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Bailey Botches Digital Licence Roll-Out

1 November 2023

1833 days to prepare and it’s another Bailey Bungle


  • 1833 days and roll-out was botched
  • After official launch, Labor bizarrely tells Queenslanders to stop downloading app
  • Bailey embarrassingly forced to pull his own launch
  • After a long 1,833 days, this morning Minister Mark Bailey finally attempted to launch digital licences in Queensland.

After five years of delays and broken promises, today was finally the day he tried to launch the long-awaited technology.

1833 days after he first announced it, Minister Bailey still couldn’t get the roll-out right.

The digital licence launch has become yet another Bailey bungle.

Queenslanders were first encouraged to download the digital licence app, and then hours later they were told not to download it.

It’s more of Labor’s chaos and crisis.

He had one job and he botched it. 

After 1833 days, how many more does he need to get it right?

This is the latest in a laundry list of Bailey bungles. 

More than $8.5 billion in Bailey budget-blowouts, missed deadlines, botched school zone camera roll out forgetting to order the Cross River Rail trains and a $2.4 billion trains cover-up scandal, just to name a few.

Mark Bailey must be the worst Minister Queensland has ever seen. 

Queenslanders deserve better than the chaos and crisis of Labor.