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Hey Annastacia Palaszczuk MP... hint, hint! ... See MoreSee Less

Hey Annastacia Palaszczuk MP... hint, hint!

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It's to do with his recent trip to China. Either got fired or his interview went well.

Won’t be missed

3 to go, Puzzelchook, Magoo and dangerous Dan

One day we may be enlightened on the real reason for the sudden departure. He along with Andrews and Palaszczuk used the pandemic to over rule the human rights charter and most definitely impinged on the individuals rights to decide their own fate rightly or wrongly. I hope it has something to do with that particular issue and if it is I hope that he and the other two are held accountable for their actions.

We can't be that lucky

The most popular decision McGowan has made since being elected premier!

Carful might get Steven Miles

We can only hope!

Palaszscuk won't go, her ego and self belief that no-one can do a better job than she can won't let her !

Politicians are people who are doing their best, so some rather miserable comments being made.

Just worked out what LNP stands for, Lowest Negative Party. And it is true, I have never read so many negative things, so many lies and so many nasty things. They should have a lookey at the WA election results, libs got 2 seats and nats got 4 seats, reflects on their ability. How long since they have won an election on the mainland?????? They need to have a good at themselves and start to think positive, forget the nasty comments, get rid of Peter Dutton and so the list goes on. Don't work too hard on it though.

She won’t Too many tickets

Wonder if that is the real reason "tired "

Two down five to go He led WA into the longest lock down and destroyed businesses in the state now he wants to see the budget before he resigns

What great job he did for WA. Well done!

1 down 7 to go.

I wish they would all go.

Oh, if only! We can but hope.

It's a tough gig, we know that. Is it the restless pressure if you don't toe-the-line and be a sheep! Hope not but ??

He FKD his state now time to move on

Palletchook shouldn’t resign, she should be removed from office.

Rather her call an election she's got no chance of winning Imagine 1 of her cronies as premier seriously


Just gonna get another labor premier.

That will be a sad day for WA and their population

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Higher inflation means higher interest rates. ... See MoreSee Less

Higher inflation means higher interest rates.

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But Albert Sleazy is doing such a fantastic job

Every tax payers should know by now that Labor Party never about Economy it’s all about their egonomy

I love it when people throw up data to support a belief. Bloody hell Governments have been manipulating data to suit themselves forever. When I started work I wars getting $18 a week and my keep on a station. Funny I don’t think I can afford any more essentials now with all the wage rises. Everyone worked who wanted to work and appreciated what they had. Now we have all this throw away junk, youth crime out of control, and it seems ambition is having everything bigger and better than your neighbours.

Big spending Government trying to keep voters attention elsewhere. Bench the very divisive change to the constitution.

Someone should tell Germany then.. That they aren’t a major advanced economy. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

We will have to blame 10 years of incompetence by the Libs helped by the more incompetent Nats.

Don’t tell the labor government : they think they are a great job

You voted for it. More to come too with more migrants + reliance on windmills and rainbows for our miracle energy solutions, driving the cost of electricity through the roof. Renewables are the cheapest form of power though, right? Nice.

Gonna get Higher with Bowen and his Global Warming BS . No Coal power ! Won’t even consider Nuclear Power . It’s going ruin any possibility of Production Lines and Jobs investment , Power Bills sky high . Greens are just as Stupid as Liebor . Australia are going to Save The World !! Just hope China remember in 2030 to join in Saving the Planet after their 10 year Free Pass

Crap! Fake news from the reps from the rich. They are spouting this crap to keep wages low while CEO's and corporates make record profits.

High interest rates are a direct result of government overspending. What’s your excuse Albanese ?

Does anyone know when the Robo-debt Royal Commission findings will be released?

Good thing the LNP kept wage growth stagnant for 9 years on purpose...

Time to sack this treasonous fool!

Yeah right ..... Lol

Unelectable losers ! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’ฏ

Bulls***!! Anthony Albanese on Angus Taylor's claims that Australia has the highest inflation in the G7: "Someone should tell Angus Taylor we're not actually in the G7." Not only did the incompetent "Shadow "Treasurer"(what a hoot) get that wrong, but the idiot failed to realise that even if we were, we wouldn't have the highest inflation. Back to your water rorting you corrupt clot!

When is the LNP - Liberal National Party, coming out opposing the Voice to parliament. Stand for the NO Vote. NT Country Liberal Party, SA Nats, Vic Nats, the Federal Liberal Party and Nationals oppose the Voice. When will the LNP??? Conservative voters are waiting.

Mean while you dumb assholes who were the ones who sold the electricity grid NSW LIBERAL PARTY: NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has announced his government will privatise the state's electricity generators but retain the network businesses, or "poles and wires", in public ownership. Mr O'Farrell and the Deputy Premier and leader of the Nationals, Andrew Stoner, announced the decision following a marathon three-hour joint party room meeting this morning. Meanwhile: Power companies will soon be able to charge Australians with rooftop solar panels for exporting electricity to the grid, under new rules introduced by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). Fuck you and fuck the liberal party

You know Labor are not a majority government And is being blocked by you and greens so fuck off

And you-all think Scotties bestie Peter is going to lead you back to power ….๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿซต

The LNP set to lose the unlosable QLD election next year... Nothing, absolutely nothing conservative anymore about the LNP. They might as well merge with Labor and the Greens.

What can you expect from this wannabee, the whole government is useless, they have done nothing for the people that are homeless , but promising to bring 1.4 million people in that we do not need as this government cant look after its own people. Sucking up all the time to other countries , for what, when the people here are doing it so hard

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Labor's first year in Government has only brought broken promises and bad decisions. ... See MoreSee Less

Labors first year in Government has only brought broken promises and bad decisions.

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A person who rules a country must be a person of accomplishment. ALBO score zero. A man who does not like money.Albo score zero.AMan of truth.Albo score zero.

I am not sure the LNP would have done any better considering the circumstances.

Albo has no Idea nothing new for labor never been any different .

Maybe they have to clean up morrisons mess first

After nine years of borderline criminal incompetence, what was the trajectory of all those points in May 2022? I will give you one guess.

All the above is Queensland for sure

Well I must admit that many years ago I got told that LNP tries to save money and Labor spends it. I didn't believe that but now I do because I can honestly say that I have never been worse off than I am now under this Government. They only got in a year ago and look at the mess that we are in.

It all just goes on and on and there never be any improvement while that mob( LABOR) are in power.

Yes and it is only going to get worst under Labour and Anthony Albanese made to many promises and they are blaming the Liberals government

Its a Labor government. What else can you expect.

Takes more than a year to fix 9 years of LNP mess

Albo totally creaming it in QT today espousing and confirming the action achieved on Election promises. Can't argue with the truth!

Sleazy, greasy, Itchy Squeezy, indeed..


Every te they are elected we go downhill with Mr Mc Goo

And you lot did better? Nup.

Lesley Scott so : the cost of living has gone down? The cost of power has gone down? Mortgages have gone down? Inflation has gone down? Taxes have gone down? Crime has gone down? Maybe you should open your eyes? No, really.

Rubbish. Open your eyes.

I'm dumbfounded that anyone would be surprised at this. It is not like we were not tole before the election.

Same with the libs.

LNP don't care

Where are they now? All selling sensitive information in cushy jobs with greedy corporations. Bloody parasites!

FIRST AMBASSADOR FOR FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE Mr Justine Mohamed was announced as Australias Ambassador for First Nations people by Foreign Min. and Senator Pat Dodson on 7 March 2023. His father is Lebanese muslim and mother aboriginal muslim from Torres Strait Islanders. Worked for Vic. Gov. As Ambassador he is responsible for leading the Governments efforts to embed indigenous perspectives, experience and interests across the department and develop a First Nations Foreign Policy Strategy. He will head an Office of First Nations Engagement, once established within The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). ( if interested google more) Is this excessive overreach for 3.3% of the population, and paid for by 97% of taxpayers? or perhaps it is coming out of the $ 39 1/2 billion we already pay.? They already have 11 indigenous representatives in the Parliament. Could this money be better spent elsewhere? Duplication always costs. THE TENTACLES OF THE VOICE KEEP SPREADING VOTE NO TO CHANGING OUR CONSTITUTION.

They only seem to be spending money. Are they doing anything to make money?

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Labor's Broken Promises + Bad Decisions ... See MoreSee Less

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What else did we expect. All the ones that used there good old common sense worked that our months ago that he was going to be useless as a PM Just look back over his past 25 odd years ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜ What a track record. Being a seat warmer ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜

Was never going to be easy under Albiden .

LNP have no answers, only corruption and hate

And the reason behind it all is because of the liberal parties deficit that it left the Labor Government to clean up . Trillions of dollars of debt left by the ScOmo Gov. And the unemployment rate shown in this advertisement is incorrect, it’s half of that shown. Albo will do what he said, he just has to fix ScOmo’s F ups first .

Typical Labor. What else did we expect

One year of broken promises, we just finished 10 years of broken promises and lies under the LNP, now their lies continue. One year of broken promises is another lie, learnt well from Scumbag.

All Labor lies.

No plan with Sleazy, greasy, Itchy Squeezy.. Just clusters..

he needs to be ousted . get some one with the balls to look after our country and not spend our money on other countries ,,Australia first ..

It started with Albo’s trainwreck election campaign and they only won with Greens preferences!! Three out of ten people voted for Labor!! That’s why he wants this indigenous voice to parliament - indigenous VOTES next federal election!! Similarly, the 1.5 million migrants are being brought in just in time for the next election for the very same reason!!!! ๐Ÿ‘Ž

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Meet the newest members of my team, Alex Givney - Lord Mayor's Representative for Wynnum Manly Ward and Allie Griffin - Lord Mayor's Representative for Morningside Ward

Alex and Allie are hard-working professionals with strong track records as active members of their local communities, and I'm confident they're the best people to represent Wynnum Manly and Morningside.

I know Alex and Allie will bring new energy and ideas to our experienced team, which is focused on delivering projects and services that Australiaโ€™s fastest growing capital city needs while maintaining a balanced budget.

I look forward to working with them to make Brisbane even better.
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Pretty faces working for the billionaire donors!

Good work Adrian and keep it real with the Liberal prty. The very last thing we want right now is some pinko crazy. Thanks to you two ladies as well. I see all the usual clowns on here who do nothing and just dribble on about being rich.. I see a comment aboyr the son odf a previous Liberal leader being done for drugs and was bailed. And they ar linking this with tough on crime failures.. God help us for the stupid people are taking over. I seem to remember Bob Hawke having one of his crying bouts on TV when his daughter was done fo drugs. Wkey wakey Brisbane enjoy what you have.

Lord Mayor's representative, what is that? Is that the woke term for Alderman or councillor? This term is so woke no even google knows what it means!

“Former Liberal leader Kerry Chikarovski’s son bailed for alleged drug dealing on dark web” Tough on crime, unless it’s one of our kids.

Liberal Victoria seems to have shutup shop! Hardly surprising!!!!

QUEENSLAND TREATY Thanks again for allowing this post on your page for everyone to read. Start waking up and making a noise people. Why didn’t this treaty go to the people as a referendum so we make a decision on whether it should be agreed to? This labor government has given away the top end of the state already without our consultation and now this treaty. We need to make sure this arrogant lot ARE VOTED OUT IN 2024 or we are going to be paying rent on our own land and won't be allowed access into beach areas and much, much more. THIS VOICE MUST NOT GET UP or our Constitution will be changed and the government won’t even be able to do their job without the approval of these racists.

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The best description for these new”hospitals” would be “treatment clinics”. I guess anything extra on top of Queensland’s current chaotic hospital system is to be welcomed, but I’m beginning to wonder if these clinics will be completed at all!

I wish they wouldn’t show Palachooks deceitful face when I’ve just had my dinner! I now feel nauseous!

But that was a Labor promise and not worth the oxygen used to make it.

I can not stand that woman... I can’t even stand to look at that lying face or hear her lying voice... they are ALL DICTATORS ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

At least Labor is not sacking the nurses to get " a world class health system". And satellite hospitals are almost up and running. Not like the Liberal trains made in India. They were delayed and arrived faulty.

DP Woodbury You shouldn't take everything you read on line as fact. For the same reason what Crisafully says is not fact.. But Liberal leaders have been known to be somewhat loose with the truth. The Scomo scandals would have taught you that.

The best description for these new “hospitals” would be “treatment clinics”. I guess anything extra on top of Queensland’s current chaotic hospital system is to be welcomed, but I’m beginning to wonder if these clinics will be completed at all!

The best description for these new”hospitals” would be “treatment clinics”. I guess anything extra on top of Queensland’s current chaotic hospital system is to be welcomed, but I’m beginning to wonder if these clinics will be completed at all!

LNP, stop voting with Labor and give voters a real alternative. Your last betrayal was voting with Labor to pass the Pathway to Apartheid Legislation in Cairns, you, the LNP, had betrayed every conservative Queenslander with this betrayal. I will vote One Nation or the United Australia Party, as they alone in Queensland, retain true conservative values, whilst the LNP has abandoned conservatism to chase the vote of the left. Is the LNP so blind, as to not see, what has happened elsewhere in Australia where the Liberals have been destroyed for abandoning conservative principals? There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

What family ? We have a predator that destroys families and it's called the family law industry.

Just why did you support the dreadful reparation payments?

No Labor won't!

Just about says it all.

How do you know that this Woman is telling Lairs ( her lips will be moving) I still can’t find anyone who admits to voting for this woman

All shit

You believe her you believe pigs can fly

We are all extremely disappointed with your decision regarding this voice that is only for votes for Labor at the next election! The 1.5 million migrants are being brought in just in time for the election for the very same reason!! ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

QUEENSLAND TREATY Thanks again for allowing this post on your page for everyone to read. Start waking up and making a noise people. Why didn’t this treaty go to the people as a referendum so we make a decision on whether it should be agreed to? This labor government has given away the top end of the state already without our consultation and now this treaty. We need to make sure this arrogant lot ARE VOTED OUT IN 2024 or we are going to be paying rent on our own land and won't be allowed access into beach areas and much, much more. THIS VOICE MUST NOT GET UP or our Constitution will be changed and the government won’t even be able to do their job without the approval of these racists.

yeah righ

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Labor's Budget makes life harder for Australians families. ... See MoreSee Less

Labors Budget makes life harder for Australians families.

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We wouldn't be in this mess if some people hadn't voted for them.

Higher costs of living - more people are now finding it hard to afford food and rent let alone pay power bills and fuel!

Higher cost of food, rates, interest rates, insurances, clothing, petrol and it's all going to keep rising under Labor.

That is normal for them

Candel maker's gearing up to fill the gap when we have no gas, electricity. So we will save hundreds on power as we will very little to buy.

Normal for labor no surprise here .

Albo thought higher wages was a good idea. So now businesses can't afford to hire anymore people.

This boy is not sure why he's PM.He is out of his depth.

Full marks for consistency though. Labor ALWAYS buggers things up for Australia,

Labor, a party led by fools, elected by fools and completely clueless about what real people need. How many of the Elected Labor clowns have ever held a real job?

U lot caused 9 yrs oof hell

This is only the thin edge of the wedge. WAIT there is MORE

The markets don't think so.

Jen says Happens every time Labor's in power so you put them in live with it

What was the trajectory of inflation & interest rates in May 2022? The expectation to fix what was progressively broken by incompetent buffoons, shonks & rorters over the previous nine years is not a 12month program.

you forgot to mention more massive homeless people

Better than 1 Trillion in debt and waste going to LNP's rich donor mates!

Only 3 ways. They are a complete failure

In the Army we called it SNAFU.

Should be four dividing the Australian people

Because they are not economist but instead a pure Egonomist

Did you expect anything else?

Did you lot really support a path to treaty?

And they don’t give a flying Fig .

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Queenslanders don't just need a change of Ministers. We need a change of Government. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope LNP are sourcing great prospective Candidates for 2024. Remembering best Person for the job and forgetting the WOKE stuff.

Apparently at Cairns airport they've changed Brisbane on the departure board to the aboriginal name. When did we vote for this ?

Vote NO!!!! LNP will clean up QLD Vote Labor OUT!!!

We sure do. No woke crap, no treaty, and make kids accountable for their crimes with very harsh punishments. The Labor mess needs to be fixed.

Oh well they voted for what they got

never labor

Changing Ministers position doesn't make any different, it's just like moving chairs to different place in the room. It's the same Ship, the same captain and the same Crews

What government? This lot don’t govern, they just sit for three years then make a few promises in the last year which they then do nothing about when re-elected, pause, repeat, pause repeat!

bring on the next election. The only person who never got shunted/demoted was the clown running the show, so now we will see the AG Department go downhill. Each day turns into a disaster whilst they are in charge.

Total disaster the last time we changed Government in Queensland. You can't expect a change without policies and reasons for change. Always a reason to whinge, whine and complain but how is change going to be positively implemented in such hard times? LNP is hardly a party of vision! More a party of saying no, negativity, condemning, criticising and complaining.

Let’s hope its not LNP…

If LNP Not Strong Enough To Be Different Don't Be So Weak After 70 Years voting For LNP I Will Be voting ONE Nation

Whilst I agree, the LNP had better do all the things they are saying and complain about. Or we will know you ate no better !!!!

We also need an ICU at the Gladstone hospital- if a disaster similar to the terrible bus crash in Victoria occurred people would have to be sent en masse(in buses?) to either Bundaberg or Rockhampton. And all this in the largest industrial centre in Australia- shame Labor!! We have jetsetting PM who just wants to be popular and doesn't see cause and effect and wants to create civil unrest in the future and a totally irresponsible and blind spin doctor running Queensland..

well i think that some of the former ministers got to powerful and palashuk might felt threatened

a pack of jokers, doesn’t matter how much you shuffle the cards….. you always…..

Most politician are dreaming of the high wage not problem solvers. They should be examined on statistics before entering parliament. Or do some problem solving courses before applying to run a country.

The Current Gov is now becoming a dictator , Do as she Says not as what we want .......

The biggest problem with the lnp is they haven't had a strong leader for a long time

You can say that again...

It would be good but Qld is in such bad shape everywhere, most of all financially, that it will take at least 20 years of good government to get it back on track. Not going to happen, as soon as something bites in the city out they go. Our problem is that the whole state is at the beck and call of Brisbane and the South Coast. There is very little in representation in the rest of Queensland. Not that the members are bad it’s the opposite there’s just not enough of them to have any say in policy. Labour only governs the se corner where they have been elected to govern the whole of the state. Massive failure of the one vote one value system.

How true

Why did the LNP vote with the Labour Party and Greens to introduce a “Treaty”with reparations?

Very stale indeed

In the realm of Queensland, where corruption weaves, A tale of government corporations that deceive. Our Imperial laws and constitution stand tall, Yet they're trampled upon, leading to our downfall. In the corridors of power, a sinister dance, As corporations manipulate circumstance. With pockets lined, they sway decisions made, While the voice of the people begins to fade. They forsake our land, our cherished treasure, Exploiting resources without measure. Environmental devastation, the cost they ignore, As they chase profits, leaving scars at our core. But we shall rise, in unity and might, To reclaim our rights, to set things right. We demand adherence to our laws, strong and clear, For justice and truth, we must persevere. Let the rule of law guide our way, And expose the corruption that leads astray. Hold government corporations to account, With transparency and integrity paramount. We stand for a Queensland where honor prevails, Where corruption is banished, where goodness trails. With our Imperial laws and constitution as our guide, We'll restore faith in governance, side by side. No more shall they trample upon our sacred ground, Our voices united, a resounding sound. For a Queensland that's true, just and free, Where government and corporations follow our decree.

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I know and isnt it wonderful. Pallashit and co are going down like the sinking ship and I can't wait for the demise! It can't come quick enough for me!

Has been for years but the rusted ons can't see past their handouts

seems like she is rearranging the deck chairs on this sinking ship....

I get annoyed when they get called government so I looked government in the dictionary and it only says authority to govern NOT ABILITY so I shouldn't worry .

Palaszczuk government needs to remember that their first order of business is to do the best thing by Qlders. What they are doing is not in qlds best interests, it’s not even in its last interest. And this latest crap about paying compensation to the aboriginals, absolutely criminal. No Qlder signed up to this. We should absolutely not be paying for it!!!!!!!!

They always have been. Nothing new

Can you Lnp mob start putting the boot in now.

she should resign also

Changing cabinet member position doesn't make any different at all, because the problem is at the very top Position

What's new if you vote alp we all pay the price

And nothing will ever change until the LNP gets rid of whoever has run their last THREE absolutely USELESS election campaigns!!

Really! Next election is 26/10/24. Plenty of time to negate the condemning, complaining and criticism of an inept and clueless opposition who can't offer any positive policies.

You can say that again! All she cares about is the Olympics in the next century!! ๐Ÿคฌ

Has been for a number of yrs now!! They've been acting like incompetent clowns for quite a while.

I agree

It was only a matter of time, people are waking up to the Palacechook and her little fluffy chickens.

Always has been.

Like you blokes are any different ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Get rid of her now please labour is killing us here

How about trying - just trying to be a viable opposition so we can vote them out. You are a joke.

What's new with labor

The situation would improve immensely, if the LNP ceased voting with Labor to pass terrible legislation. Frankly, I see no difference between Labor and the LNP, and as I am a conservative, I will vote for a conservative party.

Has been for years

And they don’t even know it

Taken you this long to wake up ๐Ÿ™‚

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We will protect vulnerable Australians from compulsive gambling. ... See MoreSee Less

We will protect vulnerable Australians from compulsive gambling.

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Ok politicians explain shop gets broken into and robbed by two 15 year old girls...they go to court..laugh at the system and get a slap on the wrist..the Police are so angry and disillusioned...their rap sheet is as long as your told me in writing she will be back to do it for a Third time!! The Police do their job and the courts are soft and keep giving them slaps on the wrist..hence Juvenile criminals keep doing crimes....but if I go and break and enter their homes I go to jail! Wake up to yourselves and fix one of the biggest social issues in our country!

I am certainly not against gambling. However surely people who want to place a bet can do so prior to the games. Just my opinion.

Absolutely ๐Ÿ’ฏ. Sick of the betting ads totally.

Ban Gambling Apps because of the collapse of the family unit. It is ridiculous that a demographic of the community is banned from buying alcohol but everyone can gamble.

Gambling destroys so many family’s. Ban gambling advertising full stop !! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Just my humble opinion

Why only during sport? There are no cigarette ads on TV but people still smoke. The Coalition needs to grow a pair and to show a pair. Gambling, and particularly poker machines, is or are the greatest scourge on Australian livelihoods. Stop yielding to the industry and have a heart. Buy back licences without allowing them to transfer.

Don't go there guys.more freedoms u want take from us

Gambling should not be advertised.on TV.

And It should be banned on TV advertising

Woopie! Pull the other leg.

Funny they never did anything about it in the years they were in before.

Why FFS stop trying to live peoples lives it a choice for people to make

Get a life - we've had enough of your intrusion and control

Their ads are stupid, why not ban all gambling ads, if you're concerned ? People make choices, good or bad ( just look at the result of the last National election ) but catering to and coddling people who are losing their money is ridiculous. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

What happened to freedom of choice ?

I would like to see gambling banned.

Does the LNP really think after not standing up for personal freedoms during the covid scam this is going to gain them support?

You have more to worry about rather than ads about gambling.

How about banning or pre-warning viewers if LGBGHQUE content is featured in an advert on TV, I am offended by this push into our homes.

Maybe you should also ban all gambling advertising

A waste of time and effort, people gamble and stopping adverts will not make one iota of a difference. The LNP would be better advised to return to true conservative values and cease voting with Labor, otherwise, just merge with Labor and be done with it (LLNP). After the LNP voted yet again with Labor in Cairns for the Pathway to Apartheid legislation, frankly, the LNP are finished as the alternative in Queensland.

It should be banned already

Ban advertising but it won’t stop people Gambling . But Ban it . The rushed Gamble Responsibly at the end of TV ads is ridiculous

Ban it from advertising permanently. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

LNP your more left than labor currently get back to true values and away from this woke BS

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