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For the union movement in Australia, sadly this disgusting behaviour is the norm. Kelly O’Dwyer has served our Parliament for 10 years and has decided to step down to spend more time with her husband and young children. It’s time for Bill Shorten to speak up against these repugnant comments. ... See MoreSee Less

For the union movement in Australia, sadly this disgusting behaviour is the norm. Kelly O’Dwyer has served our Parliament for 10 years and has decided to step down to spend more time with her husband and young children. It’s time for Bill Shorten to speak up against these repugnant comments.

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Disgraceful and lets see how many Labor MP’s who claim to support women call out for an apology.

What do you expect from people who have no respect for law of our country

Is that why they wanted more women in the Labor Party so that they could bully them. Typical Union disgusting behaviour that will be commonplace if Shorten gets in.

What a disgusting comment by Labour and Unions. She deserves some respect, considering the time she has spent in parliament.

Can’t wait for Penny Wong to rant about this .. but then I think I will be waiting for a long time.

Hang on ,i thought we were trying to be respectful towards women ?🤔

Double Standards Typical Labor Typical trade unions

Socialist bill shorten and the labor party with his union mates don't like women at the best of times.

Bill Shorten needs to make some comments rejecting these comments so do some of his union mates. Disgusting behaviour which we have come to expect from some unions that think they run the labor party. Shame shame shame

Labor party culture

Is Gillard going to be calling out this blatant misogyny? 🤔

Disgusting behaviour...but sadly doesn't surprise me !

Typical comment from absolute grubs.

This kind of behaviour is what we have to look forward to if they win the next election.

Typical from some Unions that are supporting labor. Rude , crude and aweful. How can anyone support such disgusting behaviour.

Expect this and more from Curly and his mates. Look out Australia if they win Government with their other mates the watermelons.

This woman is someone's mother that is so rude and out of line.

Why isn't Bill Sh**ten or Tanya saying something. That's right, we don't like it being said on their side of politics but forget about everyone else

Probably why union membership is at an all time low!

Yes it is very wrong indeed and would have to be LABOR orientated of course!!!

Finally. Finally, we have original script from BS. These were the words he used after his alleged rape case was dropped by his cop mates.

Disgusting behaviour on the part of the person saying this.

This is disgusting. Please show us a better way LNP

Disgraceful.They call themselves men and government.But no surprises.

Unions are run by dogs... breed is dingo. This is to be expected. Worrying thing is that if the top dingo dog Shorten gets in this will be the face of australia. 😡

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#10YearChallenge ... See MoreSee Less


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GFC 2008. LNP (or should I say Libs and junior minority party Nats) did nothing. Government deficit spending avoided collapse of housing market, banks and businesses in Australia saving millions of jobs. LNP ould only snipe from the sidelines. If they had been in power at the time we'd still be recovering from our biggest recession ever. Just keep telling yourselves the same tired lies.

Labour puts in debts The liberals get us out of debt

The one on the left won a world wide award for his economics. The one on the right is lucky to string a sentence together

2008 $50 Billion ... 2019 $600+ billion.. I'm not seeing signs of surplus

Selling off any publicly owned assets to ya rich mates for pennies in the dollar for a short term windfall that costs the public more in the long term. Hey LNP tell us all about how Howard and Costello sold off 2/3s of the gold reserves before 9/11 when the price of gold was at record lows only to see it reach record highs after it had been sold.

Why don't you show the 6 month challenge. Howard/costello, left $67 Bill surplus...... Krudd, in 6 months has Australia $23 bil in deficit, leading to $200+ billion.....

So how much of the country did you sell out to do this? Maybe if you hadnt quadrupled the debt of the nation in a handful of years we would buy the bs ur peddling... cant wait to leave your party in pieces later this year...

Net national debt is now around $350 billion but was around $175 billion when Libs took office from labour in 2013. I think this is a very misleading post!

Labor builds Conservatives cut.

Oh dear. Swan left a debt of $54 billion. The LNP are saying a surplus in 2019/20. This infers a pay back of the a Swan $54 Billion PLUS the LNP deficit of $120 Billion. That's a payback of $174 Billion. Remember that every year the LNP Government has been predicting a surplus since 2012 Wake up, this so called surplus is based on assumptions NOT if, if if. And the PM is away giving more money away to Pacific Nations.A surprise visit to distract us from reality? Listen to the sweet spin as these LNP leopards trying to change their spots.

It was a scarey time when Swan was there and will be worse if Shorten gets in

And people are still going to vote brains?????

Predicted a $2 billion (approx) surplus and ended up with a $48 Billion deficit

Labor has alteady promised to blow the debt out even further if they win the federal election. That will guarantee hikes in fees and govt charges tax . Labor the best at raising the cost of living.

Just proves Josh can’t count ! Not the sharpest tool in the shed !

And they going to vote labor in again and it al starts again

Only to be wasted when labour returns in may but good on you LNP your the best.

Labour gets us in to debt and then they vote Liberals in to get us out of debt.

Global Financial Crisis vs Privatisation and cuts to social and environmental funding 👏

So cutting service's, not paying your bills and nearly tripling the debt and you think we care about a surplus, If i don't pay my bills, i to can have a surplus of money in my wallet, Not buying the BS you are selling LNP...

Has the nations net national debt improved?

So with this surplus the coalition can fully fund the original gonski funding model for schools?

At September 30 2018, net debt was A$174.5 billion

And under Elmer Fudd, aka Bill Shorten, over $15 Billion deficit

Even after selling off or SLASHING everything, you still wont get scratch even...

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Add this to your profile picture to let your friends know you'll be celebrating Australia Day! 🇦🇺 ... See MoreSee Less

Add this to your profile picture to let your friends know youll be celebrating Australia Day! 🇦🇺

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It is unacceptable for you the older generation to think for one minute that we the younger generation are going to pay back YOUR DEBT. You have left the country broke

Ready have LNP 😉 Australia day should always stay on 26th January 😊

Come on aussies great to see

but why who said we werent celebrating australia day

Ron Worthington

Ken Lewis

Murray Mathieson

Yeah let's celebrate corruption!Weirdos!



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Fardon Freed
Serial rapist Robert John Fardon would have been supervised until he died if Labor wasn't soft on crime. Labor need to adopt the LNP's policies that are tough on criminals like Fardon.
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Fardon Freed

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Justice Bowskill said Fardon had "already served a substantial penalty" for his crimes and "should be made to avoid the stress and destabilisation caused by intense media scrutiny and attendant community vigilantism". WHAT ABOUT ITS VICTIMS Bowskill? They have a life sentence from this filthy grub!

This is atrocious! He should never be released doesn't matter what age he is. He can not be rehabilitated, he is too far gone. Be real Labour and protect the children not your votes.

Totally disgusted with this. He will strike again. Our justice system stinks .. 😠😠😠😠

Why wasn't he castrated!?

QLD and Vic are stuck with the nightmare Labor governments. Don’t let them rule the country!!!!!

May the name of the judge or board be recorded and held to account should the fool re-offend !

Do you know anyone interested in creativity? They could be teachers, parents or anyone who has a group meeting regularly. If so please tell them about the book Coach Creativity Skill. The book has been published by Amazon so there is an eBook. If they search the title an outline of the content is available. An identical book version is also available.

Holy Crap. How can any child be safe . LABOR HAS JUST COOKED ITS GOOSE FOR SURE. SHAME. SHAME.

They wouldn't have to supervise him for long if I knew where he was.....

You would expect that from a labor police commissioner he and the premier should stand down now

What a disgrace for this creature to be allowed to run free.

You idiots voted labor! # I escaped Queensthland!

WE should tatoo them on the nose.

It’s outrageous. The prison wardens said he used to gloat about his assaults😫😡

Load of desperate horseshit!!

The Labor Govt will evidently say it was the courts decision & they were only following the law, BUT the current Qld Labor Govt had every opportunity to agree with a LNP proposal to keep people like this evil being behind bars for the rest of his life but they couldn’t bring themselves to side with the LNP

tells me just how evil, Labor really is they are no better than him they made themselves an equal with him by turning him loose.

Really? So how come he was released in 2013 under the LNP and then re-offended. You are such hypocrites.

Would like to see a "Photo Shopped" Photo of this creep with no "BEARD" So we will identify him readily

An Inquiry into the Parole board is overdue.... and the Judges Rights and responsibilities need to be mandated. Like ..three strikes and your out

A Blame game doesn't, change the facts. It is Judges who are in error and need to be told to administer the law for victims rights not the perverts. Also 10 years is 10 years. It,s halved as soon as they walk in the door. how long has this dude been in goal. how long was he suposed to be in for. Not right

When this garbage re offends the judge should be held accountable. As for threatening one of his victims with prison if she tells where he is,what can you say to that?

Australia need Liberals.... to put in law.... the the sex offenders register........ Labor's approach is helping the criminals.... Having knowledge of your surroundings is powerful, to assist in your decisions.....more needs to be done but Liberals approach us better than Labors .....and its definatly a start.....

Go Deb


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The LNP will never give in to vocal, left wing opponents of Australia Day. ... See MoreSee Less

The LNP will never give in to vocal, left wing opponents of Australia Day.

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I support Australia Day on 26th January and will be flying the Aussie Flag on that day as I always do.

Yes I do, what happened in the past, should be left there, and we all get on to make this Country Better for all, stop trying to devide us..

The only winners on Australia Day are the silent assassins the Chinese,with the help from Coles and Woolworths,they distribute their disposable Aussie merchandise by the shipping tanker load.

Never a doubt 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

Keep it this way for ever!!!

YES! I support Australia Day on 26 January

Of course the lefties/greenies would complain about this along with the other million things they complain about because they have all the time in the world as they are unemployed.

Yes let’s Leave THE PAST where it BELONGS 😥

But only until we have so many middle eastern and African refugees here that we are no longer Australia

It seems the LNP will never give into demands for better representation of women in the party either...

Australia day is on 26th of January always was always will be and I will always support it. 😀😀😀

Leave Australia Day as it is please.

Leave it as it is

Australia Day will always be celebrated by me on 26th January ... it was my husbands birthday....

A proud moment for the LNP.

The laborgreens need to pull their head in on this...

Thank you Marcus. Agree with everything you say. Very well worded.

❤️ Australia Day!!

Proud to be an Aussie 👍

I will be flying my flag on 26 January and celebrating

When asked Shorten couldn't even give a decisive answer.

I do too..... we have had enough of change to please everybody!! Then there is always wanting more. Lets all compromise....

must remain the 26 th as its my wife's birthday and the entire country celebrates that special day with me.

if we are all going to fight over this why not cut it out all together and upset the lot only want it for a day of work- and if we keep make the holiday the day it falls on that also will yup set them otherwise leave the bloody thing alone.

Honestly don’t care it’s just a day to celebrate being Australian. Does it matter what day it’s on?

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Queensland's worst sex offender - Robert Fardon is now a free man thanks to Annastacia Palaszczuk's failure to back the LNP's tough sex offender laws.

This man has been convicted of raping girls as young as 12.

He should be locked up for the rest of his life.
... See MoreSee Less

Queenslands worst sex offender - Robert Fardon is now a free man thanks to Annastacia Palaszczuks failure to back the LNPs tough sex offender laws. 

This man has been convicted of raping girls as young as 12. 

He should be locked up for the rest of his life.

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Well i think they need to put him up next door to her! If he is good enough to be released, he is good enough to be her neighbor

That woman should be jailed for what she’s done to Queensland.

I don’t know how Palaszckuk and her Government sleep at night. This is very disturbing.

Just another reason not to vote Labor.

I think you're right Warren, not supporting Anastasia but the court's decide. But Castration should be mandatory for these types (preferably without Anesthetic)

The poor children he raped have a life sentence of pain so why shouldn’t he be given life

Didn’t see the laws regarding this get changed during your stint either?? You passed plenty of other laws that weren’t in the interest of the general public but not in regards to the above. Both as bad as each other. Vote independent

Maybe he should have to live in her house with her. She has wrecked this state and she is living like a queen at taxpayers expense.

Bpeople like him should be never let out of jail when is the law ever going to think of the victims of these people they should not be allowed to walk on this earth

What a disgrace This creature should never have been released Doctors and the law should be able to ensure it is never in s position to re offend. Surgical and medical castration.

Shame ! Shame ! I hope the court system can live with themselves when this POS ruins some other persons life.

People like him don’t deserve parole they can’t be changed. So why do they keep letting them out.

Dennis Ferguson didn't last long out in the open. Hopefully this bloke follows suit

I would say all parties have had their chance to change these laws, so epic fail by all parties. Did the sentencing judge give him the maximum sentence?

If he reoffends, is not the judge who facilitated his release also guilty by association......or "after the fact".......just thinking outside the box.

The people who let him free should be held responsible for him and any wrongdoing and locked up accordingly

They never should be let out. And if so, need to have their addresses listed with their release so families living in the area can be aware and sell up or families buying can choose somewhere else to live.

Why!! Doesn't matter he's in his 70's and not well. What about the children he abused!!

This guy shouldn’t be able to walk the streets but I’m medieval like that

Wow the premier and a Supreme Court judge how does she fit it all in. The clowns 🤡 on here think if it on Facebook it must be real

France 🇫🇷 have the right idea! They reversed their stand on fuel ⛽️ tax increases. France 🇫🇷 has a strong 💪🏾 history of people power.

Locked up for life would be too good for him let someone else teach him a few lessons that he will never forget or get over..

What about prisoners locked up for life and when dying sent to hospice🤬🤬 what about the people they murdered they were not given that privalige

This is all about money 💰 $$so much for parole so for ballif so much for lawyers this just go on and on

There's plenty more out their like him, like Ray Garland, Foy petition the justice system, and Government.

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Record jobs growth.
Lowest level of working age Australians on welfare in 30 years.
... See MoreSee Less

Record jobs growth.
Lowest level of working age Australians on welfare in 30 years.

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Getting more working ages aussies off unemployment welfare, but how have they faired with older aussies on aged welfare?

Good job. Drive the slave train. Keep em working so they pay for your superannuation. You’re all dogs. Labour liberal greens you’re all the same.

Shorten will double this number

Do you know anyone interested in creativity? They could be teachers, parents or anyone with a group that meets regularly. If so please tell them about the book Coach Creativity Skill. The book has been published by Amazon so there is an eBook. If they search the title an outline of the content is available. An identical book version is also available.

It is a good idea to get some of the young ones into the workforce who can't find a job even if it is subsudised it gives them a start.

fight for our Country when we were young, now we starve for it, why? when our Polaticians get so much for so little for doing less than nothing?? change the scales a bit, make it farer for all.not just a few

It is unacceptable for you the older generation to think for one minute that we the younger generation are going to pay back YOUR DEBT. You have left the country broke

Merrie i think he is a polly ?

What is the source of this data - there is no reference?

yeah they deny their benefits then proudly exclaim they aren't on benifits

Thats it keep them working till they drop dead on the factory floor ..just so politicians can retire early and enjoy life.

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Palaszczuk wasting millions on hospital
While Annastacia Palaszaczuk and Labor wasted millions changing the name of Lady Cilento Hospital….

• Regional maternity services have been cut.
• Labor let a fake doctor wander around Lady Cilento for around 7 months.
• Mental health patients forced to stay in the corridors.
• Ambulance ramping on the increase.
• Emergency departments overcrowded.
• Elective surgery wait times going backwards.
• Lack of beds.
• Promised hospital upgrades getting further and further away.

Just to name a few…
... See MoreSee Less

Palaszczuk wasting millions on hospital

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And more to follow if braindead Shorten gets elected

Queensland is being destroyed by this useless government!

And let's not forget raising debt for Trads rail tunnel.

Only out and out nincompoops would consider voting labour. As far as sensible Queenslanders are concerned, labour just doesn't exist.

You get what you vote for!

This Government is absolutely hopeless

I still cannot understand how they got away with this! Who in the hell instigated the idea?????? Wicked waste of money, what else is she wasting our money on???????????????????

I hope all you people that voted for this Labor party are happy.

I want to see all states concentrate on country hospitals , instead of forcing us to go miles away from home and go into city.

Really... no respect for the public purse. Spend the money on services for the sick kids you losers!

She has no conscience

How about releasing the statistics on the number of people that are dying on waiting list for life saving surgery??

The destruction of our Democracy Lies and more Lies

truly pathetic This government is absolutely hopeless wasted money

They could have put on an extra 3 (mates) public servants for a measly million $$$. She's slipping

This is coming from the party that made the that done the real damage to the health system.Both parties are hypocrites!

Does the Premier ever get embarrassed?

Anna cut funding to Logan Hospital. The man in the red bus promises $33.0000 if elected which is a short fall on Anna's cuts....math fail....

Federal #LNP economics has forced all working Australian's into a life of servitude and slavery while pandering to corrupt banks and taxless corporations ,Australia's youth will inherit this slavery on top of environmental degradation!🤔

what is new with Labor! Like in Victoria, Andrews is wasting billions on useless rail tunnels while population has grown outrageously high but NO NEW HOSPITAL or building new rail lines to the city where there is none or even NO BUILDING A ROAD that was rules by businesses a a needy priority, or even building the rail link to the Melb airport waste of money why not make the airport owners contribute as they have ripped off Victorians for far too long with their high parking fees but the Labor Gov does nothing

Federal Health departments condone procedures for money which cost the health budget millions a year in waste, which should be directed to needy patients. See my posting below on 'Cardia Fraud' PROVEN.!

AUSTRIALIAN CARDIAC FRAUD. CONDONED BY THE DIRECTOR OF AHPRA, Mathew Hardy, and senior delagetes Suzutte Land/ Amanda Watson/ Queensland manager Rose Kent. Below are incompetent politicians whom have expressed no interest in respect to ‘PROTECTION AND JUSTICE FOR PATIENTS’. The Australian Prime minister, The Australian Health minister Greg Hunt, Opposition leader Bill Shorton, Opposition Health minister Catherine King, Queensland Premier, Anastazia Pallachuck, Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles. “NO PROTECTION OR JUSTICE FOR PATIENTS IN RESPECT TO THIS MEDICAL FRAUD”. This has been perpetrated upon my person for no cardiac symptoms, no tests, [ FOR MONEY ONLY] at the Sunshine Coast Private hospital Buderim. John Langdon. I have proof from the Mayo Heart Centre, and other evidence to prove this cardiac fraud perpetrated upon my person, with the cardiologist falsifying files of consultation[ in my possession]. The cardiologist below mirrors the exact fraudulent activities of his counterpart in Australia. YOU THE READER BE THE JUDGE. MD Cardiologist Convicted in Cardiac Stent Scam John Commins, July 28, 2011 A Maryland cardiologist was convicted of fraud after federal prosecutors showed that he inserted unnecessary cardiac stents into more than 100 patients as part of a scheme to defraud government and private insurers of more than $700,000. A U.S. District Court jury in Baltimore on Tuesday also convicted John R. McLean, MD, of Salisbury of ordering needless tests and falsifying medical records as part of the six-count fraud scheme, the U.S. Attorneys' Office in Maryland said. McLean, 59, could receive up to 35 years in prison when he is sentenced on Nov. 10. Prosecutors want to recover $711,583 that they believe McLean garnered in the scheme, but U.S. District Judge William D. Quarles, Jr. will determine the exact amount of forfeiture at the sentencing. The evidence presented at the two-week trial showed that from at least 2003 to May 2007 McLean performed cardiac catheterizations and implanted unnecessary cardiac stents in more than 100 patients at Peninsula Regional Medical Centerin Salisbury, MD. McLean, federal prosecutors said, falsely recorded in the patients' medical records the existence or extent of coronary artery blockage to justify the stents and the claims to health insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid. "The evidence shows that Dr. McLean egregiously violated the trust of his patients and made false entries in their medical records to justify implanting unneeded cardiac stents and billing for the surgery and follow-up care," U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein said in prepared remarks. "We do not bring federal prosecutions based on discretionary judgments that might be disputed by reasonable medical professionals." John Langdon Sunshine Coast . QLD

She has got to go for lunch ! 🤣😂

They’re also stinging Australians that live over seas over 6 months of the year corporate rates for land tax. Crippling Aussies that need to work overseas.

Only reason this flog got into power was because Newman won her the election

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