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Protecting our kids is more important than protecting the anonymity of child sex predators.
Only the LNP will introduce a public Child Sex Offender Register.
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Protecting our kids is more important than protecting the anonymity of child sex predators. 
Only the LNP will introduce a public Child Sex Offender Register.

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You should have done it 15 years ago

I would rather keep them in jail longer that 3-4 years than finding out where they live, when they are free, no kid anywhere is safe


It is a medical fact that there is NO CURE for paedophilia. They do not miraculously 'get better' after doing prison time but will continue to offend when they get out of jail. I think they should be castrated and their whereabouts should be made public!

I have the right to bring my kids up in a safe neighbourhood. Keep them locked up.

So why haven't we got one already? Oh, I get it. Its a vote bribe.

I think it’s only fair that those that have this type of Predator located near them, should be made aware.

Seems like this is your only platform for Government not very happy...change your leader she does not cut the mustard

It’s easy, if you have to be on that register then tattoo it on their face. You will easily recognise them

About time it should have happened years ago ! Instead the animals that rape children are protected what a sick society we live in ! 😪🤮

They don’t all look like this...

We need to know to protect our children

I would rather know all the people with guns. They scare me a lot more.

Correct we should have that right

It would make more sense if all released prisoners whom are not wanted nor supported by their families are only released into a purpose built village in some remote location. Supplied by contractors they can pay using their basics card. A 40' (12m) shipping container can be converted and installed under a gabled roof for under $40k (land & development costs not included.).


Make it easier for sure.

Well done this is what people want


about time you do something about it

Sooner the better!

Especially this creep

Scum should not have Privacy Rights

Why just paedos, how about thieves, corrupt politicians, scam artists etc?

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2 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Congratulations Gladys!Huge congratulations to NSW’s first female elected Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, and the whole NSW Liberal Party team. A leader and a Government that has worked hard to deliver a strong economy and results for the people of NSW. ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations Gladys!

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Congratulations and well done and I just hope that this is a sign of things to come for our Federal election in May! You can only hope!!!!!

Considering Labor & Greens had basically every major news organisation running propaganda and cover for them the Liberals did extremely well. Disband the ABC ScoMo!!!

Class Act Gladys. Put the glasses down and concentrate on May. Nationals have to do better and there has to be a solid plan to fix the many problems with rivers and water in NSW and Qld Bush. Country people feel they are not part of the Nation.

#GIGECONOMY is a #scam and lie ,the #coalition is totally unqualified to deal with the massive legal ramifications stemming from it's failure to understand the gig economy and the #NSW #LNP shifty shady deal with ride share #UBER is about to go bad! IN SO MANY WAYS!

Congratulations so happy people saw through the lies of Labor and the Greens NSW will continue to prosper instead of being destroyed by Labor

And isn't she one classy lady? Gladys Berejiklian can be relied on to represent us in any situation, with natural dignity and humour and intelligence.

Any one with brains has voted for a form of stability

Well done libs

Good on her and I hope she does well.

Not looking good for Bill shorten,,,,it's coming the unloseable election is about to happen

I’m a Queenslander and proud of our state, but the premier we have got here in QLD is not a patch on the LADY you have in NSW as premier. Congratulations on your great 👍 win in your state election Gladys.


Good on ya Gladdy the best thing the opposition did was to have a Liar and a past state destroying Bobby Carr on tv to remind us how Carr destroyed out state and you are still catching up on infrastructure from way back then.

Wonderful news congratulations

Great job now i think the rest of Australia has to get rid of Labor at the upcoming election xxx

Why was Bill Shorten in hiding last night lol

Congratulations to our incredible Premier well done

Wonderful, congratulations , I’m overseas & made sure I voted overhere

Congratulations Gladys, best of luck ....

Why do we get female premiers with names that we can't prounouce? Queensland has ....... um-m-m-m ........ sorry, I can't pronounce it, so we call Anaaesthesia Pollychunk.

There is a Daly just waiting to pop it’s head up in Bill Shorten.

Tony AP you are obviously not feeling happy with the result, that is understandable seeing how much money Labor and the Greens spent trying to win seats. But we are jumping for joy, you know what let me suggest you go live in another country. You will not find a sign at the airport TONY PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE. Just go mate and take your family with you. Bring on the federal election, we are in with a chance

the fact its so close says something neighther deserve to win there is no decent choices the ones that are good cant get in due to the system being set up so they cant

Congratulations Gladys. Please bring our train back to the North coast. The one the labor party took away

i was looking for a new business where i could earn money from everyone else line my pockets with everyone elses hard earned money and have all the perks for free Google replied "Politician"

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4 days ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Our plan to deliver more jobs is working.
Unemployment has dropped to 4.9%.

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
Best unemployment figures out today in a long time. If we stay the course on our economic plan, our economy will grow even stronger which means more jobs and more choices for you and your family.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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You bloody beauty and so very happy to hear this. LNP will definitely be getting my vote in the next election. Well done to you all.

Terrific news .

All this while in Queensland a labor state unemployment rises and employment falls. The only new jobs are in the public service.

Stop adjusting the figures. We still have a huge employment issue

But now you need 3 jobs to get one living wage

You class people working 1 hour as having a Job, You fudged the figures real rate is actually 9.8% , What about Wage Growth?? Not one word..No point in having a job, if the job doesn't pay enough to put food on the table or a roof over our heads...

That's great but why are you willing to throw us to the dogs by giving your preferences to the Labour party and Greens if this country and its people are so important to you .All for the sake of virtue seeking against One Nation .It has split your conservative vote for moral high ground that will cost this great nation and may, never recover .

it will be worse if weasel shortern gets in

Scott you're strong, when you stay on bread and butter issues that affect everyday people. Don't let yourself get side tracked by fringe issues! 🤔

It mostly because people over 67 have to keep working because the pension isn't enough to live on.

Why don’t the politicians tell the truth ,if a person works one day a week they class it as a job,Townsville alone has about 18% unemployment and there are many more towns with that sort of unemployment.

Was it Bill Shorten’s appearance in NSW that caused the loss. Notice his popularity (not) may have played a big part.

Today's Sunday Mail has an amazing dpread in pages 26/27 showing the inherited stats from Hawke to Abbott.......All Labor voters should read and assess prior to voting and save our future.

great news.. part time irvfull time...people are working....oh .but wait for the Labor trolls to pull it to pieces 😔

When I was younger employment was 37.5 hours per week minimum . Can someone tell me what is the minimum hours that is classed as employment now ?

Scomo put your hands in your pocket, all this gesticulating is wearing me out.

A great PM.not like snake shorten

Unemployment will go up after the next election with LNP defeated members looking for a job !

Upgrade your education system, increase course in Universities and tafes in areas outside the cities.

We still will have to get through the anticipated recession, so dont get too cocky yet.

In my region unemployment is almost double the state average, underemployment is rampant and there is 0 prospect for improvement. What I want to know is what methods your party will employ to ensure employment is meaningful? Having a person "employed" for 3hrs a week is great statistically when you only look at unemployment but is a null figure when you look at underemployment

Keep up great work ,we have to stop Labor

I find it interesting that (to be in line with OECD stats) if you are working 1 hour per week, then you are in full time employment! Wow!

Thousands get chicken off welfare and many more get unpaid jobs as interns and trainees. What are the REAL full-time figures

Stockmarket liked it later in the day, recovered well.

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1 week ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Great to be in Rockhampton visiting local businesses and speaking with members of the community, together with my fellow candidates, Susan McDonald - LNP Senate Candidate and Gerard Rennick - LNP Senate Candidate, as well as Senator Matthew Canavan and Senator Amanda Stoker. The mining industry is crucial to the prosperity of Central Queensland. It is an industry which provides opportunity for young people all over Queensland. It pays for schools, hospitals and roads. Queensland is a world leader in the industry and we should be proud of the contribution Queenslanders have made to the industry across generations. ... See MoreSee Less

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Good Luck Paul. You will need One Nation preferences to get up and your leader is putting them last!! They are your conservative cousins. Crazy.

125 years ago this month, Phyllis Cilento was born.

We will never let Queenslanders forget her legacy despite Palaszczuk & Labor disgracefully ripping down her name from the Children's Hospital.

We will always call it Lady Cilento Children's Hospital out of respect for the brilliant pioneer and her family.
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125 years ago this month, Phyllis Cilento was born.

We will never let Queenslanders forget her legacy despite Palaszczuk & Labor disgracefully ripping down her name from the Childrens Hospital.

We will always call it Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital out of respect for the brilliant pioneer and her family.

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This Govt. Is very vindictive and arrogant. Time for them to go

Lady Cilento Hospital, no more to be said, just absolute respect for the work she did and admiration for the life she led, politicians like Palaszczuk will come and go but the ground breaking efforts of people like Phyllis Cilento will go on to benefit people for years, decades and even centuries to come🙂

Dr.Cilento diagnosed an illness in my son after countless visits to other doctors was useless. She was very caring, and informative. I am so angry that they took her name from the hospital and hope when LNP get re-elected the name goes right back. Lady Cilento was truly a great lady and a wonderful Queenslander and should never be forgotten. I am so glad I was one who was privileged to meet her.

Most definitely she deserves that recognition a truly amazing lady and also her husband and family having a children’s hospital named after her would have been very deserving just not right I will always refer to it as ‘Lady Cilento children’s hospital ‘

She probably wasn't a labor supporter that's your answer.

Our grandson had been in & out of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for 16 months and we will always refer to the hospital as Lady Cilento . Why Change !!!!!

She was an amazing lady. My Mum gave me her book Medical Mother in 1980 and still refer to it today and guess what it works. I will always refer to the children's hospital as Lady Cilento hospital as she deserved it and shame on the current Government for changing the name....what a disgraceful, disrespectful mob they are.

Me too. Disgraceful behaviour by Labor. Hope name is restored when LNP wins Govt

Labor shame shame shame labor they have to go

Labor government’s ultimate disrespect for this wonderful pioneering medical hero. If she hadn’t been graced with her title her name would probably be there

Well said , shame on Labor ,so sneeky

Yes. Shameful and totally disrespectful. They still haven't addressed the vote issue. And here we are with regional hospitals not having a midwife .. Nice to see where the priorities really lie.

Disgraceful decision. Will come home to haunt Govt at next year's elections.

Met this beautiful lady many years ago when she helped me regain good health again after being sick for many years. I have the utmost respect for her and her family.

I still call it that. Absolute disgrace

Loads of stooges can't be wrong it seems. Shame Minister Miles you you...

Half a million wasted on a name change!

Put the name back up when you are in government next

How disgusting that hospital was named after her in respect gratitude and admiration for all her work dedication and sacrifice for those she loved “Children” . I and my family had the wonderful pleasure of knowing her personally. I was only little but I’ll never forget .

Shame all they had to do is add PUBLIC to the sign

do we should a dam disgrace waste of money

I used to listen to her on the radio"Medical Mother", I still have her recipe for gastritis in children.

“On 21 September 2018, health minister Steven Miles announced that the hospital would revert to its original name of Queensland Children's Hospital, after staff petitioned the Queensland government to change the name to a more "conventional" one, which the hospital's foundation said would secure more money from overseas ...” If that is going to help more children, Lady Cilento would be happy with that.

I will always call it Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital

Change of name WHY it will always remain Lady Cilento children's hospital. It cost a fortune for name change this money should have been used on equipment for the hospital.

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1 week ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Hate will never defeat love.

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
Love conquers hate. That is my message to Australians and to those who seek to peddle hate and intolerance.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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How long will we have a country to have pride in??? Even now as I look out at our beautiful country, already it is unrecognisable from the Australia I grew up in! Australia used to be the laid back care free nation! We supported one another in good times and in bad! Neighbours used to gather around each other for barbies and a beer! We weren’t afraid walk through our neighbourhoods at night! We didn’t have to worry about anything really! It’s like ALL that has been flipped upside down and trampled on and 90% of the people don’t seem to even give a crap as long as we don’t offend anyone with our way of life!!! What have we become? Why has our country sold out? Who even are we anymore??? The Australian identity is being swallowed up by politics that are steering us in the opposite direction! But it seems that 99% of politicians all have their political navigation system programmed with the same coordinates!!! Once upon a time there was a distinct difference between the ALP and the LNP! It seems that the Libs have sold out! Nowadays, the only discernible difference between the two parties is the colour of their tie! They are just as bad as one another, neither of the major parties really care about us, just as long as they are getting richer and we are getting poorer they deem their job done! Its time the two party preferred was scrapped! All it does is gives us a far left leaning Labor government or a left leaning Liberal government! Time for a change time to vote out the major parties and put those in who do have our interest in heart, those who stand up and speak out about protecting our way of life. I reckon we should all put Libs/Nats and Lab/Greens last!!!

If our pollies polices concentrated on running the country as hard as they were in pointt point scoring through words of so called wisdom then we would be in a better place

Time for all of you politicians to take a good look at that lady in New Zealand and see what a real leader looks like, and a politician that you can trust. It's a far cry from what we voters feel about our own representatives.

Preference the Greens and Labor above One Nation.....youre a dope and I for one won't be voting for you. You're just a Turnbull clone... Another Labor plant.....

Sco Mo, could you write that in arabaic so the invaders can read it.

You and billy and the greeny snlobs need to dance off into the sunset together

I would love to see you and BS Bill get sack this election,sell out our valves our land our money our people.

Morrison has successfully paved the way for a Labor government. Probably they only successful thing he and done unfortunately.

That is true if it cuts both ways. No favouritism, fair and even across the board.

O.k that's enough now get over it.

Yes agree 👍

Cheers, my brother man. Respect. Woody.

Scott Morrison, the decisions and actions of politicians in this country has signified that you self opinionated group hate us Australians . Our hard working people are punished by power bills, taxes fuel prices so you can give money to countries that fund terrorists , buy attack hellicopters . Give some of that love to law abiding Australians.

What happened to free speech.

Im sure there all very nice people...back in their own country....

And yet hate speech towards white people is rampant among politicians. You only love non Australians.

then why are the hate preachers here then

You have no chance in hell of winning hopefully someone will put the brakes on all the immigrants coming in the hundreds and receive payments from day one we Australians are getting very pissed off

at least Senator Anning has the Guts to tell the truth, and a few others but ScoMo, when will you stand up for us ? the Multicultural Australians, your such a disappointment

But it has been for a while now

Tell that to all the Hate Preachers you let into preach at the Mosques. Double standards.


Iris Sandford

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1 week ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's message to New Zealanders today.

Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
Kia kaha. My message to the people of New Zealand.
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Scott Morrison (ScoMo)

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None of them are any good

We stand united with our friends in New Zealand. Tonight there are children going to bed missing a parent. Parents who have lost a child. Their tragic losses follow acts of cowardly hatred. Let’s honour their memories by strengthening our commitment to compassion and love.‬ Julia Gillard

Nicely said


Morrison you won’t get my vote if you don’t understand the law when somebody is assaulted that the instigator is the person who would be facing the FULL extent of the law This display from you Morrison shows that you do NOT operate honestly as your comments here are political and not logical

Thankyou for making our world even more dangerous #LNP with your right wing hypocritical anti immigrant refugee, anti poor , anti worker, stupidity agenda! 😠

Once again, you're overreaching SLOMO.. CRIMMIGRATION has to abolished, or there will be more of this...

Bury your head from the obvious and this is what you get, this is the religion of peace at work in NZ. You imported these maggots now live with it.

Seeing it was an Aust who did the shooting

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2 weeks ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Manners don't cost anything Palaszczuk! 🙄

Deb Frecklington MP
It doesn't matter what side of politics you are on, you should be respectful of each other.

This is simply not good enough from Annastacia Palaszczuk.
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Deb Frecklington MP

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Why would anyone be surprised? Worst Premier in Qld history, I mean I thought Anna Bligh was bad but this woman is just atrocious.

Well that's who is running our arrogant!

What a rude person and she’s our Premier. Disgrace to Qld

Arrogant and rude.. hit the jackpot...

This is rude but what would you expect from Qld Labor

What a disgrace this Premier is, no class, rude and disrespectful !

Yep she is a rude selfish cow! She berated people for being rude to her last year at Beef Week in Rockhampton ( do you blame them) and she is rudeness personified !!!

Anna Palaszczuk should never chastise anyone for setting a poor example for young people .I think she knows she is on borrowed time with Comrade Trad measuring her car space .

Amazing what can be caught on camera. Just sheer bad manners, and she is old enough to know better. We are equal human beings, regardless of political belief, etc. very disappointing.

Barely string a sentence together that thing.

Obvious has the maturity and the manners of a dead blowfly. Labor arrogance at its finest.

Rude indeed. Somebody should show her some manners. Oh, might as well include respect and integrity in that too.

You can take the 'whatever she is" out of Inala, BUT you can't take Inala out of her.

It just goes to show, what a piece of work she is!

she even laughed when she snubbed him, what a low life grub

Says a lot about the Premier none of it is very nice.

Really !!! Miss anistasia obviously you are still the Anistasa school girl rather immature

What a rude, ill-mannered person!

Says everything about her!!!

Palace Chook certainly doesn’t have any of the airs and graces of one in an esteemed position.

It doesn't matter what side of politics you believe in. It is called respect. I totally respect everyones views.

Nothing new - she does it all the time unless of course, it's going to benefit her!

And you wonder why she can't get federal funding for her choo choo train

It's a dog that piece of sh-'t

Puddleduck does it again. Henry been coaching again. First to run to the media if it is loosing and thinks it can get sympathy.

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Labor's refugee plan to cost $6 billion over next decade
Labor wants to bring in 20,000 more refugees each year, costing $6.2 billion over ten years.
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Labor's refugee plan to cost $6 billion over next decade

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well you better give us coal and get out of UN and paris otherwise you are gone

we cannot afford them unless you have jobs for all of them and no multi marriages we cannot afford this on welfare.

Horrible racist crap. You should be ashamed spreading this kind of fear message, especially in consideration of what just happened in NZ. What the hell happened to the good Aussie values, looking out for the underdogs, the battlers, those who need a helping hand? I am ashamed of our government.

They have to bring in fresh Labor voters from somewhere.

The farmers of australia need our help!!!!!!

No thank you. $6.2 billion can go towards Australians.

Labor will take us down ,down ,down as always

Shifty Shorten only sees votes for him , he will do it no matter what .

Interesting looking at the headlines in this ad. It ‘could’ cost $6.2b, ‘taxing retirees’ so basically such a policy may or may not cost that much and the key LNP constituents, retirees are targeted. Have we not forgotten that modern Australia was founded on migration? Migration has assisted in economic growth - according to Treasury papers in recent times. So the term, ‘costing’ is misplaced. I smell the disgusting stench of dog whistle politics here, labeling migrants as a cost or burden and perhaps worse. Such socially corrosive political campaigns have been used before. Nothing good ever comes from social division.

Lol , thats nothing compared to the 20 million that are here. If you don't like multicultural Australia feel free to go back to your ancestral land lol

Well this has just shown how smart labor is

No no no, we’re full up

How very true we already have reached our level of population the this country can support.

There he goes again spending money he hasn’t got Pay rises money for the pacific region now letting in more mouths to feed The Labour Party is responsible for our country being industry poor people who couldn’t keep up with pay raises and because of union strikes either shut their doors or went o/S by the time they are finished we will have nothing left So if you vote for labour be prepared for the worst

How true we have already reached the level of population this country can support we don't have the resources such as water and habitual land to sustain millions more ,we have to be realistic about it is there penalty of people out of work as there no jobs and the country cannot support an even bigger welfare society.


Jobs go and terrorists come in under cover of immigration this is proven

Labor want more voters

Labour doesn’t have 6.2 Billion

What the government brings refugee in the last 6 years how much does it cost to look after them could you let me know lib national party

We don’t need more people,most of them don’t work once they are here.

Because those Somalians are working out so well.... NOT

Stop bullshitting. Enough telling lies.

you lot should hang your heads in shame - peddling fear just a day after the nz maasacre. you will NEVER get my vote!

You tax us more than last year. And it hurts me. It's time for you to go.

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No straight answer from Shorten.
Bill Shorten won’t give you a straight answer, but here are the facts on Labor’s emission targets:
❌ It could increase wholesale power prices by 58%
❌ It could cost 336,000 jobs over ten years
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No straight answer from Shorten.

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The greatest disaster to hit this country if this union hack becomes PM.

Typical union bloke crooked as a bent pin

What about the Labor lie regarding education funding. They have a mobile sign moving around Brisbane stating that Scott Morrison has cut education funding by $241M. It is a classic example of Labor's unfunded spending promises being outed as truthful and even worse they believe their own lies! This current Government has funded schools and education at the highest levels ever.

He doesn’t know how to tell the truth, I bet he can’t lie straight in bed.

This guy is a Rudd mark 2 and we know the damage he did to our economy and still paying the price for...

Labor has previously bankrupted & bought our great country to its knees (fact) they shouldn't be given the privilege again

Do not trust him at all.

Why don't they ask him about the rape?

He got away with one rape now he wants to screw us all.

Get rid of him he is a joke should be called union party

Should not be standing until his rape charges have gone through the legal system has been tabled.

Just full of lies , that’s what he is good at !!!!

Lies Lies Lies Billy and your Crew are all grubs Say anything to get votes 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

My father allways said "you cannot trust thr labour party" and he was right


He wants the job so bad he can taste it! Got where he is today by crawling over those he stabbed in the back using the knives like a stepladder. Of all people, he most certainly doesn't deserve it. Put him and his party stone cold motherless last.

I don’t think Bill knows how to tell the truth.

Just keep waffling bill. You ain’t got a clue

All the demeanour and Pizzaz of a snapping junkyard dog,

How could he give a straight answer. He can't even lie straight in bed. 👎👎👎👎

I want to know how they intend to achieve this 45% target. No vehicles larger than 4 cylinders, 20% less cars and trucks on the road, 20% fewer planes operating, 40% less cattle, restrictions on electricity use. Might do it.....ridiculous!

Imagine having a voter base so dumb they don't realise the LNP sold off an industry making a ~$2b per year profit just for them to increase the price by 60% which costs aussies on average $300 more a year. Must be good to be an LNP senator, you can practically make up what ever you want and they'll eat it up.

New coal power plants and you win the election. Fact

Shifty Bill needs a hair correction.

we need Labor to get us out of the recession that is just around the corner ..LNP dont want to talk about it

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