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Happy Sunday β˜€οΈ
Join us for a morning walk with Deb Frecklington MP
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Ask dumb dumb A to open up the venues please

Good morning Deb. Beautiful walk along the river!πŸ’ž

Wish I could go for a walk, but I can't afford enough physio to help my back so I can, medicare only gives you 5 sessions a year..... Would be cool if we created a system to give sick or injured people the care they need so they can be fixed and get back to work instead of being victimised on centrelink and getting no where, just saying.....

Walk yourself to Church. Have to look after your spirit too. XOXO

Of course QLD can do better Good luck Deb


Some say religion and politics shouldn't mix but darkness has crept into politics through Labor and the Greens. Only The LNP know that leading the people without the fear of the LORD is futile. God is a Father and Fathers need their children. A blessed State starts with a working Family Court. Vote 1 LNP for the party that will shine light and expose the darkness. LNP - setting the captives free!

Vision, ability and passion, make great leaders, well said Deb.

Where are your hard hitting commercials? So much subject sad, step up liberal Queensland.

Enjoy your walk Deb and go the LNP for Queensland!!!

Years ago I heard about this shining light for the LNP from the bush and nows probably one of the biggest weeks of your life. I really hope you get the opportunity to lead our great state. All the best Deb.

Have a great week and then win this thing

Go Deb!!!

Go Deb! Knock it out of the park this last week πŸ’ͺ

Of course you need to make going for a walk political...

Umm pass,

Walking Walking Walking Walking Keep it up


Go Deb. One week to go.

Crank it up and bring it home Deb!!

That's the way to do it Deb . A morning walk makes our Deb Freckleton a happier and brighter person as the leader of the LNP in Queensland .

Here here

You know what I like about you Deb?You're a real person, not some fake plastic person! 😊😊

dont fall over pretender

What a stunt

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Labor's Deputy Premier Steven Miles.
No wonder Dodgy Jackie wants to come back!
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About time to actually put something positive forward to be a credible opposition party LNP. The smear, attack and misinformation is just not working. Smart money has Labor short price favourites, Jackie Trad unlikely to win her seat, Miles and Anna Palaszczuk to increase their majorities. Raise your game and lower your head in shame.

Labor equals hypocrisy evil incompetence

Useless labor morons that have no idea about anything

He has to know he looks like a fool

He ate a fly Oh God there goes my breakfast

A true fly eating lizard !!! Well he should fit into politics really well. Probs next PM.

How's your religious extremists? How many of your party believe the Earth was created by a supreme being about 6000 years ago? Means Aboriginal culture is a nonsense to them so is climate change, climate data is much older than 6000 years.

He is very much a Drone.

This minister Miles is a fool and indeed confirms that every time he opens his mouth. He reminds me of Einstein’s comment that a real difference between stupidity and genius is that genius is limited. Miles truly illustrates stupidity and it’s lack of limits.

Talk about weirdo's, look at Anna's Toy Boy, what an embarrassment this poor bastard is. If he can be a politician anyone can be, proves you don't have to be real smart.

Imagine if the this Idiot, sorry Deputy Idiot, OOPS, sorry again, Deputy Premier ever got to the top job!

I bag out his childish news conferences. This is just as childish.

Thanks for letting us know what childish bullies you are.

LNP - Liberal National Party how can you tell when Steven Mile is lying. His lips are moving #deputydawg

Hmmm what would have happened if QLD opened borders just before Victoria's peak like Deb told us we should.

Well that’s what I call a freak. Eating flies what a weirdo

She might be dodgy...but he’s hopeless

Thank goodness 'doctor' Steven Miles is not a real doctor. It really insults the intelligence of all the real doctors!

Needs to get a personality. What a dead beat.

If he sees this post he’ll go running to Anna in tears 😭 🀣

Meet tactless miles,the man has even got the qualification to even be a vet,

🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣...... This man is a joke ... dont vote these Labor turkeys back in !!! VOTE#1 LNP and kick out the riff raff !!! Go Deb and go the LNP !!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

He and they are such wankers! Get rid of them my fellow Queenslanders!

The joker from The Joke Party!

Do you realise you were logged into the LNP account when you posted this?

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Labor's last Budget was 11 June 2019.
Queenslanders need to know what new taxes Labor is hiding.
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Labors last Budget was 11 June 2019.
Queenslanders need to know what new taxes Labor is hiding.

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Vote LABOR OUT. Labor has changed the voting rules to suit themselves and disadvantage other parties. Labor has not delivered a budget and are hiding new laws and taxes they have introduced under the cover of the COVID19 crisis. Palaszczuk's LABOR Government has made it a CRIMINAL offence for Doctors and Health Specialists to prescribe LIFE SAVING DRUGS. KICK OUT LABOR.

I agree we all Queenslanders have a right to know why you didn't produce a budget You see what you hide He takes notice of it

Incompetent to say the least, and they wouldn’t have a clue, QLD! we can’t afford to take anymore chances with this corrupt labour government, yes, we need to make sure we πŸ₯Ύthem outπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

No idea of fiscal responsibility

Keep borrowing to get out of debt... Sure to work

Can you please stop sending text messages to my personal mobile phone number as though you have the right to use it as your own political platform? 😑🀬😑🀬😑🀬😑🀬

No budget lost my vote labor last

of course Queensland votes need to know budget details before the election. how do these labour people get away with. devious qld premier.

Playing the voters for fools. Yet, the fools will be deceived by their fair words and kind speeches.

I don’t hear Labor denying a death tax...?

The three puppets working for the unions, certainly not for Qld.We don't need puppets,we need leadership, vote them out.

Wish everyone would chill out, everybody gets their chance to vote and vote as you will, you will never keep everyone happy.

Labor, the cover up party!

Labor can’t balance a Budget that’s why no budget . How long has it been since a Labor government produce a budget that is in the BLACK ??

We need to know what your hiding freckles , how many jobs are you going to cut !! Forget about Labour , what are you hiding , if your position beside newman was anything to go by we DONT want you at as our Leader .

They won’t, so full of false promises, they treat the people who they only represent with big fat lies. No one should even go and vote because this is not the to treat people🀬🀬🀬🀬

Not showing a Budget before an Election is like buying a business without seeing the Figures!

They are waiting to see if they get back in, probably not game to show us how things are at present, although no one expects it to be good Financially.

Can never trust labor with money.

Stop putting their photo on. It's giving me a headache

Labor never on a budget anyway, so best for them not to have anything written in stone.

Nobody should trust Palashite and Labor , enough is enough .

Trust us they say....aaah no. Already regret doing so

Just how bad is it going to be when someone finally does deliver a budget

PLEASE PEOPLE she doesn't care about the QLD people. We need a change & a change on the 31/10

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Labor's Steven Miles wasted $500,000 of your money renaming Lady Cilento Children's hospital while cancer patients were being treated in the kitchen.
He also closed down maternity wards in regional Queensland.
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Labors Steven Miles wasted $500,000 of your money renaming Lady Cilento Childrens hospital while cancer patients were being treated in the kitchen.
He also closed down maternity wards in regional Queensland.

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Such an unnecessary waste of tax payer money. It rightly should be Lady Cilento Childrens hospital. She did more in her lifetime for women and children than Steven Miles and Premier Anastasia will do together in a lifetime .. Shame shame shame !!!

It wasn’t only changing the name of the hospital but the underhanded way he and Palachook went about it. Please don’t let us Queenslanders have to put up with another term of their deceit and underhanded strategies.

Although I must admit say Lady Cilento Hospital and everyone knows where you mean πŸ˜‚ typical wasting money...😑

Who gives a crap about the name when $500k couldn’t have saved more lives!

Unfit to hold a health portfolio or be the Minister for Health hey.

One of many reasons why Palaszczuk will not deliver a budget. Kick LABOR OUT. The Border has been kept closed for Political games and NOT FOR HEALTH REASONS.

Just like they stole our Shire Council’s away from us that should of been a vote also!!

Sneaky !!!! There was no need to rename Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital,what a waste of money , time , 500,000 s to change the name of the Hospital!!!!!CRAZY!!!

In fairness, between 1995 and 2005, over 130 rural maternity units were closed across Australia and 36 out of 84 units were closed throughout Queensland, this wasn't the fault of Steven Miles - Health & Ambulance Services Minister & MP for Murrumba. Whilst Theodore and other services were closed on his watch, Steven has initiated the Rural Taskforce to oversee the viability of reopening these. This process will take decades.

I agree, what are they going to do about it!! Not only that, Steven Miles should lose his job and be charged, what he did is illegal!!!

and he isn't even a doctor. has a piece of paper to say he studied to become a como

Does anyone else remember the QLD health payroll disaster from Bligh. Started as a $6.2M contract ending up costing $1.25B that’s 201X the original price. You buy a cheeseburger for $4 and you get charged $804. And it had 35,000 documented errors.

If that is the best person Anna can find to be Deputy doesn’t say much for her the rest of her government

This guy is a disgrace, he is like a spoilt child, perhaps when he grows up he'll improve, could take awhile !!

Most under qualified Health Minister in Australia..

This fellow is an absolute goose, just has an enormous amount of Growing Up To Do, at this stage his mental capacity is not developed enough to handle a position of this nature,

Sqeaky Labors idea of a clever politician , god help Qld if they get in again.

If freaks and weirdos are not voting for Labor, Stephen Miles will not be voting for Labor, I guess.

Kay was actually Josh Freidenberg who overturned the UNESCO World Heritage status on our Cleveland wetlands. They are all in it together. Both parties accept political donations from developers.

Give all of these dishonest Labor grubs the flick Queensland !! Dont put up with four more long years of Labor and their dodgy mates !!! There is only one way to rid our state of this scourge !!!! VOTE #1 LNP Go Deb and Go the LNP for a better, fairer and more sustainable future for Queensland !!!

Whats new , always voiding the truth about something they dont want the Taxpayer to know Please read their record of blunders before you Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why isn’t he being prosecuted; that’s fraud!!!

No one cares Queensland supports his evil.

Good people just make sure you vote these xxxxing idiots out!! It’s that simple!

I don't think he's a deep thinker, doesn't look at the consequences...

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7 days to goπŸ™ŒπŸΌ. Let’s get Queensland working again! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are praying for you , God bless you as you travel around Queensland !!!! All the best !!🌹🀩

Deb if you are serious. Why don’t you stand up to St Anna. You and your party let her get away with so much. When are you going to start fighting? It is probably too late. So frustrating. You must take responsibility if we loose this election and have to suffer another 4 years with Labour’s incompetence and corruption.

Vote for the person not the party , the person who has empathy , care and passion for the people of Pumicestone , that person would have to be " ALI KING " hands down .

Wonderfull to see a family person , who understands some of our problems past Beams Road on North side of Brisbane & willing to try to fix them . Great Work Deb !!

Deb, from a bloke in NSW I hope you give so called wonder women a dam good run for her money. Good luck. πŸ‘

Good luck but if you start sacking govt workers after say you won't I will lose faith. I have one daughter in QLD health and one in transport with homes to pay and young children

It’s already going really well thanks to the great work of our Premier, Anastasia. Not risking your lot Deb!!

I live on the border of NSW and Queensland BEST WISHES for the WIN

Definitely!we had enough from Labor greens lies and corruption.

Let's talk about how you plan to do that, Deb. For example, how do you intend to replace the income to the small business sector that will be lost when you sack thousands of public servants? How do you intend to replace the income to the small business sector that will be lost as a result of your grants to billionaires like Anthony Pratt? Are you going to implement the laws that will protect the thousands of small transport operators from the predatory behaviour of the large freight broking firms and sees hundreds of them going out of business every year? When are you going to tell us about your special deals with developers who have a history of paying their workers and contractors lower rates than industry standard? Lots of questions Deb, no answers at all, just slogans. You're a bit of a slogan Bogan, aren't you?

Yeah I’ve always been a lib voter and will again this election but I haven’t forgot the over ambitious axe wielding from Campbell! You follow that sort of path in this current environment and.........

It's already working. We don't want or need the LNP to destroy Qld.

Good luck Deb and the LNP team - hold fast.

Better deliver Deb a lot of people are counting on you Better not disappoint

First order of business when premier OPEN UP THE BORDERS!

Good on you Deb ... Lets get Queensland moving again !! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Make some serious impact this election and vote for the only Team that has the power to lead Queensland forward! Change the government, Change the Family Court and Change gears from reverse to drive and feel the momentum. Only Deb and the LNP can drive Queensland to take out the win! LNP - Queenslanders.... roll out !

Go get 'em Deb. I'm with you all the way πŸ’― 😌 πŸ‘Œ 😘

Absolutely time for change πŸ’―

Change your message Queenslanders don't want to work.

Gee I hope Qlders are smart enough to vote for change.

Dont forget the North West!

Please Deb Stop being lured into the trap, of he said she said. The media are trying to make a joke of you. Stop blaming your opponent for not doing this or doing that. Play your own game by being who you are. Tell your voters there is no magic wand. Tell them what your government will try to do if you are elected. It all comes down to you as a leader selling your game to voters, not complaining or pulling apart this government. They have done more damage than any one can repair. Don't fall into the trap, continue to be a person who cares about our state.

Anastasia kept my family safe and a lot of our locals are saying the same.

Lady Anna runs rough shod over everyone, typical Labour.?

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There's only 7 days until election day.
Our plan will get Queensland working again.
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Theres only 7 days until election day.
Our plan will get Queensland working again.

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Vote Labor and get what you deserve Jackie Trad will soon be your fearful leader, another Dan in charge just what Qld deserves !

Queensland doesn't need naysayers and negativity . Queensland needs a party that will bring together all Queenslanders and build a better future. Only The LNP know that the cornerstone of a solid foundation is strong families and a streamlined functional family court. A working family is a strong family and the LNP are all about creating jobs jobs jobs! Labor and the freaks and weirdos of the Greens, need to go. So when there's something strange in your neighbourhood , who you gonna call ? LNP - one for all and all for one!

When alot of politicians are working, their scheming, planning and slandering except for themselves and co conspiritors.

So, you're happy to be communist & told what to do, with no freedom.

And you think labor is 🀣🀣🀣 highest unemployment in Australia πŸ€”

Come on Queenslanders vote Labor out move on vote 1 Liberals

Terrific !!! ... Lets start building Queenslanders !!! ... its about time for sure !!! Way too many years of Labor incompetence , mismanagement and total neglect of our vital state infrastructure assets . It will like a breath of fresh air when Deb and the LNP are installed as the next state govt ... not long to go now punters !!! I heard a rumour this morning about exactly how dodgy the Labor govt and their close pals are !!! ....but I will wait for confirmation of the truth before I let loose !!! Queenslanders if you want a real govt in charge there is only one way to make it happen ................... VOTE #1 LNP !!! ... Do it now for Queenslands and your families future !!! Go Deb and go the LNP for a better, fairer and more sustainable future for Queensland !!!

Wow you guys are so out of touch with Blue Collar workers that anyone can tell you that sheave hook is completely illegal. Sorta like the corruption rife throughout your party


TIME FOR CHANGE IN QLD 31/10/20. Six years wasted under Labor.

Unions always sniffing round Construction Sites hoping to close them down .

This is the reason why farmers cannot find workers. It seems many will only employ Australians if they can be exploited.

We need to get rid of this corrupt labor government she is the worst state Premier Queensland has ever had, she has sold all the assets she can get her hands on and still has us in 116billion dollars debt and climbing

Vote LCQ in the upcoming QLD elections and really get Queensland working.

Pretend you are for workers.... rubbish look at your federal and state mates.. we know who you are for

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DAY 18: DAILY WRAP-UP ... See MoreSee Less

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That’s right...but think LNP should go on the attack re the ad

πŸ‘Sounds like a plan. Just hope there is enough money left in the kitty to implement some of your ideas for Qld. altho I would suspect Labor will have not left you enough to be able to have a bikkie with your morning tea.

It’s funny latest ad ...Labor accuses Deb of wanting to open the borders when it was not safe...funny I seem to recall..the premier opening the borders...then closing them..because of what was happening with chairman Dan and Victoria ..I recon she shot herself in the foot ..she must have opened them when it was not safe!!!...can’t have it both ways!

Time for change in Qld 31/10/20; Labor must go.

Another day , another well dressed leader ready to make Queensland great again. Don't forget to grab your LNP thongs and support us while we get to work with overhauling the Family Court to make Queensland Families stronger. Only The LNP has the complete package to foster a vibrate and meaningful future. LNP - Labors Nightmare Party !

Just ask Holden workers in SA what they think about LNPs high skilled jobs initiatives.

I love hearing the Labor ad “QLD cant afford cuts” ummm peanuts thats not how it works. We cant afford NOT to make cuts! Moron Palachook Govt.

We all know Palachook and her nest of rotten eggs are hypocrites. Just another example.

A vote for Labor is a vote to continue the economic disaster we call Qld. Qlders have had enough.

Deb is powdered potato - an imitation. Deb is also an imitation premier. Who knew

Why do you want humans to suffer in agony before they die???

Labor has to go

All election talk, wont deliver. We don't need another Slomo or uncle Clive in QLD.

Hey Don’t forget Deb, (1) only wants to have a curfew for the Aborigines, (2) Nothing said about the Over Budgeting Decisions that she was involved in, So is this money you are flashing now the same place as when you worked for Campbell , (3), The $10 Million payment to the Dam company her husband works for, Wow Jackie is just amateur then.

this is corruption ... ... this is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

Go for it , we hope you are our next Premier Deb we need to get rid of this corrupt labor government

Stay strong Deb Chook will bully you she will pull every dirty trick to bring you down . Stay strong this is the biggest fight of your life. Deb to win.

Yada Yada Yada dribble dribble.

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Remember Dodgy Jackie bought an investment property near a major government project she was responsible for?
The only way to stop Dodgy Jackie becoming Premier is to vote 1 LNP.
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Remember Dodgy Jackie bought an investment property near a major government project she was responsible for?
The only way to stop Dodgy Jackie becoming Premier is to vote 1 LNP.

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Of course there has never, ever been any dodgy property deals done by LNP members. They're all paragons of virtue and ethics. Most LNP members think ethics is a town just outside London.

That should read ,don’t forget to vote for the corrupt socialists traitors labor

Don’t vote labor they have sent Queenslanders broke long before covid anyone with half a brain would not support labor

She was cleared of any wrong doing by the CCC. Now, remember how dodgy Scomo paid $30million of taxpayer dollars to buy a block of land worth $3million from is billionaire mate? Why won't the LNP introduce the legislation to create a Federal version of the CCC? It's pretty simple really, they'd all end up in jail.

She is a labor and union employment resume ! Not good enough to lead our state !

What Trad done was that bad a law has been brought in and if it happens again , it is a illegal act.

Dodgy Labor is waiting for another term to fill their deep pocket .. Discrimination specialists !! Certain Rich and labor cronies get all the privileges ..

Oh Deb. You think we've forgotten your involvement in the dumpster fire that was Campbell Newman's Government?

Dodgy Deb should be investigated for her third party donations from property developers

Look at the seat of Toohey. If Labor scrapes in and peter Russo keeps his seat he will be given a nice cushy job to resign, causing a quick bi-election and parachute her straight in

Problem is no matter who you vote for you always get a politician.

I wouldn't worry about it. She's not going to get back in.

TRAD HAS TO GO.If you idiots down in her area vote her back in you DESERVE her but QLD does NOT.

The LNP put her in government . Now they whinge what a bunch of tossers .

She should be sacked for corruption and fraud theft

Not voting Labour at all!

Never vote Labor.

Labor, Libs and Greens can go jump.

She should be in Jail not running for a seat in parliament.

Hope Queenslanders choose wisely!

All Liberals can do is attack Labor because Liberals never do anything good to brag about.

Remember when the independent Crime and Corruption Commission cleared her of any wrongdoing? You guys are really scraping through the bottom of the barrel here.

Are asking us to vote Unable Debbie?

Wanted for the next Premier by the Unions she is done like them

Pauline Hanson got my respect as well .. she stands also against murdering babies for religion in schools ...

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2 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

#LIVE: Update after today's National Cabinet meeting. ... See MoreSee Less

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I wish the premiers cared as much about their states as this guy cares about our country. We would be smashing Covid and the economy by now.

My business turnover was down 28% in the 3 months to End of September and 40% so far in October but because we didn’t hit the 30% number- no JK -should have been some flexibility or pro rata

Doing a great job Scomo !!! Just imagine if the opposition was in power during these chaotic covid times ... we would have been screwed !!! Labor politicians state and federal couldnt run a chook raffle !!!!!

All these committees cost money, but don't appear to achieve much for the people who need the assistance...

Doing a great job SCOMO, but get rid of the National Cabinet..working with Socialist Premiers is like patting Funnel Web spidersπŸ•·

thanks to all team programe energy future economy..

Only The LNP has a plan to get Australia and families working again. Necessary actions like getting a functioning family court working again for fairer outcomes.

A great job PM you are amazing πŸ™

Only if the LNP federal government could take over the Nazi states run by ALP

Why do you not have a real plan then for people on welfare? Its a whole lot of people you have left in the dark.

PM take notice what people are asking .

Keep up the great job ScoMo..

Great 😊

Mark McGowan should be Sacked stop supporting WA with Job keeper and Job seeker if they want to Govern themselves!!!!!!!!


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Voting is now open. Find your closest early voting location and let's get Queensland working again! πŸ—³
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Voting is now open. Find your closest early voting location and lets get Queensland working again! πŸ—³

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Good luck to the LNP, I sincerely hope we get in. Labor has had 28 years out of the last 31, in power in Qld. This is why we are in such a bad way, highest crime ever, highest unemployment ever, highest registration, electricity, all other licences and fees. The list is unending. I won't even comment further on the assets Qld Labor has sold off in their time in power.

I live in a Labor stronghold so my vote won't mean much but still nice to put Labor last.

At least Deb knows Scott & Josh will have her back & will give her monetary help for her proposed infrastructures. We need a leader with vision on how to get QLD back to work &make us prosperous again. Get rid of Labor.

Only a fool with no political brains would vote so far out from an election so much can change unless you are so set in your ways you wouldnt change no matter what happened

John Warren Typical Brain Dead Broncos Supporter Comment. The Base Ball Bats Have Come out Against Red Communist Qld Labor by Early Voters.

Just Double Check the Labor Reds how to vote. Labor have Printed they are the sitting Electorate holder When in fact it is a LNP seat. Electoral Commission this election in the majority are Labor Crooks. Proven with Seals being Breached by Labor Electoral Staff.

I prepoll voted on Tuesday and put Labor last then Greens. There are eight candidates and of course LNP 1

If Labor wins....Queensland might end up the same as Victoria. Mark my words....

Give both parties the boot swapping back and forth over and over again hoping for a different outcome is plain stupid

My postal vote has not arrived. Only 2 mail days left for me.

My postal vote didn't arrive so i went ahead & pre voted, i couldnt vote for the party i like because it's a Labor Suburb so i got my name crossed off & didn't vote.

I've already voted!!!!! So let's cross our fingers & let's hope for the best. Go LNP

The ALP giving voter details to unions, ballot boxes being compromised, the Chinese being involved in our state election, just what the hell is going on?

Labor has to go and the little dog Young

Good luck Libs

Please!! With those 2 criminals at the helm, it won't be a vote for the LNP, ON or palmer

Hope people do the right thing good luck Deb

Covid for all under the LNP!

Don't forget to vote labor!

Done βœ…

Done βœ…!

And Greens second last.

Go Deb & pleased our PM is by your side to put that woman out in (hopefully) Pally has ruined Qld, simply hopeless .


Wake up All Queenslanders this is our chance to to make a huge difference

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