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Queensland taxpayers' money should be kept in Queensland.

But the Palaszczuk Government has spent $1.2 billion of your money outside Queensland. It has taken jobs away from Queenslanders.

Change the government to get Queensland working again.
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Queensland taxpayers money should be kept in Queensland.

But the Palaszczuk Government has spent $1.2 billion of your money outside Queensland. It has taken jobs away from Queenslanders.

Change the government to get Queensland working again.

Comment on Facebook Queensland ...


Leftist run state do people actually believe they would have done the right thing for the people of QLD. If so get off the gear..

I could name a few in the Boat building industry ... many high class Aluminium boat builders here in Queensland that should be building them but they went to NSW, Victoria and some even to Singapore! Ridiculous

How about telling voters something positive about your own LNP policies instead of negatively focusing on Labor.....

Disgraceful Queensland..who is watching your back. Libs how did this happen

And got China to count the last election results in Wuhan electronically

How much to the chinkies ????

She's got to go. ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ

Yer so true Connie

How much did those trains from India cost? And how much to repair? You make us laugh with this hypocritical bullshit.

What about W.A They have given approx. $4 bill in contracts to overseas companies

She has to keep the unionists happy.

Thanks Katter and One Nation for helping them retain power 3 years back.

Labor are nothing but liars!

So much about jobs for Queenslanders.. i wonder how much of that $1.2billion stayed in Australia.Palaczszuk is out of touch with reslity.she's a show premier trotted out by Labor when the backroom boys need a face

This labor government surely has to be booted come October

Typical Labor always spend spend no accountability

Really that is just pathetic the hole idea of tenders is to get the best price for tax payers money .

Thats pretty sad news.

Good on you Anastasia doing a great job

It's Labor they Lie ,Albanese at it again today ,just disgraceful so glad Prime Minister calling him out, just can't trust Labor .

Local Buy?

This corrupt labor government she is the worst state Premier Queensland has ever had and the sooner we get rid of this corrupt labor government the better they have us in Billions of dollars debt

Chop the Chook

Just saw Fiona Simpson talking about how the Labor government outsourced our local government election to the Chinese. Disgraceful!

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8 hours ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Update following today's National Cabinet meeting ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you PM Scott Morrison for your dedication in troubled times throughout this COVID-19. I don’t think there is another person in Australia would have the patience and frustration you have shown. You and Josh Frydenberg deserve a medal. Thank you again

Keep up the good work! We have to get there.

Sure, Ronni. All the half wits and conspiracy theorists on fb and youtube? For sure, they'll tell the truth, NOT!

Stop taking orders from the big end of town, lackey. ICAC now!

And i am not a Victorian speak for your self.

Andrews is a traitor to Oz

Thanks for all you are doing Scomo. I am thankful everyday we don’t have an incompetent labor leader like Andrews.


Your really going to fuck us all !

Why dont you SCUMo ,,tell all ozzies,, that Daniel Andrews has been charged with TREASON

Geoff Metcalf I can’t find the words for people like this person. I think she’s delusional.


Hows the ankle bracelet you've got around your ankle

Scomo go away, control control dictate you mob.

Written by a nurse from Knox Private hospital. This is from a nurse helping out at the towers in Melbourne. Each of these ‘little boxes’ in the locked down Melbourne Towers holds a story. Someone who matters. We are listening and we care. The past 2 days I have had the privilege of being one of a team of nurses from Knox Private Hospital providing Covid swabbing for the residents of the Towers. This pandemic brings out the best in some and the worst in others. These past two days I’ve been lucky to see countless examples of the BEST! Day 1 at Flemington Towers the Co-ordinator expected a team of 14 nurses, he had a hundred or more instead, and a plethora of Paramedics as well. None of us knew what to expect going in. Media reports certainly have done nothing to allay anxiety. There was a lot of time waiting for final permission to proceed whilst safety concerns and logistical issues were ironed out. As we waited we could see faces at various windows watching our preparations. We waved and blew kisses which were returned with joy. Each team that went in had members of our wonderful Victoria Police as escorts for protection which thankfully wasn’t an issue as there was no threat directed towards us at any time. Our team used every door knock as an opportunity to do a welfare check. We asked the question R U OK. My heart (and my eyes, truth be told) is overflowing from the reactions, the love, the gratitude shown by these beautiful people we have met. Yes they are frightened and some are angry, honestly who isn’t? But the vast majority were fully understanding and accepting of why they have been placed in such tight lockdown. Reports that they have no food/supplies are totally unfounded. In the words of one lovely young man “my fridge has never been this full before”. We listened, we cared, I hope we made a difference. Almost every resident was eager to be swabbed (some had already been swabbed in the last few days). They are worried about their jobs and how long this will go on. Unfortunately those are questions we couldn’t answer for them. There is a veritable army of wonderful support people working tirelessly to make sure these people are receiving everything they need both physically and emotionally. We had Interpreters, Social and Mental Health Workers all available to assist. Requests for medications or specific dietary needs were relayed and being met. Again and again we were met at the door by thankful, wonderful people who were as much worried for our safety and well being as their own. Our hearts were melted by sweet cheeky little ones peering round Mumma’s legs at these funny looking nurses in PPE. We shared a bit of our lives with each other and connected in those moments. It’s funny how little details stand out in the midst of crazy times. At the end of the day yesterday as we packed up our trolley of supplies I saw the tissue boxes on other trolleys were exactly like mine. Each one had hastily scribbled ‘requests’ inscribed. Such as No.X-eggs and bread, No.Y-Colgate Toothpaste & Pads, No.Z-onions & tomatoes. Rest assured we passed on those requests and kudos to the male police officer who went back to hand deliver the sanitary pads that one of the Social Workers happened to have with her when we went back down stairs. Together we can make a difference. #staysafe #staystrong #wecare #proudtobeaustralian #covidsucks #theyhavetoiletpaper Edit: Feel free to share. Positive vibes are well worth spreading. Xx

I don't want to find your truth, Ronni. It's sick, twisted and full of half truths and downright lies. Watch out. People are being held accountable for what they say online these days. Someone will see your words and you will be tracked down and held to account. I know someone who lost their house, another person it cost $100,000 for some lies about someone else on her fb page. This garbage spews straight out of your filthy mind and heart. You may get sued, Ronni. You can't keep spreading lies like that with no responsibility for them. You are sick, Ronni. Get help.


What about the white South Africans???

Ronni Sheehan you gutless person. Spread any number of baseless lies about decent people without being held accountable. Your time is coming for sure. It's just a matter of when. Hope you've got plenty of money saved because you'll need it when you get sued by the people you are slandering.

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Annastacia Palaszczukโ€™s plan for roads. ... See MoreSee Less

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Every time this poor excuse for a premier speaks I feel like I’m back in grade 6 in primary school being lectured by the head mistress

She’s an embarrassment ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

Well done Annastacia I’m a Queenslander please shut our borders down

she is lie palaszczuk governemnt is disgusting they stupid premier qld is big lair

Where she’s going, she doesn’t need roads!

Union puppet, Pallashady. Ho hum SEQ dont want her either.

Palaszczuk and her dick Government has to go

Looks like a puppet, acts like a puppet...

That's true the LNP are piss weak

This woman needs to go.

Bye bye you left it to late

I’m a muppet๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


She’s planning to sell them off the useless Bint!

Now I've got a headache

Noooo spare us

I agreed

She is out this time

Chop the Chook


Bit misleading. Obviously in relation to border enforcement, not general roads. Fuck this page scrapes the bottom of the barrel with every post

These comments relate to the current COVID road blocks. If you wish to be a credible option to form government you might try putting forward some positive policy positions. Perhaps your election strategist could be more honest.

Can't look at that face without being upset and sad for my once prosperous State of Queensland with the highest debt of all States and the worst performing State of all in Australian.

Roads ?where she taxing or borrowing money from ?

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s plan is the Cultural Marxist Guide to the Gulag Archipelago! More virtue seeking while driving the Queensland state to bankruptcy!

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Comment on Facebook 3203145336410930

What a lovely family. Children to be proud of.

Some of our next generation are fantastic kids. How about the media starts to share some of these good news stories instead of the doom and gloom they plaster as with.

really not a puppet come on ???CCP love you

A Big thankyou from us.

Isn't that better than running out and protesting against any and everything?

All fuckin idiots !

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Queensland is the only state to cancel its budget.

Today, Laborโ€™s Treasurer refused to tell Queenslanders the current or projected debt level and doesnโ€™t even know how many public servants there are in Queensland.

He also refused to rule out any new taxes.

Only the LNP has a plan to build a stronger economy and create a decade of secure jobs. Part of that is our no new tax guarantee.
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Comment on Facebook Queensland is the ...

I have always been a LNP voter but Deb Frecklington is the weakest leader the LNP has had and is unelectable with her at the helm. Labour will get back in due to there being no credible alternative.

Ask more questions about it then. Dig deeper. Don’t make a lame, toothless statement and leave it at that. I’ve offered many times to be pm’d for further info. At this rate you won’t win.

It is NOT in the agenda of an incumbent that has BORROWED to the hilt in the interests of public servants and unions to ADVERTISE the debt when the general public has had LOST faith in their leadership whereby massive increases in state government fees and charges and loss of state revenue in failed projects compelled with massive increases in state public service employment and THEN to state a decrease in unemployment figures can only be viewed as a corrupt government, however. The state Crime and Corruption Commission can find no fault.

They may not have a budget but they have a plan.... ITS TO TAX QLD’ers TO DEATH

Deb Frecklington what is your plan. !! We are in a crisis situation. Would you cancel the state budget. I’m not Labor but really see it for what it is.

Poor show all around with the State Premiers. Scomo should have taken over the States powers.

I am sick of people knocking Deb give her a go she has to be better than we have now

The chook must go before she stuffs Qld completely.

Labor will only get in if you vote for them. Frecklington may not be loud & boisterous but we need to give her a go at proving herself & to get the job done. She had honest & strong people behind her & an upbringing of not wasting money so I’m going her give her a go. We just can’t let Labor back in or Qld will be stuffed forever if we aren’t already.

I don't know, got a FB post from them yesterday saying how brilliantly their economic plan was working, just didn't mention what it was...

How hypocritical can the LNP stooges get? Attacking the State Labour government for not having a budget but forget that the Federal LNP government did not have a budget in May ..... and we are still waiting.

Kept Queensland safe in our Coronavirus cricise

States usually have their budgets after the federal budget is released so that they can factor in any money coming from them. The federal budget will be in October and Queensland will be having an election then. Some of the lnp states haven't released a budget this year either. The Queensland lnp know this full well.

Richard. Campbell Newman was rolled with Labor’s Annastacia so silly things have happened. Deb is going well n I have faith in her. Cheers

There is no budget because there is no money. Every dollar has been given to public servants and politicians pay packets and dodgie deals done with Communist China. Palaszczuk is incompetent and dictatorial and refuses to put Queensland jobs first to build economy. She has destroyed it.

Don't think you can frame a budget if you've spent everything in the bucket. And, you want to pretend everything is going well...until AFTER the election.

Its Time - She went and someone else should take her place ASAP be it the LNP. At lest I dont think things will go up as much. Like your car rego or Licence by 19% as reported under a Labor government. Where did the money go. Wasted or in her pocket a she is as crook as she come. Why is there NO budget, someone cheating!

Don’t know why anyone votes for a major party there useless Come on Pauline

Not sure but I thought it was in the constitution that the government must supply the people of Queensland a budget of current affairs and projections that is managed by a elected government in a certain time every 12 months the same as the people have to report to the tax office every 12 months

The problem is the people who believe in take take and take some more from taxpayers through this government without working for it will vote for them and their promises to give and give some more.

Seems to be able to have plenty to continue all the expansions and road works for Brisbane Or that’s right l Queensland people have to pay for this because the new ones are not toll roads

You would have to vote informal then Richard as the current premier is a no go and definitely not in touch with the normal people, give Deb Frecklington a go she travels all around the state of Qld meets people who are doing it tough and all and really cares about all of us Qlders, i never see Annastacia out and about only on tv with the corona virus issue which she might think will get her voted back in lol.

I would like to know where Palletjack & Trad are getting the $ from for the Cross River Rail (estimated to finally cost $22 billion, not $5.4) and the 2nd entertainment centre ($2+ billion) for Brisbane. Are they also borrowing from China like Dan Andrew's is?? Or are they robbing public servants Super again?

Is that a guarantee like Tony Abbott’s ‘no cuts to education, health and the ABC’ guarantee? You lot have form.

I have come to an already conclusion that labour cannot manage a 2 year olds piggy bank ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช

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LNP's Youth Crime Crackdown ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 3201343776591086

Something needs to be done to control the little shits and teach them right from wrong. If they can’t learn it from their parents perhaps they can be taught by the army or corrective services!

Make all the laws you like, magistrates and judges administer as they see fit.

Bullshit,U can bash a cop and get a suspension sentence if you're mother of 5.

So you still get a smack on the wrist twice?? 1st offence Flog them at the stake until they cant walk for a month, second offence drag them behind a two horse chariot up ad down a dirt road a couple of times, third offence stake them to a bull ant nest with honey in their eyes, kick em up the nuts/whatever and leave them their.

Would agree with army running it

Deb we could learn from the NT Youth Justice System apparently it’s the best in Australia

Why 3 strikes? So fed up with hearing how harsh the world is to them! Pass legislation to bar poor household / Drug use / Abuse by an uncles uncle.let rage lawyers work for their public defender money not spin lies to a judge.

Wonderful we need a new plan SAVE OUR FUTURE GENERATION S

What nonsense how are you going to be able to afford it Deb. Try concentrating on serious issues like rebuilding the states finances

Why would the army want anything to do with the little bedwetters

Detention is what it’s called it should be run by the Army to Teach them Respect and Discipline.

Good should be one

all shops should have a gun stop all this shit

Yep army would. To stand for any nonsense


. .

A royal commission into soft Judges will help.

suck that up, ya feckin' queenslanders! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

How about a pathway for that poor Biloela family

Keep it narrow. Help those that are here only, providing that they will make good citizens. The pandemic is the overwhelming priority. Bringing in others from overseas means bringing in more risk to our health. Clean up our own environment.

The treaty is up goes back to China. Why interfere. South Africa is probably a more sensitive area you could focus on

Yes PM those people need a way out. Can only leave the country if under 45 years of age and have to leave all their assets behind.

They are hard workers and would do our country proud.

And yet you can't find a way for immigration dept. To help an Aussie citizen bring her other half here !!. Nola N Elson. Bloody choosing the political path rather than what's right again.

No to them,you should have close look at sth africa

What about the CCP spies in this country

What about white south African farmers ? They need our help too and would be a valued addition to this country

So people who riot and burn down train stations and university buildings are welcome to live in Australia? Come again?

We have enough problems with immigration. Stop immigration it’s a strain on our people and country.

Should stay out if it. They should apply for protection.

Penny the Wrong gunna love you long time.....What about the white farmers in Africa???????

Yes I agree! We need to fast track the South Africans.

He has no right doing this ask Australians first

What about all the people in China held in custody for body part sales , can we take them too ? Or aren’t they as important as the rich from Hong Kong ?

What about South African farmers Mr Morrison

So Australia can fly Australian residents of Chinese decent from Wuhan. It can help the people of Hong Kong. But it cant help Australians stranded all over the world get home.

South African farmers!!!

The South African farmers are in dire need!!

Friends of mine from from south africa lost everything when the blacks took over.Have been i Aussie for five years and still have not received permanent resident status,they keep getting told they are in the queue.So how come hongkong people are getting fast tracked?should be avaliable to all who had to leave their country because of problems.

Can’t save the ๐ŸŒ world I don’t give a crap lots of people in our own neighbourhood needing help before bringing in more

No, no, no more people into Australia until this covid mess is sorted out.

Understand there are about 80.000 Hong Kong Chinese already here ,are they all going to say they don’t feel safe going back and add to the number ???

Hope they all get tested on the way in!!

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1 day ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Press conference from Parliament House, Canberra ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 2755433498013922

Shouldn’t be happening. You should be stepping in and not allowing businesses to be closed.

Unless it's to stand down Dan Andrews I'm not interested


The election can't come soon enough. We need to change the government to get Queensland working again. ... See MoreSee Less

The election cant come soon enough. We need to change the government to get Queensland working again.

Comment on Facebook The election can't ...

I'm voting for the shooting party. Handy when Mexicans are out

People need to prepare themselves to really make a change. No government, not even one lead by Jesus Christ, Chuck Norris, and that dog from “The littlest Hobo” that used to solve mysteries and heal broken families, can fix this mess in one term. Labor have screwed Qld up so badly, it’s going to take decades to pay off Labors debt, and restore justice and integrity to our parliamentary, legal, justice, and government systems. The public service is absolutely crawling with Labor plants, like a mangy flea bitten dog. All levels, right up to the executives and director generals, installed and loyal, ready to work against the people of Queensland, and return to the Labor gravy train ASAP. This cycle can’t continue. People have to stop voting Labor, forever. It’s not, “give the other side a go” time. It’s got to be a long lasting change to transparent, accountable, decent Governance. No more ignorant Union Thugs overseeing billion dollar taxpayer investments. No more handpicked judges turning a blind eye to rampant corruption. No more schools churning out dimwitted violent activists. Queensland deserves a government that knows it’s place, as servants to the people, not overseers. A government that gets out of the way. A government that isn’t focused on raising revenue, but rather, on maximising efficiency. A government that respects taxpayer dollars, not covets them. It’s time to end Labor, forever.

Unfortunately even though I would never ever support Labor, Deb Frecklington MP is useful as tits on a bull

Why indicate we are dogs looking out the window! Lift Your Game

Roll in October 31st. Will be an interesting battle.

I'm voting One Nation

Yr all fckwits money hungry pigs.

Agree. Keep up the comments.

Me too bring on the one nation.

Has Deb given up her dream of opening the borders up to Victoria yet?

Whine Whine Whine

Gone not soon enough ๐Ÿ‘น

Ken Moretto is this you?

Qld labor has blown Queenlanders' debt to $103,000,000,000 Absolute Lunacy.Labor are incompetent and rotten to the core.

Both parties should be working together for the greater good of QLD and Australia. Now is the time to be proactive no reactive. Stop with the bullshit and grow up. We need someone who will make the right decisions for Australia and not just profit. History again repeats itself with China. No friend there.

Well just look at what Vic Labor did re this 2nd wave now community based infection and now they are in big trouble because they let the activists hold mass demonstrations in the middle of a global pandemic, exactly the same as QLD labor did and lets put it simply both Vic and QLD are the same party and we in QLD just got a little bit lucky and dodged the corona bullet by sheer luck and not from what ever QLD Labor did or claim they did. Labor state governments are the problem in this pandemic they just cannot lead and are all over the paddock like startled chooks. QLD Labor you're fired ASAP and the same has to apply to Vic labor.

All as bad as one another full of Promises and meaningless words

EVERY election we say vote for the other. NOTHING CHANGES. They All lie , look after themselves , and SELL US OUT. The next in power will be doing exactly the bloody same OR WORSE. !!!!!

Is there a party that’s actually for Australia, there just a bunch of sell - outs to China, line their own pockets parties.

The sheep in the SEQ will reward the worst government in Queensland history with another term, she won’t get a vote outside the COVID bubble.

I wish some people would post something constructive on here...LNP, Labor or Greens cannot control everything about this Covid19 please be sensible and post only things of importance and not silly hate posts...

We feel the same down here in The Socialist Republic of Victoria, Dictator Dan must go!

Funny but I feel the same about the corrupt federal LNP!

There are already false comments circulating about putting 10 year olds in jail.

Labor/ greens are riddled with communists & radicals

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2 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Press conference from Parliament House, Canberra ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 929575037519076

So proud this man is our Prime Minister. He has done so well

Great Job of leadership at this time. however, the problem is, you have been let down by Daniels and it it time you showed some leadership with him and call him out for what he is and his policies. He is taking Victoria in the opposite direction to most of the country. The state is a socialist state and blind Freddy can see that. Lets get back to some commences style government. Daniels is a fool and you supporting him makes you look bad.

How quicky you have forgotten the lack of understanding when we were in drughtand then disastrous bushfires while he and family holidayed

Thank god we have this prime minister as our leader and not shorten,I’d dread to think had shorten been our leader where we would be now.

You have shown incredible leadership to take us through this challenge. God bless you and your National Parliament. Thank you.

Scott Morrison is as great as John Howard was. Keep up the great work.

These are certainly challenging times, amazing leadership by the PM and state leaders, the unity shown is tremendous, they are working as a team and that’s the recipe to overcome any problems and achieving success. Good luck to Victoria.

Our country needs you Scott Morrison. You are an amazing leader with much forethought, compassion and faith.

I will vote for you next Election

You have my vote Scomo ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜Š

There are no state borders, if you have a state border it means that that state is NOT part of the Commonwealth of Australia according to the 1901 Australian Constitution Clause 8 S49.

The best PM ever Go Scomo ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s up to the Victorian people to sack their Premier with your votes at the next election.

Go you awesome PM I look at you as a Rock Star! Great stuff scomos!

Thank you for your leadership during this time

What are we going to do when this Virus keeps coming Back this year next year and Forever You Can’t keep closing the Borders we are going to go Bankrupt for God’s Sake !!!!!!!

Fantastic decision, bravo PM...

Victoria got no one to blame but themselves. Dan need to fall on his sword for his incompetence

One of the BEST P.M. s Australia has had certainly since we have been in Australia (30 years). imagine if we had Bill Shorten and his Labor union cronies....

But does he say that he messed up and forced Victoria to take on his stupid medical advice... No apologies to the states that had to fight him... What creep! Bring back Turnbull!

Thank you Prime Minister for working so hard for us during this difficult time.

Thank you PM for your amazing leadership

NWO Muppet all of them wake up

Locking up Victoria should have happened earlier. I think the Premier, Daniel Andrews has a lot to answer for however it up to individuals to do the right thing not police or the armed forces. What about allowing the protest marches to go ahead, how stupid & irresponsible.

Can you please Sack Dan Andrews Morrison? The Victorian people beg you!

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