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Coronavirus restrictions will ease from 6am tomorrow morning in Queensland.

That means masks won't be required except at airports or on a plane.

Visitor restrictions on hospitals, aged care centres, prisons and disability accommodation will also lift.

It's also great news for business owners across our state.

Get out there and enjoy Queensland this weekend.
#COVID19 #Queensland
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Not holding my breath she may change things again on us!

Just watch what this QLD premier will do re the masks, all of QLD just cannot trust her. The QLD premier is no saving angel and that's for sure. If she does another loony back flip on us re the masks all of QLD will just ignore her this time around.

Can you please explain why the WHOLE of Queensland have to wear masks when there were three cases of the Chinese virus in a Queensland Health facility in Brisbane? Because I suffer from a medical condition I cannot (and am exempt from) wearing a mask, I have had a number of arguments with staff from clubs, banks, etc. over this. Indeed, one of my medical conditions has now worsened. Thank you Anna -bloody-stasia.

Biggest restriction is not pandemic related that's for sure.

Be FREE People , Ignore Tyranny !!!

It was totally ridiculous anyway. So sick of the mask BS.

Should never have been put in place in the first place. So I certainly don't feel thankful. Kay

Thanks Anna for keeping us safe make making this whole debacle go at least 7 days long than it needed to be, and making the whole of Qld wear masks when this was at he very most a small part of SEQ. Thanks for the thousands of dollars our business is out of pocket and now we'll struggle to pay the rent. Over reaction and the next state election isn't for years.

Never wore one in first place and this is one of the reasons David your party is still in opposition because you won't stand up to this dictatorship

About time! 😑

So gracious to give us all an early mark for good behaviour, but I won’t feel safe till 6.00am.

Why am I getting posts from LNP politicians? And why are they not marked ‘sponsored’?

Tracey Freckelton Lachie Freckelton

No one trusts her any more because she is a known scare mongerer

Thanks to Queensland Labor. Meanwhile in lnp land, more lies.

Can't wait for the 1130 presser today to see how Smirky Smirkison is going to smirk his way out of this latest sleazy scandal. I predict belligerent deflection with an extra helping of porky pies and lashings of incompetence. Good thing the LNP doesn't have anything better to do so it can mismanage its sleazy scandals of its own making without interruption. Johnsen and Johnsen best 1 apparently. 100% effective but takes 1 month to work...

All that for 1 bullshit case of the flu

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Bundaberg Shadow Cabinet ... See MoreSee Less

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So thrilled that you are listening to more than Brisbane. The regions have been ignored for long enough. Well done David Crisafulli MP & team.

Great work David and the LNP team. Queensland is such a wonderful and beautiful State and the regional areas are so so special. Let us all work together πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸŒ΄

That is more like it, now you have a plan, how please drive it and make it happen, show us you are a leader.

Ben can you only kill 1 Woman and Unarmed Soldiers???

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That is all good, however what is LNP's plan fix the issue. Don't be a opposition minister, be a leader and tell us how you going to fix it. Tell us how good you are with management and resolving issues which make a difference in everyday life of everyday people.

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You have failed the Australian people. Resign now What happened to Lee Labudda's Friend @SouthofFreemantle on the Beach? Ben I remember your 3rd RAR Unit color patch on your left forearm The night you killed her!!! After you drugged me and Raped and Murdered her. You tried to set me up!!! Lee caught you!! R.I.P. Hailey. I think we have them now...

Get a grip.

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It happens every time something major occurs, usually a catastrophe. Every channel flogs whatever it is continually for days. I remember when the planes hit the two towers in America. I must have seen that image at least 100 times and it disturbed me immensely. I turn the TV off now.

Lots of arrogant people on here belittling those who complained. ABC’s coverage was repetitive and lengthy. Even a repeat of Vera was more interesting.

The coverage was great to a point - but repeating the same thing over and over and over was too much. Much better to break for an announcement then provide new updates through the night. Besides, they must have already had hours of footage ready to go - bit goulish IMO.

Vera is only repeats of repeats. Too much money spent on ABC Board, Management and Lefty Journos to be able to buy DECENT programs 🀬

Australians should show support for the Queen and royal family.most of the AB C coverage apart from Landline is useless crap.

We enjoyed a whole day of hearing of the Dukes' many accomplishments. It sure was a relief from the lefts constant bickering on Morrisons' Covid vaccination program rollout.

Well one thing is for sure, NOT going to be ANY World Wide coverage what so ever when THESE people pass πŸ™„

They have 2 channels, 20 and 24, and did not need to be on both! Channel 20 viewers could have been directed to Channel 24 if they wanted to see the same clips and interviews over and over agin!

I am getting sick of seeing re runs of re runs of THE ROYAL family but a lot more dirty linen is coming out in them.I have noticed that the general public have NOT placed as many flowers outside the palace as they did with Diana.

Yes - interrupting their crappy little lives! Poor petals!

Yes! I was one of them and they never got back to Vera! Waited for hours and still have not been back to Vera! I wonder if they will show the same episode this Friday night. ?? Not Happy JAN! They must have had the whole show ready for the time when he passed??? Talk about milking it. I am so over his death. We all knew it was going to happen and they never did tell us what killed him?? Corona???? No body ever comes clean with the real news. ???

How pathetic these people are. I too was watching Vera, and immediately realised this news was momentous, and Vera would have to wait. Apart from the fact, it is a repeat. It can be seen on iView at your own convenience. Some people will whinge and whine at every little thing. How thoughtless of the Duke to die right in the middle of Vera!

Time to defund! This is something most monarchists want information about and we are sick of our tax money going to left wing whingers

Time to suck it up buttercup, everything isn't about you.

Useless elitist prats, whinging and moaning as usual

There are times when we need to make allowance, out of respect.

Do you know that the king was the first man to die from old age this year.

Hang on,,,,,, are they saying that some people may actually watch the ABC????

What is wrong with people especially ABC viewers they sit there and watch the same news from morning to night everyday and complain they put something different on

Many forget that every channel in Australia aired Charles' and Dianna's wedding. We had no pay TV or catch up TV or VCRs at that time.

Get a life. So it cuts Into your usual viewing. Tough. I agree that the media love all of this. However for many of us we don’t know a time when this gentleman wasn’t around. So suck it up get your other means to pass the time. Or heavens above read a book, go for a walk or have a nap. Or better still watch and learn something.

How about , “shock horror” turn the tv off when not happy.

I was just happy they gave a break to the corona virus for a change and concentrated on prince Philip for a while. I learned a few things about him.

LNP, your in power.. how about you get a grip!

Change the channel? I’m Pretty sure it’s not a ratings time anyway.

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Shadow Cabinet in beautiful Bundy.

Can’t wait to check out more of Queensland’s incredible Wide Bay region with the team this afternoon πŸ‘

#TakingItOutOfTheCity #Bundaberg #Queensland
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When is Labor going to release last year's Budget.

what's happening at the Gladstone Ports Corp with the CEO appointment???

Thank you David you and the LNP team are doing a great job. Pease keep it up.

At least you go to regional Queensland not like the yes man deputy premier who holidays in NSW after appealing to Queenslanders to holiday in Queensland.

LAFOS in Qld deserve better than what’s currently going on with WLB at QPS. Given this affects a lot of your parties voters/taxpayers what is exactly the LNPs policy on this issue? It’s Discrimination and a Disgrace.

Shadow cabinet? Opposition party? Who are you shadowing and opposed to? The Commonwealth./people of Australia or the 'other party'? Remembering that in the 1901 Australian Constitution there are no political parties at all (S44i).

Don't drink too much there!

What is the LNP’s stance on rural QLD’ers being masked/muzzled inside workplaces and internal public spaces? There has been NO community transmission of Covid 19 in the whole of Australia for 7 days and only QLD has to adhere to an arbitrary mandate that has no medical evidence behind it. Silence from a party that is supposed to stand up for rural Australians, ALL QLDers and “a just and humane society”. 🀷‍♀️

Wonder how much tax payers were charged for this “circle jerk”? Probably a considerable amount, when you include: airfares, accomodation and meal allowances! Can you provide with some insight on what your junket to Bundaberg has achieved?

Get close and hug, show us you care

I understand that’s what youse are mostly paid to do, but Mabe they can play a film in fast motion, so it looks like youse are doing some work.

3 1/2 years too go, All you need is the Borg, One Nation, Katter Party’s & A new broom to get rid of the Dead Wood plus God & you will be OK.

Is that in order of whose kissing whomb’s behind, to keep their job.

For heavens sake get out of the the Shadows πŸ™

Fix the Paradise Dam

Forget the photo ops and just get on with a plan to get rid of the Chook and on how your going to fix the state that Queensland is in?

So you’re going to let Laming get another $105000 by letting go through this pre selection scam?

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Another tax payer funded dribble session or what.

Interesting, but not as interesting as the Canstruct/Nauru money scam!

A post card from the Deputy Premier ... See MoreSee Less

A post card from the Deputy Premier

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How dare Steven Miles support Aussie tourism operators! He should follow #ClotMorrison and support the hard working businesses in Hawaii.

Hey many places all over the country are hurting. Morrison while in per capita recession during bushfires went to Hawaii. So I wouldn’t talk if I was the lnp.

Good to see Miles keeping so fit. He looks like a stronger and more capable leader than Sloppy Scott who buggered off to Hawaii while Australia was on fire!

Well this is rich from the party who brought you scomo - sipping mai tais in a grass skirt 10,000 kms away while the country was literally burning to the ground

Old mates allowed a holiday just like the rest of us. At least he's spending money in Australia, unlike old Scomo.

A holiday a very very short drive from the QLD border... Booked in 2019, before the pandemic. I think I remember Scott Morrison jetting off to Hawaii during the worst bushfire season in Australian history? Maybe I'm mistaken... But they aren't the same.

he should have gone to Hawaii, I believe that's the only suitable holiday destination during a disaster

At least he hasn't taken off to Hawaii during a fire storm. Only to eventually return to physically abuse some people. How good!!!!

He's in Australia isn't he? Didn't leave the country in the middle of the worst Bush fires like smuggo did. He doesn't hold a needle you know

A absolute grub , only the Labour Party could have a weed like him , lied about the Lady Cilento Hospital was protected by palachook and now this , unfortunately because the LNP can’t get its act together, we have another 4 years of theses clowns 🀑

A hypothetical little grub mostly dribble comes out of his mouth probably should stay in New South Wales

I'm sorry what did you guys forget when scomo left for Hawaii during the bushfires or how about during the next crisis when he took another holiday and decided to call it a working holiday. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

A First Class GRUB of the Highest Order.

So this is how you look after QLD. Holiday in NSW well that will help our tourist industry you flogg

What happened to “he has a right to go on holiday”?

This post proves beyond doubt the low level of decency and integrity of the LNP. The Qld Deputy Premier is a decent guy doing a great job and he doesn’t do any upskirting, rorting, corruption and the like.

Meanwhile we'll keep the Covid 19 vaccination clinics closed on the weekends so we don't have to pay penalty rates and blame the federal government for our failure to vaccinate our frontline workers.... Apparently Covid only happens Monday to Friday 9a-5p....... πŸ˜‚

Beats a postcard from Hawaii during a national emergency

Well he’s close on hand at any rate. Shorter trip than coming back from Hawaii

This is pathetic, even from the LNP. Don't you have anything better to do like cover up systemic sexual harrassment in your party?

Close the border quickly so he can’t get back ,,,,,

This bloke is a nob the border should’ve been shut to stop him from travelling down here.

It’s immature stuff you guys do like, saying this stuff about the opposition which has made a life long liberal supporter like me, not feel so bad that I have jumped ships. Everyone deserves a holiday and it’s no business of yours where they have it. Focus more on helping ppl and less on pulling others down.

Clutching at straws now. LNP on a down hill spiral. I guess corruption, rape sympathisers and just plain stupidity will get you In the end! What's that old saying.....people in glasshouses?....

Why is this an issue its not as if he went & spent his money in another country and even if he did he is fully entitled to go where he wants when he wants and spent what he wants....or are we now living in a country where you are telling where we can and can't??? Sometimes you just need to zip it!!!

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This is how Steven Miles supports Queensland small businesses during a pandemic. ... See MoreSee Less

This is how Steven Miles supports Queensland small businesses during a pandemic.

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Can we please arrange a Harold Holt type scenario to be played out here for the sake of Queenslanders!

This disgraceful little man representing a disgraceful government. Unfortunately I don't see a change in government for a long time as the punchline of working hard and achieving together is much less popular than, do less and be entitled to more. We have become a very lazy state and the election results show that getting something for nothing is a winner in the public eye.

Not like a P.M Of Australia took a holiday in Hawaii while our country was on fire πŸ‘

Nsw should lock him up until he pays there bill to NSW

Better then holidaying overseas in another country whilst the country is burning

Ohh this will somehow be a distraction from the Morrison government! He’s being bullied!

What a goose and an embarrassment

Well he’s out n bout. He had to buy the boogie board somewhere. Why don’t you clowns get on with business of politics instead of constantly berating others for their right to enjoyment.

Trying to escape his reputation, just keep heading south pal, and oh yeh, take your face masks with you, another reason why you're holidayng down south.

What small Queensland business would welcome him. Good time to close the border and lock him up for 14 days on his return.

He doesn’t have to wear a mask in NSW!

And will Anna do anything about it ,no way.The only reason he's deputy is because he's no threat to her .

Haha you really have nothing hey.... At least he's not the leader of the county going on holiday while the country was on fire... Who was that again? Oh yeah...

And where is the barren PluckaChook to comment on this? Feet up at the PalaChook mansion at Main Beach doing SFA!


Should be ashamed of himself. He tells so many lies he even confuses himself

And he and Paladuck have the cheek to run Scott Morrison down.HYPOCRITES.

Doctor Steven Miles apparently. Doctor of Unionism.

He will be appearing in the next round of NSW tourism ads. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

This hopeless Qld Govt must go.

Get off his case. Because I have a holiday booked from 2019, been unable to take it, for the same reason as the minister. I’m going to Yamba. Does this mean I’m supposed to be at fault too? Grow up, get a life

Maybe they’ll keep the bumbling fool 🀞

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel here CM

Steven Miles is a joke how can you believe what comes out of hi mouth

Put your shirt on, "clown".....Terry

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