant wait to see them voted out of power .Bring on the election !

A cautionary tale for Snotty Magoo and the criminal organization known as the LNP. The execution of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini marked an ignominious end for the swaggering Fascist. Mussolini, his mistress and his fascist aides were executed by former partisans (supporters) as they tried to flee Italy. They were shot dead, then their corpses were beaten and urinated upon and finally left to hang upside down, for public display, from a rusty beam outside a petrol station.

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There are many Labor MP's who want to change Australia's strong border protection. Labor can't be trusted with border security. ... See MoreSee Less

There are many Labor MPs who want to change Australias strong border protection. Labor cant be trusted with border security.

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Will somebody please deregister the Labour Party before they totally stuff our country.

The Australian, Murdoch's contribution to the lib scare campaign, some lib pollies might want a change too, totally meaningless.

Labor and the Greens - we care nothing for the future of Australia as long as we get to bring in people who will vote for us

with the national debt running at 870Billion plus, politicians need to have the blow torch put on them as to how they are fixing the issues, tell the lobby groups to stick their heads where the sun does not shine.

On Peter Dutton’s watch. The people smugglers are doing more business than ever. The difference is that their clients are arriving by plane rather than boat and are less likely to be genuine refugees. The Home Affairs Department website shows 27,931 protection visa applications were made in the latest financial year by plane arrivals. The previous record number of asylum seekers was 26,845 in the 2012-13 financial year when 18,365 protection visa applications were made for boat arrivals and 8480 for those who came by plane...64,362 protection visa applications have been made by unvetted individuals who have arrived by plane while Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton were the relevant ministers....Just shows that the LNP are the REAL Treat to Australia....

They did so for goodness sake make a new law that stops the doctors having the control of our borders, the Government needs to be the ones to decide

Labor liars party. Remember Rudd saying that he wouldn't undo Howard's boarder protection laws. Yea right, look out for Shorten to say we will not change boarder law. Ahhhhhh! Lol.😉

When you guys get a backbone and get us out of the Paris Agreement and back religious freedom of private schools schools....and free speach... and a few other things, people will flock to you in droves and you would be able to govern in your own right.

Bloke couldn't turn up to Parliament for two weeks to avoid being referred to high court , suddenly fine to dog whistle now parliament is closed.What a gutless spud

Philip's and Friends' Political Analysis & Satire: The News Makers 5 hrs · Another excellent post from the Independent Labor news page ALPHRW. The author is a qualified Demographic researcher and former Labor Staffer. (Bernstein) ALPHRW - MONDAY POST ARE YOU BETTER OFF AFTER 5 YEARS OF LIBERAL GOVERNMENT Its a question I asked yesterday of various people I met in the Brisbane Suburbs of Wynnum, Morningside, Jindalee and Sumner Park on this Sunday just gone. The answer was a resounding "No" All the participants felt their standard of living had gone backwards. The two biggest complaints were the substantial rises in the cost of living which was narrowed down to Food prices and Electricity costs followed by other fees and charges. This was then followed by peoples concerns about lack of wage growth. Here are some typical responses With Self Funded Retires, they advised they were having to draw more and more on their savings as the interest earned was too low to live off. Jenny (aged 72) who is a self funded retiree told of watching her nest egg quickly reduce as she was forced to draw upon it every 3 or so months . " My Financial Adviser has told me under the present conditions I'll be on the Age Pension within Two Years as I simply don't have enough Superannuation". "My Financial Adviser tells me over 70% of Australians in my age group are faced with the same issue I have". Jenny thought Scott Morrison was a poor choice for Prime Minister, he just doesn't have the look of a Leader in my book and his yelling and shouting just turns me off". "I'm angry with he Liberals, I'm tied of their Boys club antics, I'm so over it", Said Jenny. "I'll be voting Labor in the Reps and Greens in the Senate", said Jenny. Pensioner respondents all advised they were doing it tough, very tough . John (not his real name) aged 83, confessed to being a life long Liberal voter . "Not this time" he said "I'm not voting for that Morrison, its that half smart smug look he has on his face that pisses me off". "I'm going to give Bill Shorten a go , I like the way he talks". John who is a widower (for 4 years) said he struggled to live and pay his everyday bills. He hadn't bought new clothing for years and hoped his car would hold out till he stopped driving. To get by, John now had a large vegetable garden in his back yard and any spare produce was shared with some of his other elderly neighbors. John says all of his Pensioner friends are in the same circumstances as he is. John said he lived off his Garden and bought tinned meat, Mince and Sausages, it was impossible to buy any other cuts of meat as he couldn't afford to do so. To eat a Rump Steak was now a thing of the past for John. All this makes John angry, "I've worked all my life, paid my tax and the feeling I get is the Liberals want me to die". Such things as private Health Cover or Pay TV were impossible now in Johns life. John said if it wasn't for his son and daughter in law he would be dead as they support him as much as possible but they have their own bills to pay too. In John's view the Pension needed to be increased by $200.00 a week. Yet other Pensioners who responded to questions fully acknowledged their lifestyle had gone backwards and they were struggling, but couldn't bring themselves to vote Labor. I'd rather struggle under the Liberals than Labor said one woman who happily answered my questions. This time our demographic research also questioned several people under 25 years of age. The 10 respondents in this age group all held fears for the future of the earth and were tied of being told by the likes of Scott Morrison Climate Change isn't real or its not a threat. Andrea (aged 23 who works 3 days a week in Child Care) said she thought the Liberals were completely out of touch, "I want a future for my son, and at the moment I don't see one for him at all, the Liberals keep telling us they have created a Million jobs, well if they have I don't see it, in my circle of friends we are all doing it hard and if it wasn't for my parents I'd be out on the street ". Andrea said she and her friends were voting for Bill Shorten. Jim and Cathy are a married couple both aged 38 they both work, they have two teenage children. They admit they voted for Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull, both say Julia Gillard didn't do it for them. Cathy said, "Gillard's monotone voice used to just grate me". But this time we are both voting Labor, Scott Morrison comes across as a arrogant man, we are doing it tough and really can't make ends meet, we have gone backwards, yet all we see are the handouts and tax breaks going to Big Business and not us the little people. Even with the Election we won't be believing the Liberal promises, Tony Abbott did a lot of damage when he went on Television the night before the 2013 Election and said one thing and did the opposite, his broken promises hurt a lot of honest families along the way. Another point Cathy (an enrolled Nurse) raised was the reduction is wages and penalties, already I've seen Nursing agencies in Victoria wanting to abolish weekend penalty rates and other payments, for me that was the straw that broke the camels back Yes we are voting for Bill Shorten and Labor this time, enough is enough. When questioned about voting for the likes of Pauline Hanson, all respondents surprisingly answered "No". Australia is hurting, yet the Liberals under Scott Morrison's Leadership are oblivious to the peoples concerns. The people want change and they are angry, most respondents thought the Liberals were only in it for themselves or were governing for Big Business and not the ordinary people. Scott Morrison's personal behavior was another factor people took into account, the arrogance, the smugness and the general feeling Morrison was very happy to leave ordinary Australians behind. Another observation was people's dissatisfaction with the Media, the most common comment was the Murdoch Media and how it was no more then a Liberal Party propaganda platform. For the first time respondents all said they had stopped buying Murdoch Newspapers, this observation is evidenced by the falling circulation figures of the Murdoch Newspapers. The last observation was, not one respondent watched SKY-TV

Is this shite the only thing you guys are going to be shoveling for the next six months? Because it's not going to get you the mileage you seem to think it will. The vast majority of people are not scared of the off-white/not-white boogeyman under the bed you are warning them lies in wait for a Labor government. They're worried about keeping their lights on, about affording decent food, about their bills outpacing their wages, about their children's future, about their retirement being secure, about their health, about education expenses and a dozen other REAL THINGS that affect their lives. Your dog-whistle won't work for the very reason it's a dog-whistle, it's at a pitch that only a few will actually hear and pay attention to.

Labor won't stop the boats - THEY NEED THE VOTES!

It is not just the border protection look at the stupidity in Victorian voter voting in a bunch of labor crooks that not only ripped of the taxpayers funding their red shirt mob they attacked the police to divert the attention we have the stock markets going south because if labor gets in the economy will head south they promising monies we do have when will it stop we can't afford Bill shorten and his cronies to do another Rudd and Gillard and send us into a trilliuon dollars of debt

Here come the boats again.

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1 week ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Today is the 110th anniversary of Australia's National Flag ... See MoreSee Less

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And should remain forever.✔️👍🇦🇺

Hope it is still Australias flag in another 110 👍👍👍

We should be very proud and always fight for this flag. Which is symbol of this nations past and future! 😊😊😊

Excellent & lets keep it.

And don't go changing it....🇦🇺

A great day!

Proudly flying at our residence

Don't worry, Labor and the Greens will change our national flag to a rainbow coloured sun rising from Ayers rock.

The ONLY Flag


Flying it at home.

Live up to it guys!!

Not much out of 65,000 years of Australian history

Looksb good for me leave it there for ever.

Will keep it flying for another 100 years. Good on you. Australia.

We are way overdue for a new flag

Let it fly with pride be strong Australia

And made law in the 1950s by Menzies I believe.

#COP24 'Libs your on my turf now!' #climatetrials

The original flag was red not navy blue, remains the best Australian flag!

.....and there is no need to change it.

This flag was only introduced in the early 1950's. Prior to that it was red. So once more the LNP has it wrong

Go aussie

It was originally Red , not Blue . , I think Prime Minister Menzies transferred our Red ensign to be used by the R.A. N . and the Blue Ensign to be used as our National Flag of the the Commonwealth of Australia. ??? Our Beautiful Flag May it Fly Over Us for Ever ( Our Australian Flag meant the flag of Freedom for so many European Migrants Fleeing Tyranny back " Home." )🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿.

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Under Labor, there were over 50,000 illegal arrivals on over 800 boats. Too many people tragically drowned at sea and it cost Australian taxpayers billions of dollars.

You can’t trust Labor with border security.
... See MoreSee Less

Under Labor, there were over 50,000 illegal arrivals on over 800 boats. Too many people tragically drowned at sea and it cost Australian taxpayers billions of dollars.

You can’t trust Labor with border security.

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Kevin 07 what a disaster for our country.


Same old same old, lying Labor and there old tricks!

Trust shifty Shorten ?? No way .

LNP softens their supporter base by committing reverse Hari Kari. It’s like regular Hari Kari But you hold the knife outward and fall into your leaders back.

Why flood the country with people who you are going to have to look after when there is so much need already here lets look after those people first.

A vote for Bill will see your power bills skyrocket.

A billion dollars is nothing to Bill. He was part of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government. A billion dollars was small change to them.

Do you need to show fake Bill fake Shorten can’t look at him .

Labor means more BS.

If they get in maybe that’s what the majority of people want ??????

Australia is Full now.. no more people please..

Here we go again LNP reaching out to to the tiny minority who should be voting for Pauline Hanson. How about you drop the Politics of fear and Inspire us with visionary progressive policy !

But wont Liberals do the same ?

And that will ultimately hurt existing Australian's their Jobs!

what a prat

Don't give Shorten your vote.

Lyin Bill at his best, now how is the LNP going to follow through with this Lyin Bill's support for softening border protection

Well the sad and unfortunate part about all this is that if you vote LABOR and Bill Shorten in next Federal Election you ARE going to have more boat people and more bullshit from the Unions. So what are the options? Either other smaller parties or LNP! That's the only choice we have left to us!

You guys/girls talk alot of CRAP.. The LNP have learnt nothing from the wipe-out in Victoria, They don't get it, Good policy will get you elected, Scare campaign will see you wipe-out, How hard is that to understand, Slowmo???

The LNP is Australia's equivalent of the criminal organisation known as the USA republican party! And Snotty Magoo is their Trump!

50,000 boat people, 8,000 kids in detention again and another 1000 drowned. And Phelps and all the luvvies will not say a word. Hopefully voters will learn! Give Shorten the short shrift.

Pity we couldn't put him on a leaky boat and send it out to sea

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Labor threatening Border Security
Today, Labor have been trying to erode our strong border security while delaying important anti-terrorism laws. They haven't learned from the last time they were in Government and we will do everything we can to stop them.
... See MoreSee Less

Labor threatening Border Security

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Please do can’t under stand how people vote for labor knowing their record GOD help us if they ever try to run our country

Go Scott 👏🏻🤩

Vote for labor you vote for disaster simple as that

Good at last common sense.

Scott Morrison = The best Australian Priminister in the entire history of Australia. Finally some guts! Well done PM, well done! Keep going. You r a true Leader!

All good for encryption laws but how to stop the police in convict states like Tasmania abusing it.

Yeah... but look at all the damage Liberals have done. Australia isnt Sydney.

This bill is criminal: “The danger of the counter-terrorism bill is that it does not define terms such as "systemic weakness" and will bind companies to secretive, unethical and probably illegal (to every other country) practices and doubtful accountability.”

Get used to it Labor are going to win because we have presented as a dysfunctional party . And we are !!!!

Yep I reckon the people smugglers will be gearing up again

NO THANKS, those encryption laws are a joke that only provide access to your constituents homes and personal lives. You lost me on that. Labor never had me.

so true .

Good on you SCOTT. Thank God you are running this country.

Dont vote for theses fools, Labor or the Greens these people are a death nail to Australian values

if the ALP ever get back it Australia doomed

get up labor they are dangerous snakes

“Anti-terrorism” is the excuse libs use to gain access to all of our private lives.

Did you idiots see how well your racist "Sudanese gangs" fear campaign went in Victoria.Racist smokescreens dont cut it anymore

*rolls eyes* A few weeks ago the battleground between the LNP and Labour was going to be about economics but it's obvious that someone in their ranks realised that the general public either aren't invested enough in that argument or aren't buying it (and rightly so, things haven't gone bad yet, but it's clear now that things will soon when something gives), so instead they've switched up to a trite 'they won't keep you safe!' scare campaign. It's also telling that the LNP clearly didn't expect Labour to yield on the encryption legislation and were ready to use that as political fodder only to find their thunder stolen when Labour gave their okay. Now it's time to try to scare people with a boogeyman they haven't experienced in half a decade? I'll show you a far more terrifying boogeyman, another term of LNP government so inept that boat people would look like a favourable distraction by comparison. That's a nightmare that haunts people more readily.

Boat people are votes for Labor, and a big expense for the Aussie tax payer. When is enough, enough for Labor!

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