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Where is the Brady Report?

5 January 2024

Queenslanders left waiting for more than 2 years for the Brady Report into the Callide C power plants catastrophe.


It’s been 955 days since Queensland was hurled into darkness when the Callide Power Station exploded. Queenslanders still don’t know why this happened.

Following the blackout incident in May 2021 the average household electricity bill in Queensland rose by a staggering 23.6% over the two years following the explosion, the highest increase nationwide. 

Weeks after the incident that left over 477,000 Queenslanders without power, Energy Minister Mick de Brenni called on forensic engineer Dr Sean Brady to investigate the blackout at Callide C, yet more than two and a half years on the expert review of the incident has still not been delivered. 

Both the Auditor-General and the Queensland Competition Authority have highlighted the Labor Government’s failings, indicating that the Callide power plants’ condition directly correlates to increased electricity costs.

The Auditor-General has exposed that “a lack of supply, from unplanned maintenance in power plants like Callide, is a primary factor in driving up electricity prices”.

Minister de Brenni owes Queenslanders an explanation for the prolonged delay in releasing the report. What is he trying to hide?

The chaos and crisis of this Government is driving up costs for families.

An LNP Government will keep our power plants properly maintained to minimise unexpected repairs and increase reliability.

Every day that passes without the release of the Brady report prolongs uncertainty for Queenslanders. 

Minister de Brenni must act swiftly to ensure the report’s release.

Understanding the findings is crucial to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents and to address the escalating energy expenses faced by Queensland families.

Further delaying the release of this report shows the Labor Government is more interested in covering up its own crisis and chaos than driving down electricity prices for Queenslanders.  

Minister de Brenni’s reassurances have not translated into relief for Queenslanders’ energy expenses. It’s time for concrete action to alleviate the burden on families.

Queenslanders deserve better than the chaos and Crisis they’re getting from this Labor Government.