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When I get my next electricity bill under Labor...

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Stop screaming like an animal at your electricity bills. Vote LNP this Saturday:

Sam Byrne LNP have jokes

Andrew Trinh Timothy Wright Jacksen Scriven N E X T L E V E L C A M P A I G N A D D S

Bahaha - you guys need to put these adverts on TV prime time, your missing a bigger audience.

Hahaha this is how ads should be

Steph Goulding hahaha

I'd rather vote for Australian conservative party until the liberals find their way again.

Neither Labour or the Liberals can be trusted.


Brayden Hargrave

Toni Thornton

And it will be exactly the same thing if you guys win, although I doubt that very much considering the bs that is going on with the federal LNP at the moment. Only stupid people would vote for the LNP at any level at this time.

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Your Power will keep going up under Labor
Power bills are through the roof under Labor.
Our plan will reduce your bills by up to $780 over three years.
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Your Power will keep going up under Labor

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Im fed up with lies from all parties. Our ‘wonderful’ premier said a few weeks back that there was DEFINITELY NO ELECTION THIS YEAR. Then within a week, she calls the election giving us less than 4 weeks notice.

I'm amazed that Anastacia Paluzcuk is even still in the election with a chance with her record on taxes, electricity prices and other escalating government charges. And now it emerges that despite what she's been saying, Labor is very very friendly with One Nation. How can they possibly be trusted?

Roll on Saturday as I can't wait for this mud slinging by both parties to stop! Sick to death of the bickering, name calling and finger pointing. For Christ sake just get on with it and govern!

All they're focussed on is filling up the whole state with solar panels, which only produce power when the sun shines, and in twenty years time when they reach the end of their normal life span they all have to in to the world's biggest landfill and what are we going to do for power then? Buy another 100 million solar panels?

That's a very vague statement,over three years they are more than likely going to rise that much, hence making the saving nil.

While the LNP support Adani, they’ve lost my vote 😡😡😡

One Nation have a proper plan to fix the power mess!

Anybody who promises lower electricity prices over the next few years is lying

How about a decent analysis of the government charges one finds on their account?

Liberal & Labor are lying all the time about what they will do if elected & all you do is argue like school children & say it's someone else's fault. I am sick of hearing it. How about you listen to ALL of Australians not Corporations & do want we Need for this country, not what you want

Don't knock Labor, they're fine until they run out of taxpayers money


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What Have Labor Done For QLD?
"Okay Google, what have Labor done for QLD?"
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What Have Labor Done For QLD?

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Great addvert, I think the word your looking for in "NOTHING" 🤔

Well I have had 3 goes at Google today to try and find out where the pre-polling is for the Aspley electorate and do you think it will answer me? No! I have found out every other town and suburb but not Aspley. So I've given up but clearly LNP have 1st rights to Google!

Best ad I've seen for ages

Well played LNP 👍🏼😂

Gold! Absolutely brilliant.

Very cleaver advertising.

Ne’er a truer word spoken

Haha love this!! Excellent add

Love it. So true

100% 😍😍🤙





Gold LNP gold! Love it

Love it 😂

Brilliant LNP.

Luv it

Had a good laugh at this Ken Price


Lol clever

They've done nothing for women and children either. They tried to introduce extreme abortion laws (abortion is already legal for women who need it), do nothing about domestic violence and keep poking their noses into federal issues like immigration. Look after our state first please! Nicholls is refusing to answer any questions about hand hiding with one nation. Is he lying by not answering the question

Go See for yourselves and view the Truth Part 1, . This is just some of the Promises that Qld Labor, said they would do and they now have done just that. 1. New Jubilee Bridge at Innisfail that "You" can see and drive across. 2.With the state government and the Federal Government have successfully Completed projects and or have started the projects along the full length of The Bruce Highway starting at Cairns to Roberts Road Edmonton again "you" can go see and drive on. 3. Widening of the Wrights Creek Bridge and the Bruce Highway between Wrights Creek and Maitland Road and improved the traffic lights at the intersection of pine creek and the Highway Go see and drive on it. 4. Realignment of the Bruce Highway over the Cardwell Range and improved the Lookout, Go See for yourself, the Truth. 5. Improvements and new constructions to the Bruce Highway at Mackay, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast City intersections/Turnoffs that join with the Bruce Highway, go see the Truth. 6. The Truths that you can see and drive on the Toowoomba New By Pass Road. Warrego Highway, Flinders Highway and Gregory Highway. 7. True Facts, the start and ongoing construction of The Rectangle Football stadium at Townsville. 8. The Opening of the Completion of the New Hospital on the Sunshine Coast True Fact that you can go see. 9. The Construction and completion and in use of the Special School at Cairns that you can go see/view. 10. Improvements that are true fact at Cairns, Townsville. Roma and other places across our Qld. 11. Truth Millions of Dollars, and other support and apps services to the Qld Tourism across the whole of Qld and especially at Cairns. 12. Truth, increased funding for Construction and By In's and maintance of Social Housing and for Accommodation/Homes for the people in need of a roof over their and families heads. With more affordable Rentals. 13. Truth, Re-instated the Qld Tenant free advice service and the funding. 14. Truth, Encouraged and funding not only overseas visitors, but our own Australians to Holiday and Honeymoon in all the right places right across Qld. 15. Truth the ALP said they would build new schools and increased funding increase maintenance and Upgrades, this has been done. 16. Truth, They said they would deliver more Teachers, this has been done. 17. Truth, They said they would deliver more police and funding, this has been done. 18. Truth, They said they would deliver more Fire Fighters and building and equipment funding, this has been done. 19. Truth, They said they would deliver more nurses and funding, this has ben done. 20. Truth, They said they would deliver more doctors, this has ben done. 21. Truth, They said they would deliver more front line people and increased funding in areas like domestic violence, this has been done. 22. Truth setting up of the Maternity Ward, the funding and for the funding for the Midwives and ongoing costs at the cairns base hospital. 23. Truth the handing over the keys for the new Ambulance at The Aboriginal Community near Cairns has be done. to be seen at Yarrabah. 24, Truth funding for the construction the new fire station at Gordonvale and its completion and is awaiting handover. 25, Truth, funding and support for the eradication of the Yellow Crazy Ants done and ongoing. 26.Truth, Heaps of funding and support and support meetings on advice and consultations with employers and those employee's looking of jobs and other support , this so far has been a great success and has been done and remaining ongoing. 27. Truth Funded and funding support to help people into home ownership across all of Qld. 28. Truth an Upgrade of the Convention Centre in Cairns and further funding to do much more improvements and it’s all in progress right now. 29. Truth, support funding and other support for sports promote and help in most centers of Qld, including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Tennis, Netball, basketball and vigoro, and Triathlons and mountain Biking. Horse racing and race tracks, 30. Truth funding and support for our Qld shipping and boating improvements for things like boat ramps and port facilities right across Qld

Labor walks hand in hand with the greens and the CMEU and if they don't get majority votes will send us back like naughty children to vote again.An election is for the people to have there say right or wrong not to be told who we should vote for or vote again. Nichols is virtually saying if he has to he will work with the cards that are dealt as it is what the people of this state has given him.

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1 day ago

LNP - Liberal National Party

Tim Nicholls MP
LIVE NOW: At the Queensland Media Club speaking about the LNP’s plan to Build a Better Queensland for you and your family.

The choice couldn’t be clearer – this Saturday Queenslanders can vote for positive change = more local jobs, cheaper electricity and the roads, bridges and dams we need.
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Tim Nicholls MP

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Seriously, i have never seen a more disingenuous candidate than this tim nichols bloke. He has the most horribly fake smile in australian political history. If he was to really try & smile his face would crack. Fairdinkum, if he wasnt in politics he'd be a 2nd hand car salesmen Just terrible & the LNP campaign opener was something out of the 1950's So boring & already been done to bloody death yaaaaaaaaaawn!

You gave yourselves a raise before needing families and hard workers ! It's a ploy to try and get votes ! It won't be happening from me or people I know as youhave let them go on for so long without a wage rise but you put it in your own pockets ! That isn't what the Australian taxpayers want from a priminister or from anyone in parliment ! Start really thinking about tgepeople not your selfish wants !

I had to chuckle when he said Pala.......k was a liar, and that may be so, but LNP have Crisafulli who is an expert. He called Pitt Australia's greatest Treasurer but LNP had Blunder Bleijie Australia's greatest Attorney General, a joke in every Judges common room and Barrister's locker room around the nation. I am a LNP voter BTW.

Campbell Newman’s Gov all over again.

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Uh oh! 😱
We just found Labor's energy policy...
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Uh oh! 😱
We just found Labors energy policy...

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Here's a real plan for affordability and reliability:

Finally TRUTH in Advertising!

I can tell politicians from both sides if the fence how to easily future proof Australia's power needs and reduce greenhouse gas. 1.Australia has 70% of the world's known uranium reserves. 2.We have extremely stable geological landmass and many remote areas we could store the water underground. 3.We also have numerous isolated places we could erect the nuclear power stations out if harms way. 4.Seeing they want to get rid of coal fired stations and all the gas is being sold overseas there is no alternative if u want baseload electricity. 5.Until they develop renewable technology in the future I see no alternative apart from Coal or gas we don't have anywhere near enough hydro or thermal or solar for baseload power.

Yet Labor have already made 5 billion in promises in her campaign run around. Where does all this money come from? Oh thats right it will all be borrowed money.When Curtis Pit was asked how the debt would be paid back, he danced around the question. No plan in place. Just sit on your hands instead.

It won't be cheaper under you and you know it. Every state and territory is having the same problem. It's a federal issue and needs to be dealt with properly. I remember Tony Abbott saying he'd get rid of the carbon tax and save us $500.00 a year and I'm still waiting. I remember Newman saying electricity bills would be cheaper if he was elected but that was lies too.

You can't remove a carbon price designed to create competitive pricing and then say we don't have competitive pricing. Electricity keeps going up, LNP you did that!! You created a monopoly!!! You told us we would get a bill cut after carbon tax removal of $550.00 it didn't happen!!! Hello?????

So those in aircon offices have no idea how pensioners/ disabled suffer in 40C qld summer. Those with home care packages get showered x 1 per week with a carer, providing that care day is not a public holiday. Then it can be 1 per fortnight. Too expensive to put on aircon or even fans. Choice between food, medication & power. If there were aircon shopping malls in our tiny town, could seek refuge there. More deaths will occur this summer from elderly unable to afford cooling. Qld euthanasia is death y overheating!

Troy Armstrong Papageorgiou Power Link is government owned and provides much of the power to industry. Ergon is also fully government owned

Now that's an ad that if they put it on TV will have everyone thinking there is something wrong with their TV when their screen goes blank the word "blackout" comes up 😉

And did we all hear the LNP are going to cut our bills by 120. a year do the maths not much help to those on pensions that is those on aged pensions not the politians pensions

This was taken in South Australia, to show the Brownouts due this Summer and times to come, it will happen

LNP are so nasty! Don't you GET that we are sick of bully boy tactics? TRYYY to muster some INTELLIGENCE please.

LNP don't get on with energex or ergon they want to shut them down like last time , then the lights will go out.

OMG!!!!! now we have an Election .....all you have to do is tell the truth ....No Power equals No Government

I seem to remember that YOU all voted with Labor for that budget which commits us all to pay for this moronic 50 percent renewables scam.

ummm yeah & i bet the LNP & fellow deniers were just so elated yesterday when the nations chief scientist basically gave labor's 50% renewable target by 2030 a big tick & confirmed it not only completely possible but the smartest, cheapest course of action. Thats gotta hurt? & the timing couldnt have been better from an LNP appointed chief scientist. Although we know conservatives are quite happy to ignore science & expert advice if it doesnt align with their ideology & rhetoric Lots of damning climate warming data released recently but who gives a rats bum? Lets just worry about sticking our snouts back in the trough Greed: (noun) LNP's climate policy & its overall contempt for the planets well being & survival. Thankfully, history is fast catching up with the dinosaurs in the LNP. and the greedy with nothing but vested personal $$$ interests. Conservatives, deniers and the greedy, that have gone to any lengths to delay progress will eventually be found on the wrong side and judged accordingly. Ironically, its probably the free market that will ultimately do the deed..

LNP’s is privatisation. Different name, same outcome.

Gutless Labour .... can't do a bloody thing without the permission of the onions.

Yep. That is so true. A vote for Labor is a vote for BLACKOUTS!! ....Fact.

It’s funny because it could be a close up picture of coal

LNPs answer is to sell everything that worked so well for them last time

LNP is the worst possible outcome

Given how many of your campaign material claims are outright false, you might want to spend a little more time fact-checking your numbers, and a little less time making childish jokes to your online echo-chamber... if you actually want swing voters to pay any attention to you at all.

Now That Looks right, if you can see in the Dark !!! Lol

If it wasn't true it would be funny.

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John Howard Supports The LNP & Tim Nicholls
John Howard knows the importance of a government that backs small businesses, reduces the cost of living for Queenslanders and is led by someone who offers practical solutions to real problems.
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John Howard Supports The LNP & Tim Nicholls

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The best PM this country has ever had in my lifetime...... barring none in my opinion.

John Howard thank you for the years you gave to this once beautiful country, a man with vision integrity and loyalty to the people. 💙

What about the shooting industry and the thousands of small outdoors shops Australia wide? What about those small buisnesses? Thanks to johnny's efforts in 96 and everyone elses since then, parroting Howard's laws gun owners have been discriminated against and and discouraged for over 20 years now. As someone who works in the industry I think its pretty safe to say the LNP or anyone for that matter couldnt give a toss about whether me or thousands like me have got a job in a sport we love.

The centralist who gave us rule from Canberra. As people complain about a society in which one size fits all and rule by "experts" is the norm, they can thank this horrid little man. As your power bills skyrocket, as your state elections and your local elections mean nothing and as your freedom is continuously eroded, remember this man pioneered it on Australia's sporting shooters.Remember it when you can't get codeine because someone else took heroin . Remember it when they ban petrol and your car is worthless and remember it when they say "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear".

John Howard, if you say that something is White, it's probably Black. If you say Tim Nicholls is Good for Queensland, he is probably Bad for Queensland. You were never anything more than a Political Animal, UN STOOGE and an Habitual Liar. You are probably Australia's most despised and hated PM. FJWH! JB

Like Pig Iron Bob, who lied about scrap iron exports to Japan, Howard lied about the GST. The Liberal Party has lied constantly thru its history. In addition it has sold off our assets, closed down our industry and is in the process of selling off our farms. They, like Labor can't be trusted. They support our corrupt banking system and are to blame for the homeless. It's time for new parties with new ideas and a new vision for all Australians - not just the wealthy.

The guy who has made our country helpless we are not able to defend ourselves. .. part of the NWO thanks traitor

Tim Nicholls is a great and decent man who will be a great Premier of Queensland. What Queensland needs on Saturday is an ethical Government for ethical Queenslanders and nothing else.

You,ve had your turn Mr. Howard so dont teach your bad ways to the rest of the Liberals because they have destroyed our country and have to go, One Nation will make us great again.

So if your backing him can you please tell me why so many small business owners in their fifties and sixties that have put their blood sweat and tears into this country and now can’t sell their business for what is worth and they lose all their assets all they have worked for and they are broke and can’t even get a job so they they can’t even get welfare tell me who do I vote for

Ruined health care, lied and betrayed the country and the members of the ADF, decided we don't have the right to self defence, changed laws so he and his cronies could commit treason and get away with it. And the holy grail of politics was achieved by removing the means of the common people to rise up and remove ternary and operation. Thanks so much C#*T!! We now get to live 1984 for real!

Some facts on GST for all you whingers- 10% GST replaced the 22% sales tax that we had, and 32% on luxury items. Yes, labour was taxed but everything else actually dropped in price! Things like computers dropped by over 20%! Most people were never aware of sales tax because it was not allowed to be shown on retail invoices. I know this because I owned a retail business at that time. GST was the best tax reform this country has ever seen.

Best PM, what a load of rubbish. How quickly they forget Work choices, GST and the war to find mystical WMD’s. The only thing he was good at was spinning a yarn, while pulling the wool over the eyes of the sheep.

"Never ever will I have a GST", "They have weapons of mass destruction", "They are throwing their children over board", ........

and you were voted out for a reason now go and die you old decrepit piece of lying crap. you have no relevance anymore. How about allowing a coronial inquiry into port Authur and explaining how a person got a gun that was handed back to you're government for destruction. not to mention you are a war criminal.

Call it tax or call it fees it became more expensive to run a small or ( micro) business or a farm under this prime minister than many others. Please stop wheeling him out, Costello would have been better. Seeing him is a sure fire way of upsetting national party supporters ( right wing ideology supporters)

Hahaha, way to go, use a war criminal who sold the entire country in order to fool the gullible into thinking they were great economic managers. (y)

Tim Nicholls engineered the mass sackings that led to cafes and other businesses suffering economically OR closing altogether. My newly started business suffered and then closed. We hope that Nicholls has learnt his lesson!! By BF's sister was sacked and has never been able to get a job with wages of what she had! So Howard is a LIAR!!

Sadly, the LNP are stuck in the 1950's. Unable, mostly due to their reliance on the donations from big business....... mining magnates, greed, and a medieval belief in religion, cannot forge a logical path for a future that is so needed for a viable Earth for it's inhabits, be it people, animals, and the environment. The LNP have a total inability to think in terms of the "bigger picture". In the near future, when coastal cities are under water, what will the world's people think of these short sighted, greedy folk......"HOW COULD WE HAVE LET THEM DO IT!!!"

Give it a break Johnny you've had your day already. I won't forget 96 but I have no problem forgetting you and the Lnp at election time.

Yes I agree too, but as long as the government does not include Blunder Bleijie or Crispy Fold Crisafulli. Queensland does not deserve the likes of them.

Have noticed Ann Aly has been out of the spotlight and very quiet, i believe she is a dual citizen. cheers

Same old card game with the same spin but very shallow in results. Would you trust this pig who drove us to war on lies.

the lnp drags out the lying rodent, tells us they are both desperate and morally bankrupt, but we knew that.

Sorry Mr Howard as a "Rusted on Lib" i can't vote LNP anymore at state or federal level, do you know any conservatives i can vote for?

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Electricity Crisis Under Labor
...and these are just the headlines from today! Qld electricity prices keep rising under Labor and we cannot afford to keep going in the same direction. SHARE if your power bill is too high!
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Electricity Crisis Under Labor

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Are you going to remove some taxes, or just continue the waste?

It's not just the power bill! It's rego, petrol, health insurance, house insurance and the bloody list goes on. It is getting to the stage now where we can't even afford to live but hey, is it going to be any better under LNP - Liberal National Party and Tim Nicholls MP!!! Bring on this bloody election so we can all move on and get something done. Over it!

Comparable to wages the cost of living in Qld is getting out of hand, how the hell can anyone move forward 🤔👎😡

We need to send them all a message that we are sick of the elite trying to run the state/country while looking after their mates. We need to make sure LNP and Labor are last along with the greens.

Crap what did they do when they were in???? Answer NOTHING FOR NORTH just took away nurses and gov jobs so what do u expect to change if they get in NOTHING

this from the people that wanted to sell the electricity network for a bit of short term profit that turns into long term pain for the consumer look at Victoria they shut down a power station as it was unprofitable the government could do nothing about it as it was privately owned and operated don't let newmans mob back in because he hasn't left the room yet and still has a bit of control

Our bills under Labor Annastacia in 3br home with no aircon still in the box, no heater on winter no electric cooking, no ironing we use wash n wear clothing, with led lights indoor, solar power outdoor sensor lights, smart washing machine by 1 or 2 times a week in use, hand carpet sweeper, Fridge & freezer all basics, unfortunately our Electricity bills was tripled since! The reason why we did not vote for Labor run by the Unions. Thanks for asking LNP - Liberal National Party Queensland.

Power, Water, Rail, Roads, Ports and the like are Essential Services and should never have been sold off. They earn money for the Government, so why have the been sol off? We can't pay our loans off because there are no Govt owned businesses earning money. It is like a business selling off its stock, spending the proceeds without replenishing it. Doomed to fail and that is where we are now. FAILED.

Hahaha look at your wonderful feds that have done nothing for 4 years except allowed prices to increase

It is all major parties. They are following the globalist agenda. This is not exclusive to Australia it is world wide. The selling of public assets allows them to shift the blame. We must not allow that to happen. It all stems from the illegal sale of public assets. Everything after that is a lie based on an illegal act. One charge of treason and all contracts become null and void. We take back control of all our assets.

Power in this country can be free. You own the power stations and grid. You own the coal and gas. You pay power workers the same way you pay police, nurses, and government employees. The power is then free.

Have a read of the comments made by the chief scientist, the rubbish from the LNP has been exposed big time. LIES LIES AND MORE Lies.

I was told by your federal counterparts that with the removal of the Carbon Tax power prices would come down, well that didn't happen, how can you help me out here with some better guarantee this time

This has not been only going for the last 3 years try the last 10 years and yes yous had a chance to do sum think so yous put lots if people out of work with all the cuts u made can't take that chance again you could stop giving hand outs to people that don't work and come into our country and get everything given to them if u want money get a job so sick of all the hand out that's what is killing us and stop rego increase and charge the bike riders a rego too they use the same roads and piss everyone off

The LNP/Courier Mail scare mongering on QLD electricity prices – disputed by experts at the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Queensland is cheapest State, with lowest price growth projection under existing policy & ownership with existing demand. (link below) Go figure, there’s a huge pay off not selling the majority of electricity assets to for-profit corporations.

As a conservative, every state and territory has had increasing electricity prices, NSW for example has state Liberal and Australia has Federal liberal with increasing electricity prices. I think a more honest approach to the QLD public and you may have a chance at winning. Probably why NSW liberals are so successful?

Labor and the greens are scared to build anything We want decisions not more talk rests For god sake do something in the benefit of your constituents Example ME

Yes $6.00 a day for 2 people and no Aircons running How does a family survive the costs along with everything else

Forget all the Rhetoric. Just look at what Newman did to Queensland and look at what Federal LNP has done to the country. It's not good.

Wa no better labor took over just as bad as LNP power up reg up ,water up and they gave them selves a pay rise but nobody else gets a pay increase

Your going to lie lie lie and sell assets. You guys tell everyone you won’t but your the lnp and will. Prove me wrong!

Queensland Lnp & Tim Nicholls MP you are as bad as the corrupt labor swine....cant wait to see you all "slapped" by Pauline's One Nation. For way to long you have lied & feathered your own nests. Drain the swamp

There are two things that should be free in this country, water and electricity.

Stop the carbon tax receive $500 just another lib lie

I live in Queensland and my power bills ok,thanks ALP

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Real world impact of Labor's rising power prices
Frank Illich is a brave man for speaking out against Labor's power price hikes. Another 3 years of Labor means more power price rises and job losses for Queenslanders.
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Real world impact of Labor's rising power prices

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Power started rising on the Beattie watch and has never plateaued since. Every other service from water to rego will continue to rise under labor. We are asked to trust them. They might think we're stupid but we are Queenslanders looking for a fair go.

Vote labour out this saturday Only possible solution

Pumpkin head peter Beattie deregulated it in 2007 and promised it would be cheaper. Labor lies. It went up 87%. It needs to be Reregulated and any rises linked to CPI only. Ergon have the monopoly up here in CQ. Labor should be ashamed. Flick em

Well it's good job for this fella that the LNP didn't get the chance to sell, whoops lease, ergon and energex. Get a grip of yourselves, i'm a conservative, give me a reason to vote for you other than we arn't as shite as them.

A friend of mine is off the grid with solar. Way to go. Had it not been for Unions, our kids would be working for peanuts and only the rich would have access to medical care. In America a few antidepressants cost me $250.00 to get me home to a partner with terminal brain tumour. He died 11mths later. Thank you Labor for his medical treatment even if it was terminal he had excellent care. No way he could have ever afforded insurance for treatment. Not everyone is rich.

Don't forget to tell Frank it was the Lnp fattening the pig for sale which drove prices up 43%. Lucky for frank the Lnp was voted out or imagine how much he would of payed if privatised.

As if I’ll vote for the LNP! Campbell Newman’s best mate! Think I’ll pay a bit more for power so our kids get good schooling and health care! Oh wait LNP want everyone working on a flat rate too don’t they while all there big end of town mates get massive pay rises....

It is the old saying user pays , my power bill has hardly gone up in three years , sell our asserts then see what you will be paying

And when liberals get in they will give it away to Overseas interest. And the money will be handed out at $100 rebate one off. Next bill will double it's the only government thing making money. If you want to reduce the electricity prices reduce your profit

Campbell Newman sacked 12,000 Anastacia has put back 14,000 to make her employment figures look good much like Anna Bilgh did. Don't need most of them anyway How much are they costing us

Lol you deserve it, you voted for the LNP who dropped the 40 cents rebate on solar to 6 cents. Otherwise you could have covered your factory roofs with solar panels and claimed it on tax plus had cheap power. Oh well.

funny my power bill has reduced, electricity was cheaper with a carbon tax so the lib's are actually saying they will reduce the bill's, im still waiting for abotts 360 dollars better off when carbon tax was scrapped so whom is telling fib's......

Really! Please do not trust any government at election time they all tell lies - promising this and that which after elections we find it has all been llies

Fools labor has bought many jobs to the wide bay south burnett area many refurbishments to police stations and extra police also the slow return of mental health facilities which were almost canned under Newman plus the refurbishing of the Maryborough and Kingaroy hospitals so we dont have to travel hours for specialists. Dont forget the train depot if they get back in more jobs there more jobs swickers under Newman lost thousands of jobs hospitals were working well understaffed. We have to vote for the big picture

Mal spruking going to get Electricity problem under control.....heard he purchased a Generator for his own home use ....could be a stir , in this day and age who knows anymore , but sounds like the little rich boy

This Queensland election sack Labor and their stupid economically destroying renewable energy rebate driving exploding electricity prices and help all Queensland families, businesses, charities, councils and in fact absolutely everybody that uses the essential service of electricity.

I can pretty much guarantee LNP absolutely not lower power prices! Power and other essential service will only ever go up unfortunately! But there is one thing for certain the LNP absolutely will do and that is cut jobs like they did when they were in power and privatise as much as they can. Bunch of cunning pricks. And labour are not that far behind them!

I fail to understand how labor is being blamed for the rise of power prices. It is not any political party's fault, it's the government (as in the parliament, all parties included, at a state level as much as at a federal level) not doing enough to bring those big corporations in line. Greed is what's to blame.

If you put your trust in any political party prepare to be stabbed in the back LNP n One Nation worst n Labour not far behind

For less than that amount Frank you could invest in a 18kva Generator inverter liquid cooled that would run all of your resort.

Do not lie to the people Lib you never ever done any think good for the people in your life and you only interested to keep your job so tell the truth at the people you can't not even win by yourself It just to prove how bad you are😡👎👎👎👎

"Insanity is, to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results" wise words and highly applicable vote LNP Lab and Greens last. Enough of the same crap time for change

Labor must be kicked out of power it is time for them back to Shadow cabinet,but it is time for LNP back to Government

Since when has the Labor Party shown empathy for the battlers, or industry for that matter, ideological pursuit is everything. a Body Corporate Management Company owner, who handles paying the bills for holiday, residential and commercial complexes that would be larger than the one this gentleman manages, and NONE of our complexes have Electricity bills that high.He needs a new provider, or to get himself on a better rate, pretty pathetic blaming the Government for that one.

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Palaszczuk Is Taking Qld Backwards
Annastacia Palaszczuk & Labor are taking Qld backwards. How can you afford another 3 years of Labor?
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Palaszczuk Is Taking Qld Backwards

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Time to go Annastacia,time to vote for LNP

No we cant afford another 3 years with her running the country we need to go forward

Absolutely not! They have been THE MOST USELESS GOVERNMENT EVER!

you cant its time to move forward

get them out no more

We DONT !!!

Let's put it this way: A Vote for socialists Labor is a vote for "communism". Just imagine your life living in north Korea, when you allow Palaszczuk to win another 3years? That's exactly her aim after studying 'Socialism' overseas as a fully funded socialist unions protege before joining politics, the easy way..No, thank you!

Hey come on give her a break, she has achieved a major milestone over the last 3 years, she named a bridge over a swamp in Carole Park after her father Henry and she unveiled it in style with her good honest friend Paul Pissale

Because of an inactive Labor government I got homeless. I will never ever forgive them. If they want to leave ghosts from the 1980s in some corrupt council closets, they shall do so but do not punish innocent hard working people for their own mistakes. Labor is doing everthing possible when it comes to cover-ups. My husband and I got into their path after we have found out about some council corruption in Central Queensland. Over night we have been thrown onto the street like a piece of rubbish. We have ended up homeless, penniless and jobless.

The 50% renewables by 2030 nonsense will cost us dearly and is too premature a move. The 2030 target is too close and will only result in further reduction of coal fired power and much higher energy bills to us consumers. The mad rush by certain governments to push renewables and scrap coal power stations can only be described as a scorched earth policy giving a point of no return to sensible power cost. South Australia and Victoria are prime examples of this disastrous action.

It’s very fun to me and sad at the same time. That Petrol ⛽️ prices are very high at the moment. I wonder how much of this price hike is related to the up coming election. To make Labor look bad. Just saying.

Shorten has hit a new low, his hypocrisy regarding Ssm and the rights of No voters is disgusting. He honestly expects people to not only believe him, but to trust him with regard the rights of everyday Australian citizens of all faiths.

What about Labor’s 50/50 renewables promise that is alarming. Summer for air con and power hasn’t been tested yet because it’s been cool. Also it’s not 3 years its for 4 years? Wasn’t that change made early in Labors ‘reign’ please someone correct me if I am wrong. Wake up Tim and start really fighting for the LNP.

Not what I have seen the proof is in the pudding. Newman and Nicholls played havoc and were were rightfully booted by Queenslanders. You do not sell your home to pay off your credit card, that is not economics.

if the past LNP and the present federal government are anything to go by I will take my chances with Labor

I am sick of this woman spending our hard earned taxes. I absolutely hate it when she big notes herself and pays out all the employees with taxpayer money, when big companies go into liquidation. IIt may give Palaszczuk a feel good moment, but it puts us deeper in debt.! She is a big spender and I hope she can prove she is AUSTRALIAN, I haven't seen her come forward with her citizen paper's to prove it!

God I wish I could add photos. The good old labor government have us sleeping on a matress in a now unfurnished house with two chairs we scrounged off locals because our possessions were packed and put into containers 12 days before the end of the school term. A sign of appreciation for doing 2 years in a remote Torres Strait Islander community.

What can you offer Qld.that get it out of the doldrums?It feels very third world at times.Very limited services(&I use that word very loosely!)Coming up to Christmas I don't see a lot of joy around.Hope you can help boost Qld.Much needed,a big challenge indeed!!

Gosh little brother you have set the cat among the pidgeons here l totally agree we must have a lot of dad in us memories of him if you mrntioned joe byjelke his adams apple would pop out and he would have a meltdown are we still allowed ' freedom of speech in this country l watched 60mts on nth koria scarry stuff love you keep lt coming xxxxxxx

sorry Tim we dont need ur brand of forward for the elite...look whst your exalted leader has done to our country. Never had there been such a division between the haves snd have nots

Pitty the Laborites are using the union nurses to frighten people in their latest TV ad's. They tried the same ad campagne last time. The nurses are not happy when labor is in either. Another bully girl campage by the nurses union. If they just stopped and realised if Labor gets in, State or Federal, more refugees and boat people will be let in and that ad's up to more pressure and work for nurses. We will be a third world country before we know it.

You may be right,you may be wrong, but we’re the previous three years that good, Queensland is still paying for those LNP years with the same people wanting a second go. The question should be am I personally better off now or before , hospital staffing has increased,the state still owns assets and more people are working, some things have been resolved with federal assistance

WE CANNOT. May politics change in QUEENSLAND. Instead of hearing everyday " I. AM -- I WILL -- I CAN. I I I I I And speaks with disrespect of OTHERS. Treats her WOMEN of the LABOR PARTY with such contempt. She needs to be GONE. Her arrogance is appalling.

We can't afford her getting back in. God help the state if she does. She'll send Qld down the gurgler faster than the turnshit is doing so to the whole country.

Can't trust LNP want get rid of Labour. One Nation and the Greens oh well. First time in 47 years that I do not want a vote.

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Vote LNP on November 25th
The choice couldn't be more clear. With Queensland in dire need for leadership after 3 years of Palaszczuk and Labor, this election is critical and your vote could make the difference.
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Vote LNP on November 25th

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This is great that you are pointing the flaws of the Labour Party but how are you going to lower electricity prices? Seniors already travel on public transport for free if they travel off peak, how are you going to create jobs? You keep telling us what Labour didn’t do but how are you going to do what you say.

Neither party listens to the bush .they need water ,power and that will supply jobs

I always vote LNP

I think we should give this guy a go

Time for a fresh start. Labor have done nothing for Qld in 3 years, christ, what have they been waiting for? Please get Deb Frecklington out there and on TV, she is your best weapon 😀

We were already top heavy with public servants from Anna Blighs day. Despite some rationalisation of services that was urgently needed, this ALP government have employed an extra twenty thousand above the numbers we had before. Not because we need them but because the unions demanded their sweetheart deals with the Labor government. Vote ALP if you want three more years of unions calling the shots and the price of everything going through the roof. Why havent the ALP invited Anna Bligh on the campaign trail. Could it be something to do with her privatising electricity distribution?

Whether 'Dire straights- - or - ' Little river' -- we are in need of the strong leadership of an LNP led by Tim Nicholls to goverm Queensland and return and restore confidence to 'our ' State . When only the best will do for Quuensland - a must do vote is for the Liberal National Party - next Saturday ..

Will you ramp up the sustainable energy industry. Queensland should be able to create enough sustainable energy for the whole state and this industry is labour intensive. It will create more jobs and people would not have to be away from their families like they are now with mining dirty fossil fuels!

Thank you Tim Nicholls and LNP for wanting to make difference for Queensland families. I would like to ask how you are going to assist families of those diagnosed with FASD. FASD is a lifelong invisible disability that affects the entire community. There are many issues such as prevention, diagnosis, education, employment, mental health, that need addressing when looking at an individual living with FASD. What is LNP will to do to assist these families?

It's time for everyone to put their biased views in the bin. Forget how you and your parents have voted in the past. Look toward the future and the betterment of this state and our people. Forget what you always thought you were entitled to. Forget

a letter to the lnp,i vote liberal every election ,i would like to know if n.s.w. can give there pensioners ,aged that is,,$2.50 train, bus and ferry fares daily ,qld surly can as well plus more bums on seats, also no cost drivers licence after 65 also ans cheaper rego on our cars ,its very hard for us aged pensioners to make ends meet ,just an idea , if can do it surely qld can also .my very best wishes to you all regards dulcie mannix

In my view the reason why Newman lost in 2015 is because the media failed to pickup Annastactia having her Mark Latham and John Howard handshake moment at Wayne Goss Memorial need I say more?

Will you be abolishing or lowering Payroll Tax? Will you lower the cost of Workcover for employers? This is a big cost for employers. If you lower these costs employers would hire that extra staff member they probably need.

We already did, LNP - Liberal National Party of course. Why in the earth they put names of candidates without their party, among 7 of them only 3 we knew being nearly 24yrs in this area mixing with small business people, the family name is not familiar must be imported, that's wrong in behalf of the AEC who made that ballot papers. It's like you are playing Domino. But one of them who didn't pay her rates 2yrs successive & classic Torana's rego went to unlucky #7..

The Political Candiates that I saw at the Hyperdome Pre polling were Labour's candiate for springwood who was so eager to shake my hand as well as One Nation's candiate for Waterford we both gave each other a head nod while Hetty Johnston and the Greens candiate for Macalister just handed me their how to vote cards I wonder what that says about their level of confidence or likely hood of success?

Please LNP..If you get in do something about the power prices. Maybe just a little bit extra for our pensioners and help the older population who need to keep working find employment.Have always been a Liberal voter and what your are promising please make it happen.

Anastasia said she would do nothing in her first term and that’s exactly what she did . A politician keeping their promises . How refreshing ..

Isn't the new government in for 4 years now, I thought it changed? And if you want to create jobs how about EQUALITY in the bush? Better roads (like sealing them), better health care, like doctors and dentists and better schools. We are in the Longreach district with only ONE dentist, that is a joke. We have to travel hundreds of kms to see a dentist as the ONE in Longreach is booked in advance for MONTHS. So some ideas for creating jobs. Thank you

How about do something about crime like build more prisons in the region's to boost the Bush and do something about the judiciary like Jeff Kennett did TRUTH IN SENTENCING

Do not vote for Labor or LNP who keep ignoring us about poor decisions and vot for ONE NATION who will work for the people.

Obviously dad doesn’t have enough ‘vote for me’ power, now we need a sportsperson as well. So sad. Lost me I’m afraid.

We need Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party in Government to stiffen the backbones of The LNP or nothing will get done !

No from me. I have seen how disorganised you have been previously and also in the Federal govt. can't risk it

They rehired all the nurses , doctors and ambo's you sacked and they didn't put power prices up by 46% like you did.They didn't spend $180 million on strong choices advertising either like you did

Why aren't the Liberal Party having more to say about the Labor's 50percent renewable energy target by 2030 or thereabouts. Also what about the Abortion Bill . These two things are really important to Queenslanders and yet not a " peep" out of Tim Nicholls or any of the Candidates. The Liberals need to get fair dinkum and step up the fight against the Labor Party.

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