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John Howard joins Tim & Deb
Former Prime Minister John Howard can see Queensland is falling behind the other states. Today he met with Tim Nicholls MP, Deb Frecklington MP and the LNP team to discuss our plan to Build a Better Queensland.
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John Howard joins Tim & Deb

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Well Mr Howard...who sent you i wonder. Your man Malcolm perhaps. To do what exactly. Wax lyrical about the great LNP and how Nichols is the great hope. I've just arrived here and i see what i've always seen..a political mess not worthy of voting for at all. You can't get rid of Pauline anymore so you are going to have to suck it up. Maybe sucking up to Turnbull is making you a tad sick.

Tim you forgot the region's and especially the old Nationals when you hung out our sugar cane farmers mate and when I was in government with you in 2014 you showed the same response then, you said Wilmar's monopoly was not the problem and it should be fixed between the growers and Wilmar 'commercially' ! Stop ignoring what the Sugar Industry desperately needs, Reform! Not sure you have ever had the Region's interest at heart other then for the Royalties and taxes but I know now you have lost your way. Try putting people before your Liberal politics Mr Nicholls and you might get the ear of the people of Queensland. Take a leaf out of the former Prime Minister's book if you want respect from all Queenslanders.

It is REGIONAL QLD that is falling behind and badly because Palaszckuk and her mob will not spend the amount of money that is needed for infrastructure and new jobs . CQ is suffering badly under this QLD STATE GOVT

We need dams... And for the LNP to start investing outside the Golden seq

gosh , he's a wise old man , and Australia was powering under him.

Howard you should have supported Costello for PM the last ten years are your legacy.

If the Liberals want to help Australia stop paying Howard a million dollars a year of taxpayer money

Totally agree, Cairns port got locked out of the Sustainable Ports Development Act. and mauled by the Greens because of a LNP federal tie-up with a new ALP State gov. It is now costing the tax payer $millions of unnecessary spending and delays for the project with a direct impact on the local economy. It is madness that the LNP has let this go unchecked. They had a chance to side with the KAP and independents to block the bill in 2015, but sided with the ALP because of an allegiance to very bad rules set down by the Federal LNP.

John is KING!

WTF..... Jackboot Johnny in Qld... Whose bright idea was this... ?

Open their eyes and look after their farmers.

Bring howard back only one with any bra8rins

Do not trust Pauline Hanson.

Our Reagan


Troy Penrose great advice no doubt!

Matt Radziejewski the legend himself

Nathan Wray isn't he great

Duncan Broadbent

Emily Ogden

William Conry

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And Labor says Queensland doesn't have a bikies problem...

Police probe bikie links after known standover man shot dead in Tweed Heads
The death of a bikie who was shot and dumped at a Tweed Heads hospital has raised fears of escalating violence between rival motorcycle gangs in the area.
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Police probe bikie links after known standover man shot dead in Tweed Heads

Comment on Facebook pompous pack of nothings, anything to get an effing headline, get onto the back of your LNP flea that is allowing Victoria to be constantly robbed, bashed, along with many other lawbreaking events by your imported, alleged make me ill !!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..., the irony... What about the " Nike bikies " around Surfers, Broady, Burleigh, and Cooli..?

Tweed is in NSW,its run by the Libs isn't it

Labors problem is Labor....

Crook shot by another crook. No news in that.

Self-cleaning oven.

Nana Puddleduck and the do nothings....

Labour lies LNP was right

Dutton likes the bikies

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The LNP is committed to helping our Emergency Volunteers. See and share Tim Nicholls MP video below.

Tim Nicholls MP
Today we visited St John Ambulance QLD to announce the LNP - Liberal National Party's plan to Support Our Emergency Volunteers.
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Tim Nicholls MP

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Noddy in the background

Queensland delegates at the 59th Federal Council of the a Liberal Party. Cr Andrew Wines - Chairman, Policy Standing Committee, Emma Taylor - YLNP State Executive, David Hutchinson - LNP Vice President, Mitch Collier - YLNP President. ... See MoreSee Less

Queensland delegates at the 59th Federal Council of the a Liberal Party. Cr Andrew Wines - Chairman, Policy Standing Committee, Emma Taylor - YLNP State Executive, David Hutchinson - LNP Vice President, Mitch Collier - YLNP President.

Bill Shorten and Annastacia Palaszczuk need to prove they're serious and not accept money from the CFMEU.

Senator Michaelia Cash
The CFMEU is out of control. It is outrageous the safety of hardworking men and women and their families has been threatened in this way.

Bill Shorten must sever ties with his thuggish mates.
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Senator Michaelia Cash

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Bill Shorten was big union Boss when then the tragic accident in tasmania with the minors ... Ahh thats right his wife is related to a woman high up in politics

Just declare the CFMEU an outlaw organization as to our constitution, strike them off the register and go all out and follow the money as it will be no surprise where much of the money ends up and who it end up with. The CFMEU have caused just too much grief, political warpidge and even with a royal commission and a double dissolution these union fleas have still survived and are back at it all over again in spite of it all and in spite of the Australian people. Have we even got a government nowadays, when we still have terrorists living in our society and even more potentials to enter our nation ? Have we even got a government or a leader nowadays because these CFMEU bullyboys are just running all over the government and getting away with it. Of course labor is of no help just one big hindrance and a mill stone around the necks of us and even the legal eagles as labor and the the CFMEU have lawyers on the payroll making our judicial system into donkeys. We have MP's both state and federal with very close links to the CFMEU and they even mention their affiliation or even membership to the CFMEU in their parliamentary disclosure of interests and are proud of it. Like what the ......??

What a scum bag I wish he would crawl back under his rock, with his mate bill. But we know that's not going to happen, because they are to powerful in the Labor Party and give to much money! 😔

hahahaha.............PROOF and TRUTH ? PMSL, not know in the political zone !! I remember when I was a younger man ( no terse comments thank you) we had a Law,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Consorting it was called .........hmmmmm, although it seems if you are a Political Identity (giggle) most of the laws us 'ordinary eople " choose to live with and by, do not apply to you ?

So the bully boys are out again,why the hell do people pay to this corrupt lot ,its time they were all prosecuted,as for Shorten he,s one of them,trust this lot NO WAY.

I agree, but do you think for one minute they will not accept thier money. The CFMEU should be outlawed if they don't toe the line, their worse than the old BLF.

Expose Shorten for what he really is .... Mr Abbott started the Royal Commission for that reason to clean out these mongrels ... but Turnbull goes soft on them

There is absolutely no way tat a political party can be unbiased of they rely on their operating costs being covered by union thugs. In organised crime this is called extortion. No real difference

Unions are nothing but bullying, spineless, unlawful criminals. When you take their leaders on without the mob behind them, they become like little spineless no hopers!

How can his comments have been "misinterpreted" The man is a thug and has just shown everybody what the union he represents is like.. Is he going to be charged with an offence , probably not... Why ? Another example of weak government and add that the fact that both sides of parliament have and still do accept large donations from unions...The unions can hold illegal marches , block traffick and bring a city to a stop , but that's ok , our elected politicians are to scared to have anyone arrested and charged let alone the ring leaders who appear to be untouchable.. What a joke ... Where is the law and order here ?

Dream on losers. Your political agenda is so adverse to reality you can only win elections by trying to ruin the competition instead of having decent policy.

Setka has always been a thug never done a hard days work in his life.I remember John Setka on the builders labourers picket line years ago a bludger then and a bludger now

Labor cannot sever ties with these people. Labor is owned by these people!

Bloody hypocrite. Talks about workers safety then threatens to bash them.

Labor have no hope when people like shorten and others previously involved in the unions are in parliament.

These guys make the Russian involvement in the US look like kindergarten. Makes me sick in the stomach. Pure evil.

What a bunch of grubs this is not a true union protecting its workers this thuggery of the highest form and should be wiped out

Shameful behaviour of a supposed workers leader who is supposed to protect his members - by making physical threats against other workers

They're just a later rendition of the notorious BLF thugs

Look at this piece of excrement taking $400K PA in salary from his faithful union members, He is so filled with hatred and out of date It is all about himself and behaves like a standover thug to get his view across.

ALP is home to rapists, drug dealers, standover men, liars and thieves. Outside the shadow cabinet it is even worse!

Unions are nothing but thugs and bullies and they need to have their powers curtailed!!

These Union Thugs and the Labour Party are as one so check out the threats they have made and realise what you get if you vote Labour

Better idea is both major political party's stop taking donations from overseas corporate bosses and business

Cmfeu all about workers rights as long as it's beneficial to them

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Another way we'll be a practical government that helps people. The LNP has always valued Australia's service personnel.

Tim Nicholls MP

If elected, A future Nicholls LNP - Liberal National Party Government will deliver Queensland’s first Veterans’ Affairs Policy.

The LNP’s Honouring Our Veterans plan will improve services and provide more opportunities for our retired military personnel.

With more veterans calling Queensland home than any other state, the LNP wants to lead the way in the recognition of and assistance we provide former ADF Members.

We owe our veterans a lot and the LNP is determined to do our bit in a meaningful way to help.

Click on the link below to learn more:
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Tim Nicholls MP

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I congratulate Tim on this excellent policy. Having a cabinet minister to fight for veterans and former Australian Defence Force men and women will be great thing for Queensland. The LNP's commitment to supporting ADF personnel in transitioning into civilian employment will be welcomed by serving and former ADF members and their families throughout Southern Downs and all over our state.

People who have served in the Defence Force receive above the average wages, services and extra's for life. They work in their chosen field, retire with "mental problems", then do nothing for the rest of their life while taxpayers pay $12 billion dollars per year to support them.

I would like the LNP to take up the plight of Aged Pensioners in Queensland. Aged Pensioners make up a huge group of residents and their votes count. In Toowoomba we have only one electricity supplier, which does not give us a choice to find a better deal. Aged pensioners in Queensland have to pay for their car registration plus their green slip insurance, while in NSW they pay only the green slip. Council Rates are double what I paid in NSW, and I had quarterly bills which made it easier to budget. Another problem I have in Queensland, the people who have the ready cash to pay up front for their Rates are given a discount, while people who cannot pay the full price on time are slugged with at least $90 more. I would like to see the LNP back in government in Queensland, but ignoring a huge number in the electorate is not the way to encourage Aged Pensioners to vote for you.

Whatever improves things for our Veterans is alright by me. Congratulations to LNP for bringing it into the spotlight but let's hope all parties including federal get on board.

When Australia recognize Armed overseas service by hundreds of forgotten men as patrol officers in TPNG talk to me. Our casualty rate higher than troops in Vietnam.

OK lets make a start and watch you refuse the 2 % pay rise...

Yeah, Yeah! Heard it all before, then you get in and do nothing! 'Can't afford it" is the cry!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.., really..? You don't say..

Would not believe a word he says based on past performance


Well done Tim

Wendy, what about our retired politicians?

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6 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Well done Queensland Maroons. Great fight back. Can't wait for game 3. Fantastic effort. ... See MoreSee Less

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GO QUEENSLANDER! UP THE MIGHTY MAROONS! What a game and how fantastic is JT in getting that goal?

Townsville desperately needs an answer to the water crisis, we have a plan that'll work. Unlike Labor, who have done nothing for 3 years.

Nick Martinez - LNP for Thuringowa
It's a beautiful day out at the Ross River Dam where I spoke with Tim Nicholls MP about critical water infrastructure for Townsville. The LNP - Liberal National Party has announced $225m for upgrading the Haughton Channel and a new Ross River Dam pipeline. We will call for expressions of interest from construction and design contractors within the first 100 days of taking office.
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Nick Martinez - LNP for Thuringowa

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Has this been an issue from before the current government came into power? If yes, how come the LNP didn't do something about it when they were running the show? For those who might have a go about my political preferences - I don't have any - as far as I'm concerned there are no good politicians.

I spoke with the Townsville Major about 12 years ago. To educational water savers on every public tap. This had reduce the flow from over 20 litre a minute to 4 litre a minute. After my presentation he blandly told me, he is not interested as their is no need for water saving!

But, but - Townsville has access to the biggest dam in Qld. The Burdikan!

Townsville has needed a lot of help since the mining boom finished

I do not think the Libs have been in power in Qld for at least 17 years

get rid of labor and greens

Bit like you do nothing for north-west qld right?

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Families have been telling Sam O'Connor - LNP for Bonney that Labor's increases to their cost of living is making it harder for them to get ahead. Our plan includes a freeze on rego for 3 years.

Tim Nicholls MP
Visited the Men's Shed Labrador on the Gold Coast today with Sam O'Connor - LNP for Bonney, listening to how we can Build a Better Queensland.

LNP - Liberal National Party
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Tim Nicholls MP

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More intelligence from some of the old soaks in the local boozer than these bloody clowns. Shows stupid is alive and well. Hey Tim do you know what a hammer is?

Labor asset sales...sold Mt Cotton driver training centre..speeding fines could have paid for every young driver to do a course thru there. .asset lost forever..

Shame you didn't have the political strength to reintroduce asset recycling. NSW going great guns thanks to their forward thinking and asset recycling.

LOL a freeze on it!!! People can't afford it now, instead of freezing it, reduce it!

Cost of living goes up under both major party's were been on the Labor Lnp merry go round get nothing but same from both

4cylinder cars cheap to rego .our lpg v8 runs cheaper with less emissions yet we dont get a tax break?

The LNP performance as bad at gobble smacks' ALP/Green alliance


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Energy security for the North
Yesterday, Tim and Deb were in Canberra to secure a reliable energy supply for Northern Qld. Please Watch & Share.
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Energy security for the North

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Clean coal fired power stations? You people under estimate voters intelligence every day. By simply calling it clean, doesn't make it clean. Carbon storage is just sweeping your mess under the carpet. When will you realise that renewables are the answer?

The collective noun for clean cola supporters is a Moronity. And here would be three leading contenders. Clean coal, its a power source fuelled by unicorn tears. What complete and utter tosh.

Tim Nicholls ..... LNP got rid of the Carbon tax im now worse off than ever and im secure you kidding arnt you ....we are worse off in everything the Liberals touch including Education ...shall i go on

There is a power station in Collinsville doing nothing -----

Sorry I blame The major political party's and greens ,the price of power is killing Australian business ,jobs and have send the cost of living threw the roof and under the major political party and greens the price is heading up and up ,a vote for the major political party's is a vote to send us into a third world country

Tim do we have an iron clad guarantee your private company will reduce our prices. And the cheque is in the mail.


no mention of green hills dam

Tamika Byatt

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