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Pinkenba latest in Labor’s lengthening list of social housing stuff-ups that haven’t been delivered

19 January 2024

Queensland Housing Crisis

Pinkenba is the latest in Labor’s ever-lengthening list of housing stuff-ups.

The only thing Labor has ever delivered for Queenslanders who need a roof over their head is false hope.

More than 43,000 Queenslanders are desperately waiting for social housing, while Labor is consumed by its own chaos and crisis.

Labor’s laundry list of failed housing announcements include:

  • Griffith University student accommodation was dumped after six months and $2 million wasted.
  • After more than two years, the $2 billion Housing Investment Fund hasn’t delivered a single new home.
  • Failing to deliver the promised 80 pre-fab homes.
  • Delivering just 55 of 1000 homes in the Help to Home program.
  • Allowing community housing numbers to go backward, the only State in Australia where this has happened.
  • Spending less per capita on social housing compared to any other state or territory.

At a time when Queensland needs calm and stable leadership to ease the Queensland Housing Crisis, Labor is erratic, lurching from one failed announcement to the next.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future including securing our housing foundations.

The LNP has put solutions on the table to ease the Queensland Housing Crisis, including prioritising infrastructure partnerships with local government to unlock more land for housing, unleashing the community housing sector and setting KPIs and delivering social housing projects on-time and on-budget.