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Jackie Trad inflates job numbers
We're not sure if numbers are the strong point of Labor Treasurer, Jackie Trad... Watch as she tries to get away with inflating Qld job numbers.
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Jackie Trad inflates job numbers

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Jackie Trad you silly pricks put her back in government . The LNP put Labor in government , when are you going to apologize to your loyal LNP supporters ..

If the LNP had given their preferences to the greens in Trads' electorate she would be gone now. Lets hope the LNP do a deal with One Nation for preferences next election because a lot of farmers will be putting One Nation first and LNP second. If you don't get it right expect to be in opposition for another four years.

Deb Frecklington ... seriously is this dullard the best the LNP has got?

The jobless rate in Qld is the highest in Australia & contrary to popular belief it has actually risen be .1%

Michaelia Cash wouldnt do that now would she.

Trained at labor accounting school, pretty much what you would expect.

She is as thick as a brick only got the gig because of the Union ties

"People don't like the spin" really why did they vote this government back in again? Because they want to be mislead and they believe the spin

From Curtis Pitt with his arts degree to Jackie Trad 😂😂😂😂😡😡😡😡 There is some saying about ‘you get the leadership you deserve.’ Queenslanders we need to grow up, mature and start thinking so we can deserve and receive the leadership needed.

In other words Trad knows stuff all, and she is the treasurer of a state. Come on Qld cant we do better than that she is way out of her depth.

Just more lies from Labor,& she does a great job at it.

Deb you are right again! Jackie's body language say's it all. Shifty . Runs with the FOXES and HUNT's with the HOUNDS!

Join the Palmy Army. At least he knows finance. 🖒🙃

Surely cross river rail will create an extra 1,000,000 jobs at least?

She could lie straight in bed

Tricky Trady! Normal for Labor.

God shes evil!



Trad is as shady as they come just a bloody liar she should not be in any Government

Liar liar liar bloody unions put her back in all I can say God help qld

Scumbags. Who steal your savings for the banks to take.

Ha ha ha ha dribble dribble

Luke Gregory

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We're Making Australia Safer
The Coalition has cancelled five times more visas of non-citizen criminals in the past two years than Labor did in six years.
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We're Making Australia Safer

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Great work, sure you can’t get rid of the biggest criminal of the lot, Bill Shorten.

A very good start, how about the apex gang next? Australia never had hijackings until they came

Good, keep it going

only another 300,000 to go then

Great work Keep it up Send their families back.with them too We dont want our country degraded by other countries rubbish citizens

Thanks Peter!

3,000 more than Lobor would have sent away!

well done peter dutton, keep up your good work 😊

Great work!!! You won’t here that on ABC or SBS

Thank you.

The only politician with a spine when it comes to crime! Keep it up!

Now cancel aid to Indonesia etc now help West Papuan people

When will you start cleaning out Apex gang members ?

Not enough, and way, way too slow.

Doing amazing job thank you

Wonderful! Keep it up!!

Great work please deport more of these bad people

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Queenslanders have never paid more for power than under this Lazy Labor Government who refuse to help with the cost of living.

9 News Queensland
A new report has revealed government-owned energy companies are posting huge profits while household power bills are hitting record highs.

#9News |
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9 News Queensland

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Thanks to all the fools that voted this useless bunch back in.

Why is there no discussion on nuclear power? Given the advances in technology in that area and the resources we have it would make for not only cleaner energy but cheap and reliable energy.

The LNP is only interested in exporting jobs and killing manufacturing. The cost of power is way too high but don't expect the LNP to help. They are the great privatisers. How's that going for you?

Well you voted labor in ...... this will happen if Australia vote Labor /greens in Federal Election .....

Of course they are making a mint out of electricity! To think we have another three years of this most USELESS government ever!

I found it charming that Trad seemed quite chuffed that Queensland only experienced a two percent increase while other markets were double figures! Which with the spin removed means the Queensland socialists are actually screwing the consumer however just not as bad as other states, the hide of this mob is as thick as their skulls.

Thanks labor..

Remember when the Crook Chook tripped into power over Newman, and she was telling big porkies about the power. Well it came about that soon as she and her gaggle got hold of the treasury they transferred a large portion of their old Labor debt's booked up before Newman over to the power mobs, so off course they had to jack the power prices up. This means that we had to pay back labors stuff ups by increased power bills. Then take into account all this renewable energy targets which allowed "the Crook Chook to cook the energy book" so even more cost and fudging of money happened at QLD'ers cost. This is how and why people should should be much more careful in QLD just who they vote for as we all have the right to cast a proper informed vote based upon truth of information, QLD'ers did NOT get the truth of information from QLD Labor but spin and more misleading information and fibs. The situation in QLD is very dire indeed specially with stuff like power, and it's mostly all because of fake information the QLD labor and the the left in general spewed out to the voters and many of the voters got scammed and voted for labor. Another is the shady preference practices, that is trickery. if we are ever to become a true informed and free democracy in our home state or nation, the party preferring should have to be written in clear print beside every candidates name on the ballot paper. How many people vote for say the LNP then find out later that whilst the LNP got majority but labor wins because of sly deals and preference that the voter didn't have a clue about at the voting event and booth.

well just have a look at what we have for a premier a union mouthpiece

No surprise there

they are posting huge profits but then those profits are ripped out of the energy companies to prop up the other big spends this government has done. T

Making a Mint out of Water too !

When the smoking and booze tax becomes part of the profit to fit the budget than we have real problems.

How do you know when a labor politician is lying? Her lips are moving.

it is not just is pretty much everything else too.

1.9 billion dolar profit comon who is getting ripped here

What do you expect from labour?

Next time vote one nation

They voted them in so tough

Yet we are so much debt. Leftie fools


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Bye bye 👋

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Fantastic work Peter Dutton. LNP Supporters behind you all the way.

The list only adds up to 626. What did the rest do ?

It would be good to see a breakdown of nationalities

LNP will be goneeeee next election, thanks for doing nothing but give businesses tax cuts 726 companies in Australia don’t pay tax, how does that work???

Congrats! Those people don't deserve to stay in Australia. And I hope that they're all being punished in their home countries! But what did the other 2374 "dangerous criminals" do? I'm curious as to what counts as a dangerous criminal, other than those listed.

The greens and lawyer advocates and lefties want them back here in Australia.

What about Centrelink fraudsters? Claiming multiple wives and disability due to "depression"?

How about any gang members from Africa

Keep it coming. Apex gang is still a problem. Look at that family that terrorised that cruise.

Only another couple hundred thousand to go, but it's a start

Brilliant! But still plenty more that need to go.

About time , now get serious with the rest of them . One strike & you’re out . No more do gooders bogging the system down .

Can you also say bye bye to Barnaby Joyce? After being a supporter of the party for most of my voting life, this incident has crushed the integrity of a party that

Bit cynical about this. Need a bit of evidence please. Great if true but I don’t think today’s politicians have the guts. Too busy bowing to the minority’s.

Not enough when are you going to send back the rest

Bye Bye. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Clive will be pleased. 🖒🙃

How did the get here in the first place???????

at an influx of 190 000 a year its only a drop in the ocean but one im very grateful for .

What about the many not listed?

Could you put wiping out political correctness on your list, it is killing Australian way of life due to minorities.

Hopefully more to come, cheers!*

Love this...hope there is no right of appeal.

Still 64,600 illegals immigrants to go. 20,000 of them believed to be working the rest on welfare. Why is it taking so long?

Cancelation of visa and deportation of all those breaking Australian law, regardless of their age.

How about deporting some looney lefties as well.

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Time to end exorbitant fuel prices
It is time to take action against exorbitant fuel prices.

We have been calling for real time fuel price monitoring for weeks. It is effective, simple and it works, so why won’t Queensland Labor and Annastacia Palaszczuk MP act?
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Time to end exorbitant fuel prices

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Cheap across the border in NSW how come ud Queenslanders have to pay so much more ? Ye another QLD government non-action..

People are worrying about fuel price and they pay top dollar for everything else they buy from the servo.😲😲😲

Blame the Abbott government for unfreezing the fuel excise. This is just another Liberal Party scare campaign. Just like “Carbon Tax” when it wasn’t a tax at all

AP is just a muppet on the powers to be strings !!! She has no concept & intestinal fortitude of how to run a state.... *Excessive fuel prices * Excessive energy costs * Increase in juvenile crime * ADANI deal-- jock show * No jobs * No water for Townsville ETC ETC ETC Clowns should stay in a circus !!!

The biggest problem of the massive and unnecessary price rises in fuel prices are the greed and mismanagement of government, particularly in Labor’s Queensland. These dysfunctional governments need more and more taxes to run their inefficient government policies. The fuel companies are just using government mismanagement to put up fuel prices. GREED IS GOOD, for them but not us!

😴😴 Ho Hum another Gunna do this & Gunna do that.... Has been a BOOFACRATS talkfest from both sides which has never eventuated from off the lunch room tables.

You silly people, have a look at NSW, Qld prices are way cheaper , we go over the border to buy, shame Gladys shame

Of course she is not going to respond they get the taxes from the fuel the higher the price the more the government get. Why do you think they don’t ban smoking all together because the higher the price the more money they get and it is the people who get ripped of all round as usual.

If dumb Labor didn't waste $$$$ On green energy, Like expensive alternates. Costing us not only expensive fuel. We donate 1/4 of our power bill to the cause. I say "Mother Nature' sure is powerful. Nothing is going to stop her. So F>>>Climate Change.

Both sides of politics have been saying this for years unfortunately you can't do anything about and you won't My wish when you were made leader was that you wouldn't treat us like fools I was wrong Just keep taking the taxes she'll be right👎

So little ideas it is scary. Get the wholesalers out of the retail market for fuel

Where are you now lnp on the acland stage 3 process. It's not time to just change the subject, 3500 jobs are still on the line

How much of the cost of petrol is made up of government taxes and duties? Also are these taxes on the base wholesale price or are they calculated after other charges are added or put another way are they taxes on taxes? If I get a straight forward answer to this I will be very surprised.

why dont you make the gas cost leess?

Because this Qld Govt are a mob of grubs

Listen Deb get real

Anna do something

1st World problems?

Thieving petrol companies supported b6 Labor.

What a joke, all you politicians are nothing but a pathetic joke, labor do nothing about Electricity, fuel, food etc prices and neither do the LNP party, all you do is act like immature brats towards each other, whilst selling our country to the highest bidder and lining your own pockets with bribe money, bring on the revolution Australia desperately needs it before you loser politician's send Australia back to the stone age.

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We’re cancelling more and more visas for criminals who don’t deserve to call Australia home.

A Current Affair
It is hard to fault the government’s hardline approach to the deportation of violent criminals. #9ACA had an #EXCLUSIVE inside look at the Border Force operation to arrest one-punch thug Caleb Maraku, who will be given a one-way ticket back to New Zealand.

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A Current Affair

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Good work police👍 the real issue. ( which hasn’t been resolved) What the heck is going on with the Barnaby/Malcom tiff? The coalition is a shambles. Everyone wants Barnaby out. Every day this drags on the coalition loses more votes and looks more and more stupid. Normal people have had enough of politicians shenanigans. It just never seems to end.

DAVID I WANT HIM OUT !! He is supposed to set an example but not only screwing his floozy but the Australian electorate as well. GO NOW !

Good job Mr Dutton keep up the great work.

This I sorely needed, so keep it up. Now stop the rate of Citizenship being granted. And if parents do not control the behaviour of their offspring, make them responsible, and send them back as well.🙏🏾💕🤔🌏

I'm very proud to say MP Dutton is my local Fed 👍👍👍

Good riddance to him, he can laugh all the way back over the ditch

well done peter dutton, should be more of it

Dutton for PM

Dutton -step up- we love your ideas

Great job. We don't want them in this wonderful Country of ours.

Once a COWARD always a COWARD, good riddance to the grub

Should have spent 12 months in the can with the spider web boys, then deported.

Great job

Considering our nation was built on the proud tradition of sending your undesirables overseas, very apt.


Mr. Peter Dutton..what a winner..Great Stuff.

Good! It is not funny and we don't want you here and stay out of our country!! And there is more to come!!

" Rule .303 " sorts out ALL this mutt shhhhhtttttttt. Capital Punishment ceases repeat offenders..!

Have fun back in ya old country bye 👋 don’t let the door hit ya

Heads up. Hillary Clinton wants to come to Australia.

Rehashed old news, well done LNP!

well done MR DUTTON, why was the judge so lenient.???

Time to start cleaning out the gaols and deporting every criminal that has dual citizenship or isn't an Aussie. This is a great start !! Any chance we can deport all of the The Australian Greens too ... please ... don't care where but any socialist 'shithole' will do 🙂

Is he serving time first? Or doingbut over there under an agreement? I hope he isn't just getting a free ticket home and we are calling that justice. Good to see some of these kiwi crims sent packing tho, there's too many.

Good job. Scum like this make Australia a dangerous place for hard working good hearted citizens.

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Lazy Labor urgently needs to back Queensland motorists and adopt our policy to have real time fuel data available, so motorists can see where the the best prices are at any given moment.

9 News Queensland
Brisbane is on track to break a record for the most expensive average fuel price in three years.

#9News |
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9 News Queensland

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Just over the border in Tweed Heads, the NSW Government Fuel Check app shows two stations a few hundred metres away from each other with a difference of almost 15 cents per litre for the same fuel. Think of the money Queenslanders could save if Lazy Labor got on with the job and adopted our plan to get it done.

Sick of this why doesn't labour look after us ,how the poor and pensioners survive its criminal

I paid $1.68 last night at a BP. It cost $100 for the first time ever to fill my car. Such a joke

Many years ago Qld governments payed a subsidy to fuel companies so our fuel was cheaper, when that was removed prices jumped, how ever many Qld country towns have fuel cheaper than Brisbane, We use diesel and that is usually higher than unleaded, we keep our eyes open for fuel outlets in our area and find the cheapest.

You had it cheep for. So long now you must pay

Just another ‘rip off’ When will Australians drop the apathy and do something to halt the unnecessary skyrocketing costs of living here? Behind it all is a Federal govt addicted to GST 😡😡

Labor will do Jack about this,. The more we pay for fuel the more Cha Ching for the corrupt govt.... I use the Motormouth App... live up to date prices... saved me heaps...

The sunshine coast beats Brisbane in regards high fuel prices hands down.

In Alice Springs fuel was $1.47/litre, on the Gold Coast same day $1.47/litre. Go figure. Ethanol is ‘grown and produced’ in Qld but only a couple of cents cheaper than fuel pumped, refined, shipped halfway around the world and trucked to a petrol station in Qld. How does that happen? With a %age excise it’s in Govts best interest for fuel to be high. A flat excise eg 20c/ litre and they might do something about prices. But don’t hold your breath. Govt is in bed with fuel companies.

no matter who is in power they do nothing about it as the higher the price the more tax collected

No chance of this QLD government doing anything...

No one talking to the govt is going to force them to take action against the fuel companies because they get too much revenue from higher fuel prices and donations from the fuel companies. People power is the answer. Help the people and yourselves by supporting the Boycott BP campaign.

what would that achieve i don’t even look at the prices on the boards 😂 i don’t understand how people will drive 10 mins out of there way to save $2

Would that be because the price of crude is the highest in 3 years?

I am afraid that won’t work either. We need a royal commission into the whole fuel industry, wholesale and retail. The oil companies just pull the wool over the ACCC eyes. The RACQ IS AS WEAK AS.

Anna, time to do something about the rip off fuel pricing. Why is Queensland paying more than the rest of Australia under the ALP Government?

It’s only $1:34 at our local bloke in Harristown, Toowoomba 🌼

On the radio today they were saying fuel was $1.18 but I drove past 3 that were over $1.30 ????

Removing discounted price did not work huh?

It goes up that high in SA and our gas is $89.99

Doesn’t the app Motormouth provide real-time fuel data?

The pricing of fuel needs to be governed.

Come to uk to discover real fuel prices, we pay that in £ nearly...

Pacific petroleum Rocklea 119.9 this afternoon for unleaded

why didnt you implement this when lnp was in last time?

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Unemployment up under Labor
Queensland's now got the highest unemployment rate in Australia. You won't believe what Labor's new Treasurer said about it today...
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Unemployment up under Labor

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Still cannot believe people were stupid enough to give palacechook and trad another go at destroying the state.

But didn’t Malcolm Turnbull promise to create jobs.

well it queenslanders who voted them back in bad luck

But hey, what’s the worry? They will just employ more public servants to do nothing!

Labour is against jobs even more so in the North, have to please the looney left and greens.

I still can't believe Queenslanders re-elected this truly terrible government. C'mon people.

Jackie Trad has only one thing in her sights.... to be premier.

Only Regional Qld is not getting the support from this mongrel Labour Govt .The Bruce Highway north of Rockhampton is a disgrace and you do not see the dreadfull roads leading into the South East like up in Regional Qld so guess where all the money is spent on . This Qld Govt is not doing the right thing by the people of Regional Qld

No surprise - history repeats itself over & over & over, with EVERY Labor government.

And they just lost 200 jobs at Acland. Make a lot of SENSE?

I have been unemployed for 11 years now, and very proud of it (DFR&DB super = thanks very much) and want to get ar least another 25 years of milking the super scheme, to get value for money

Under qualified for this role and definitely out of her depth!

Of cause it has qld labor are still at the "we are considering our option stage. Instead of moving ahead and making the hard decisions.

How the hell is this great news. This government really needs a reality check.

Gee, never saw that coming! Ho wait, I think I did.🤔😠

How has this woman managed to manipulate the faceless factions into giving her the Treasurers role. She is a treacherous incompetent. Another Union plant

Pandering to minority interest groups is a road to nowhere

Good luck Queensland - you deserve all that is coming your way!

Because the LNP created unsustainable jobs in the boom n bust mining sector.

1thousound Jobs a day created in Australia ,works out about the same amount of immigrants we bring in each year

Our do you lot vote for this f'n Labour state QLD party ...its your fault...

Of course NOT the federal issue as well!

Is that Don Burke in the add?

Even after providing 33000 union jobs in the public service they are flocking the place up but I don’t think you can blame Ms Trad.

Seth Johnson - put the phone away and realise how lucky you are

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LIKE & SHARE if you support Peter Dutton cancelling hundreds of visas for criminals and sex offenders, making our country safer. ... See MoreSee Less

LIKE & SHARE if you support Peter Dutton cancelling hundreds of visas for criminals and sex offenders, making our country safer.

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Of course, but wait for the bleeding heart brigade to claim inhumane or family reasons to keep them in Australia!

Of course that's a good thing. But how many were there actually out of the 1200? The headline is misleading.

Hallelujah Amen. About time! Now someone talk to the Somalia criminals and tell them to their faces....Offend and you are instantly on a one way ticket out of Australia!!!!

Great move we need another 20 Peter Duttons and Australia might turn itself around.

I am happy with Peter Dutton because labor won't do that and it is very hard to try and catch them!

Now wait for Labor and the Greenies to interfere!

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

How many ACTUALLY have departed...? Think carefully...!

How many have really gone. How many time did they appeal the outcome. How many time can they appeal. Needs to be done with love so the whole family needs to go with them. And stamp on thier passport never to return. Scrap thier medicare and dole payments as well.


When will the PM release the report into Ex Health Minister Sussan Ley's spontaneous purchase of a Gold Coast Unit? Anyone?

Peter Dutton is Great but if Labor /Greens Win the next Election which is becoming more Likely . Who would they give all this power too ? It's really very scary .

Great idea!

Lots more to get rid of. Just make sure that they all go and never return.


The Best Minister in the Government.

You bloody beauty Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton for Australia's President.

Labor would keep them all

Yawn...this is a distraction😂😂😂😂 What about today’s new “Barnaby Law”? That’s the big news😂😂😂😂


Have they really gone ???????????

same lines, boring!

Absolutely agree! Why do we want any other countries violent criminal element in this country! Great job, keep on turfing them out!!! Pack up some of the youth Somali violent gang members and send them packing too!

Equally the lnp labor and greens let the scum into Australia in the first place...sellout dogs

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