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A month since the election and Labor’s already broken its promise.

Despite promising only $4 billion in additional borrowings, they’re now borrowing $28 billion; that’s 7 times more than what was originally mandated.

Queensland is headed for $130 billion in debt and 214,000 Queenslanders are out of work.
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There you go, now is that not how this premier has always been dubious and lied and how did she get all the votes after all the negative comments against her before the election and still got in. Isn't that strange 🀬

Thank you David, Deputy Leader and your Team for your voice for all Queenslander in this Combat.


Now with new broom sweep the LNP clean out - so they have some chance at the next election. The system up there seems to be broken.

Well the majority voted for them. Serves them right. No use complaining now I’m afraid.

History repeats itself - Labor spends recklessly & Conservatives are voted in to bring the debt under control.

And people are surprised they broke an election promise within a month .... they were $91Billion in debt prior to COVID - this budget goes nothing to drive down unemployment long term....

Ooh David, please just shut up. Can LNP do anymore then just whine. Start adding some value. We as a whole state need to work together to get our state up and going and make it great. Please don’t be another Deb....

Already buying votes for 4 years time - what a mess we will be in by then

I knew this was going to happen. That’s why Palashit didn’t put out a budget before election! She’s a lying biatch. And those morons that put her back into power! I have no words for them!🀬

Did anyone expect they would NOT break their promises

Where’s the budget or do we just not do them anymore

Well someone voted them in so they are bloody lies that’s why they didn’t get my vote

Liar...liar....liar. As if this govt would and could tell the truth...he even has to ask advice on some of his costings!!!!! We are done........

not my fault i am not a socialist

Sorry David, You were told 12 months ago to get rid of the Apron & her strings, but No. So now there is nothing you can do it but wear it. The Hierarchy have to go now as well, it is their fault as well. Until then you are like a wet lettiuce.

No one spends as much as the LNP. It’s fiction that they manage money better

Mr Crisafulli, why didn’t you and most of the LNP work harder to get rid of Chairman Palaszczuk? Didn’t want Deb to win ?

And a lot of idiots voted them in

And meanwhile the Libs are going for a Trillion$ debt ceiling... But it's Labor that put us in debt... *Derp Derp* Fap Fap*

Ask Labor why did they sell tropical island to the Chinese and do they have plans to sell more of Queensland to the Chinese?

Qld reported to be already $130 billion in debt?


They are very good at it. What will we now be charged on things .?

Wait till March when the shit hits the fan

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Thank goodness for Chinese money . They love helping Australia .πŸ€₯

Shame but you get what you voted for

Surprise, Surprise!! When has this Labor/Greens government ever got anything right, "Never" and sadly we're stuck with these incompetents for the next 4 years.....Terry

David, can I please ask that you don’t have people standing behind you that spend the time fidgeting. It distracts from your interview.

Queensland Labor are a bunch of lying slime bags. Those who voted for them deserve all the inconvenience that will be inflicted on them by this pile of opportunistic incompetents.

Sorry QLD you’ve gone down the same trac as Vic . Your stuffed . You’ve watched for years and still didn’t pic it. Sad

Congratulations to all those pathetic voters who succumbed to Anna’s scare mongering and lies. I hope you are affected by the outcome of this budget. Shame shame shame.

As usual they couldn't manage a chook raffle. How do the get the gullible to vote for them.

Qld Labor are a mob of liars now we find out the truth blame the people who voted them back in now we all bloody pay .

Economically they have not got a clue- I can believe they were voted back in - QLD is now a left wing Labour state except for the very odd occasions

Alders,give yourselves a pay in the back you have voted labour ,i hope that all the morons get what they deserve

Mr. Crisafulli, what are you going to do about seniors who have had their retirement funds stolen by labor’s farcical koala habitat mapping on their backyards?

Well there you have it - Queenslanders easily fooled once again.

Is anyone surprised ?

No. More yap yap and get Young sacked

Shame on labour and the childish woman running our state

Did I mention pensioners? Did I mention voting labor ?

Our treasurer is really a dick that was his name wasn’t it, his name says it all. But everyone with half a brain should have seem this coming. They use COVID-19 as an excuse and the voters fell for it.

Nothing new with Labor. How Qld’ers we’re fooled.

Nothing else would be expected of them. Horrified but not surprised.

Bloody labour crooks, bandits, thieves, you voted them back in qld,s good by sunny state. πŸ˜‰

More fool the silly people that actually voted for them 🀦‍♂️

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» to the QLD fools that voted Labor back in..

Queenslanders allowed themselves to be conned

Let's go back 32 years in Qld under the Nationals, Zero debt, since Ana Bligh and Anastasia Palasjukz over $200 BILLION of DEBT, that we the Qld residents will need to pay back, it's no wonder the Qld Government are leasing and selling land to the Chinese, which in turn Aussies are been forced out of there homes and beaches as was shown on the Current Affairs programme last night. Watch out CHINA is buying us out, just like many of the Polynesian Countries. LNP 'STOP THE SALE OF AUSTRALIA' πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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A Christmas message from Queensland Labor πŸŽ„ ... See MoreSee Less

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No Christmas for me Labor party stole my retirement fund in the guise of koala habitat mapping. Chairman Palaszczuk forces me to live in unsafe environment in middle of industrial estate. Treasurer, Cameron Dick’s own electorate. Mr. Crisafulli ignored my email.

So sad, don’t blame me I didn’t vote for the red army.

I didn't and would not vote for her or any Labour Party we are stuck with this piece of work for four years.God help us!

It was a big con hope they are happy with her

Queensland will be no more in 4 years time. More public servants

Sadly they get what they deserve for Voting Labor Party back in.

BS, and how come most other video feeds that are center right have trouble playing, yet left and far left there never is a problem?

Those that voted for another 4 YEARS $%^*:%$ @#":;,&&$$ cant really write what should be said to them .

A $28 billion increase in debt for our great grand children to pay back.

Totally agreeπŸ‘πŸ‘

She's a lying cow!

She is the biggest liar in Queensland.

Bring back Johnny Howard!

Thanks to your shithouse campaign we have to endure another 4 years of this rubbish.

That’s B S

Yes mate i just can’t believe how dumb most Queenslander are

She is a bloody liar

Not all pensioners, I didn’t ,one good reason,if she had nothing to hide why didn’t she do the budget before the election ,I will never forget the changing of the children hospital name a waste of money and disrespectful to the person it was name after

4 more years but seriously the lnp ran a poor campaign nice girl deb but nice people finish last I hope the criasfali is up to it

Not a very nice piece of work.

she lying premier qld is rubbish labor

What a load of crap.

Who is the noddy cow in the background?

Nobody should believe anything Palashite says , how she got voted back in is beyond comprehension QLD is broke thanks to Labor .

Someone voted for herπŸ€”but no one owning up to it. You reap what you sow. 4 more years of nothing but talk

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Thanks to the people of Groom for supporting our LNP candidate Garth Hamilton so strongly today. As an engineer, I’m looking forward to having Garth’s practical problem solving experience on our team in Parliament. We’ve got a lot to work to do. Congrats also to Louise and the family. See you in Canberra soon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Perhaps the LNP will now try to manage the relationship with China in a proper diplomatic way. By unnecessarily antagonising China through being alone in demanding an enquiry into the origins of the virus using inspectors, we were warned trade sanctions would follow. Now the LNP is obviously shunning China and making little effort to repair damage done. You need to consider the Australian businesses now suffering due to this lack of following acceptable political processes and international awareness.

Hopefully he'll remind you that you won the climate election and the people of Australia are not and never will be interested in zero emissions targets.

Congratulations Garth on a election πŸ‘ great News.

Congratulations Garth.

How good is this!

What was the score on his win i heard he had over 50%

Need a Magician’s.

When is the Qld Labor Party and Government going to stop leasing or selling our state assets, land and resources to China? What is wrong with these state politicians. How much more do they want to give to the communist party of China and there state owned companies. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE HAVE DONE NOTHING TO CURB THE RELENTLESS APETITE OF THE CHINESE FOR AUSTRALIAN PROPERTY ASSETS AND RESOURCES. How can we make this stop NOW? These boffins pass the buck when put on the spot as to why how and when? Whitsunday islands owned by the CCP and state owned entities St Bees Island Lindeman Island Keswick Island South Molle island Daydream Island Whitsunday island Double island And the list goes on! Then there are ports harbours and water resources this has to stop and stop now. What are our gutless politicians and lazy shiny arse public servants doing NOTHING they are selling us out to the communists and to Chinese billionaires.

Good news


Do you LNP dickheads ACTUALLY THINK that the Houstons of Hillsong getting exemption after exemption after exemption to travel in & out of Australia is A GOOD LOOK? DO YOU REALLY?

yeah he has joined a cabal. maybe you can bring some transparency into this govt thou Morrison is a parasite..

How good is a tax cut if you don't have a job ? Not everyone on jobseekers is looking for a hand out ! These people need job! Australia has over 130000 Uni graduates per year. People with PhD, Master and Bachelor degree are either on Centrelink payments or doing Uber ! System is making them sick. Government should create professional long term jobs. Employment should be based on merit point regardless of gender , Not corruption and networking ! What is your definition of a suitable job ? Support advanced technology, fresh graduates and starts up ! Put citizens first when it comes to employment. Stop foreign Ownership. Stablish federal anti corruption commission ! Reduce migrant intake.

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3 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Garth Hamilton wins the Groom by-election! ... See MoreSee Less

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Still an engineer. What a digrace that you have to read your speech.

No social distancing

I was cut off...but echo the engineering sentiments. A newby but sounds like a goodie with credentials to understand the needs of the resources sector & just how important it is for Australia's future. Good Luck. Lived in that electorate for ages so happy to see a raw, enthusiastic recruit with credentials, to represent a very important component of our economic machinery. Congratulations.

Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ»

Well done congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘

Congratulations Garth


Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘

Congratulations πŸ₯³πŸ‘πŸ‘

Where is this?

congratulations Garth.

Congratulations Garth.


This is a thinking potential statesman; a rare beast these days, and the long awaited Leader for State Politics in Qld. To all the faceless Liberal Qld powe r brokers; your messiah has arrived, but have you the wisdom to nurture and support this young man?

Make Australia Make Again. Is the motto of all Australian Engineers led by Jefferson Harcourt at Grey Innovation. Australia really really needs Engineers in Parliament ; our engineering messiah has arrived. May he be valued and nurtured by the LNP.

Like most Engineers, he has done his research before speaking. He understands his local economy and can speak with ease about the local market segmentation. He understands the width of small business. He is a gentleman


At long last, we have an Engineer in government: great expectations will prevail

Well done, hope you take the privilege seriously and do for the local ones who voted for you.

Well done from Tasmania . Go Garth .


No dis race in reading. He is into facts not ego driven nonsense

At Least One Honest one In The Queensland Pollie World

Congratulations Garth πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Lova g always

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Great afternoon at St Luke’s with my #1 supporter Louise and fantastic volunteers. Thanks for all your support. ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks to Senator Gerard Rennick and Chris and Jane for volunteering at the Mort Street booth today. I really appreciate your support. ... See MoreSee Less

Overwhelmed by the incredible support. Thank you to everyone giving up time today to speak with locals about our plan for water security, more local jobs, lower taxes and better roads and rail. Polling places are open until 6PM. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope you do very well

Hoping they are not using Dominion Voting equipment...πŸ˜ƒ

Congratulations on the win πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Be worth reinstating Yulestar stree flowing to KSD push cars to Racecourse road and drive local business. Make the streets safer

I am in Groom and didn't see him anywhere in the lead up to the election. Ran on the popularity of the LNP and relied on Morrison picture beside him on the poster. Trevor Watts is out and about even when an election isn't on but I didn't see Hamilton anywhere when an election is on. If he was out and about, it certainly wasn't noticeable. Gotta do more than appear on election day.


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Thanks to Senator James McGrath for manning Jondaryan all day today. A stellar effort. Thanks mate! ... See MoreSee Less

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People worried about Lee Guerney nothing but a low life gutter troll. Nothing better to do then try and aggravate with a poor attempt at the English language. Reading between the lines a GetUp/Labor voter

Great to see a politician for the people. Funny story: 40 years ago I lived in that house in the background. Hasn't changed a bit

Great to see you smiling James and a wonderful win.

Lee gurney before you call the LNP side vile check out your own back yard. There is no one in LNP can live long enough to be as vile as Labor (eg Andrews, palaszczuk, Bill shorten, Kate Jones. Now there is vile for you. Go back to your own grubby side of politics

McGrath is a muppet. His representation for our state? Nothing but a suck up to the latest leader. You know he's in trouble for his sub par performance when the member for Fairfax has had to provide him cover for more than the last three years. His principal office is in our area, yet you'll never see him "slumming it" (yes that misrepresentation got back to us "locals").

Hope you used sunscreen James

Congratulations and well done to Garth Hamilton on winning Groom for the LNP.


Good luck?πŸ‘

Good luck..

All of the best today Garth Hamilton - LNP for Groom ..

james mcGrath one of the most aggressive everything vile person in the libs\

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Great to be out at Newtown State School with David Janetzki MP, Senator Amanda Stoker, Trevor Watts and David Crisafulli MP out on polling day today. Thanks for all your support! πŸ‘ ... See MoreSee Less

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Well Done Team LNP. Sooo proud of you! ☺️

Where is Groom

Good luck

Lee gurney you must be very lonely today, no friends because you are on every LNP feed. Commrade Andrews Wong, palaszczuk want the LNP to kiss the Chinese

Five people looking very good in the blue of LNP ..

Why are you NOW flooding FB everyday now the election is OVER !!!!!!

Hope noone was exporting to china and the LNP have screwed that well and truly]

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