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Ice epidemic
Crime as a result of ice addiction is making our streets unsafe. That's why our 5-Point Action Plan to deal with drug crime is so important to keep your neighbourhood safe and secure. Read it here:
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Ice epidemic

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Create more jobs so people are busy working amd have hope for the future instead of falling into a pit of depression and turning to drugs for release and then getting violent. Crime rises with unemployment and boredom.

I believe the existing Recovery Centres will benefit by the use of the 5 - Point action Plan of the LNP..

Give people the right to use deadly force to protect their homes and also give people the right to use deadly force to retrieve stolen property. Give people the right to own the tools to fulfill this right.Otherwise just admit you don't want the elderly to be allowed to defend themselves.

To reduce and contol the crime related to drud taking as Ice is essential in providing public safety in our Community . The 5- Point Plan of the LNP has measures to do this - This provision of public -safety is part of my big picture belief that an LNP elected government will give a - better - a sronger and more effective government to Queensland ..

I agrre with the LNP 5 Point Plan to reduce and contol crime in our neighbourhood ..

biggest ice users are lnp voters in country areas

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Crime is Townsville is out of control.
Young offenders are making an absolute mockery of the juvenile justice system under Labor. It's unacceptable and something must be done.
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Crime is Townsville is out of control.

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The state election cannot come soon enough. Hopefully QLDers are smart enough to NOT reelect a do-nothing shonky Labor gov't.

never ever vote for labor or any left wing biased party, the results are always tragic and it takes years often decades to rectify their mistakes.

Maybe your party could invest more in youth development programs, mentor and rehabilitative services. Throwing kids in jail is only going to turn them into life-long criminals. Tackling poverty and homelessness might also do the trick?

It's not the crims making a mockery of the system it's the welfare Officers who are imposing inadequate sentences to hoodlums who just don't give a stuff and offend again and again and again.. Yet these so called educated, learned , people keep giving them second chance after second chance after second chance.. They are the ones making a likely of our justice system.. Let's put blame where the blame belongs.. On the shoulders of the morons sitting on the bench

Global Labor governments, however titled, think they are a law unto themselves and can cherry pick the laws they will uphold. Just look around Australia now. For one Victoria??? I rest my case.

It's what happens in the court room.. judges need to be made accountable for their rulings.. they are the one sending them back on the streets..

Well Cassie, we now have the Qld Labor Government going to release juvenile offenders into our south Brisbane family communities, what can these idiots be thinking of, certainly not the safety of the citizens and their children.

If they are an adult criminals should be forced to recompense their victims - directly from any welfare or income. If a juvenile from their parents or guardians and not by drip drip SPERS

I've been saying for a long time its the morons handing out the sentences that should be behind bars. Our judicial system is a joke make the penalties stick if they do the crime do the time not just a slap on the wrist and go and do worse next time.

Given the young tools think that they are being 'grown up', as a price for the lower penalties they get, any juvenile offender should also have their effective age for purposes of drinking, getting a driver's licence, voting etc reduced by a few years (determined by law/judge as appropriate). After all, they've proven they are immature.

I know you weirdos enjoyed being smacked as kids but it doesn't actually improve children. "Hard on crime" makes society worse, it always has. Focus resources where they matter; education, social inclusion, and ensuring children aren't raised in or nearly in poverty.

Can you point me to some evidence that supports tougher sentencing leading to reduced rates if crime. New Zealand has had a lot of success in reducing juvenile offending through social empowerment programs.

Do you think this is not happening in other states regardless to what party is in government . This type of thing has been going on for a long time but people are becoming more brazen . People continue to not lock their cars and when they do they leave valuable items in view . Homes are easily accessed , we have to do more to keep our property safe because this problem is not going to go away .

To be fair the govt does have some rehab . We just do not hear about it . I know one place where all the family are housed and taught to cook , importance of education , guidance offers , phycologists, etc to rehabilitate young people and their parents who go off the rails . This place is in a country area so goodness knows how many more places like this are near the city .

I've heard from a well placed and reliable source that while Labor was planning to have the QLD Election on November 4th , it has now had to alter that date to the first Saturday in December. The change of dates is to allow for a stronger campaign against the likely high support for One Nation. Get ready for their massive TV campaign , if you don't already have Netflix , nows the time to sign up ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Wouldnt it be nice to think that changing government would solve these ongoing problems re our weak judicial system? We've changed govts many many times, both state, federal and local. These problems are still there? So just how do we fix obvious problems that have been around since the day dot??

WHY is the government reponsible for these little snots not having respect for other peoples property? Make the parents responsible its thier fault for not raising them properly. They are too interested in giving them anything they want like designer clothes and the latest phones and crap just to keep them quiet.Make the kids work for what they want that way they value it more.If they are taught respect at a young age it will stay with them all through life.We were taught repect by the police by a clip in the ear and then taken to our parent who dished out more punishment and NO it was not child abuse it was called a LESSON. Think about it people before you blame the government.

and you reckon the alternative mob are going to fix things???...will be just as bad. like all polllies talk big pre election or while in opposition then dissappear never to be heard of again unless they vote themselves a pay rise. Grubs the lot of them

It is simple The System says it's acceptable because nothing is changing. When we determine what is unacceptable then only then will change within the system occur. When things get bad enough (ie) say 1000 cars stolen per day this will deem unacceptable. The definition of the System is Everything from the high court down including Judges, politicians, police, solicitors, social workers, the general public, and so on. Sadly to say things need to get a whole lot worse before the people within the System will change. We have to determine what's acceptable and what is unacceptable in reality.

Whilst penalties are soft and prison considered by some better than working for a living expect little improvement. Prisons are becoming overcrowded, 1 million in the US. Hit the crims where it hurts and make it severe enough to prevent repetition or its going to be the end of us.

The children of Johnny ho ho's baby bonus are now of age. Conceived for a cash handout by parents with no idea or intention of raising children. This is the aftermath of a sick vote buying scheme. Problem created by LNP

Under this present Qld government we have Anarchy ,no law and order and no consequences.But they like criminals to vote for them!

You'll find most places are having a huge increase in crime . Help is needed in a lot of towns. People are sick of the ostrich syndrome .Unless people make a stand nothing will change.

We just had our car stolen from our driveway while we were sleeping. The police said they have spotted it several times but can do nothing because they cannot chase any speeding cars in Qld.

I believe the CJ System under Labor has caused this inflamed criminal rate by young offenders . Yes I agrre - that change here is needed and by an LNP Government .

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To protect our Queensland kids, we'll scrap the safe schools program if elected. ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ ... See MoreSee Less

To protect our Queensland kids, well scrap the safe schools program if elected. ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ

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We'll develop a new anti-bullying resource for Queensland schools in consultation with teachers, parents, educational experts and child psychologists. It won't push dangerous ideologies onto our Qld kids. Read more:

Shouldn't even be discussing safe schools...should never have been implemented and our kids should never have had access to it. Some things need to be left up to us parents, and if I choose to expose my teenager to any of that stuff then it's fully up to me!!

The greens and labor party should provide financially compensation to the young children and families who have been mentally damaged by this marxist driven garbage.

Anyone who endorses the Safe Schools Program is a total creep.

While you're scrapping "safe schools" you can get rid of the perverted teachers who are pushing these twisted ideologies and sick personal agendas on our children behind their parents backs.

I would vote anybody that stops safe schools and SSM. The whole thing stinks like the proverbial at low tide.

That on its own is enough of a reason to vote for LNP

A friend of mine has an 11yoa boy, he came home from school after having a lesson on relationships, this is how the conversation went,,,, son; 'dad I think I'm gay,,, dad 'why son',,, son, because I really like my friends and they are all boys',,, dad; 'when you think of kissing someone do you think of kissing one of your mates or a girl at school you really like',,, son, 'a girl off course,',, dad, ''well son you are not gay',,,the confusion this program brings about is intolerable, I agree that people should show acceptance and tolerance but this type of learning is ludicrous and confusing to a child.

God you people talk rubbish. The safe school program was developed by experts. If it had been available when I was in school, I and other gay students might have had an education free of homophobic bulling and violence. I knew I was gay before I was a teenager and almost every gay, lesbian and trans person will tell you exactly the same thing. Being gay, lesbian, bi or trans is not a choice, you can't make a person LGBTI, you can't switch it, you can't catch it. Sexuality is innate.

Can someone in the LNP or the Labor Govt. please supply the public with a list of the schools in Queensland where the Safe School Programme is being taught.

The last thing you would want is for kids to understand the turmoil that LGBT kids go through. Pathetic LNP Queensland.

About time they made a public statement. Now ban this insane indoctrination of children all together.

Can we close the church down too!!! You know the industry that has a history of child sexual abuse .If you are legit about protecting children.

Seriously? The only people against safe schools are extremly daft, have been mislead by what it contains or are religious extremists! Separation of church & state!

Many children are subjected to bullying, disabled children, children from other cultures and some children for many reasons just. Don't fit in. Surely not all children from SSM are gay, they may make other choices sometimes. But anti-bullying must cover all children and adults in our community because it is wrong.

But it's not called Safe Schools in Queensland, it's Respectful Relationships - or something like that. Unfortunately, the Labor government are denying it but it within every subject.What the LNP advertise is incorrect and it should say. We will remove any and all reference and subjects that the Safe Schools program mentions and discusses. It's interwoven throughout the curriculum and their is no opt out.LNP you need to be more transparent about what you intend to do because we don't call it Safe Schools in Queensland so what exactly are you referring to?

Children and the innocence of childhood need to be protected as long as possible. The content in this program contains many complex topics that kids are not mentally or emotionally equipped to deal with at such a young age. I'm all for an all inclusive anti-bullying program being introduced by qualified doctors and psychologists which promote respect, tolerance and compassion for all fellow humans regardless of ethnicity, religious, sexual or political beliefs/values. However, parents remain solely responsible for instilling and nurturing these values in their children.

If the LNP withdraws from Safe Schools I will no longer vote for them. I know three young people whose lives were saved by the program. We're in the 21st Century now!

I've screen shot this as proof the LNP believe the safe schools programs is damaging to kids... so much so they need protecting. Let's see if they uphold this???

I like the fact the LNP will get rid of this perversion!!but the LNP has lost massive Surport whilst the minor parties are growing at an unprecedented rate. LNP your got to perform a miracle to get your base Surport back now.

Go back to the anti bullying technique that did and still does work .. a good smack in the head .. it has worked for centuries and way before boy's went to school in dresses .. it's all about respect - win lose or draw you gain respect ..

We're glad about that. The 'safe schools' is the most UNsafe plan we've ever heard of & should NOT have Been even considered in the first place. At last SOMEONE is showing some sense & responsible protection toward vulnerable young lives.

One Nation's policy from months ago. LNP and independents could have banned this along time ago. Why didn't you ? Safe Schools is poisonous !

I couldn't give a monkey's about that rubbish. How about scrapping the lock out laws? Small business is being hurt, jobs are being hurt and the QLD economy, which is heavily reliant on tourism is suffering... A month ago I was in NSW, and I couldn't even order a neat whiskey, you do that to a rich American tourist and he won't be coming back.

Piss off with your hateful scaremongering 'dangerous ideologies'. The timing of this shows it's about conflating issues unified only by homophobia. Stick to the topic of marriage equality You should have the guts to legislate for marriage equality instead of going through this expensive charade. Every country that has considered this has said yes. How about a postal vote on removing religions' tax exemptions ?

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Second M1
Queenslanders are sick and tired of being stuck in traffic on the M1.
It's time to start planning for the future. It's time for a second M1.

Sign our petition:
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Second M1

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Why is rego on our car $1,136 here under a Labor Government in Queensland same car in Victoria $800. Lot of people would appreciate help there...

Have to remember State does not stop at the Sunshine Coast we in FNQ get no choice on electricity provider Ergon or no one Left out of a lot of the infrastructure that the SE gets even on a per capita basis We up here are Queenslanders also and contribute to the States Coffers

Its time to build some Clean coal power stations re open the gas fired power station YOU closed

Lol both major party's are short sighted when building Mayor projects they build for the short term not long term once a project finish it needs upgrading once again

It's time for water in Townsville!!!!

Its time to duplicate the rail line with high speec intercity express lines to Goldie, Ipswich and onto Toowoomba and Sunshine coast

The IRTC intra road transport corridor is a proposed 4 lane total road running from Jacobs well to is also runs smack bang through koala and wildlife corridors and the already threatened Coomera east Koalas.....and if I understand this right you want to turn this into a second M1....๐Ÿšซ good luck getting elected to make that happen ๐Ÿ˜‚

Yes we must get rid of the labour government in Qld. But come on guys another M1 between Bris and the Gold Coast. Where on earth are you going to get that money you are dreaming or telling porkies, because it aint coming from Canberra, and Qld has not got the dollar's they wont evan pay for upgrades to our exiting M1 which is a bloody disgrace. I bet you have not got a clue where its going to come from.

Talks about building a road project in a controversial location that cost a previous (Goss) government an election back in the 1990s.And won't even commit to paying for it. Sounds like his flash in the pan bullet train to Bundaberg plan.(L)ook! (N)o (P)olicies! by name, (L)ook! (N)o (P)olicies! by nature.

That's great, however, the Bruce Highway could certainly do with some upgrading. Queenslanders pay many dollars for rego and we are not getting enough for the price. The road system in Victoria is amazing. I do realize it is a smaller state, however, there appears to be more concentrated roads and they pass less in rego..

The whole lot is a bloody disgrace, labor think they're so smart, the coalition isn't much better, the conservatives are starting to make inroads combining with family first, and Pauline Hanson has got the major parties worried, I so agree with her, yet no way would she make pm, pity though! ๐Ÿ™„

No body would care if the state went into debt for a second hwy it's possible and can be done ! Just needs someone willing to do it , in fact it could go right through to gateway motorway through the cane fields and take all the traffic from hope island away from Coomera , coomera is causing the main problem south and north , cut into Helensvale Brisbane road and cut in at just south of gateway ! LNP just do it! And no toll make it a winner ,maybe a surcharge on Adarni mine ?

Rego in NSW is free for pensioners! LNP, ALP, GRN are all only looking out for their own lurks, perks and pensions. Toss 'em all out and elect someone who thinks about Australia and Australians first. Goodbye, you lot!

How long do you expect us to swallow this BS when it comes to fixing the gridlock on the M1. Libs were in charge only 3 yrs ago & you did nothing towards fixing it then. Steve Ciobo talks about it, but he only talks. Take away the former premier & it's the same Libs that lost the last election. Pavlova is useless but you guys aren't any better.

Stuff the Gold Coast what about the Bruce hiway north of Gympie all the way to cairns it's a disgrace even the new bits are woeful in this day and age it should be duel carriage to at least Mackay by now and no the stupid bike lane up the middle doesn't count

The train system is pathetic and slow - the longer distant trains are a joke. The so called Tilt Train is slow, unreliable, often replaced with an old diesel that take over 6 hours to go to Brisbane from Bundaberg. Staff try but the service is hopeless.

When politicians actually start walking the talk they will earn my respect. What the hell happened to foresight to infrastructure? What the hell happened to also being able to finance such infrastructure, this was the case in Australia once well planned and paid for, so what the hell!!! By the way we need to go up in levels of transportation, need to get smarter such as lanes going north/ south that have no traffic be signalled to be of use. Do office workers really need to travel to a office to operate a computer/ phone etc every day? Today's technology should allow to work from home. Could keep ranting but as I said we need to be smarter and have finances for infrastructure here in Australia not sending it overseas.

Will the new roads be toll free?? Seems everytime now a new road is built, it gets a toll slapped on it!!! Great idea but on building new roads instead of widening old ones. A western corridor is def what Brisbane needs. Would take a bit of traffic out of the city or gateway m1

Why do you keep putting more and more money on the gold coasts roads but hey what about the Sunshine Coast don't we deserve better roads up this way ,but then no party ever spends much up this way

Something needs to be done to ease traffic congestion on the highway between Sunshine Coast & Brisbane! Fast train operating between the 2 would be ideal. Traffic congestion just keeps getting worse there. ๐Ÿ‘Ž

For god sake there is already 4 lanes going down to the Gold Coast what about fixing the stretch at Tanah Merah, all you have to do is listen to the traffic reports it's mentioned every morning !!!

Then will a Government listen to industry .. Queensland doesn't have policy on the run we have law on the run because we don't have a Senate. We have to set up Ministerial Committees as apart of your system of Government. So many mistakes have been made costing so many jobs and opportunities especially in the States hospitality and security industries.

and we are sick and tired of being killed on the Kuranda Range, time to give the north some consideration....

Weird hey... Labor Premier Wayne Goss was slammed for his forward thinking in proposing a 2nd highway between Gold Coast and Brissy back in 1995!!

Why the hell does Brisbane get it all, you seem to think North Queensland does not exist! Forget Brisbane and the SE we need money spent up Here!!!

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Wages growth lowest in Australia
Just when you thought Labor was done attacking your family budget with increases to rego, power and water - QLD now has the lowest wages growth of any state in Australia.
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Wages growth lowest in Australia

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Liberal National party coalition have only been in power for 6 of the last 17 years and in reality never had enough time to turn things around but the economy did show strong reductions of debt under Campbell Newman. People disagreed in tightening the belt and this term of government it has ballooned. Some strong leadership coupled with open and forthright communication is needed, we certainly don't require more of the same over the last three years.

yep.... the latest from this useless mob is to raise water charges (Seqwater) even though they conditioned us to use less... remember the ads... so most folks did just that... now they reckon they haven't raised enough tax from water chargers so they are increasing the tax on water...ffs

LABOR AND LIBERAL have almost destroyed QLD, lets get rid of their cancer and make QLD a place we love again.

The Qld people own 65% of the electricity generators in our own state but we are being gouged to poverty. Rego should be half what it is or have a scheme that insures the driver not the vehicle

STATE government FEDERAL government. All tard with the same brush. STATE government is screwing the States while FEDERAL government screws Australia. Look at how many STATES are struggling under LABOR.

THREE Federal LNP tax breaks to big business . Where are the jobs and growth from those ? Oh thats right. They just kept the money for themselves. Hired no one.

You can thank Newman for the 36% increase in power prices over 3 years and the mass sackings of doctors ,nurses , ambo's teachers and train builders.We dont forget the mess Newman left๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก

Did you know that the tax threshold for attracting Land Tax is now down to $350 thousand. That means that many more investors are now caught up in this robbery. The government does not do a thing for these tax payers. It is just a wealth tax. On just 2 properties in a regional town we pay $3780.00 this year. That is more than 10% of the rental income.

If you are a labor acolyte you are gathering serious coin right now . Nothing like a lot of money to excite a socialist,especially when you can help yourself to the tax and ratepayers monies safe in the knowledge that no one will ever do anything about it.

Except for the only people this government has hired, 30.000 public servents, all on big pay cheques. Labor is a continual Disaster day, after day, after day.!!!

And the three stooges in the above picture, is the perfect example of the biggest manufactorer of manure, or 'animal poo-poo', for those who don't know what manure is.

AND we are paying for people who NEVER have and NEVER WILL pay a dollar in TAX,UNregisted cars ,UNlicened,,Never want employed,Feel sorry for those looking for work But lots of GENERATION BLOOD SUCKERS out there

So ... the Palace Chook is prepared to spend millions of dollars to bring the Logies to the Gold Coast ... BrisVegas ... they never spend their own money

Ha๐Ÿ˜‚come and live in the ACT, we have one of the highest taxing Labor Green coalition governments in the country๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Please Kim if you target Australia aim for Queensland Parliament and get rid of this crew so we can get some sanity

I have complained to polies re the charge we pay for the electricity wires ..I pay over $400 a year..This is bulshit.

I believe the only way to push the Governments into building proper (non renewable) Power generation infrastructure is to start a class action against the Government (state) and sue the pants off them for incompetence and the losses carried by lost production and future opportunity. Many billions

Will be a pleasure to see these arsholes ousted

Jackie and The Premier are ugly freaks

Dig up Joh Bjelke-Petersen he'll do a better job than the last couple premiers.

I don't mind stationary wages as long as I have stationary prices.

You can't win with Nichols, switch to Bleijie, he's not a smarmy career politician๐Ÿ‘Œ

Can't pay high wages for crap employees!

Queenslanders I feel for you as we too have been hit by the labor in WA.

I wonder why that could be? Fundamental economic weakness brought by Labor perhaps?

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Ros Bates on Child Safety disasters
This isnโ€™t about politics. These issues are real & vulnerable womenโ€™s lives are being put at risk. Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to sack Shannon Fentiman and Mark Ryan, the Ministers who are supposed to be protecting domestic violence victims - but aren't.
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Ros Bates on Child Safety disasters

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I agree that Queensland Labor Ministers have intoduced legislature and proposals placing women in a more vunerable position of acts of domestic violence . A proposed change in the Coorectional services parole system harmed procedure and placed many people in a state of fear." This isn't about politics".

To the best of my knowledge as of the 6 of june this year, 8 children have been murdered by their parents this year.All 8 by their mother. 3 of were killed jointly with the father.These children deserve the protection from the government from their fathers and mothers. You are failing our kids Rose. Please look at the big picture. Do it for the children

Well said Hon Ros Bates ....."It is not about politics" , it is about protecting our victims and most vulnerable. We all have a duty of care in our communities, domestic violence is not acceptable, never acceptable!

I wonder what it would cost to each Australian to build an underground bomb shelter in our own back yards and is it possible to get people to build with any know how it would be essential to fit international standards so where can we even look in Australia particularly in Perth WA for builders to build a family nuclear shelter and how much would it cost and who knows how ot build them to withstand nuclear attacks. North Korean situation is going to be worse and war is inevitable. I wonder can people effectively form lobbying group to lobby for federal funds and local shire council and state govts to fund immediately the building of mass nuclear bomb shelters and stock them in Perth and WA

Sacking ministers is not the answer. Investigate why it happened and take appropriate action. It seems like this was an error than a deliberate violation.

Know a election on its way but sadly all we here is a broken record of the blame game and we can do better ,what do we get more bad government just a major political party's merry go round from one bad government to a other ,time to give the major political party's a big miss and vote for a minor party' or a independent

Keep up the good work Ros!

This isn't an issue that should be political however it needs discussing. Given the deaths that have occurred under this Minister's watch, and their attempt to hide her own, and the department's failures by refusing to release reports and severely redacting reports that have been released, is woeful. We are talking about young innocent lives lost. This is the third year of Labor and failures of great magnitude are still occurring. Can't blame Newman anymore. This latest bungle was life threatening. I agree with Ros Bates. This Minister, Shannon Fentiman, should admit that the buck stops with her, do what is right and resign, but since politicians confuse their pay packet, with principle, and so would never resign (her pay would drop from $6000 per week to $3000 per week), she should be sacked.

She won't because she would lose power...

You have bad women abusing the legal system faking abuse. Sort this out and your home free.

Take action against the staff members who broke the rules. I am not a fan of labour but the minister is not at fault

bugger of will you born to lie i mean to rule

Ros Bates is spot on!

Good on you Ros Bates for speaking up. The wonderful benefits and results of Gay Marriage.

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Queenslanders are stranded on stations and stuck in traffic thanks to Labor's ongoing rail crisis. What has Labor done over the last 12 months to solve it?

7 News Brisbane
BREAKING: Every major rail line out of the city has been brought to a standstill.

Download the 7 News app:

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7 News Brisbane

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And the Minister gets on the news and blames it on the size of the network. I'd say there'd be bigger networks run more efficiently in the world.

This is what you're going to get with a Labor government - we've been down this road before and all the unions in the world won't save us. They could start to win some respect by working with the current government to govern this country and give up on the juvenile political stunts like Shorten with his piece of paper today in Question Time today. How could anyone really believe we could have Shorten as our PM, totally embarrassing!

Labor couldn't run a tea party for two let alone a state - wake up Queenslanders - oust them at the next election !!!!!!!!

This is just disgusting. Heard Trad on the news tonight trying to explain it away. Wondered when heads were going to start rolling. To say that the network is large I would contend that it is nothing like Sydney's or Melbourne's combined Train and Tram network. Frankly it's about time the excuses stoped and the trains ran properly.

While we are getting the traines fixed, why don't Labor fix our Queensland fuel prices, the highest in Australia, shame on you Labor, call an election immediately!

disgraceful between the trains mess the bus drivers on stop and go not collecting fares public transport is a bloody mess thanks to this Government run by unions they never look after anyone but themselves

We have had a large rail network for how long? its not just recent, but we seem to be having so many shut downs, why is it so, so glad I'm retired and don't have to rely on Queensland rail, feel sorry for the thousands that have to.

But you aren't running the network you total fool, take a trip to Japan and observe how to operate a train service you bunch of incompetent overpaid stupid politicians.

Remember this, at State election time. Next time, " don't make a mess of it...! " No more pallet trucks, or dufus's...! Make your vote absolutely worth counting, decisively.

Why is the Gateway Road not completed yet - there is hardly any work being done - machinery standing still - not much getting finished.... What about the M1 on the Gold Coast - Anna mk1 took two terms to get half way to Mudgeeraba - Campbell got all the way to varsity in half a term - no movement since at all from Pallichoock

Newman's stuff up sacking people who know how railways work replacing them with his mates , then building the rolling stock overseas costing thousands of Qld jobs.We remember the Newman debacle

Absolutely disgusting what an absolute farce these games are going to be, laughing stock of the world. Qld Govt a disgrace....

This is what happens when your in bed with the unions. The whole debacle has been a farce and should be a lesson to amyome voting this mob in. Don't forget increasing the public sector to a bigger size than before the Newman government.

Typical Labor, no surprises, one only has to look at Victoria to see a once top state come to a crashing holt, myki crap, high stree gang crimes, most expensive energy prices in the world, etc etc....just imagine the damage to the entire country if these inept cretins get the keys to the Lodge.

I'm amazed at the vitriol. How is this a political matter!? Are you guys trying to say that if the LNP were in government, this would not have happened?

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ well Queensland, you got what you voted for!!! Zip, Zilch, Nada. Now let's get rid of them before they do anymore damage.

My train was either 15 minutes late, or cancelled and it was just the next train. So it was a sardine can. Then about halfway home it stopped for 5-10 minutes. When it got going again the first 3 carriages were on emergency power - dim lights, no AC - which was lovely.And while this was happening, I saw a post on Facebook from my local member, Nikki Boyd, about her giving a speech today and talking up public transport. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Enough people voted for them! Probably didn't think/ didn't care when using the pencil and voting forms at election time.

In all the years the government ran a large network but suddenly it's beyond their control, makes me wonder.

So why did you vote for the silly ALP QLD Budget then?! You are just as bad if not the same. Don't throw stones.

Just been one crisis after another we need Campbell Newman BACK. QUEENSLANDERS LOOK WHAT YOU VOTED FOR YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE MORONS.

Thanks Labor. You are our worst government ever!!!!!

Be grateful you have a public transport it's a hiccup ,get over it

Chris Belford How can they do cross river rail when they can't even get this sorted Frozen at the wheel

The incompetence train stops at labor.

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Ros Bates on department sharing private information
Ros Bates is standing up for Queensland's most vulnerable families. Meanwhile, Labor shows where their priorities are, protecting themselves and neglecting our most vulnerable Queenslanders.
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Ros Bates on department sharing private information

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Ros Bates is so passionate about her job. Great interview with Steve this morning. She really knows her stuff!!

Yes - Labor is roretecting their interests while neglecting those vunerable people of Queensland

There's to many pimply faced Uni no idea what tha fcuk is going on girls running this department!

Is she a Aussie a

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