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Queenslanders expect better. Families stuck interstate deserve better. ... See MoreSee Less

Queenslanders expect better. Families stuck interstate deserve better.

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The truth is she got voted in and thinks everyone one is on board with her but the truth is if there was an election now she would be flat out getting in and my tip from everyone don’t do postal votes at all

So unAustralian to live in a Dictatorship.

My friends who are fully vaccinated and tested negative can’t x the border to come back home from rural NSW .. if they are happy to pay $10k they can go into hotel quarantine for 14 days and risk catching Covid in the hotel which they are not willing to risk!!

Even more hypocritical is Queensland government authorities now complaining about a celebrity in NSW having special rules for themselves. Considering that Queensland government have given permission to celebrities and sports people to enter Queensland when Queenslanders are not permitted to return home.

Wrong on every level. Tells you all you need to know about Palachook and her cronies…

Jesus, do you have a graduate writing his speeches?

Have to agree and overseas actors and their crew too

Don't be ridiculous. We expect more from the LNP, not just more of the same propaganda. We want real policies.

what’s AP going to do when people take to the streets here because of her dictatorship

Don’t start this shit for votes! How low can you go as a political party???? During Covid all politicians should work together and support each other not spread misinformation! How dare you post this!!!! 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

The sporting groups are in a self administered bubble and not part of the quarantine arrangements. They are aware that any transgression will end up in exclusion. If it wasn’t for the bubbles, you sports fans would be complaining about that because there’d be no sport like AFL or NRL.

True but really cant stand seeing this greasy real estate agent look on tv all the time

If the LNP had gone into the last election with strong leadership and policy we may not be having to have these conversations.

Your party is just as bad I can’t wait for the next election the people will speak loudly

Sorry but Queenslanders deserve what they get, as they are the ones who voted that peanut back in..

And who is up for a lockdown after October 3rd..

It certainly is a bone of contention.

I am sick to death of Anastasia and her incompetence……

no spouting out demanding apologies from the Health Minister… she’s having a laugh, surely

Sporting bubbles have ensured competitions can remain running. They are subject to stringent rules

Who are you ????? Zero public profile !!! Labor will demolish the LNP until a very high profile Leader is appointed.... Unfortunately Can Do is your only option ATM

This power struck Premier ,is not much better than Andrews she is disgusting

Oh shut up Crisafulli carp carp every day.

David Crisafulli sack whoever is in charge of strategy You’re going backwards Talk to me

2 bad noxious cocky women

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The violent and intimidating behaviour of the police is more disturbing since they are supposed to serve and protect the people and not attack them for peacefully protesting as is their right.

Yet firing indiscriminately on the unarmed crowd is ok? Time you were gone old mate

Look at Australia under this PM .. Disgraceful 😒.. Never vote this govt again.. Or labour and Greens...UNITED Australia Party has my vote.. Support for ON ...

The real problem PM is the management of the lockdowns. Since setting up the ‘national cabinet’ you cannot control your premiers. They are the tyrants and people who have been suffering for the past 18 months have had enough.

You need to stop this Tyranny in Victoria Andrews should be sacked ,and also tell him to get the police to stop carrying on like it's Nazi Germany black shirts, our strikers have every right to stand up against this mandate it is breaking the Nuremburg Code and the Australian constitution, you will answer for this if you don't in the Nuremburg trials

Distressed and disturbed by our police state more like it.

It obvious on the surface common sense is out the window. This is turning into a freedom stand 'Eureka Stockade' revisited. How many citizens are afraid of unreasonable fines, and that is keeping many away who would otherwise attend the only recourse is vote these God less lying Government's out on their ears they are the lawless ones. Separation of powers from Parliaments to Police is a joke in all States and need to be attended too.

Scotty don't leave Aus ever again please and thanks mate, because without you australia tends to break down. no cap

Notice that it hit Victoria and parts of NSW. Both Premiers out of control.KARMA.

Is that the guy from down under?

No worries about the shocking injuries to the people the jack boot attacked though I note. Normal Australians don't count Prim Minister.

Sack the PM for incompetence and all state premiers

You talk like a puppet robot!

“Intimating”… hmmm… did one of your flunkies write this crap!!

Hey Scotty, is this accurate? Have we actually spent nothing on fire fighting aircraft?

A fantastic achievement! 10 Kiloton and 10 times more than expected! I hope the Chinese get the message!

How about nutting up and making it so it's an individuals choice to get it or not. You can't even confirm vaccinated DON'T spread it as fast as not vaccinated.

Turn it off ya Grub, your telling me as the prime minister to Australia your not in complete control of this country.... A few grubs on the street throwing rocks... Wait til all the farmers start digging up the guns Johnny didn't get, Your narrative is like driving a car down the road and purposefully veering out of control. " the whole time telling everyone it their fault..." Your a disgrace to a country" Mate, you look like an absolute fool steering the country off the road screaming it's your fault... Dud mate and a disgrace to a good country"

Well said mate

Brandt will blame Quake on climate change LOL I kid you not 😁

Blah Blah Blah.

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We're thinking of you Victoria πŸ™ and everyone affected by today’s earthquake πŸ’™ ... See MoreSee Less

Were thinking of you Victoria πŸ™ and everyone affected by today’s earthquake πŸ’™

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Thinking of you in Victoria and how dumb you must feel voting chairman dan in no one to blame but ya lefti selves

Chairman Dan you need to resign now you have created a police state by the way weres our pm that's right he's overseas again seems to happen a lot when his country is on its knees

Pretty sure Dan Andrews just thought he made the earth move...

This looks like God's judgement on Victorian Dictator Dan and his minions? Repent!

Does anyone know if this was a normal earthquake or a climate change earthquake?

The earthquake is the least of their concernsπŸ₯΄

Totally agree, God is punishment for Australia cause no government is being nice and let us run free. So This is a warning that God is not happy with you lot wake up!!!

Earthquake πŸ€” really People are taking their own lives, losing their livelihood, kids out of school for more than a whole year……what earthquake

As if they haven’t got enough on their plates πŸ˜”πŸ’

What about thinking of the construction workers who just want the right to reject the jab

We need help. Melbourne is under seige.

A 10 kiloton yield, and 10 times larger than expected! What a blast!

Even more reason for them to come to QLD πŸ˜‚

Stay safe from what?

Dans the problem we can deal with an earthquake

Dan fell on some stairs - that is all.


As if you really care, what a joke.

More thoughts and prayers, how lovely!

Are there any patriotic generals still in defence? Call me old fashioned, by I'm all for a coup πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

The blame for this earthquake will go to either 1 . Climate change 2. COVID or 3 . White people

LNP fight for Victoria not to be injected with Cancer Needles.

Victoria needed a good shake up, but not big enough.

You don't care! You are complicit by allowing this dictatorship to continue!

About time mother nature Shook some common sense into those idiot's..

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Earlier today I met with US President Joe Biden in an important meeting in New York.

The President and I are custodians of our countries’ great mateship and today we marked the 70th anniversary of the US-Australia Alliance, ANZUS. We also reaffirmed our new AUKUS partnership we announced together last week that will see Australia work closely with the US and the UK on new security and defence technologies and capabilities.

President Biden and I have a shared commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific and the challenges our region faces, including fighting COVID-19 and addressing climate change.

We both look forward to meeting with our good friends Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first meeting in person of the Quad partnership of our four great democracies at the White House in Washington D.C. later this week.
... See MoreSee Less

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Did you talk about the great reset And did he give you a pat on the back for you doing the same as him destroying the country for the pathetic elitist agenda !!!

Did sleepy Joe remember your name?

I see fully vaccinated Joe is wearing a mask??? Goes against everything he says! But he probably forgets what he says 30 seconds after he says it !

Did he ask who you were?

Well at least ScoMo is coherent......mostly. Talking to Biden would be like talking to Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen

Hope Joe recalls you being there, and tell the French and EU to piss off, it's our money and if we change our minds about the subs Turdbull wanted it's our decision.

Did he remember your name this time?

Why ÑY and not Washington?

The worst prime minister and worst president ever. We are not winning right now

I’ll bet that was an eye opener

So what happened to any Australian that comes home from overseas, won't be able to leave again, seeing you were only in the UK not long ago, don't forget we're all in this together? πŸ€”

scomo morrìson no one is listening to you anymore bloke bring on the next federal election

Stop mandatory vaccinations. Be true to your word prime minister.

Did he remember your name surprised that imbecile showed up

The worst US president in history

@MathewGuyMP You Are as Weak as Piss ! How about condemning the violence & thuggery that occured in our streets yesterday and the day before !!! Crawl out from underneath that rock and say something. You have a lot to say except when the going gets tough. Now I know why the Liberal Party dumped you in the first place. Pissweak effort !

Tale of two wankers!

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Let’s keep it up Australia! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί πŸ‘πŸΌ ... See MoreSee Less

Let’s keep it up Australia! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί πŸ‘πŸΌ

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Coercion and threats is the only reason. Stop poisoning our people

Celebrating mass depopulation, way to go LNP!

Yes, let's do the Eugenics program !

Australia is waking up to the lies πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€© it’s about to bite you in the bum LNP !! Shame on you 😑

Clowns what a disaster of a rollout shame.

Why isn't it mandatory for politician's first????

What a great response..upsets the naysayers

Wow... human are so easy to kill?

Keep you snake oil?

I can't believe kids are being done

Not for me

Poor sheep ,congratulations to our rotten Government, filling these poor Innocent fools with your experimental therapy they are inflicting on humans and now our children it's killed well over four hundred deaths and injured thousands more

Death toll prediction this Friday on TGA....555 and thar is only 3% reporting rate with 1000s of life altering new illnesses or disabilities.

You are killing people I guess thats something to be proud off. I hope the Government is buying land for cementaries

No thanks to this inept lnp federal government who will be sacked by the Australian people at the next election for its complete fail on the vaccine rollout and on quarantine The man with no plan has been a dismal failure

And not one was a real vaccine!!

Useless twits, Australia would be πŸ’―% double dosed vacinated. The only reason we aren't is because of the LNP - Liberal National Party

Sad that so many people have been so terrified by a virus that has a 98% recovery rate.

That's so sad to see almost 2 million scared fools believing this jab that doesn't help is the answer to this scamdamic.

Fantastic news.

Usles liberals.

All PCR "tests" across Australia are run by the labs, with cycles of amplication set at between 37-45. Any cycle over 35 has a 97% rate of false positives❗ WAKE UP PEOPLE.❗❗

Let’s go with Covid passports

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Our commitment to Medicare is rock solid. Last year, more than 377 million medical services were bulk billed. Bulk billing rates are higher than when Labor were in office. ... See MoreSee Less

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I will never forget, at the Last Election, the RED COMMO/SOCIALIST Labor Campaign Fear Mongering, using Medicare - Blatant Lies and this Proves it.

I suspect forced phone bulk billing and forced covid vaccination bulk billing are skewing your graph... Good try though πŸ˜‚

Let’s be clear here. Typically the Liberal party stands for those people who want to go about their life and business without interference from the government ie this party typically wants people to stand on their own two feet and make a successful life. But see, you cannot control much of your health and this is where I draw the line. A strong Medicare, Denticare and NDIS are musts in a decent society. Sure bring back work choices etc but actually work with Labor to build our health services into something for every single person. No bankruptcies due to poor health.

Why not show the data from 2014-2015, or 2015-2016? I’m sure it would look much, much different considering how GPs changed their bulk billing practices with Telehealth since the pandemic.

I have gotten a mental health plan recently but it seems nobody will accept it if I don't pay them at least as much again as the Medicare rebate pays. I remember back in 2012 I had little problem getting bulk billed on one. It would see pointless to have doubled the amount of visits on a plan during Covid when to access them is going to be about $2000 out of pocket per year. My mum died last Wednesday. I've been on a carers payment looking after her.

Deceptive graphics like this say more about integrity than anything else.

Does this graph tell us that the LNP have closed the gap?, or is it telling us that with 900+ imortant and expensive medications recently removed from medicare, that the blue column now looks better?

I would prefer if the liberal party had a rock solid commitment to individual liberty and bodily autonomy.

I just know that under this government and during Covid that my husband had life saving Open Heart Surgery, at RPA in Sydney by a fantastic heart surgeon, and did not pay a cent under Medicare.

That's because you are driving everyone off of private health with the massive rises you are approving. No wonder billing rates are higher....

This is basic human knowledge the more a society grows the more it will rely on medical treatments. Saying you have improved health standards in Australia based on common logic is sickening. LNP=Misinformation and at the same time being lazy. Whoever posted this is reaching.

General Practice bears the brunt of Bulkbilling. How many patients does a GP have to see to pay for 1 staff member? Approximately 900 How many GP’s have only 1 staff member. A Practice Manager and 2 staff members 8600 patients. Add all the other practice costs before the GP gets paid. Our GP’s work load is huge especially with the increase in mental health High rates of bulkbilling are truly not sustainable especially in the smaller practices where patients have the privilege of doctor of choice. GovernmentS for years have pushed for higher and higher rates of bulkbilling without too much thought of those providing the service. Certainly there are many for whom free medical services are absolutely necessary and doctors know who they are and bulkbill these patients. If we drink, smoke, eat out etc we should be able to pay a gap fee - no other service we access in life is free. Politicians alike wake up to the real life of our GPS and stop endeavouring to buy votes at their expense by pushing unsustainable bulkbilling rates. (For those of you questioning this comment I am not a Medico but I have worked in Practice Management for many years in both specialty and General Practice and know the pressure our General practitioners are under)

Won’t be a GP Left in 10 years, monkeys will be doing the job, they get paid with peanuts, GP’s close to that now.


How many did you cut again????

Probably because we are in a pandemic πŸ˜‚

This is the biggest load of bullshit ever published

and there is less accountability by those who claim

If Medicare is so good, why do we need Private Health? Because you wait for ages for a treatment/ Hospital admission. Yet private health keeps rising to premiums that are the same as house payments.

2 data points, almost a decade apart lol

Perhaps the labor party will shut up with there lies now ,as all you get from that lot is doom and gloom, and they do nothing when in government , only open the borderrs and put taxes up .

I wonder what was different in health requirements between those two years? Can ANYBODY figure that out?

Big deal. Govern the country FOR the people not AGAINST the people


Might have something to do with a global pandemic happening?

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Photos from Peter Dutton's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment

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The best defence minister ever!

Thank You Peter Dutton. Visiting this site was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. Will never forget 9/11πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Thankyou Peter, I had a nephew who was not well that day and stayed at home. He worked in one of the towers. The Australia US friendship only gets stronger. Long may it continue.

A very moving place to visit still can't believe it happened so sad.πŸ’ž

Good On YOU Peter Dutton - The MAN.

U have bloody 10 days delay mate! U supposed to pay ur respects 10 days ago !

One of the most emotional moments of my life, visiting this memorial.πŸ’œπŸ˜’

and this guy is our defense minister geez Australia is in trouble big trouble

Very very sad never forget that evil time when so many innocent lives were lost by those evil people.

Why did our Governments let those very terrorists settle in Australia in their thousands.

Why doesn't Dutton show compassion for every day AUSTRALIANS instead of just the BILLIONAIRES. He is a cruel, heartless, hypocritical, corrupt, disgusting moron.

Yet the average Australian can’t leave his house!

Your a shame to all who died.

Can't wait to see you flicked to kingdom come in 2022.🀣🀣

Shouldn't you be asking the U.S. to start an independent expert investigation to determine who actually is responsible for the 3 controlled demolitions that brought down the 3 towers? Surely, you're not swallowing that whole neo-con lie about terrorists??

Thank You β€οΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί


Well done Peter Dutton.

What a statesman

MSM wont show this.

Thanks for that.

Get back home and do the job we overpay you to do poorly πŸ’©

God bless

We will never forget that Israel did 911. Can we say that now ? πŸ˜‰

Well done Peter. Great work.

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Queenslanders expect better. The victims of Caboolture Hospital deserve better. ... See MoreSee Less

Queenslanders expect better. The victims of Caboolture Hospital deserve better.

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This Qld Govt is so brazen that sometimes they don’t even bother to cover things up - they just use their bully-boy tactics of shouting down and ridiculing people who ask for explanations.

You are doing a brilliant job David...this useless labor/green outfit is finalΔΊy being held to account, you should have become the Premier at the last election.

Too many things going on in this government and being covered up

Fair enough. I'm sure Qld Health is doing their best and maybe the LNP will get their go in 2014. Blind trusts, vaccination, quarantine, sports rorts, and the Federal Government reluctance for a Federal ICAC are more relevant leading into a Federal Election. Let's get real and put an end to corrupt politics.

I really don’t know if I can get anymore appalled by the lack of actions by the Queensland Labor government. They are the most disrespectful group of individuals. They actually make me feel sick.

Both parties are out of touch. If you concentrate on Health Education and Infrastructure with the growing population you would be better of.

It’s not the only department

If anyone would know about cover-ups it's the LNP.

Lol wait until you see the cover ups in federal government!

It's a sad situation when you really don't want to go to hospital

The WHOLE OF QLD HEALTH NEEDS A GOOD CLEAN OUT and MORE MONEY.They are understaffed and overcrowded.Bundaberg Base is just as bad and our small rural hospital I wouldn`t put a sick dog into it.

David, the electoral system needs a very deep investigation. AP has things stacked so they can't lose. Why doesn't Qld have an Upper House?

David, I am absolutely gutted! Madam Palachuk is beyond belief, to go power mad and want ninety percent vaccinated people before she lets anyone from another state in. Obviously she is unable to worry about business failure, not a brain, just ego……!

Public system is horrific everywhere! I haven’t seen a midwife or obstetrician and still won’t be able to until I’m about 27 weeks due to no availabilities anywhere in the Sunshine Coast or Gympie region. I’ll have this baby before I bloody see anyone!

Nothing has changed with the management culture of Queensland Health since my memorable job over 12 years. Doesn’t matter how effective the troops may be management and in particular middle management was appalling. Political interference was evident!

I heard her say tonight we must all get immunised as we don't want to overload our hospitals. They'd be so worried our hospital system wouldn't cope.

4 hours to get a vaccination at the Caboolture hub and that's with an appointment and they say they want us all vaccinated my wife can't stand for 4 hours so how is supposed to get vaccinated

Wait until you see what the federal government has done! Will you shine a spotlight on those too?

Remember what Rob Messenger MP did for Bundaberg with the Dr Patel exposure.

Shining a spotlight for almost nine years. Cover up after cover up at MNHHS.

The Caboolture Hospital is at the forefront. It appears they are cherry picking those who can appear before the enquiry. Some people like the women who had a botched up caesarian and now has organs outside her body who is not allowed to appear.

What would you expect!! This Labor government are experts at cover ups !!

Isn’t that the game of politics? Do nothing until you have to?

What about these people?

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4 days ago
LNP - Liberal National Party

Congratulations to the Australian Wallabies on a phenomenal victory tonight πŸ‰ led by incredible performances from Michael Hooper, Taniela Tupou and Quade Cooper πŸ‘πŸΌ ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to the Australian Wallabies on a phenomenal victory tonight πŸ‰ led by incredible performances from Michael Hooper, Taniela Tupou and Quade Cooper πŸ‘πŸΌ

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It was fantastic to be able to enjoy the game last night wasn't it! Many thanks to Queenslanders all over for helping stop the spread of Covid in the community by respecting the restrictions that are in place at the moment!

Well done Wallabies πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¦˜

GO THE WALLABIES.we beat the WORLD champions TWICE IN ROW.look out here we come.

Fantastic. Well done Wallabies.

Great work

I guess we are in lock down again now the foot ball is over.

excellent work boys

Good until you meet the all blacks

Is Quade an Aussie or are the LNP still being Nazis


Well done πŸ‘

Well done Wallabies

Go Wallabies πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ’›πŸ’š

No distancing going on there.

Time for that citizenship

Well done !

Hail Quade Cooper !!!

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Over 70% of Australians have now had a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’‰ ... See MoreSee Less

Over 70% of Australians have now had a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’‰

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This is fine but what about the mandatory forced vaccination. So wrong . My choice if I want it or not. I’m happy ether way not anti vax . Pro choice. Stop all mandatory vaccinations. Offer it don’t force it.

They have to do this because of stupid left wing premiers McGowan, Andrews and palaszczuk will not let their citizens loose. I disagree with the vaccine but premiers are playing politics. I do not want to stay a prisoner for ever

Should have been done 6 months ago.

Those figures are nothing to be proud of at a time when workers are being coerced with no jab no job! And that meme looks like a pic of a "production line" of people being deceived by lying government propaganda.

Well good for them. Their choice. Same as mine in not getting it. Now can we all respect others points of view with some common decency?

So does that make us 3 or 6 months behind the world?? If only Evans had had an hour to talk to Pfizer hey

Wow, I have rarely read so many stupid comments on 1 page.

Instead of expending desperately needed federal funding on essentials that will benefit ordinary Australians, the ruthless tyrants in the worst, most corrupt and undemocratic regime in our history (the LNP) hope to maintain their bloodstained grip on power by wasting BILLIONS on the purchase of weapons of war that will only serve to irritate and alienate our biggest trading partner! Not satisfied with that insignificant little war criminal, John Howard, almost sending this country BANKRUPT by invading Iraq (a country that has NEVER posed a threat to us), causing the genocidal murder of millions of innocent Iraqi and Syrian civilians and the destabilisation of the whole middle east, an unnecessary war that has cost, and is STILL costing, this nation countless MILLION$ of taxpayer dollars every single year, the LNP are now wanting to throw MORE money at weapons of war for no other reason than a dangerous, exorbitant exercise in political expediency! The gormless, short-sighted, war mongers in the LNP NEVER stop to think that NOTHING can be achieved by wasting countless BILLIONS of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on obsolete nuclear-powered submarines EXCEPT to make Australia a big red TARGET !!!! Honestly, whenever this malevolent, totally depraved and corrupt regime start to STINK IN THE POLLS, they resort to inciting insecurity, war, racism, hate and FEAR into the hearts of gullible, Murdoch-manipulated Australians because the LNP KNOW that when scared little people feel insecure, they will ALWAYS vote CONSERVATIVELY !!! The LNP are going on a MASSIVE spending spree (that our nation can ill afford) whilst, simultaneously tearing literally BILLIONS of federal funding from our children's State school education, privatising and selling off our TAFE colleges, DEFUNDING Medicare, our taxpayer funded ABC (which the LNP have defunded to the tune of nearly $1 BILLION since 2014), charities and every form of social welfare program into obsolescence! Why? For no other reason than to score cheap political points at an exorbitant cost that Australian taxpayers CANNOT afford! The LNP are BEYOND depraved!

How sad, the government politicians plan in action.

* of eligible Australians

Thanks to Morrison’s incompetence we are lagging behind the rest of the world.

Kathryn Byrne I have been amazed at the bogans who comment on a LNP post. I know myself "hell" would need to freeze over before I would even read anything on an ALP post. But I can understand why people read the LNP posts because they are written with a message. Would you like me to find a suitable ALP post for you.

Morrison is an arrogant, chest beating fool with zero insight and not one iota of foresight! I notice that EVERYONE else is placed in lock-down EXCEPT for the self-promoting, arrogant hypocrite, Morrison, who is now jetsetting across to Washington to meet with Biden! One law for Morrison and one set of regulations for everyone else!

Dear oh dear! How compliant Australians are. The Chinese must be rubbing their hands with glee.

The FDA in the U S has put up a case against people under 65 getting the booster shot, after all the adverse reactions are presenting in young people, pericarditis etc.

FAKE NEWS, 70% of people over the age of 18 have had the first vaccination which makes the real percentage to be 47%.

Nothing to be proud off. 70% of the { adult population } have been 1st dose of Cancer Vaccine. God help us all

536 dead after receiving it.

This experimental therapy they are inflicting on humans and now our children it's killed well over four hundred deaths and injured thousands more, our press and TV have been silenced, WAKE UP This is an experiment ,Ivermectin tablet or Hydradroxachloraquin can cure this virus completely but our government has removed it from purchase after we have used it for 60yrs to promote this jab and making billionaires out of it

lets have LOTS more soon!

So sad, so true .....

Here they go again, the corrupt LNP DESPERATE to take credit for the action of ordinary Australian citizens! Have Australians FORGOTTEN that it was Morrison who smugly said "There's no hurry! It's not a race" and Berejiklian who allowed Covid-19 infected passengers to disembark from the Ruby Princess and go on to infect so many other people in Sydney?? My God, this reckless, totally corrupt regime did NOTHING to lessen the impact of Covid-19 EXCEPT to incite a good deal of vaccine hesitancy throughout the nation! When are you LNP-supporting Murdoch-manipulated sheeples going to WAKE UP and STOP voting for the worst, most depraved and corrupt regime in our history?


Under duress.

Next will be the roll out of the booster shots. Then the digging of mass graves.

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