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LNP - Liberal National Party

Getting on with the job. Watch this 👇👇

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
The things that matter.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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Doing a good job buddy really hope we get you back for an term next year

“I’ve created an atmosphere where I’m a friend first, boss second. Probably entertainer third.”

Your the man

How about getting on with the job and banning live exports. Very ashamed to be an Australian at the moment 😭😭😭

Ive got a problem that seems huge to me. I need to move to an area with jobs for me. Also for my son who cannot drive due to a disability. My elderly mum lives with us too. We need public transport. 7 days a week and after 4pm. Where we are the buses stop at 3.45 and dont run on weekends. Im not looking at flash houses. But we are short about 100 a week on newstart, pension and youth allowance. We need jobs to move but we cannot get jobs here. We are wanting to work.

Until he proves otherwise, and soon, I believe he's all talk and will not move on the important things for this country!

What about move out of the UN, will be the best move to be re-elected.

Call an election, do Australia a favour.

Love this.

Great job Scott

Help the farmers not un

The soon to be opposition leader until they replace him

Sure was funny to hear the rumour that Andrew Probyn has been found out of acting in fake reenactments in order for the ABC to supposedly frabicate evidence of fake bullying in the Liberal party it turned out to a case of nothing to see here for the ABC enough said!

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1 day ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Ted Sorensen's passionate speech
Ted Sorensen was an unwanted pregnancy, now he’s a Member of Parliament.
Watch his moving speech against the Termination of Pregnancy Bill.
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Ted Sorensen's passionate speech

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Think about the money we could have saved if he’d been aborted!

Very happy this legislation has passed. An individual's right to decide.

Don't harm emu eggs or baby whales but human beings are disposable! 😠

Thankyou Ted for your heartfelt and considered speach. Unfortunately for Qld there are 50 cold hearted MP's out there who do not have conciences. May I add, I believe Jo Ann Miller - Bundamba - despite our differences, was possibly the only ALP MP to cross the floor. Credit should go to her for her courage in taking a stand against this heinous bill.

God help you on judgement day jacki tradd

Thank you for being honest Mr Sorenson. I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a woman I say we have no right to kill a life growing inside us. It is murder.😢

A powerful speech. And very moving. But nothing can move stone hearted Labor. Thank you Ted.

Exactly! What a lovely gentleman. Thanks Ted. 😀

Thank you Ted for having the courage to stand up for these babies. It's true EVERY baby has a right to live. Today a bunch of people without conscience legalised the murdering of 1,000s of unborn babies. 😢😢😢

Every life is precious 💟 People have been deceived by terrible laws (especially in Victoria), and many live with pain and regret. I am so sorry for all those who have been led to abortion without knowing the truth.

Just remember life is precious. Contraceptives stop unwanted pregnancies. There may be some exceptions. But overall life should be protected as their are already systems in place for these exceptions without changing these rules.

Three LNP Pollies voted for the mass murder of babies, think you should be raising the bar on who gets in the door

Dear Ted...I don't know u, but u Sir, r an awesome example of humanity and respect.. Ur sharing was incredibly powerful and real and if everyones attitude was like u Sir, this world would be truly beautiful and so connected as one. Thku so much and I am so thankful you are here!

Great speech Ted. A pity you did not have more courageous people supporting you.

As an adoptee I fully understand and share Ted's view I have life because I wasn't viewed as an unwanted pregnancy to be terminated. Rather I was given life in a wonderful family and have had a great life also. I accept that in a democracy that the democratic process has decided to pass this bill, but I am filled with a great sadness at this news.

Ted you are my hero mate. Good on you. I will always shake your hand because you took up the cause of those who cannot do it themselves. Well done mate. Well done.

Thank you Ted. A terrible day today to think babies can be murdered so easily and to think so many women in Parliament voted for this is heartbreaking. God Bless you Ted for standing up for these precious lives.

Thank you Mr Sorensen. I am with you!

Abortion is murder. The pill was invented so abortions were not necessary.

Ted you are a very decent man Well said Ted❤️

The labor party Get up cew wil have a ball with this comment as it appears that their new attack method is scandal mongering

You might like to share this with Mr Nicholls. According to him, Mr Sorensen’s life doesn’t matter.

Ashame their was still some LNP members that voted for it to be changed

No one has the Right to decide expect the mother,

Well said Ted. I agree totally, with what you said. God Bless.

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Deb Frecklington Speaks Against Termination of Pregnancy Bill
Watch LNP Leader Deb Frecklington MP speak against Labor's divisive Termination of Pregnancy Bill currently being debated in Queensland Parliament.
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Deb Frecklington Speaks Against Termination of Pregnancy Bill

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Deb Frecklington has shown me in this video that she is a courageous politician. She has shown leadership that is on par with Winston Churchill during world war Two. Vote one LNP give Labor the sack.

I think Ms Frecklington makes some valid points about the abortion debate. I agree with points made from both sides. On the other hand the LNP’s stance on Dying With Dignity leaves me extremely disappointed. A conscience vote should be promised for this debate the same as the abortion bill. Until LNP revises their position on DWD and Voluntary Assisted Dying they will not be getting my vote.

Good on you Deb so pleased and happy to hear that you are standing up and sticking up for women and their rights. I personally believe that abortion is totally up to the person concerned and neither religion or politics should play or take any part in it. At the end of the day it is the woman's decision as to what she wants to do with her unborn child!

She and her 3 stooges are against everything this govt proposes,sometimes I have to question if she and the media realise that labour won the election, especsince murdoch has taken over channel 10 , one sided new sat its best, but so easy to see through,poor Libs it's a long time till next election and labour can kick your butts again

Actually, abortion IS a criminal offence in Qld unless there are special circumstances. Doctors who perform terminations and the women who have them risk criminal charges. Ms Frecklington isn’t being honest, and semantics just don’t cut it in this instance.

Why do they not set up a system where the babies can be adopted as there is an 8 year waiting list for adoption and the mothers be Payed for there child as a incentive and reward as she works to bring a life into this world. This idea is a WIN, WIN for Mothers, Babies and Parents wishing to adopt.

What people have failed to see with this legislation is the slippery slope. Victoria is now calling for the right to kill after birth. Because not all malformations can be diagnosed in the womb. So for the sake of everybody, child and parents they are now calling for mercy killings after birth. Really? Are we so far gone and hardened of heart that we can’t see the evil in this?

Thank you Deb. A great speech - compassionate, well reasoned and representative of our Party. 👍🏻

Deb did really well. However evil prevailed for now. 41 honest ones, and 51 devils.

Excellent speech! Well said Deb Frecklington. Hold strong LNP. Life is precious. Cherish life.

Well said!! Also there need to be protection for medical/health workers who do not want to provide or participate in abortions.

Hopefully our next Qld Premier.

I think we are looking at our next premier. Here's hope well said!

Thank you Deb for your leadership and position on this Bill. Stand firm.

Absolutely brilliant speech!! Thank you Deb for all the time and thought that you put into this speech!

So do we also allow unhappy daughters and wives to decide what they do with their family members? These children are people in their own right. Quite apart from their mother or father. No one has the right to decide if they live or die.

Bunch of dipsticks ,gotta speak against every bill in parliament, and make there mates vote against it, no do what you think is right,toe the line,haaaa,haaaa, what a bunch

Thank you Deb for standing against abortion. However, I will never vote LNP again because of the voting by some members of the LNP.

It's still murder or manslaughter

What not make it LNP policy that abortion be illegal period? where is your backbone?

PS... you are a far better leader than Tim Nicolls

Rachel Whitaker, no you are incorrect. Clinics do perform abortions but only in some areas. Townsville, Rockhampton and Brisbane. Maybe others but these towns i know do

Would she or the ppl in favour GO AND WATCH AN ABORTION ?? On Your daughter. Niece. Friend. Granddaughter??? Emmmmmm. Really ???

12 weeks . 3 months is enough time for the " mother " to decide she doesn't want the baby . 20 weeks is far too long. Its a future Human Being . Unless there are strong medical reasons . I say no

Just another LNP con joker whinging again on the Abc channel hey spam spiders spin

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Meet Deb Frecklington
Our State LNP Team led by Deb Frecklington MP has already got plans to bust congestion, deliver cheaper fuel and electricity and build dams.

Read our full plan:
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Meet Deb Frecklington

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Yes this Labour Govt will not back projects in Regional Qld at all billions are being spent on the South East corner only.

We don't worry about congestion out here.. the Dag hwy is so bad you can't hardly drive it at all.. You're electorate Deb..

Finally a leader with real-world experience who understands!

Finally some common sense

Yes Deb and a lot of young women will become pregnant having sex,also the jobs jobs campaign is just a myth many thanks to the poor government standards by both the labor and lnp at Federl levels over the past few years

I dont see why Labour s not controlling the fuel price. People complain a lot about it.

You will never gain Government with this woman....she can.t cut it with the voters...does not know how to answer with out a clipped tone

We need more dams; time for change in Qld.

Yep Deb, more dams.

GREAT work Deb!

Yes well said

Bob got my vote mate

Yeah,yeah ,yeah,!!!


We have to get rid of Labor and get an LNP govt back in Qld

Pump water from the Gold Coast desalination plant heading, west across Qld. Water problem solved. Build at least 3 new coal fired power station in Qld using our own coal, next problem build a Qld oil refinery using a mixture of ethonal, recycled oil and bio diesel, and sell fuel at cost. Which will force the other companies to drop their prices!

hello deb you are always cool and you always had the time to say to the average joe keep up the good work

Its a bout bloody time she got out and told us who she is.

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ScoMo on Education
This is the real conversation we should be having about education in Australia – not the class warfare that Bill Shorten and Labor are trying to kick along.
Have a listen for yourself to PM ScoMo on Nova Brekky Radio this morning.
Share it with your friends if you agree.
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ScoMo on Education

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Scott Morrison is doing a great job in these interviews he is talking positive about the subject he is getting conservatives back on track not there yet but is turning things around

Gee he's handling these interviews well ...impressed with Scott Morrison so far !

The radio jocks also need to ask ( drill) Bill Shorten where his kids go to school. & why . !!

So many holes in what he said.

Every parent has a right to choose their child's education be it state ,Catholic, Christian or private.

Just want schools to discriminate against kids too....

I think this needs to be said that this LNP government wants to reduce small business tax, why don't they just reduce tax rrr hang on it's not a tax it's an excise on fuel and give the working class a break remove the GST on Fuel that was never ever to go on Fuel

Bloody right on the mark

So far Scott has been asked to "change"the flag Aust Day education rules. What is next

Seriously these radio jocks need to get into the real world instead of being on the air spewing uninformed liberal socialist rhetoric, freedom of choice for their childrens school. Or is single thought propaganda the rule for all..

When I went to a state school and friends of mine went to private schools, I never thought of class warfare, it just made me work harder to I could afford private school for my kids. Yes I was disadvantaged going to a state high school but it wasn’t the facilities or the teachers, it was the other students who were disrespectful and disruptive silo it made concentrating and learning that much harder.

This man can talk under water.

Good man Morrison

Keep it up Scott Morrison I think your trying to do a good job.

There’s no difference in education in private vs public. It’s called a curriculum, all schools have to follow it.

Already being railroaded! Came out swinging in relation to religious freedoms and now is in church mouse mode.

ScoMo on point

Do something about the quality of teachers! Increase uni entry qualifications.

No dodging of questions from this bloke

fair bit of an improvement on the last one that was there.

Turnbull with another name


Well said, look at the befuddled look on the announcers faces, after they have run all the leftie cliches they have nothing, certainly no facts and no sense. Well done Mr Morrison.

Callum Brady

Jesus you can talk a lot and you don’t hold yourself as a leader, hold your head up and slow down has our country ended up with this clown and his circus running it?di something about fuel price ! stuff electricity it’s coming down without your help.

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Time to end exorbitant fuel prices
Fuel prices have hit $1.69, hurting QLD families but the Labor government are dragging their heels to introduce live fuel price monitoring because it wasn’t their idea.
The cost of living is getting out of control for many Qlders and the state government needs to stop dithering and start doing. Motorists deserve better than a Labor government who aren't doing what they can to put downward pressure on fuel prices.
Watch this video to learn more about how we can put downward pressure on petrol prices.
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Time to end exorbitant fuel prices

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Deb is right - we've got to get fuel prices down. Lets look at the amount of tax that we pay on every litre. It makes no sense that folks in the USA pay a quarter as much for fuel as we do.

We all know fuel prices are high but instead of telling us this, why not come out and use this subject to offer tax relief if voted into power. How? Cut state taxes on fuel and offer a $300 a year rebate off car registration to all car owners if they use public transport more. By encouraging the public to use more public transport it helps keep a few more cars off the road, may prolong the need to spend on road upgrades and put the money into improving what is the most over priced and in effective public transport system in the country. Maybe a few more trains too. Just saying, cause we need to change what is not working.

A couple of points: 1. Governments have a %age excuse on fuel so the more the fuel companies charge the more revenue to Governments so don’t look for any party to get serious about fuel costs. 2. The RACQ and media do all the heavy lifting for fuel companies by ‘predicting /warning’ about fuel prices. So when it goes up to that, fuel companies just say ‘you were forewarned’. 3. ACCC have consistently said - ‘no collusion between companies - just an urban myth’ so no one at any level will look seriously at fuel prices and impacts on families. Fuel companies like all energy companies are well served by our pollies and media. So get over it. Nothing will happen.

High fuel prices have got nothing to do with Labour. Pull your finger out and make a real difference. All you do is " Labour this, Labour that...".

The majority of new cars run on premium. Have paid up to $1.76. These prices are not warranted.

She can’t embrace pronouncing her last name correctly, how could she embrace this 🤔

Private companies deregulated what are you going to do they say "don't like the price then don't buy it " under the current structure both parties have no answer and no incentive to change it .."Fuel Watch" The old trick do nothing but be seen to be doing something ....maybe convert to gas .......ohh !! sorry you sold all that overseas too .come on look at being an effective opposition ..the game is there to be won but you have to get in the ring .

How about bringing down the cost of electricity and water while we are at it. These are life necessities and they need to be affordable for everyone.

That’s a start but it’s not going to fix these rip off fuel stations from upping their prices. If the local corner store servo can afford to sell fuel for 10c a litre less then why can’t the big name companies who have a larger client base?? Just pure money grabbing and they continue to do it because they’ve been allowed to. Consumers need to start supporting the small local businesses and stop giving your hard earned money to the rip off merchants.

In NZ under the Labour Government here, we are now paying $2.40 litre. It is projected to hit $2.70 next year. God help you if your Labor government wins next election.

The petrol commissioner is a crook too. $ 350,000 a year and never leaves his office. The oil companies own him.

watching them will achieve nothing, I use PetrolSpy app and get best price, but it wont stop the blatant collusion happening. The Federal Government needs to give the ACCC the power to investigate and act and not just sit back and complain as they do now. They are a toothless tiger as it stands.

Stupid lady this will not bring the price down and who is going to drive around wasting petrol to save a couple of bob. Full of crap lady. Look at the extra money the government are making on fuel excise. No head in the trough pollie will Evan try to do anything

that $1.69 is only the cheapest sugar cane additive, now show the other prices- big differences

I think this needs to be said that this LNP government wants to reduce small business tax, why don't they just reduce tax rrr hang on it's not a tax it's an excise on fuel and give the working class a break remove the GST on Fuel that was never ever to go on Fuel

Has she sent this to the Liberal run states down south? It's dearer there,they could use the advise.

diesel prices are affecting farmers in rural

As our dollar dives what downwood pressure are you going to apply Lincoln Folo?

I always wondered why this hadn't been introduced but wasn't it a national thing? Not a state thing? (I say that as someone who couldn't be bothered actually watching the video)

6$ woopdy do

And rego.

They just don't get,how about dropping the tax woeful that helps more,everything once again goes higher,full of dust.

People obviously vote Labor because they just like paying more!!! Nuts!

Don’t give us lip service - tell us how you are going to remove taxes from fuel!...

Take the GST off then

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1 week ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Getting stuff done 👍

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
These are my priorities.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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Actually it is good yo have a politician explain what has to be done to fund projects, which a lot of people do not understand. They just look for the dollar sign promised without thinking any further. Bill Shorten promises money but does not give people a plan of where all this money is coming from.

Well done PM Morrison. Not since the Abbott government have we had a government who had their priorities in the right order, placing the nation's best interests before their own.

It’s our small business owners who are the heart and economy of our local communities.👍

Well done Scott Morrison 👍

Well said, ScoMo............ good to see somebody finally cutting through the crap and making sense.

Well done ,you are getting out there letting us know the work that's being done and has been done ,I like our Prime Minister ,can't wait for Parliament Question time when he really shows Labor up .

LOL, do not trust this man! Lets see, Shorten in incompetent that is a given, Scomo wanting to speed up these tax reforms is simply a way of doing it, as he is most likely aware the ALP will probably hammer the LNP at the next election, so that the Australian tax payer is saddled with additional burden that having a lower tax base for businesses (which is a good idea) but as we all know this tax relief will not generate jobs or increased salaries, instead Owners of businesses will be pocketing the tax give away. While the higher earning businesses will get decent relief, lower businesses will not, 1% of 1 Million turn over is $ 1000, no job there, and for a 50 000 000 turnover, 50 000 for a job. No Scomo, redo your sums!

Keep up the great work - I’m glad your actually marking some changes and not just talking about it

Go to it ScoMo

Better get yourself a nice chain mail suit scomo. The knives will be out in the party room when the opinion polls turn. Voted liberal all my adult life. Never again.

Certainly got more get up and go than Turnbull....

Have our taxpayers $ been withdrawn from the Paris Climate change mob?

Call en Election already. ELECTION NOW.

good on Scomo the " have done" prime minister not a winey little twerp like shorten well done Scott

Do something about these bloody fuel prices.......they'll stop the Country soon....

You're not 100 % focused on issues Scomo, your 100% focussed on COALition donations.

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Bill Shorten's higher taxes will be bad for all Australians. He says one thing and does another, you can't trust him. ... See MoreSee Less

Bill Shortens higher taxes will be bad for all Australians. He says one thing and does another, you cant trust him.

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Little sleazy grub

Frankly he hasn't a clue about anything but his self interest in himself. This is why he keeps changing his mind - pray that we do not have him and his party to run our country.

mr short of everything

Who would believe him. He will grab so much money off us to help cover his spend up on promises he is making. He is all lip service. We will be in so much debt we will never dig our way out of it. Vote Labor is a vote for Greens and the unions that direct them.

Poor billy not one of the voters who commented below said something good for you. Probably it is time for you and labor party to ......

Can`t believe a word he says ...

Because neoliberal or trickle down economics don't work

This bloke is shiftier than a spring breeze.

no matter what is said in increase in any thing includes costs and taxes so no one is better off

Don't trust one word this man says

Shifty Shorten

He will steal older Australians imputed credits

He is certainly after the self funded retirees.

He's only out for Bill Shorten.

If you want the unions and greens to run our country vote for labor if you want fair for all vote liberal. I’m scared if labor get in 😡

Old Shifty at work !! He wants more tax not less!!!

Could never trust this 🤡 Clown

Of course, he loves the middle class. They can pay more of his taxes GRUB!

cant trust any politicians there all sweet and nice during election time but once there in power thats anouther story

The only thing he is for is himself. God help us all if he get into run the country. PLEASE NO MR SHIFTY SHORT SHORTS FOR AUSTRALIA.

I don't trust any politician from any party. Time we had more cross aisle and bipartisanship in Australian politics. Go The Independents!

Complains about the fair work commissions ruling into penalty rates which he set up, then said the ruling was wrong.... why set it up if you weren't going to abide by their decision Bill? They were hardly going to increase penalty rates. Bill Shorten and his band or merry fwits union mates have screwed over more people in Australia with enterprise agreements, yet he still pretends he is for the workers....... What an arsehat.

Because its linked to giving big business there tax breaks what a joke the LNP - Liberal National Party giving hand outs to big business who will just take the money and run

all irrelevant nonsense and senseless point scoring on these pages. While the country suffers a historic drought and the best scientists in the world ring the alarm bells about fossil fuel, we are stranded with a gang of goons, sponsored by the coal industry, denigrating the report, praying for rain, strutting around the parliament with a lump of coal and going in the opposite direction of where the world should be heading if we want a future. The LNP is committing a crime against the future of our children and grandchildren. Mario Molina, who shared the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1995 for his work on depletion of the ozone layer, said: “The IPCC report demonstrates that it is still possible to keep the climate relatively safe, provided we muster an unprecedented level of cooperation, extraordinary speed and heroic scale of action. That is the kind of government we urgently need in Australia.

I notice Billy Shortfall seems to have taken some speak and acting lessons recently. Sorry it didn't work Billy.

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Rail Fail knows no end
Two years since Labor's Rail Fail started, there's still no end in sight.
... See MoreSee Less

Rail Fail knows no end

Comment on Facebook

A vote for the lnp is a vote For a slave economy ask any Woolworths worker

The mouth from the south that talks crap

What would you expect QR and Labor run by the unions

Plastic chook and her cronies need to go.

Typical labor liaring all the way, like playing the blame game couldn't run a meat raffle

Labor have had a recruiting campaign . It's an absolute joke . Shapes and dumb questions and how many have been hired ?? Drivers are getting so much overtime they are being paid $200.000 a year and the premier wants to give the managers bonuses for a lousy service that is not making a profit . WTF

Go away Palashay...and yes thats how her name is pronounced

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Labor's new tax
Labor's new waste tax will cost you more.
Leaving you less.
... See MoreSee Less

Labor's new tax

Comment on Facebook

So what bird is running this state???

Come on... This is insulting to the Bin Chickens... Poor Birds

You sound surprised. Any thing labor does costs more. It's part of their creed.

Labor sucks.

What else would you expect from a government without any management skills. Bloated public service to keep unemployment down and increase taxes as they have no other ideas. Oxygen thieves the lot of them!

Anastasia, you know all about waste, your already a professional at it. We will never pay back your debt in our life time. Resign you Dud!

Vote labor , get dumped on

That's socialist for you under labor

Everything labor does costs us more

Anything they offer will cost us then when Liberals get back in they will fix the mess

Got to pay the ‘front line workers’ somehow. Can’t create anything that pays its own way.

They do what they do best , waste money do nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

If it cost a little more to help stop so mutch rubbish going to land fill I thing is a good thing

If there is another tax we won’t be able to breathe as there will be a tax on that

Surely technology is such that our waste could be weighed on collection fed to a cloud based database and we’re charged on waste produced? It would be an incentive for people to reduce their waste. Be bold LNP. Come up with a better way.

Are interstate councils paying to dump their truckloads of rubbish in Qld?

Is this New!!!! mean they let that one slip under the radar!!!

Labour is crap

They are all stinkers!

I'm over these idiots! Get rid of them for God sake! I can remember last Wednesday sitting at Eagle Junction Station waiting for a train to go into Brisbane CBD and on the other platform were people waiting for an Air Train to go to the airport. Over the load speaker came an ammouncement that the Air Train was going to be up to an hour late, so my question is, what happens to the people who are commuting to catch a plane? The planes are not going to wait for these commuters just because QGR can't get their act together! Sick to death of this inept government!

Efffffffffffff ewe Palletchook...!

Unbelievable.. just another way to steal from us as a result of their mismanagement..

What a dumb idea what are we paying tax for now in some country's you only pay for your bin when you put it out And think that is better idea

We need to vote these Labour IDIOTS out they continually steal money from the hard working taxpayers forcing poverty on the lower paid. Labour is a contributor to the increase in crime due to there personal greed and non productive costly policies.

COALition sycophants only talk of dollars. They never empathize with our collective future as a species.

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