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Labor’s Rubbish Record

24 January 2024

Labor has no one to blame but itself when it comes to Queensland’s waste and recycling data.

Since they launched their Waste Strategy and put in the Waste Levy, recovery rates for household waste have gone backwards.

Queenslander households are paying the price of this rubbish result.

In 2019 the recovery rate for household waste was 28.4%. Half a decade later it’s plummeted even further to 26.5%, far from Labor’s promise to deliver 55% by 2025.

This lacklustre performance is another outcome of Labor’s chaos and crisis.

What’s worse, it’s clear Labor has given up on assessing their own performance.

Despite eight months passing since submissions closed on the Draft Review Report, Labor are trying to cover-up their failure by refusing to release the final report.

Only 2 of their 9 targets are on track to be hit by 2025.

The Government must release the final report, come clean on their failures and outline a clear path to turn around these rubbish results.

Queensland has the worst recycling rate of any state and the responsibility lays at the feet of this tired, third-term Labor Government.

After nearly a decade, Labor isn’t listening and they are not focused on the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future.

An LNP Government would work with industry and local governments to prioritise practical measures to improve Queensland’s environment by reducing the impact of waste.

  2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 *2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
MSW recovery rate 31.0% 32.4% 28.4% 30.9% 28.4% 27.3% 26.5%

*July 2019 Waste levy begins & Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy Released