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Aje morris yawn, yawn how much are you being paid to upload that to every lnp feeds. So bored

Hey davy, could you read this article about a, national approach, when it comes to COVID19 lockdowns across the country! Maybe you could suggest it!

Wheres Campbell Newman please. Still not actually fighting David. If it was an arm chair Q & A then youd have a chance. I see no difference between you and Deb. Rego Rebate hey!

Service delivery? Delta is now in Brisbane, no surprise there. And the next Pfizer delivery is three months away.

David… Shut up. More policies then talk you are just whining

The waste of space lnp. One term tories. Failures in all they do.

This sums up Australia very well: Earlier this year, a variant of the current virus the world is battling broke out in India. And in a very misguided move, my birth nation of Australia decided to take some serious action. Australia (or Hot Snake Island as I like to call it) banned its own citizens from returning home directly from India. They also couldn't come home if they’d been in India at any time during the previous two weeks. The punishment if an Australian citizen decided to do so? A fine of $66,000 AUD, and up to five years in prison. This is pure insanity, as I'm sure you'll agree. The United Nations Human Rights Committee states that nobody shall be deprived of their right to return to their own country. And to any sane person on the planet, that shouldn't be a controversial idea. But to Australia, taking away the right to return home of its citizens is just another day at the office. The Australian government says it’s doing this under the guise of safety. And providing security to the Australian people in the time of a pandemic. "Safety and security." These are the same words we tend to hear from our governments every time they erode our basic human rights, or take away more of our civil liberties. It’s also these same words that we usually hear uttered in fantasy movies like V For Vendetta and Star Wars when a tyrannical power takes hold, stripping its citizens of their freedoms. We can notice this very clearly when it happens in a movie. But what’s funny is that many of us find it hard to accept when it’s happening in front of our eyes. In our very real world. Thankfully, people aren’t just sitting back and taking Australia’s actions without a fight. A group of Australians have lodged a petition with the United Nations Human Rights Committee, on behalf of the tens of thousands of citizens who are now stranded abroad. Their very simple claim is that they’ve been denied the basic human right of being allowed to return home. I would agree with them. And it seems the United Nations does as well. The UN has already ruled against Australia, saying that the country has breached the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They say that Australia must immediately allow Australians to return home. In response, Australia has… done basically nothing. Although Australia is the first country to threaten imprisoning its own citizens for returning home, it isn’t the first to restrict the movement of its people. Since early 2020, we’ve seen states all around the world limit the ability of their citizens to travel freely, and even to leave their own nation. In early 2020, Australia tried to stop all Australians from leaving the country. And in many cases, they were able to. But the one case in which they couldn’t stop Australians from leaving, was if they were also the citizen of another nation. They did try, however. Early on in the global shutdown, Australia stopped everyone with an Australian passport from leaving. But it didn’t work for those who were dual citizens and were able to call upon the power of a second government; a government that wouldn’t bow down to Australia’s draconian restrictions. Dual citizens of nations like Greece and Germany petitioned their governments, and within days Australia had to relent. While Australia maintained it could stop Australians from leaving the country, they couldn’t keep a person who is also the citizen of another nation from exercising their right to leave. If you were a dual citizen of Australia and somewhere else, you were fine. But if you only held an Australian passport, you were basically screwed. To those people, Australia effectively became a prison again, in exactly the same way it was originally intended by the British. And herein lies the entire point of this email. If Australia – a nation that’s considered the 5th most free country on the planet according to the Human Freedom Index – will deny its citizens the right to return home, and also stop them from exercising their right to leave, what’s next? I’m not being hard on Australia in particular just because I’m a citizen myself. This is merely my way of showing you that even if you have a passport from a "free" country, it doesn’t mean that you truly have freedom. But it definitely becomes a much smaller problem if you have two passports. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that getting a second passport is as simple as asking for one. It’s not – it’s likely going to take some significant effort on your part. But if you’re truly interested in attaining a high level of global freedom, I believe it’s something at the very least you should consider. The good news is that there are several avenues to acquiring a second citizenship. For many, showing an unbroken bloodline to an ancestor in a country like Poland, the Czech Republic, or Ireland may be the fastest route. For others, investing a few hundred thousand dollars in real estate or bonds is the way they’d prefer to achieve a second passport, simply due to the speed and ease of acquisition. But if either of those avenues aren’t open to you, there’s a third option that’s available to just about everyone: citizenship by naturalisation. Providing you can get a long-term visa in a country that allows dual citizenship, living there for a certain period of time – usually around 5-7 years – will enable you to eventually apply for citizenship. You will of course have to invest some time. But if you don’t have the option of getting a second passport via money or blood, it may be your only option. But hey, maybe I’m just being a little too dramatic. Maybe going through all the effort of acquiring a second citizenship is just a little too much. And maybe you live in a country that’d never dream of taking away your freedom of movement, or deny you the ability to return home. Well, when I was younger, I thought the same about Australia. (A copy excerpt from an Australian citizen who emigrated to Europe)

Please include water security Implementation of the Bradford scheme Power generation security and lower costs.

just lock the whole country down till new govt elected. Great job SloMo, Littleproud (easily the most useless minister behind Christensen) and Hunt - the used car salesman of cabinet

Qld needs a LNP win next election! Commisar Pluck - A - Duck and her Labor/Covid lockdown yes men have ruined the economy of this once financially prosperous state. Enough of her abysmal and negligent left wing /Communist/Covid ideology !

YAWN... I understand that ... oppps ... service de-livery will be privatised stigmatised and you'll be disqualified...

Your a joke just do nothing and we would be better off. Covid is a hoax , big goverment sucks

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20-year tourism vision ... See MoreSee Less

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BREAKING: The Federal Govt is being taken to court over their $21 million grant to a fracking corporation who wants to drill Aboriginal land in the NT! The case is being lodged by the Environmental Defenders Office on behalf of the Environment Centre NT and argues that proper process should be followed before handing over swathes of public money to corporations. I don't know about you, but we will be watching this court case VERY closely... #DontFrackTheNT

Hate to say this but the LNP are just a weak bunch at the moment. I have voted LNP all my life but if this is all that can be mustered against Labor Queensland is in for a shocking time. The Premier goes on a funded jaunt to Tokyo why ? The 32 Olympics were in the bag anyway. Now prepare for 10 years of tax payer funded building projects that will cost billions not to mention the inconvenience and hardship in the meantime. Why the hell don’t they put money into road upgrades, housing for those finding it difficult hospital and educational upgrades. There seems to be very little difference between Labor and Liberal at the moment. What ever happened to the LNP of old when they had the smarts to hammer Labor day and night now there is barely a whimper. Anastasia runs her own race with nothing to stop her. Disgusting

Qld vision for tourism. Fear and lockdown

Fix the M1 Brisbane to Tweed people are sick of being in a carpark after coming or going to work

Don't bring or Highlight the Indigenous bits into your campaign...Please Please...This is not a Jingery Jungery Joo episode.

Olympics 2032. Labor did it for you. Next! πŸ˜‚

You are a complete gribbler

Go for it David Crisafulli, get the right people behind you and you will do it.

Seriously, have you only just discovered forward planning? Do you actually believe you are the only party that wants this?

Sounds like David from marketing. All talk but no direction, policies or vision.

Tourism operators can't plan more than 3 days ahead at the moment because of bed-wetting state governments.

Mate,you gotta lift ya game!

You be lucky if you see 20 weeks

Sorry David you come across as a nice person just like Deb. !!!! The LNP attack dog has resigned so who is going to take the gloves off now ???

Fulla shit

Not a great plan so long as Queensland is depicted as only beach …..

How about talk about the oppression being put on the people of Queensland by this cretinous Labor government?

He reminds me of a real estate agent

Craig N Juzzie Miller

I want to see a Royal commission into Morrison’s corruption

Stop locking everyone up and stop the vaccines passports

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#LIVE: Queensland Media Club Speech ... See MoreSee Less

Health Crisis Town Hall Gold Coast ... See MoreSee Less

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What have Campbell Newman and David Crisafulli have in common? Short in stature and short of vision. Instead of attacking - what are the solutions?

I cut my pinky finger while i was gardening and called an ambulance which didn't arrive for 6 hours 😭

Sorry I couldn't be there.

What a pity this isn't happening in Western Australia, while the Government has done a good job regarding COVID our Hospitals are at breaking point. It is a very very bad situation. Severe Ambulance ramping every day, not enough nursing staff. These people are at the frontline and receiving no help at all from the W.A. Government. Population increasing and the hospitals just can't cope now let alone an influx of more people. I feel sad for our frontline workers. Very sad.

There you go again, just in the south East, Bugger the rest. Seems Senator Rennick is above government rules - why doesn't your party force the likes of Rennick to tell about their extremist religious views? He cant do anything with regards to sexual harassment because according to his religious sect women are chattels and possessions of men. He cant do sexual harassment if he owns them can he. Your members need to declare their religious sects so that cases like this no longer happen.

What a joke . Nobody will listen to you , you can travel as much as you like you dickheads . After your Qld State gatherings , all you did was abuse each other openly on the public forum 🀣🀣😁 . the lnp is nothing but a f.......g joke , seriously , and we thought freckles was useless , this guy chrisafulil is way worse , what an excuse of a man !!! You aint guna win you dumb arses !!!!

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πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ₯‡GOLD πŸ₯‡ for Ariarne Titmus in the 400m Freestyle in Australian Record Time (3:56.69)! YOU BEAUTY! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›

#TokyoTogether #Swimming Australian Dolphins Swim Team
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No "gold" standard for lnp nsw! No "gold" standard for lnp federal! Definitely no "gold" standard for lnp qld! Just duds & fizzers!

Congratulations such a great swim πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Liberal Party of Australia, sorry, but our family, can't get excited about the Olympics. We have been separated by Scott Morrison (ScoMo). You see, my wife and child (as are many other Aussies) have been abandoned abroad by Scotty. He NEVER sent the promised 'Repatriation Flights'.

Fabulous swim!!

Top stuff. Determination personified.

How great is this girl πŸ‘§πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ŒπŸŒΉ

well done you speed demon of the pool

Congratulations Ariarne. You’re a golden girl πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Cheers well done golden girl bringiton


You Legend!

Congratulations thats a fantastic effort. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Congratulations !!!!!

What a great swim, congratulations.


Go Australia!

Well done! Congratulations.

Congratulations, excellent win πŸ’•πŸ‘





" Go.., you good thing..! "


Well Done Ariarne Yahooooooooo

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Congratulations to Lawrence Springborg on being elected as the new LNP President πŸ‘πŸΌ

Our congratulations also extend to our new Vice-Presidents Amanda Cooper and Natalie Marr.

A strong united LNP is the way to a strong united Queensland of the future πŸ’™
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Congratulations to Lawrence Springborg on being elected as the new LNP President πŸ‘πŸΌ

Our congratulations also extend to our new Vice-Presidents Amanda Cooper and Natalie Marr. 

A strong united LNP is the way to a strong united Queensland of the future πŸ’™

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Congratulations Lawrence and I know you will lead your team with diligence and strength.πŸ€”

Congratulations, great to see the strong leaders back in this role.

Congratulations Lawrence and team. Lead us back to where we belong.

Congratulations Lawrence with your leadership hopefully the party will find it's way back from joining the left.

Congratulations Lawrence. You spoke from the heart yesterday and it showed your passion on how you will support David Crisafuli and the LNP team to win the 2024 Qld election. Vote 1 for the LNP for a better Qld.

Congrats Lawrence. Let's get back to basics. Always listen to the members. The members will always hear things MPs, candidates and the exec. will not. This is the reason we are members to pass on feedback otherwise what is the point of being part of a team and being ignored. Also, LNP should be free of classes & cliques. This a sure way of losing.

Let's hope the New LNP has some guts.β€Ό We need a Strong alternative to the left, otherwise I will have to vote Independent again. 😊

Wonderful news. Congratulations to Lawrence, Amanda and Natalie. Strong leadership with this team😊

Congratulations Lawrence make LNP great again.

Glad you won Lawrence, LNP Queensland is now moving forward. Has anyone noticed how many lefties are currently on the LNP feeds. Labor and greens are currently doing letterbox drops. So trolling LNP feeds is what they do. Do not get ducked in.

I'm so pleased to see Lawrence Springborg back as leader. Now perhaps ordinary members might have a voice and common sense will prevail.

Congratulations hopefully the start of a better Qld in 3 years.

He’s our mayor. Can he do both jobs successfully?

Congratulations. Can lend you a good stiff broom. LNP needs to get back to the grass roots of the party and stop trying to have a foot in both camps.

where can I find info on these people please? does not appear to be on your website:

So what happens to David chrisafulli then?

Well Done… Now let’s start getting serious and put some credibility back into the state LNP!

Now clean out the shit that has been holding the LNP back, including getting rid of ALL woke "liberals" and concentrate on getting rid of the real menace to Society, tge labor party

Congratulations Lawrence and it was good to meet you and talk to you at 2019 Texas Cup races and backed 5 winners in a row at the Texas races and I am happy mate and hope to see you again! πŸ‘

That maybe a better roll for Lawrence.... Someone working in the organisation.. Because just couldn’t get it together in the party room

A worthy leader now get rid of the dead wood and make this a party it hasn't been for a long, long time. Best wishes.

Best news ever!!! Congratulations Lawrence...a massive job ahead but you will be able to fix things ...

Congratulations Lawrence maybe now candidates can be preselected on what they can bring to the party with performance objectives with driven results from sitting deadwood. Non performers need a boot along or boot out at next preselection

LNP great appointment, he will so an outstanding job.

Now get to work taking the fight straight up to our Labour/GREEN premier and change this government!

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#LIVE: Addressing the LNP Convention ... See MoreSee Less

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That's great mate. Speeches are the only thing the LNP deliver to this country. The rest is self profiteering. Bye.

You can't fight perceptions, Anna is seen to have saved Qld from the virus? she seems to have put Qld on the map by getting the games. You can't lose in a one man race, can you? Yet Qld, are prepared to go even deeper into debt for someone that hasn't lost a cent during the virus, but had increases for her and the PS. Hope our grandkids manage to pay for our two weeks of sport in 2032..

Can any politicians please answer: when can we see our rest of our families n loved ones , surely they can’t ask to live in a lockdown until zero cases , it will never go away .

Any chance you could post Barnaby's great speech to the convention up please?

What has caused LNP politicians to be oversexed and reckless, has Labor put Spanish Fly in your water cooler.

YAHπŸ’©??? Well get ScoMo to stop funding CCPπŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ GC L/RAIL🀬!!!

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Getting ready to address the LNP Convention in Brissy.

You can watch my speech here on my Facebook page around 2.15pm.
... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Kathryne Byrne you know when you poke a finger at someone that same hand pokes back at yourself. Takes one to know one. LNP we have them worried now all the woke media ABC, Sydney Morning Herald and Age can not spit out enough venom to counteract the hypocrisy of the labor government. As we get closer to the election expect labor trolls to get even nastier. But we believe in miracles.

Thanks LNP, it is great to have a lezder who cares about Queensland instead of the commo leader who is so hypocritical. Well done LNP. The premier makes everyone wear a mask, but then jets off to Tokyo

So many prep school old boys believing they are born to rule.

I really don't care about there convention. Where is our human rights, you don't care. No social distancing.

Maybe ask everyone to put their masks on!

Unless you have a foolproof plan to knock the ALP out of office, don't waste your time.

Please explain where a company/party convention is in the Australian Constitution? Politicians are supposed to do the will of the people, not their club/party/company.

How many people marching outside for FREEDOM ?

Instead of wasting billions of our hard earned tax dollars for some stupid Olympic games no one wants, how about spend some money on a water pipeline to Mount Morgan, a township who is out if drinking water for months with no end in site?

Social distancing what social distancing πŸ˜„


Social distancing. Masks. ??? What an example!!!

Are you guys for real - you should all be forced to isolate pending negative results immediately after this gathering

Where is the Borg, we want the Borg.

Where's "the rent a crowd" Hey anyone asked "scotty from marketing" to attend!

Morrison is the phoney, Hillsong-Cultist and useless, sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrite who will go down in history as a corrupt, self-serving CLAYTON'S LEADER - the non-achieving, bone idle "psuedo leader" we all must suffer when this nation has NOT got a leader! When the bushfires in NSW raged = there he goes (wave bye-bye), hiding behind a banana chair in Hawaii; When the chips are down, the cowardly, lazy Sloth Morrison does his usual "disappearing act" using taxpayer funds and the expensive taxpayer-funded jet to fly himself and his family to/from Covid-19 infected UK on a PERSONAL venture so that he can research his family tree. When you actually RESEARCH Morrison's dubious background, you quickly learn that Morrison is a shallow, non-achieving and totally disreputable, power-obsessed sociopath who only rose to the top due to his cowardly and treacherous backstabbing betrayal of fellow colleagues like Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull. When a crisis is looming near, Morrison will disappear! Morrison is reliably unreliable! Despite the appalling fact that Sloth Morrison is the FIFTH HIGHEST PAID politician in the western world, he has done nothing - ZERO, ZILCH, NIL - to benefit the lives of ordinary Australians! When the going gets tough, the failed and unscrupulous marketeer, MorriSCAMMER, gets going! What most INTGELLIGENT Australians are starting to realise (with the obvious emphasis on "intelligent") is that our nation gets along so well without him; in fact Australia is BETTER OFF when Morrison and his callously inhumane, malevolent attack dog, Peter Dutton, are OUT OF SIGHT. As such - FFS do this nation a HUGE favour - let's make sure this non-achieving, smug, totally corrupt coward and his cabinet of irrational, inhumane, self-serving misfits are kept OUT OF SIGHT PERMANENTLY - kick 'em to the kerb at the next federal election!

The LNP has had too many leftist infiltrate the party! No one should vote for any conservative that does not vote in line with conservative principles.

Wish I was there

Good thing, LNP supporters have such low expectations from their leaders. Just look at Scomo. Fails at everything, yet you still like him. Losers.

What is going on

Are you able to rally the troops to fight the communist take-over?

Have you ever seen so many white boomers in one room before?

And was this a convention to rubber stamp mandatory covid vaccines and vaccine passports? Shame on Scomo!! Your party has lost my vote

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Good luck to our Stretton by-election candidate and community champion Jim Bellos today πŸ—³β˜€οΈELECTION DAY is here! πŸ—³ voting starts at 8am β˜€οΈ ... See MoreSee Less

Good luck to our Stretton by-election candidate and community champion Jim Bellos today πŸ—³β˜€οΈ

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Wow all the best Jim, big ask but you are up to the challenge

It is sad to see that the result shows that Stretton is in the hands of the hopeless ALP.

All major parties have screwed Australia. Vote for someone who will stand up for our freedoms.

Good luck Jim.

Labour to win easily .

Who is the one National candidate?

Do you support Voluntary Assisted Dying Jim?

If he wasn’t sitting on a barbed wire fence about VAD he’d have a better chance

Good luck Jim.

All the best, we badly need much better Government.

Good luck Jim. I don't live in your electorate anymore but I wish you the best. πŸ‘πŸ‘‹

Good luck hope you are successful

Good Luck Jim LNP got this .....

Good luck, hope you are successful.

He'll need it.

Go labor

Go Labor.

Looks like Labor won,because they are doing a good job.

I wish you win Jim Bellos. The left perform election campaign by saying lies as they promise to build social housing if they win election. Those people vote the left are too stupid to know in Socialism/Communism countries never have social housing

Best wishes for success today!

Wish you well. Try your best.

Good luck.

Good luck

Another fruitcake

Australians are not happy with being locked up, with their businesses being destroyed, with their freedoms decimated, with the promises of getting back to normal and still in lockdown, with being injected with a v….ine that IS causing DEATHS and INJURY, with being LIED to… all for a virus that 99.8% of the population survive!! The people will speak today they are fed up with LNP and Labor. FREEDOM ROCKSπŸ’™

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Today we kicked off our annual convention.
LNP members from right across Queensland have gathered to help shape the future of our state and our country.
... See MoreSee Less

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I have been a liberal voter my whole life but never again. You have forgotten what being a liberal and having liberty means to the average Australian.

Historic LNP Annual Convention. Well done job LNP. Great party with great leadership. Go LNP.

Great now change back to LNP not Liberal/Green. NSW will suffer for neglecting the working /rural class.

Go well. Trust you will listen to grass roots members from now on. We hear from the general public & know their thoughts - they are the voters.

Well I hope they brought back a few of the Liberal values we have lost. 😑

Time to get your house in order or no one will be voting for you next election.

Since 1998 the LNP has struggled to win in Queensland, what happened that caused conservatives to turn away from the LNP for all but 3 years since then. I believe a large part can be traced back to 1996 when the Nationals surrendered sovereignty to Canberra by taking people property and liberty with the knee jerk reaction to the Port Arthur massacre. In an instant law abiding citizens were seen as criminals and these good people never forgot. They have parked their votes with One Nation, Katter and Clive Palmer rather than voting LNP. You can scoff and say I’m wrong, but our parties electability can be traced back to that.

LNP as well as labor all politicians they get paid to much and are always full of shit the only time you see them is at election time

Ironic that because of the LNP incompetence it can’t be held in Sydney and has to be held in a Labor state

I agree with a lot of the comments, get back to basics, play the game, not the opposition. People will not vote for a slightly right version of what they are getting now. You must listen to the people, don’t assume you know best because you do not!

When are are you going to have a solution for people who want to see families and not contaminate each other. What extra housing if the all live together. Bravo for extra PZ vaccine. We need more for our young ones. Please talk to the nation and encourage your people We need you to talk more as well as leaders of communities to talk to their congragrations. Thanks

I hope the power brokers in the party can have a good hard look at themselves and not focus on themselves!! They have a tough unfair battle next year,egos and self interest are not going to beat the Opposition's Labor-Greens, Unions and media!!

So excited to hear about your plan to increase female representation in parliaments! I presume that’s a priority?

Start with RE -SHAPING YOURSELVES! As an LNP voted I, and 100’s of thousands of others are despairing

We all hope that you can get your act together enough to dislodge Pallyshack and her mob at the next elections

How about you and the rest of the lnp party stop with the left leaning business and run the country conservatively.

I fear I will never vote Liberal again, after 53 years.

We’ve heard all about this S/S !

Are you discussing your failure in the last Queensland election?

Need to spilt Nationals from Liberals...join after the fact if required but be distinct parties.

You have done nothing but crap on this country... Just get out. Your time has most definitely come.

Rev it up everyone. Your voters are running out of patience.

Maybe you guys should focus more on the present huh? What an embarrassment.

I am grateful that I am still virus free and our state go er

Agenda item 101: how can we sell Australia to the ccp & get high dividend yields for years to come!

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