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Labor’s Gabba-sized chaos

13 December 2023

LNP demands Labor to go back to the drawing board


The Labor Government has announced it will now directly adopt the LNP’s policy and establish an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority for the Olympic and Paralympic Games despite fighting against it for two years.

If Labor is actually setting up an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority, the LNP is demanding Labor agrees to go back to the drawing board and start afresh when it comes to Games infrastructure.

The Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority must be free to explore all options and ensure the Government can deliver the best results, infrastructure and value for all Queenslanders, while also delivering world-class facilities for the Games.

The LNP has also demanded that Steven Miles agree to release all documents relating to Labor’s plans to knockdown the Gabba.

LNP Deputy Leader Jarrod Bleijie said Labor’s chaos and crisis was costing Queenslanders and trashing the state’s reputation on the global stage.

“Delivering critical infrastructure across Regional and South-East Queensland must sit at the centre of any plans going forward to ensure the Games actually delivers for all Queenslanders no matter where they live,” Mr Bleijie said.

“We said we needed an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority for the Games two years ago.

“When Labor refused to listen, the LNP announced it would establish the body if it won the election in October next year.

“For two years Labor has fought against this position and instead focused on hoovering up all the decision-making power for themselves.

“That’s why we have seen the Gabba fiasco unfold.

“It’s created uncertainty around a community, schools, an important medical precinct and sporting organisations who call the Gabba home.

“The LNP warned this would happen and it did.

“That’s why the LNP has never supported Labor’s Gabba knockdown plan because Queenslanders have never seen a business case and all options were never explored by an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority.

“Labor has completely wasted the last two years and has completely squandered what was initially Queensland’s long runway to the Games.

“For two years, Steven Miles and Cameron Dick have been the Ministers in charge of the Gabba fiasco and have failed to plan and deliver a single project for Queenslanders.

“Steven Miles is the architect of Labor’s Gabba knockdown plan and Cameron Dick is the Treasurer who signed off the extraordinary $2.7 billion of taxpayers’ money for the problem-prone project.

“Labor spent nearly $1 million on a Deloitte report to justify not setting up an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority.

“Just three weeks ago Steven Miles released Labor’s project validation report as he doubled down on the Gabba knockdown. Exactly what was it validating?

“Just two days ago Steven Miles’ hand-picked Director-General Mike Kaiser publicly stated he had provided ‘independent’ advice that Labor’s Gabba knockdown was still the best plan for Queenslanders and suddenly now it’s not?

“Labor should now have to release all documents relating to its Gabba knockdown plan because something is not adding up and Queenslanders know it.

“Under Labor the generational infrastructure Queenslanders were promised as part of the bid is nowhere to be seen.

“Labor has not announced a single road or rail project for the Games and Regional Queensland is missing out entirely.

“And if that wasn’t enough, Labor is now set to walk away from its plans for the Brisbane Live Arena despite securing a $2.5 billion investment from the Federal Government.

“The Gabba fiasco and Labor’s chaotic handling of the Games is on Steven Miles’ head, who will now do and say anything to survive while Labor is destroying themselves from the inside out.

“Labor needs to set up an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority and start again on the Olympic and Paralympic infrastructure plan.

“Queenslanders deserve better than Labor’s chaos and crisis.

“Queenslanders deserve a government that has the right priorities for Queensland’s future.”